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Color: Navy/Ash/BlackChange
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339 of 347 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2006
The Access Day Pack by High Sierra is one of the best Back Pack/Day Packs I have ever owned. It is VERY roomy and has plenty enough space to store just about anything. I frequently travel with 2 laptops a sizable 3 ring binder, several hand held radios and at least one camera. This means that I not only need a lot of space I need a bag that will support the weight of the gear. After 3 years of continual use only a few stitches are coming loose on the shoulder straps.

The Access Day Pack, has been great! Although it is not waterproof, it comes with its own rain coat that covers the bag just in case you get caught in undesirable weather. I thought that was a cool feature!

I also an not a big fan of pre-sized pockets and pouches as they never fit my stuff. However the pockets in this bag are really good size and can hold most cellphones or 2-way radios.

The things I would change about the bag are:

1) The top MP3 style pocket. It is big enough to hold your iPod but if you put much else in it you run out of room quickly.

2) I would add another "water bottle" holder on the left side. These pockets are always useful and having a second one would only make this bag that much better.

3) I would add a rubberized waterproof bottom to the bag. If you set it down in a wet area for very long the water will soak through.

Hope this helps...
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212 of 216 people found the following review helpful
on May 20, 2007
I bought this backpack for my tour of Europe. I tour cities in bursts of 2-3 days so this pack has to hold my things for 2-3 days.


1. It has many pockets for all kinds of gadgets or items you may have.

2. The bottle holder is far better than in any previous backpack i have owned. It has a zipper to it so you can tighten the bottle agaist the pack to hold it down.

3. It has a rain cover. I haven't needed to use it yet but im sure that day will come.

4. The laptop padding is good. I have had the pack tip over and fall on the floor. The laptop was protected each time.

5. The pack has padding for your back as well. However, there is a con here that ill explain further down.

6. The pack is spacious and wide enough for my dslr camera bag. This is a big plus for me.


1. The padding for your shoulders and back has a tendency to cover air flow and makes you sweat. The pack is advertised to have good air flow but this is not true in my experience.

2. The wait strap is excessive and unnecessary in my opinion. My pack is never heavy enough to need it.

3. The pack is advertised to be able to hold upto 17in. laptops but i have serious doubts about that. My 15.4in widescreen laptop fits snugly and hangs out of the top of the covering a good bit. The dimensions of my laptop are the following: 14.25" x 10.55" x 1.54"

Overall a very good pack, best i've had yet.
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241 of 252 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2011
I've reviewed this pack for the Black color High Sierra Access Backpack after borrowing it from a friend for travel. I'm a large guy so I had it packed to the hilt, with 2 laptops and the gear to support, some mags and books some gifts and other stuff and the zippers worked easily no stressing.

When I returned I had about 1/3 what I took with me and it was compact like a day pack by pulling the reinforcement straps tight and its small again.

I used the rain cover when I landed in Hono cause we walked in rain to our gate. Nothing got wet. In the hotel i had to dry out the cover before I let it get packed away.

This pack is under advertised and under rated. Sellers I hope you like the photos, buyers I hope the photos answer any questions.

This pack makes EVERYONE ask about it and this pack steered me away from a THE NORTHFACE pack cause of the size, straps, padding and application of so many tasks it covers.
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142 of 150 people found the following review helpful
on April 24, 2009
This is one of the most durable backpacks I have ever owned! I bought it for college, because as an engineer I carry around waaay too many thick heavy books. This bag has been great for walking long-distance with heavy books, biking with heavy books, and carrying heavy groceries home from the store. :D Could be used as a daypack for short hikes, more comfy than many bags, but probably not as comfortable as a dedicated backpacking bag. I am a skinny woman, and this bag was able to size comfortably for me, but my 6'2" husband can adjust all the straps for him too.

The hip strap is well made, and padded so that it is actually comfortable with 50+ lbs of books weighing it down. Can't emphazise how comfortable the hip strap is!

