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on December 4, 2011
If you have External and Internal Hemorrhoids please read this!!!

I have had external and internal Hemorrhoids for over 10 years, I always dealt with them and actually got use to them, but lately they were bleeding bad, went to doctors and of course they wanted to do surgery.

I do research for a living and I am tops in my field, so I proceeded to research any other way without having surgery. I have come across lots of different things that claim to work, but this one did.... please read on

I started taking High Strength Fargelin as directed 3 pills; 3 times a day. After 2 weeks my Hemorrhoids were 50% better, after doing more research - I found that it said in really bad cases to take 4 pills; 3 times a day for 30 days.

Well I on my 27 day of taking 4 pills; 3 times a day. My Hemorrhoids are 99% gone!!!
Wow!!! I never thought it would be this good, but it did the trick - I have a few other notes so please read on.

While I was using High Strength Fargelin I noticed my Hemorrhoids were itchier then normal, so I use witch hazel which worked like a charm to stop the itch. I ask my wife who is a nurse why it would itch so much more, she explain that this usually happens when skin is healing; which made total sense to me.

Also there another product that I used for the first week to really cool down my Hemorrhoids which work great but had a little bit of a smell to it. It called Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream. This makes you Hemorrhoids feel like you have an ice cube on them.

I hope this review helps people, because this stuff saved me from surgery.

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on February 16, 2010
I am not exactly sure what did the trick but I can tell you that after taking these pills 3 times a day (3 pills each time), having had one session of acupuncture (highly recommended),and the use of Witch Hazel pads (heaven!), along with taking Epsom salt baths and using the Mayinglong Musk ointment - the hemorrhoids almost completely disappeared in just 6 days! And by that, I mean they shrank about 90-95%. This is compared to years of trying all kinds of things (which did include Witch Hazel solution and Epsom salt baths). I am placing another order now.

Additionally, make sure to take your fiber morning and evening - whole Psyllium Husks are the best (Metamucil powder or pills do nothing for me); also Psyllium Husks are natural and don't have any laxative components in them, which might otherwise create a dependency on having to rely on a laxative "to do the job". Finally, taking Aloe Juice (4 ounces) at least once a day (before going to bed) is very beneficial for you gut which will in turn help prevent it from creating these flare-ups. Don't forget to get enough rest too!

Don't think that surgery is the answer to everything. I am doing all this after I had mine a few years ago...
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on June 26, 2011
I was skeptical about anything that claims to be effective for anal fissure after having a condition for more than 2 years and after trying EVERYTHING that is suggested by the specialists. Surgeons have told me that I am not enough of a good candidate for the surgery at the moment and frankly, nobody else manages this problem. The main stream treatment consists of sitz-baths, adequate fiber intake and a regular exercise which I religiously complied with for more than 2 years now and was still in a pain during and after every BM. After being tired of fighting the side effects of OTC pain killers (ibuprofen etc), my new "experiment" consisted of taking Fargelin tablets in combination with suppositories called "Ma Ying Long hemorroids suppository". Both products are herbal and are based on patented Chinese formulas. I decided to give this a try only because there is nothing to loose. I did not have to take pain killers for a week now (since I have been taking tablets with suppositories) with my discomfort level decreasing after every BM. This approach seems to work for me (so far in combination with everything I was doing before (fiber, exercise, 2L of water a day and sitz-baths)) and is giving me a hope of actually becoming a fully functional individual again (not irritated with pain and sluggishness from taking pain killers). I hope my review helps those having a similar to mine problem.
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on July 19, 2012
I was suffered about 2 years from piles and tried various over-the-counter medicine. They helped little bit but problem did not go away. My doctor refer to a surgeon who said my condition was not quite appropriate for the operation. He recommended me to wait for a moth or so. During that time, I browsed in the internet about piles and found that someone suggested that FARGELIN works for her. I thought I will give a try and bought online. After I finished taking 36 tablets, my piles was cured 90 %. I was so happy. It was gone for four years. Again it came back again a moth ago. I again used the same medicine. This time I have to use 8 days instead of four days. This time also works for me. What I learned from my experience is that alternative medicine is an area that need to be explored. Patients should be open to different approaches of healing. Thanks for reading my review.
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on June 28, 2012
To start... Please DO NOT buy 1 bottle. Get 2 at least.
As stated, you should take 3 tablets times a day means. 9 pills a day!!!.
These are herbal supplements, you can take them every 6 hours easy. no need to wait 8 hours.
After 3 days of taking these... 95% healed. (I heal pretty fast) But I could not get rid of this problem for almost a year.
Been 7 days... It seems that am fully recovered.
At my second bottle I lower the dosage to 2 pills each time, I will continue till bottle is empty.
I also purchased the "Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream" Great combination.
The only side effect from these pills is that you may fart louder.... BECAUSE you now CAN!!!
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on December 5, 2011
I was ready to go to the doc and do the laser thing. I was miserable. I thought I'd give the natural remedies a try before going that route. So last week, I purchased these Fargelin tablets and am taking 3 pills, 3 times-a-day. I also bought Avatrol capsules here on Amazon and am taking one of those caps once-a-day. I also purchased some Mayinglong Musk hemroid ointment here on Amazon. (Good stuff!) It's been just one-week since I embarked on this plan of attack and the 'roids' have shrunk and all my pain is GONE! I don't know which one worked the wonder, or if it has been a combo of all, but whatever it is, I am so thankful for the relief. I also purchased Yerba Prima psyllium husks at Amazon (not Metamucil) and am now regular as a Swiss train. Total cost was about $120 but has saved me from a $2,500 operation. A GREAT return on investment! I hope & pray your results will be similar to mine. All the best.
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on August 28, 2010
This product does work very well. I had taken what I believe were the same chinese herbs around 10 yrs ago, but took them as a tea and it worked magic in 4 days, since then hadn't had a single hemorrhoids issue. Recently got them again (external) and couldn't find the tea again, found Fergalin pills which seemed to be made from the same herbs. Ordered two bottles and took 3 pills/3 X day and did see some improvement but not completely gone. I ordered another bottle but this time put two pills in a mug poured hot water in and crushed the pills in the water to make a tea (added some honey since taste isn't great), did this 3x day and in 4 days roids were completely gone. This is great stuff!
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on November 24, 2011
These pills made me feel like they might be doing more harm than good for me. All the blood vessels in my body were affected in ways that concerned me - including a contraction of my private parts. They affected my vision and thinking process in odd ways as well. It's a bit hard to describe, but I was using them to try to reduce hemorrhoids, and they have potential for doing that. However, the side effects were very worrisome for me. I don't know if I'm allergic to one of the ingredients or something like that. Everyone online says these have no side effects, but I experienced mainly side effects. If anyone has had a similar experience, I'd love to hear about it.

