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on September 4, 2004
I have to say Highwaymen was a good movie. It is not a really good movie, but it is a good entertaining one. From some of the reviews I was expecting this to be horrible, but it was not as bad as many would like you to believe. This movie is about a psycho driver who kills a mans wife in a hit and run. The killer ends up killing other women. The cops can not track this guy because they are too lazy to track him from state to state and have no solid proof. Ray (James Caviezel) then decides to take matters in his own hands and track this guy down himself. This movie has some action scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, unfortunatly their are only a few scenes like that. What did make this movie good was the great performance by Jim Caviezel(who played Jesus Christ in Passion of The Christ) who always seems to give such a good performance in all his acting. I recommend Highwaymen as a fun entertaining movie in the tradition of Joyride, and Duel.
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VINE VOICEon August 28, 2004
Some reviewers are making like this is the worst movie in the world; it's no "Duel" but it's not "Wheels of Terror", either. Jim Caviezel criss-crosses the United States tracking Colm Feore,who manages to visibly shred the scenery even behind the tinted windows of his Avacado green Eldorado of death. Along the way, he runs into (oooh, bad choice of words) Rhona Mitra, the only survivor of Colm's latest rampage. While some of the plot is pretty unbelievable (I think even the police in podunk would eventually put it together that all these young women were killed by a car that looks like a guacamole and chrome-covered parade float; hitting a body with a car does not result in blood-stains that can be taken care of at a car wash, it results in major body damage and smashed glass; even a car as heavy as a '72 Eldorado will not cause another car to flip up into the air like hitting a trash can), there are a lot of parts of this movie that are really uncomfortable to sit through- in a good, suspensful way.

Solid suspense, decent performances, evil Cadillacs and a good guy in a souped-up Barracuda. What more do you want?
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on September 7, 2004
O.K. I don't know if it was because I'm a woman, I was watching it late at night, or simply the suspense and music, but this movie wasn't only scary, but it gave me the absolute creeps. I mean we're talking a serious case of the heeby-jeebies here! I found myself so freaked out that I had to literally watch the movie in segments. After watching a little bit, I had to shut it off and go back and continue watching it later. I've watched my share of scary movies, but this one had a unique effect on me. Oh, and as for the earlier Mad Max reference, I failed to see the resemblence which is a good thing because I detest Mad Max. Give this movie a try if you like to be scared, but leave the lights on.....or better it during the day....with a friend.
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VINE VOICEon September 20, 2004
This movie is incredible. Is it believable? Not really, but it's a solid 90 minutes of entertainment. And the score of this movie is one of best I've heard in a long time. The music is haunting and just enough to pull you in. It's a shame they don't sell it. The actors are good, but Jim does the most convincing job as a haunted man out to find his wife's killer. Rhona is incredible too as the woman with a past that will never let her rest. This won't win any oscars, but it's worth the time and money. Recommended.
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HIGHWAYMAN works. The story is rather straightforward but has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing while clinging to the edge of your seat. For an action movie is is up there with the best of them, thanks to smart director Robert Harmon.

The film opens somewhere on the plains of America where a beautiful woman is buying fruit from a lonely roadside vendor: her husband Rennie (Jim Caviezel) watches her with adoring eyes from a lonely motel balcony. But out of the dust of the highway appears a one headlight dirty 1972 Cadillac El Dorado and in seconds Rennie's wife lies dead in the street.

Flash forward 5 years and Rennie has given up his life as a doctor, has apparently been hunting down his wife's murderer, discovering that the murderer is a bizarre serial killer named Fargo (Colm Feore), a psychopath who is addicted to killing young women by hit and run and suffers the loss of limbs now replaced with robotic extensions.

Rennie knows the MO of Fargo and when another woman becomes a victim of the serial killer, Rennie follows the investigation with a Traffic inspector (Frankie Faison): there were two women in the destroyed car - Alex (Andrea Roth) who is killed and Molly (Rhona Mitra) who survives. Rennie's drive for revenge creates a bond with Molly and between the two of them the wild car chases and ballistics pummel to the terrifying end of the film.