The laptop gets it's own padded compartment in the main pocket, and it is tall enough for 17" laptops. I use it for a 15", and the sides are fine, so I don't know how the sides on a 17" would be, but I expect it will fit fine. Has a nice clip to keep it from bouncing around.

The second (big) pocket out is for shorter items, but from outside is deceptively large because in fact there is a third almost hidden pocket in front of it. The third pocket has a size zip entrance, so it's not very good for books or papers. I don't use it for much except sometimes an extra shirt, or scarf and hat, things like that. If short on space though, remember it's there. The outermost pocket is great for pencils, bus schedules, combs, flat stuff. I use the mp3/cd player pocket for my laptop mouse.

The "suspension system" on the shoulder straps actually has a span of tough elastic in between shoulders and bag. I think it makes the bag ride softer on your shoulders... but also makes it a little more bouncy.

The rain fly is VERY effective, although when not using it is more heavy than you might think. I had a hard time folding it back up to fit in it's underneath pocket. Without the fly, the bag can take 1 hour of medium rain and keep your books dry. Although the laptop zipper will leak and soak the top of the bag a couple inches down, it didn't reach my laptop because the bag is tall. Fly is bright yellow, it also doubles to make you somewhat more visible when biking in the dark. (Not reflective)

EDIT: Per a question, Added 2 photos of bag with a single-layer fleece blanket 45"x60" inside. First photo of it in the main compartment, second photo of it in the outer pocket. Still had tons of room for things in the main compartment that way.
review image review image
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45 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on February 17, 2010
So I originally bought this bag to carry my large lap top, camera, eternal hard drive and what ever else I needed to haul back and forth from work home. It has been absolutely great for that, no complaints at all. have plenty of room of many other things as well such as sandals and a sweater. The weight is distributed nicely and has been a very sturdy.
Reciently I was invited to go on a 2 day hike throught the jungle (I live in costa rica) and the only back pack I had was this one. I thought it might be two small at first but I was able to pack very comfortably:
1 fleece balket
1 mosquito net
1 large first aid kit
1 pair of sport sandels
1 poncho
1 change of clothes
extra socks and underwear
enough food for 2 days
small bag with toiletries
a flash light and 1 sweater

I walked for 8 hour the first day and my shoulders were not hurting at all, the weight was very well distributed and the shoulder straps were very comfortable. The only thing was one part of the sternum straps fell off and was lost, but that I believe was because i snagged it on something and did not notice.

every one on this trip admired my bag and said it was the perfect size. In the end I was almost disappointed it did not rain, because I really wanted to whip out the awesome rain protection this bag has which I have to say was the feature that won me over when I bought the bag.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on February 4, 2009
Best backpack I've ever owned. I bought it for school in 10th grade, and haven't used anything else since. The bag is built completely solid, has plenty of space and useful features, and is comfortable. I lost this bag in 12th grade, and bought the exact same one and have been using it into college.

I can pick this bag up from any part (except for the zippers I guess, but that's just because of the zipper's design), and the seams will hold. I've dropped my bag, dragged it, sat on it, spilled water on it, and even hung skis from it during my ski touring. Two years since buying it, it still looks new, and the seams are still as strong as ever.

My 15.4" laptop fits snugly in the built-in laptop compartment, and stays snug thanks to the extra padding and adjustable clip in the compartment. The bag also comes with one water bottle holder, a rain cover, and a pocket for MP3 players that have a hole for headphones. It also came with a removable cell phone holder that I removed because it was unnecessary. But this all attests to the quality of the product.

The only qualm I have with this bag is the padding on the back. The advertisement claims it encourages airflow, but to me it feels like it doesn't breathe at all. But it's okay because the padding is soft and the bag always fits comfortably. The waist and chest straps are also pretty handy when they're needed.