Update: I took ONE pill -- which is only 1/3 the recommended dose -- yesterday (Thanksgiving, 2011), and it messed me up HORRIBLY!! Ringing in my ears (still has not gone away!); head & neck pains; all sorts of contractions of veins all throughout my body, including in my colon & my eyes.

My suspicion is the batch they shipped me was formulated incorrectly and that this batch is DANGEROUS (batch 282803, manufactured on Feb 29, 2008). I BELIEVE PILLS FROM THIS BATCH COULD POTENTIALLY CAUSE GREAT BODILY HARM! I intend to contact the distributor about this!
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on May 15, 2012
After years of pain and swelling, mostly after trips to use bathroom, i use the chinese cream and thats like sitting my bum in ice cream, wonderful!!! I seen these and dont understand the bad reviews, let me ask them this, has nobody noticed these are herbs, or is it because its from china? All i know, is after taking these four times(12) tablets, the swelling and pain is very slight, now i can really sit without discomfort. Its only five dollats and who knows, if your like i am, i have tried all the stuff made from here and spent big bucks only to have no relief, so this five dollars was so worth it. Some products work for some and not others, but for me after feeling like i had a pole up my butt and now to have the swelling and being comfortable again sitting or lying down is worth so much more to me, all i can say is try it the only thing you have to lose is that pain in your bum, also i use baby wipes that i have soaked with witch hazel,the chinese cream and thats all . All i can say now is finally i have relief thank you
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on September 4, 2013
This is the day one that I have taken these pills, 2nd dose to be exact.

I think that I can feel the difference already, mine are external and small that doc won't deal with, had to take Advil every few hours to reduce the discomfort. I have sensitive skin that OTC Prep H gave me skin burn and rashes, can't use witch hazel much either.... I was desperate and read all the reviews, thought I can give it a try although I was skeptical at first.

I'll come back to update the review after I have finish the entire bottle, and hope this will help a bit for those who suffers with the same issue...

On 2nd bottle, day 3, in conjunction use of Mayinglong mask cream (2nd day), it works gradually and consistently, I can feel roids are shrinking, what a relief! Chinese herb takes time to get into system, and will work its way up; just a side note that I read people commented on the smell of Mayinglong, actually it's just like any herb that carries its own aroma/smell, and this mask cream does not have a strong smell/odor, more like a mixture of several different ingredients contains herbs.

If someone is reading this, just to be clear on the consumption instruction of Fargelin, I am Chinese, reading Chinese instruction comes with the bottle stating "boiled and cooled water", meaning you can take it with room temperature water, in Chinese herb medicine theory, they do not encourage using iced water as it is lower than your body temperature, and Chinese herb encourage "natural" use, which, warm or room temperature water works just fine. For areas that tab water is not suitable as drinking water, people usually broil the water and wait till it's cooled down to serve as drinking water, that's what the instruction as coming from.
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