No, the story is not unique, but it has enough of a twist on a plot line to keep suspense afloat. The photography is on target and the music of Mark Isham (as usual) enhances the tension. A good movie, not a great movie, but one that is fairly well polished in the terror genre. Grady Harp October 2004
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Robert Harmon's "The Highwaymen" is a gripping fast-paced ride that grabs you in the first frames and doesn't let you go until it has rattled your brains 81 minutes later. As Rennie, Jim Caviezel gives another soulful performance as the haunted husband who watches his wife run down by a hit & run driver and spends years chasing after the guy. Caviezel's role isn't as demanding or as fulfilling as his performance as Catch in "Angel Eyes," but it is well done. Colm Feore from "Chronicles of Riddick," "Paycheck" & "Chicago" is menacing as the handicapped driver whose sole enjoyment in life is terrorizing and killing women with his car. I watched the film with an occupational therapist who had numerous comments about the portrayal of the handicapped. Rhona Mitra, who's TV star has shined brightly in "Party of 5," "Gideon's Crossing," "The Practice" & now "Boston Legal," does a great job of being pursued, scared and fighting back. She shows a number of levels, actually more demanding than her appearances in "The Life of David Gale," "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Get Carter." Frankie Faison who plays the traffic inspector has 4 films out this year and is a busy character actor (White Chicks, Cookout). His police detective is a bit slow to pick up the gravity of what's happening and becomes the complication to Rennie's search, but eventually becomes an ally with the final parting shot. Andrea Roth as the blonde Alex does a nice but brief job before she's embedded on the windshield of the Cadillac Eldorado. Yes, there are some plot holes and a few jumps in editing, but all in all this is a great little ride of a film. Enjoy!
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As he did in THE HITCHER, Director Robert Harmon takes an ordinary every day situation (this one hit and run) and weaves an incredibly eerie tale of a serial killer whose weapon is his 72 ElDorado and whose motive is simply he likes to kill.

Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ, Frequency, High Crimes) proves he is a versatile actor in the role of Renny, a young doctor who saw his wife get killed and in an act of fury and revenge, crippled the hit and run driver. However, this is not a one shot thing----the guy's been doing it for years, and now five years later, he is still at it. Only this time, he manages to kill one girl but leaves another one alive---and he just has to get rid of her. He has also been tormenting Caviezel for years, sending him news clippings, letters, etc.

Rhona Mitra (Beowulf) co-stars as Molly, the hit and runner's latest attempt. She has a fear of driving, as her mother and father were killed in an auto accident, leaving her not only an orphan but a woman terrified of driving. Her performance matches Caviezel's in its quiet intensity. Reliable actor Colm Feore (Storm of the Century) plays the psycho, whose restructured body, and accommodating driving tools, lends him a terrifying presence.

The movie is well photographed and Mark Isham's score is appropriately haunting.

A very well done, missed gem.
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on May 21, 2013
When I recieved the DVD and opened it the disk was badly scratched could not play it,but I informed the seller and they promptly refunded my money.This is why I am giving four stars I believe in dealing with honest dealers..will purchase other movies from them. .......
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on January 29, 2014
Being a muscle-car collector & ASE mechanic, this movie had me @ the first rumble of a vintage 60's Barracuda fitted w/a legendary 427 Hemi & slap-stick shifter manual 4-spd. I have always enjoyed Jim Caviezel ability to play anything form J.C in "passion of christ" to a common low life thug. His rival Colm Meany half/man-half/robot, doesnt dissapoint as a creepy psychopath w/a 3 ton Caddillac that has a taste for squashing young women. Not a complicated plot, the usual revenge flick, but it does has its moments. Especially as I mentioned, they actually did their research and only 60 of these were released as COPO in 67, they were basically 1/4 mile beasts w/running lights & Am radio back in the golden era of muscle cars. If you dont like cars, you'll still get a kick out their performances..Worth a looksee!!
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on May 21, 2013
If you like automotive themed movies then this is one to add to your collection,
The cars are cool in their simplicity and the action is just as cool with a hint of twisted humor,
I enjoyed this movie. I can watch this a million times & not get tired of it,
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