Customer Reviews: Highschool of the Dead, Vol. 1
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on January 27, 2011
This product certainly isn't something for the little tweens that want more Naruto and such, Yen Press's translation of Diasuke Sato's Highschool of the Dead comes with all the '-kun' 'chan' 'sensei' and 'f' words in tact. Some think it's clunky to include the Japanese honorifics, but it was everything I was hoping for in an official product. I don't yet know how censored the product will be, but the gore and parental advisory warning has been a good start so far and hopefully the entire idea of zombie survival and fan service will keep it uncensored.

It's true the themes in H.O.T.D. can be seen in most zombie survival movies, but with so many films not making the cut anymore it's the perfect spin on a classic tale. But apart from gore and brief fan service this series will also take some time now and then to make you laugh, poking fun at the stereotypes this series itself endorses. Character development (something that is a little sparse in this series) will come a little later folks, so don't despair, it wont be a total hack n' slash story line...

And finally the only thing I can complain about is that there will be such a wait between the english volumes, but since the Japanese version has had very infrequent updates recently the manga itself it not to blame. Hopefully good english sales will boost creator's confidence. I'll be buying every volume, however, and the anime as soon as it's released!
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on March 11, 2011
I got interested into reading this manga series when I spotted an anime trailer for it a while back and it really into it. I am by no means a huge "fan" of zombie movies and of the sort because they never had real story or substance. But after opening up the wrapping for this series (it's for mature audiences only 17+) I was not able to put down the manga, I read it in one sitting. The art is great and the action is engaging. The flow of the manga is great for a survival horror genre. Basically the setting for the volume 1 is the high school where basically a virus broke out which made anyone who is bitten a "zombie". I am grateful that non of the content were censored, including the language and intense violence.

The story is still building up and is getting more interesting with each passing chapter as more interesting characters are introduced. I feel great character development coming in the upcoming volumes. All in all art was consistent, dialogue was great, translation is accurate, there was some fan-service (but it wasn't bad, it was just enough) and story/action was engaging.

So these factors should usually mandate a guaranteed purchase, however, the only beef I really had with this is Yen press's decision to make this retail at 13.99 which is ridiculous. Yes, I understand that this is mature and usually mature manga or books in general are more expensive, but there is Omamori Himari which is also mature and it retails at 10.99. And to top it off the volume of HSOTD is only around 160 pages (might be less). So I recommend that you buy this series when there is a good percent off the cover price (which Amazon usually has), I got my volume for about 8.20 USD which is a great price, even 9.00 or 10.00 is better than the 13.99 cover price. These are my thoughts and it sure was a fun read, I already have me second volume on pre-order.
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on March 15, 2011
Great story? It's zombies. But the teens at least get character development, you feel for them and generaly don't want to see them die. Especially Kohta...ah Kohta.
The story is the one thing keeping this manga from a perfect review from me. It pretty much seems like you're reading a side scrolling adventure with point and click controls. It doesn't feel like there is a different senario the characters would encounter if they headed another direction. At this early point in the story, they fight to survive, they arrive at school perfectly safe, no zombies in site, then by lunch the world turns to hell. One by one the 'main' characters meet one another and join up to fight against the horde- to survive and find their families, anyway. By the end of volume one you know where they are attempting to head next-I won't spoil it.
As for the art...the artist did hentai manga before this work was published. So boobs are a-plenty. But boobs in this story seem to just exsist for the sake of boobs-maybe except for Marikawa. His style is beautiful for the horror genre, the zombies don't just look like a glob of undead corpses. Looking at each one you can tell how they met their fate. And, while the main guy looks like your stereotypical douche who doesn't care, he's a much different person than you think by the first two chapters. hint: He seems like a real person than just a manga character, not many authors can do this.
the gore is just what you'd expect from a zombie slaying, apocalyptic story. Blood covers every single page, street, zombie, and even highschool girl.
So with all of these factors in mind, join Gun crazy, smart crazy, Takeshi crazy, blood crazy, little girl, and, well, Boobs on this wonderful adventure of blood, guts, carnage, boob bouncing, ecchi filled story!
I would not recommened to someone looking for a deep, meaningful story 'plot' wise. but it's good for watching characters struggle to make it out of desperate situations, or if you just like 'apocalyptic' stories. If you want a 'life changer' check out something else.
If you want boobs, zombies, blood, and violence then, welcome to Highschool of the Dead!
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VINE VOICEon September 16, 2013
For those who have seen the animated series (it's on Netflix), the book is almost identical. The story is good and the artwork is great. There is some fan service (for those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to panty shots), although it is limited and isn't gratuitous (in other words, it is done when it fits with the action/scene).

