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on April 8, 2013
Highway Patrol Season 4 arrived a few days back and I finally got around to viewing it yesterday. Put it in the player and was amazed with the pristine video transfer and Broderick Crawford's character Det Matthews. Having been a 40 year law enforcement veteran during the years this was on TV brought back many memories. Loved seeing all the old Chrysler Dodges and Plymouths. General Motors Pontiacs, Buicks and Chevrolets were neat also. Saw few Ford products. Stories were believable and entertaining. A lot of on-site photography outside of interior studio shots added to the realism. Highly recommend this series. Have pre-ordered all seasons. You cannot beat the $12.99 price and the quality.......anywhere. Buy it before the price goes up.
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on April 5, 2013
This is a superior image/sound transfer,better than anything else out there. Possibly MGM has something to do with TGG Direct as the quality of Vol 1 MGM was as good,but not selling as well because of the 50 dollar plus price. Somebody got smart and figured it is better to sell alot of 22 dollar units than a few 55-59 dollar ones. I received season 4 today and am impressed,can t wait for 2 and 3. Why 4 first? Based on this quality from TGG Direct,see no reason not to order Sea Hunt series as well.
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on March 24, 2013
I have enjoyed watching this show for several months. I find that all shows are addictive and can not get enough-stay up way late but they are worth watching. If you like Dragnet this is most likely to be another good cop show. I can not say anything bad about the show except the fact I wish they had tons more to watch. If you like old cars then this is rather nice to check them out. I would give this show a 5 star rating.
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on April 17, 2014
Highway Patrol Season Four for the 58/59 season goes out with a bang.After four years Art Gilmore's narration is finally retired.This season has seen some nifty actors come and go,among them are:Ken Drake,frequently seen in ZIV TV's other big hit Sea Hunt,William Boyett who was Broderick Crawford's sidekick in most eps,Leonard Nimoy(Star Trek),Ted Knight(Mary Tyler Moore),veteran actor Gene Roth known as a heavy from Three Stooges shorts at Columbia,Billy Halop from the Bowery Boys(the third actor from the group to make it to HP),Mexican-American actor Rodolfo Hoyos,Charles Maxwell,well known in the TV circuit appearing in Bonanza,Sea Hunt,Gilligan's Island, and so many more,Robert Conrad(Wild,Wild West),Robert Fuller,another well known character actor on TV in hits like Laramie,Emergency,Wagon Train,and on and on,Dyan Cannon,actress in TV and films,spelled Diane here(most sources I see have her making her first TV appearance elsewhere but THIS is the show that she really first debuted in),and others.
And speaking of UFOs,did you know there is an ep here with an honest to goodness UFO appearing in it,and quite plainly I might add? Watch the ep "Killer on the Run".During the last five minutes there are two women who are stopped by a guy with a gun.As he gets out of the car and approaches their car watch the hillside in the background.From right to left over it comes a roundish,smooth and quiet object.It is close enough that you see that there are no appendages so it isn't a plane and if it was,it would make a noise.It is quiet.It is moving at about the speed of a plane so it is too fast to be a blimp.It is shaped like two inverted pie plates together.I have watched that segment,which last about 6 -8 seconds, over and over,on normal view and close up.It is astonishing to watch.As the man/actor reaches the car the scene cuts to a different angle and the object is gone.It seems almost impossible that someone didn't see it.I would like to think the cameraman did and kept rolling and that footage is still with someone or the Air Force has it.Who knows? Watch it and be amazed for yourself.With all the cameras out and about in Hollywood,then and now,it isn't the first time UFOs have been caught be startled crews.
UFOs aside,this season like the rest looks like it was filmed yesterday.I must say though that the first season done by MGM seems just slightly clearer than the rest by TGG, as their eps were limited to four a disc,whereas these are double that.More compression,more grain.However that's just a minor point.
I found also this season, Broderick Crawford appeared a bit more relaxed in his delivery and demeanour.I suppose he knew the end was coming and was glad to be on the loose again.Be that as it may,Season Four was as good as any.These shows stand up beautifully still,and they are a joy to watch.
Thanks to MGM,TGG and United Artists, from whence these films originally came,for preserving them and making them available for us once more.Highway Patrol brought back alot of memories of that era for me,a bit simpler in some ways to be sure,but with TV that was worth watching, FAR more than than the pap served up today.This was a family show,how many of those are there today? In this age they would have Crawford's character swearing,there would be blood everywhere when Crawford fired his snub nosed .38,he'd be accused of being chauvinistic,and so much more.It's a different world and much to my chagrin they don't make them like Sea Hunt and Highway Patrol anymore.We may have lost something, but this shows we at least haven't lost it for good.
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on March 10, 2015
I love watching these 50s programs. The cars, the unpaved roads, the small cities and towns, what a blast from the past! They tell quite a story in just 25 minutes. Find a drama today that runs only 25 minutes (30 minutes with commercials). Academy Award winning actor Broderick Crawford is Dan Matthews, the head of the Highway Patrol office. Great stories. There's nothing like seeing '57 and '58 Fords in primo condition. So cool. So fun. You should check it out. 10-4?
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on June 23, 2013
"HIGHWAY PATROL" is a fast-paced 'cops & robbers' show that is always a joy to watch. While this show avoids delving into deep themes, it offers terse action with splendid acting. The quality of the DVD is superb, and the price is a bargain by any measure! In addition, it is a walk down memory lane to see so many vintage cars from the late 1950's sporting their incredible designs replete with a full spectrum of 'fins'.
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on May 24, 2013
Having devoured MGM’s toe dipping season one of this utterly fabulous series, I’m an impatient UK fan now satisfying my withdrawal symptoms with series four from TGG Direct, though I’m curious as to why the seasons are not being released in sequence. However, the sheer joy of revisiting these classic mini dramas is such a delight – and what a pristine top quality package it is!

