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on November 27, 2011
I was about to travel overseas to Amsterdam which is known for steep steps and cobblestone streets. I only wanted to bring one bag, and liked the Rick Steves idea of going with only one carryon (although I cheated and also brought a messenger bag just in case).

I love this suitcase for many reasons.


- It's exactly carry-on size for most airlines, but only if it's lightly packed. Thus, I put a lot of stuff for the trip to Europe in my messenger bag so that the suitcase would stay 9" deep.
- If you end up buying lots of souvenirs like I did on your trip, the bag actually expands in depth from 9" to 14". Of course, you'll probably have to check your bag in on the way back, but there will probably be no checked bag fee (for international travel, that is).
- The suitcase straps are convenient if you need them. I personally never did, but I can see a situation where I don't really want to drag the bag.
-It has a duffel-like strap over the top (when it's lying flat). You can't really use it for carrying, but it's nice to help heft a full bag onto your luggage rack for unpacking using just one hand.
- You can use the adjustable side buckles to compress the bag a little more when it's packed, so that stuff moves around less and the bag takes up just a bit less space

- As is typical, the collapsing bar you use to drag the bag takes up a lot of space in the interior.
- Once full, the suitcase is pretty heavy on your back. It doesn't look like the materials use any of the super-fancy lightweight structural stuff like carbon fiber, but that's why you're saving money on luggage. :)
- The grey and red version, which I bought, doesn't stand out like crazy on the conveyor belt, so you really gotta hunt for it for a flight coming off a 747 after you've gone through customs.
- It's not a "spinner" four-wheeled suitcase. I'm still coveting one of those.

All in all, I recommend this suitcase especially if you're traveling somewhere that you'll be coming home with more stuff than you left.
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on August 12, 2012
I purchased this case, specifically for a two week trip to Europe, in which I would be flying and carrying this on as well as taking trains throughout Europe. I thought I would use the straps but I did not and that was okay, they were there if I needed them. If you are careful in your packing (I used a ruler)and do not extend the case or overpack, this fits nicely into overhead compartments on an airplane. We were on three different planes before we arrived in Luxembourg and this case did nicely. This case is a really good size for traveling by train as well, as the overhead storage is significantly smaller on trains. When it was fully packed I had to keep it in the seat with me a couple of times.

The extended handle felt a little flimsy at times, but it never gave out. I had two different people on my trip lose there wheels on their suitcases. We were literally schlepping from train station to hotel on cobblestone roads for as far as two miles, in five different cities. This little case did wonderful. As the trip progressed I had plenty of room to pack souveniers. My room mate was amazed at everything I could pack in this case. I had it completely full for our trip back, in which it was checked luggage. It never toppled over or became difficult to manage throughout the airport. This was a great little suitcase. My only feedback would be improvements to security. It does not have a locking mechanism on it and the zipper pulls were not really designed to attach a lock or keep a lock as they were parachute cording. I was able to secure it using cable ties. Just carry extra in case you have to open your case for customs.
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on February 19, 2013
Preface: I purchased 3 bags. This one, the 26-inch version and the 32-inch version.

This bag in particular is generally my carry-on. I fly exclusively on Delta and on larger jets, it fits exactly as its supposed to in the overhead bin, wheels in, top out. On midsized regional planes, it fits sideways. I have not yet flown with it on the small regional jets, but I expect to have to "pink tag" it and drop/retrieve it at the gate.

NOTE: The above statement assumes that you keep the expansion CLOSED, not open. If you open the expansion, be prepared to check it (and pay for it) on most aircraft. I pack this bag relatively light so the top pocket can be kind of "squished" in, for lack of a better term. I can get a 2-3 day trip out of this bag.

As far as the series AT-6 luggage in general, some reviewers have knocked it because its not a spinner type (4 independent wheels), and I'm not sure why, its pretty obvious its not. If that's what you're looking for, all I can tell you is that this luggage isn't what you're looking for.

All roll aboard luggage with the retractable handle like this takes up space inside and this bag is also no exception. There is a thin piece of material between the compartment and the telescope path which is flexible, so you could probably cram a few extra pairs of socks in if you plan ahead.

I have taken these bags on numerous trips since purchase and they're holding up very well, checked and as carry-on. I've not had any broken contents (knock on wood) in any case, nor have any parts or straps been torn or broken (knock on wood).

The built-in ID card holder is a really nice feature, protected from the elements and is attached by a piece of elastic so it can't simply fall out and be lost (spreading your personal information all over the airport). I don't use the backpack straps much, but on the 22-inch bag, they're comfortable. I find the other larger ones too heavy to wear like that comfortably.