Just remember that manga read right to left, which takes a little getting used to. I gave up on the panel view as it was generic movement rather than going truly from pane to pane. If they had used true panel view movement it would have made it easier for those less familiar with manga to correctly follow the book. So I shaved a star off for the publisher being lazy!

Other than that I highly recommend this book.

This was read on my 7"kindle fire HD and I had no problems reading it even with panel view turned off.
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on September 24, 2015
I had to immediately tape up some pages upon arrival, but none were missing or had stains on them it was just a heavily used copy. There were some stickers on the cover but they all peeled off without tearing or marring or marring the cover.
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on June 28, 2012
I'm hooked can't wait to get the whole series. This book is AWESOME. Where were these comics when i was a kid. My only wishes is that i could get them for my Kindle Fire so i can read them at work with out having to explain that I'm a geek not a nerd.
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on August 4, 2013
This is great for anyone who loves manga and zombies. Great story line and awesome characters. Whether you've only seen the anime or both, you'll love this. The anime follows damn near exactly perfect to the manga. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good zombie story and comic.
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on August 14, 2011
I've seen the first season of this series in anime form, and I think it's just as good as a manga.
So far it doesn't seem to be anything different from your normal zombie-fare, but I don't think that's necessarily bad. I'm a zombie fan and I really enjoyed it.
It doesn't seem to be be quite as risque as the anime and does seem a little toned down in the sexual department.
Still, great story about a zombie outbreak at a high school, and something I would definitely recommend!
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on July 9, 2013
Recently I've read a fair number of things I feel like I should've liked more than I did. They had cool sounding concepts and or were directly in my preferred genres but for whatever reasons didn't resonate with me.

Highschool of the Dead is almost the opposite - there are a variety of elements here that should have put it firmly in my "meh" category at best but to my surprise I ended up enjoying it a fair bit.

During a normal day at school a man acting strangely shuffles up to the front gate and takes a bite out of the hand extended to push him away. That quickly horrors reserved for movies and make believe descend on the world and our protagonists go from listening to lectures to scrambling to survive. This first volume has a tight focus on three characters supplemented with a gradually introduced supporting cast. It does a nice job of giving the reader enough of a hook while maintaining the suspense of not knowing exactly what's going on. In particular the power dynamics between survivors and their different approaches to how to handle things is quite interesting. The characters generally conform to stereotypical types but are engaging and memorable despite that.

I tend to dislike horror in general and am not a big fan of zombie stories. I started this mostly out of curiosity and was caught off guard in still being interested by the end of the volume. There's nothing particularly original here in set up, but the action and suspense elements are done very well and have me interested in the characters' struggle. Both feelings of helplessness and moments of succumbing to evil impulses during times of danger are done well and feel genuine. There's a lot more tension and soul searching achieved than I would have guessed...

... which makes the general style even more jarring. There is a heavy layer of fanservice over everything, both of the expected violence type and the more out of place ecchi elements. It's more than prominent enough in this volume where the tone stays pretty serious and it's "limited" to over-endowed females, odd poses and panty shots. In future volumes both the amount of skin and the flimsy "plot-related" reasons for it get cranked up several notches. I don't object to fanservice generally, but it is RIDICULOUS in it's implementation here and creates a weird dichotomy of harem comedy style scenes interspersed with a gripping life or death struggle. It shouldn't work and I understand if it ruins the series for others, but it somewhat strangely didn't do so for me. The author's so good at reestablishing the mood and tension that I was never hung up on the previous page's absurdity.

The art is excellent. Again, just be ready for what it depicts.

While it certainly could have been better Highschool of the Dead also could have been a lot worse and overall I liked this departure from my normal reading preferences. "Not for everyone" would be the understatement of the year, but it's very good for what it is.
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on August 27, 2011
I really, really enjoy this series. It does not deal with anything you have not already seen, or read in any other zombie related works, it just contains more panty shots, which is fine. This first book is difficult to read, there is alot of action, and detaield art work, things I generally love, however with the ammount of reading that needs to be done in this manga it makes it difficult to follow and I found myself struggling to read it at certain points. That said the next books are great, and purchasing the series is well worth it.Highschool of the Dead, Vol. 2Highschool of the Dead, Vol. 3
While I am speaking about the book series I highly suggest picking up the anime as well, it's farther along than the books are, so you can see more of it without the horrible wait times the managas have been being released, and it follows the series very, very well. The voice acting is good, and it's very fun to watch.High School of the Dead Complete Collection
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