As you Americans were tuning in to Highway Patrol in your 1950’s millions, so were we here in England in our slightly less millions, at least those of us who were lucky enough to be around in those heady days of embryonic US TV. Watching Broderick Crawford and all those incredible cop cars tearing around in the dusty heat of 1950’s Los Angeles was an unimaginable weekly treat for English schoolboys of the time. The series truly set the tone for all of us whose hearts were stirred by the magnetism and spirit of America. Believe me, tuning in to Highway Patrol on a rainy winter’s night in pre Beatles England, made LA and its sunlit ambience seem like another planet. Highway Patrol was the show that personally hooked me on Hollywood, and fired my childhood dream of having to make it there some day. Years later I did, and to this day, the show’s various LA locations (though now considerably changed) have a certain surreal ring about them.

Congratulations to MGM and TGG for releasing the complete series from what is clearly first generation 35mm masters. So good is the quality, it’s like watching a brand new movie, and a real technical shock after having suffered the awful quality of the original transmissions. Interestingly, it appears that the 4x3 framing was shot with 16x9 in mind, as the format easily allows for blowing up to widescreen TV’s with no discernable image loss.

So, once again the legendary Broderick Crawford is firing his classic one-liners at breakneck speed, and seriously looking if he could do with a stiff drink into the bargain! Please keep it coming with more series TGG – you have a ready made audience. Oh, and remember everyone, leave your blood at the Red Cross – not on the highway!

Roger Hopkins
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on April 21, 2015
By the time the fourth season of this show came around it was obvious to me that the script writers were continuing to pack plenty of action into this half hour show with plenty of action. Highway Patrol is one of those classic T.V. shows that continues to entertain viewers long after it went off the air. In fact a fifth series was already in the works but Broderick Crawford decided not to continue with the series saying "We are simply running out of crimes."
This show was and still is a classic that should not be missed.
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on June 20, 2013
I like the short story times; so far all of them I have watched have been thirty minutes. I like Broderick Crawford's no nonsense, tough guy persona. The motorcycles, patrol cars, helicopters, and two-way radio communication keep the action going whether the cops have to chase the bad guys or if they have to try to think like the bad guys and figure out what their next move might be. Some of the story titles are very direct: Frightened Witness, Blood Money, Framed Cop, Detour To Death.

I would recommend this collection to anyone who likes to watch classic television.

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on October 22, 2015
This campy, no nonsense police drama was a syndicated program from the beginning. Broderick Crawford was perfect for this, as a droll, fast talking, cop. Sometimes he said his dialogue so fast, it was hard to understand him. Got to love the vintage squad cars used in these episodes. Love the 1958 Buicks the best. The story lines were straight forward, the dialogue played by the actors, felt wooden at times. Very generic logos on the police cars, license plates, and when a description of a vehicle they were after was radioed into headquarters, the make and model of the vehicle were never used. only something like a "light blue hardtop", etc.... Realistically, this wouldn't happen, but it IS a campy tv show. Still fun to watch after all these years. The video quality and sound is pretty good too. Don't want to forget the announcer- the famous Art Gilmore.
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