The only way I could suggest High Sierra make this series better (again, I'm not letting it detract from my rating because it is clear it doesn't have this feature) is to add a "daisy-chain" strap for easier towing of more than one piece. This problem is easily corrected with a simple, economical product: Travelon Multi-Bag Stacker
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on August 16, 2012
This bag has been with me on a number of trips now, including a 2-week tour through military bases in Afghanistan. I've used it as a carry on and as checked bag. It has already been subjected to a true beating and it has come through extremely well. This is a product well worth the money.
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on July 18, 2013
I've had it about 6 months. I fly somewhere about once a month for work. As much as possible I like to fly in early/stay late and try to see a bit of wherever I am. In order to do that I do get a bit off the beaten path. Reviews are very good so I had high hopes it would be just what I was looking for - carry-on luggage I could occasionally use as a backpack. Wasn't to be.

Backpack straps are very thin and ill-fitting. If the duffel is empty it might be fine. But filled with a normal amount of carry-on they do not work well. In a pinch maybe but you wouldn't want to hike far with them. I don't think even if you could stand the straps cutting into your shoulders and the uncomfortable position the bag rides in that the straps would last that long. The stitching at the bottom is pretty poor.

Other than that it's an okay carry on. Wheels are nice, material/zipper/build quality is fine. I liked that the bag is split in half; makes packing easier. Also liked the expanding feature (but did get some guff from an airline about it being too big).

I am worried about the handle. It has more play every time I use the bag. I don't see it standing up long term but maybe it will surprise me.

One thing for the people who build it: the very outside pocket has an inside pocket (just a piece of fabric sewn it). That pocket could be super handy if it were sewn in deeper into the pocket so a tablet pc would fit in it and allow the zipper to be closed.
Update 10/29: handle is still holding up but one of the backpack straps has given out where it was stitched at the bottom. I'm sure I have less than 10 miles total wearing it as a backup.
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on September 3, 2012
I love this bag!

It has a zippered lining running through the middle of the bag so you have an upper and lower shelf, or you can unzip it and it roles and bungees out of the way for one large compartment. The pocket sizes are just right - the one in front runs almost to the bottom of the bag and is shaped so it's not incredibly tight; I can easily fit my arm down in, and the mesh pocket inside also feels oddly roomy.

This bag feels durable. The material, stitching, zippers, clips, handle and wheels all feel sturdy and meant to last with reasonable use.

The backpack straps fold away perfectly. Instead of having to scrunch them into a pocket, the back panel unzips away from the bag and folds over backward to become a protection pad to keep the wheels from getting your sides dirty.

I bought the green bag and really love the color. I'm not quite sure what to call it - it's brighter than a forest, maybe "fern"? it's distinctive, but not obnoxious. Very pretty.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the clips on the sides was that they are perfect to help with overpacking problems - if you can't get the zipper shut, just let the straps out all the way, clip them, and yank them to tighten everything, then zip.

The strap across the front, in combination with the clips on the side, make it easy to clip together and lift if you need to move the bag quickly while unpacking, but without a lot of fuss.

The 2" expansion ability is a plus, and the zipper is specially labeled so it's easy to find. Nice touch.

FYI, the strap on the front is all one piece, it doesn't separate into two handles. I don't care, but apparently in Europe it's very fashionable for a couple to share the duffel-carrying duties by each taking a strap. That wouldn't be possible with this bag.

Overall I love this bag. I'm a photographer and always in search of the perfect camera bag, but this duffel has finally ended my search for the perfect luggage. I've used it just a couple times now, but I really can't think of anything I've found that I wish I could change. Thumbs up all around.
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on December 7, 2012
We bought this bag for an upcoming trip overseas. We however did a test run withit over the holidays and it is a fantastic bag. THe material is extreamly duable and it has many compartments. You can unzipper the side to make the bag larger, giving you more space. The biggest selling feature was the backpack straps. When you take the straps out their is even a piece of material that covers the sheels so if the wheels are dirty it does not mess up your cloths. I am very happy with this product and we are considering buying another one.
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on May 22, 2012
This bag rolled all over Italy with no problems. It rolled smoothly through airports and over cobblestone streets. Roomy bag--it was nice to have the expandable section as we packed light on the way there, but added souveniers on the way home. Handle easily retracted which we did often when we carried our bags over the various bridges in Venice. Did not end up using the backpack option.
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on January 22, 2013
Great carry-on bag! It pushes the limits for carry-ons, so don't overstuff. The backpack functionality is perfect for keeping hands free to tote a toddler.
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on December 1, 2012
I have grown tired of flying with a full-size suitcase that has to be checked and don't like the thought that my bag can get lost by an airline. So, I bought this bag to use. It is really good quality and can take a lot of abuse. It also stands out nice compared to all the black Samsonite luggage out there and has a great set of wheels and telescoping handle. I'm thinking about buying a matching one for my wife as well before our next trip. Great product and I would definitely buy again.
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