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on February 18, 2013
I purchaced Highway Patrol, season 1, months ago and I have been waiting for more to be released. If you have Season 1 be sure to compare the episodes in 1 and 3. My season 1 and the season 3 advertised above have the same episodes. If you are not careful you could end up with 2 of the same thing. It's obvious that one or the other is mislabled. Now I don't know if I have season 1 or 3.
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on April 23, 2013
HIGHWAY PATROL Season 1HIGHWAY PATROL Season 1this is a review for the confusion on highway patrol season 1 and season 3 some reviewers have commented that the 2 are the same and to be careful buying 3 if you own . i have the original MGM DVD-R recorded on demand. i have just recieved seson 2 and 3 today and they are the not the same so no worries. here is the season 1 episode list.
discs 1-4
1-prison break
3-machine story copter/machine napping copter
4-reckless driving
5-lookout gambling
7-desert town
9-reformed criminal
10-father thief
11-retired gangster
12-phony insurance
15-girl bandit
16-mountain copter

discs 5-8
1-lie detector
2-scared cop
3-harbor story
4-hit and run
5-car theft
6-human bomb
7-plane crash
8-desert copter
9-plant robbery
10-released convict
11-motorcycle Q&A
12-mental patient
13-license plates
14-hitch hiker dies
15-blast area copter

discs 9-10

1-dead patrolman
2-art robbery
3-runaway boy
5-missing witness
7-christmas story

i hope this may have cleared up any confusion regarding these sets
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on April 24, 2013
I received season 2 and 3 and watched several episodes and skimmed through the other titles. The A/V seems to be on par with the first season release. All is good as far as I'm concerned, especially being that I never really expected these episodes to see an authorized release. I guess waiting patiently for well over fifty-years finally paid off. Remember: leave your blood at the Red Cross, not on the highway!
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on August 4, 2013
For those who don't know about it, this show is not set only on the highway. It's more similar to Dragnet than to CHIPS. The Highway Patrol in this series serves as general police force, in addition to patrolling the highways.

Someone has robbed your store and taken your 10 year old deaf-mute daughter hostage? Call the Highway Patrol!

Kids play with guns and someone gets hurt? Call the Highway Patrol!

Someone is blackmailing your husband? Call the Highway Patrol!

This was one of my favorite after-school reruns in the early 60's,and I've waited almost 50 years to see it again. It was worth the wait! I started with Season 3, because it was the least expensive on the day I ordered from Amazon, and I wanted to see if it was as good as I remembered before I splurged on the more expensive seasons. It turns out that it is better than I recalled!!! Here are things I like about it--in no particular order:

1. Very good picture and sound quality (way better than when I watched it on tv in the rabbit ears/pre-cable days). I did not have any quality issues.

2. Excellent storylines/writing--a complete mystery/crime in only 25 minutes--no wonder Broderick Crawford talks so fast.

3. Outstanding acting/casting. Broderick Crawford is so great, and many of the bit players are people I recognize from Perry Mason and other late-50's shows. Some even became more famous - that was a very young Leonard Nimoy in the "Hot Dust" episode!

4. Unexpected examples of strong roles/equal rights for women. In Highway Patrol, women criminals con and kill people, are the brains behind complicated criminal enterprises, and sometimes outsmart the police, just like their male counterparts (and sometimes are even better at it!). Women officers are called in on dangerous decoy assignments and are as tough as the men.

5. The 30-minute format is great for watching while doing short tasks, like paying the bills; and the episodes are standalone, so you don't need to know a backstory.

6. The 2 plastic cases come in a cool matching heavy duty decorated cardboard box. (that's seasons 2-4--I don't know about season 1.)

I'm going to Amazon to buy the rest of the series!
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on May 26, 2013
It is amazing that a low-budget series of roughly 25 minutes episodes, centered on a pudgy and balding actor playing a highway patrol supervisor, could be so good - but they are!
Downside: formulaic - the crime is committed (minor music in background), the highway patrol of an unnamed state (obviously California) is called - sometimes, if you think, inappropriately (the patrol investigates kidnapping??) and, in a few minutes, the crime is invariably solved - no high tech, no fireworks (beyond small arms)- just thinking it through and doing their jobs (maybe this isn't downside).
Upside - versatile actor Broderick Crawford and his rapid-fire delivery - logical solutions, combining believable procedures and sometimes a clue or two, adult (in the best sense of the word) dialogue, finishing with an incisive line, usually to the crook, by the chief, and then a clever send-off to the audience - blatant violation of today's absurd Civil Religion (intelligent white males running things?!?!?!). Some of the episodes in the series had Quinn Martin as audio supervisor (later producer of TV's The Fugitive) and I've found one (Oil Lease, Season Two) with the story written by Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek).
Broderick Crawford had a little problem with the bottle, so the irony is that, because of his series of DUI's, when he's doing the driving, it is often on private backroads (no license). But, man, he carries the series and it works!
WARNING - these are like the proverbial potato chips and you'd better set aside an hour or two for a viewing session.
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on June 6, 2013
Highway Patrol, first broadcast from 1955-59, is a show that shouldn't work but does, and for only one reason: Broderick Crawford. Alcoholic, multiple DUI arrests, bloated and overweight, best actor Oscar winner for "All The King's Men," Crawford doesn't play gruff, no-time-for-nonsense, lead character Dan Matthews so much as he channels every middle-aged cop who ever had to spend most of his weary life keeping the highways clean of punks and not-as-smart-as-they-think-they-are-hoodlums. Quick thinking, quick speaking (Crawford fires off the dialogue like bullets from a machine gun; the writers had to write longer scripts because of Crawford's rapid delivery), with an "I've seen scum like you a thousand times before Mac, and if you think you can fool me, you're stupider than you look" attitude, Crawford breathes life into bland, uninspired scripts. When Crawford isn't in a scene, you get stuck with grade "D" actors and actresses who, I hope, had another career to fall back on. Many of those scenes would be mind-numbing if they went on any longer than they do. But Crawford inevitably leaps back into the scene with all the energy and steely-eyed determination of a battalion of marines heading off to battle and you quickly forget how bad the other actors are. Is it a great series? No. Is it great FUN if you love retro TV (Hey! Look at the cars! The two-way radio!)? YES. Well worth it at this price.
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on May 4, 2013



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on April 21, 2015
Here is the third season of a classic T.V. show that featured plenty of action pack into a half hour show. One thing I like about this series is that it is complete from show number one of the third season to the final show of the season. If you like Highway Patrol I would recommend buying all four seasons of this classic series; or start with season 1 and then add the other three when you can.
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on May 4, 2014
Old TV Series - Not Shot On A Soundstage. Got hooked when I was on an early-work shift and the local TV OLDIES outlet was running daily. Remembered from 50's. Seeing now, you realize how uniquely it was produced. Sure, there is a lot of 'stock' footage interspersed through the episodes and, of course, today's police technology puts what they had to use them to shame; but the outdoor scenes are truly outdoor. At times sound is strained or faded because of normal area noise. In some episodes, while action is happening, you can hear ambient noises - from rogue airplanes to mysterious telephones ringing. And the railroads provided the bulk of the ambience - late steam/early diesel. Enjoyable. A trip back in time.
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on March 10, 2015
I love watching these 50s programs. The cars, the unpaved roads, the small cities and towns, what a blast from the past! They tell quite a story in just 25 minutes. Find a drama today that runs only 25 minutes (30 minutes with commercials). Academy Award winning actor Broderick Crawford is Dan Matthews, the head of the Highway Patrol office. Great stories. There's nothing like seeing '57 and '58 Fords in primo condition. So cool. So fun. You should check it out. 10-4?
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