Overall, this is a great multipurpose bag. The laptop compartment, MP3 pocket, and water bottle holder are good for use on campus, and the solid seams, larger capacity, waist and chest straps, and the hook on the front of the bag help make this bag a great backpack for light backpacking and general outdoor recreation.
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56 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2007
Currently, Amazon says that this bag will hold a laptop that is:
17" x 12" x 2"

Manufacturer says that the bag will hold a laptop that is:
15.5" x 10.75" x 1.8"

Big difference, as I found out. I returned it, bought the Targus XL bag instead and didn't regret it one bit.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on August 6, 2012
This backpack seems well-constructed, is well-designed, and is very roomy. My 17in laptop slides in and out of its sleeve very easily and does not slide around, once in place. There is a separate access zipper for the laptop that makes for a nice touch of convenience. Plenty of room in the main compartments (there are 2 main compartments) for notebooks, books, lunch, and an extra change of clothes. The quick-release side compression straps also allows everything to be reasonably compressed to reduce empty space when desired. The media pocket on top is large enough for my computer headset and cellphone charger. The organizer pocket holds all the small essentials like pens, pencils, calculator, and my spare bandanna with plenty of room for any other small items I need to stash, like keys. The fold away rain cover is a nice extra touch on this model. The rain cover tucks into a velcro flap under the very bottom of the backpack and is attached by a strap to keep it from getting lost. When stowed, the folded rain cover also provides extra padding for the laptop to prevent shock if the backpack is set down a bit too hard. All the stitching on my backpack was well sewn. The shoulder straps are wide and the backpack is comfortable for me to wear. I can easily slip my coffee cup or a water bottle into the drink pocket while wearing the backpack.

This backpack is large, so it may not be suitable for small-framed people that may want something a bit more compact. By nature, the roominess may encourage some people to carry more books and items than they should. I am medium-sized and this backpack fits me quite well. Just have to remember to strive to carry less, not more, in order to keep my back happy. I have not had it happen yet, but the main compartment zippers may jam on the weather flaps if not paying attention when zipping or unzipping the compartments. The detachable pocket on the shoulder strap is more suited for a narrow MP3 player than a wide cellphone. I doubt most smartphones will even fit in it. It may be a great little pocket to stash a candy bar while riding on a bike, though. I feel the negative aspects of this backpack are more a matter of taste and preference than a matter of design.

I considered the purchase of this backpack carefully, looking at the features and reading the reviews. Then I saw someone at school with a slightly different High Sierra model and asked to look at his. He had his for about 6 months and was well pleased with it. Likewise, after a couple of months use, I think this backpack will continue to serve me well throughout my college career. Don't be shy about asking people about their backpacks and trying them on, if they let you. If you want a large backpack that will carry just about everything, I think you will be happy with this one. Just be kind to your back.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2013
I bought a High Sierra backpack about 7 years ago in Australia and used it extensively with no problems before eventually the fabric started to disintegrate. I loved the capacity, durability and functionality of the bag and gladly ordered a replacement, same colour, same style, same name. The bag that I received looked superficially the same minus the waist strap but on examination all the straps were thinner and narrower as were the zips. The shoulder strap adjusters were now stitched to the bottom rather than along the main straps which would give greater strength. The narrower zips snag every time, the straps now twist in the buckles/hasps and the fabric feel is now a tackier plastic.
All-in-all a much loved bag and well travelled bag is now a cheap and tacky copy that is not fit for purpose. This new bag sits reviled and unused under my bed and I'm getting a replacement that is admittedly much more expensive but is robust and useful.
If you are just looking for a cheap backpack then this probably fits the bill. In fact, for $10 you can have mine unused and in the same condition it arrived except for a bit of dust .
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27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2010
I ordered this backpack based upon the reviews of others who indicated that it was well constructed and would really last. My daughter has had it less than 2 months and the zipper is separating from the backpack. I expected more from a backpack this expensive. She has had $20 backpacks that have lasted longer.
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