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264 of 267 people found the following review helpful
on October 11, 2013
I'm writing this review after purchasing 5 Foscam FI8905W's and sending every one of them back because they were all defective. After going through all these returns the past few months, my main goal was to find a camera that is reliable, high quality and just flat out works. I certainly have found that in this camera.

I picked up 2 of these for my home as well as this POE (Power Over Ethernet - WS-POE-8-48v60w passive Power Over Ethernet POE Injector for 8 IP cameras, VOIP phones or Access Points, 48 volts, 60 watts max) Injector to go along w/ the new cameras. The POE injector will power on the cameras via ethernet (cat5e or cat6) cable so you don't have to plug the camera into a wall outlet (camera doesn't come with a wall plug).

Mounting the camera was a breeze (aside from balancing on a ladder). The mounting bracket itself is a lot higher quality than the Foscam and similar less expensive IP cameras. After mounting the camera you are able to loosen the ring that holds the actual camera in place and aim it accordingly. I'm very confident that the cameras are very sturdy on the house and aren't going anywhere. The camera has an IP66 weatherproof rating which means it's rated as "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water. In other words the rain won't hurt it.

As I write this review the cameras have been mounted for 3 days straight and have not reset or shut off at all. I hate to keep comparing to the Foscams but the day after mounting them they were already resetting and having major stability issues. Nothing at all with these and I don't expect any either. They just flat out work the way they should.

- The picture quality is astonishing. It is 1080P and crystal clear. I can read license plates and logos on clothes.
- The size. It's very small compared to the Foscam's that I was using. This is a huge plus.
- IR ring size - This is also smaller than the Foscam ring size. This was important to me because the IR lights illuminate

- Nothing really. I guess the night vision could be a little bit better but the noise reduction on the camera really makes up for it.

Please keep in mind that the cameras come with a fixed IP address of so you may need to configure your PC with a compatible IP. If you are running the supplied software (SADP) to locate the camera then you may also need to disable any firewall.

I highly recommend this camera and will update this review as time goes on!

** UPDATE 12/2/13 **
It has been 2 months since I originally purchased my first Hikvision 3MP bullet camera so I figured I would post an update. Within the past 2 months I have purchased 8 more of these cameras, 3 which were for me (the rest for friends). So I have had my hands on 10 of these cameras in the past two months and configured each one of them myself. I cannot be happier with this camera from everything from reliability to picture quality, this camera has exceeded my expectations. I am running 4 of these cameras using the Blue Iris software with no issues at all and the cameras literally never go out or have connectivity issues. Another 4 of them are being recorded with a Hikvision NVR that also has been flawless.

Weather Conditions:

When I originally purchased my first camera I did not even consider the fact that I live in the north east (NY) and the temperature ranges anywhere from single digits (Fahrenheit) to triple digits. I installed the first camera in the beginning of October when the temperature was still moderate / comfortable (50+ degrees). Within the past 3 weeks the temperature has dipped as low as 9 degrees Fahrenheit and the cameras did not even blink. They have remained 100% operable through the low temperature and I will continue to update this review as the temperature drops even more. I do believe that the infrared and internal components give off a fair amount of heat (you can feel the heat when you touch the cameras) so that probably helps. I am not concerned about the low temperature affecting the cameras but I will remain conscious of it and keep my eye open.

I will continue to update this review as time goes on.

** UPDATE 6/4/15 **
I have been unable to edit this review for a while due to a bug with Amazon, but apparently it's finally fixed. Here I am over 2.5 years later and I have now installed well over 100 of these cameras (literally) for various people and businesses. I have never had to return any of them, they all have been solid and reliable. These are my cameras of choice and I still highly recommend them. I am still using Blue Iris to record, but I also picked up a Hikvision NVR as backup. 5/5 stars still.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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61 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2013
While this is a lovely little camera, there are significant problems with the HikVision software which have cost me hours in trying to get it configured to do what it says it can do. Apart from things just not working, there is absolutely no useful feedback from the software about what is wrong! HikVision's web site does not list a technical support number or e-mail address. I called the main number and got transferred to tech support.

The litany of problems I encountered:

1. The installer for the SADP utility found I had a newer version of the WinPCap library and asked if I wanted to keep it. I did, but then SADP couldn't find the camera. I eventually installed the latest WinPCap (4.1.3) and it then worked. The SADP utility apparently reports the "SDK" port rather than the HTTP port.

2. I was unable to reliably set non-default ports. After the device rebooted I couldn't reach it via the new HTTP port. I found I could get to it via the original port (80), but when I attempted to login I would get "Network abnormal" errors. I had to perform a factory reset multiple times and then gave up since I was planning to access the camera via IPv6 anyway and didn't absolutely have to use port forwarding to get to it.

3. After adding the camera's IPv6 address to my Windows hosts file I could connect to the camera, but the Live View kept reporting "Live view failed". I discovered that if I connected to the camera via the raw IPv6 address, the live view worked. So there is a problem with the browser plugin. Bookmarking the URL with the IPv6 address in the browser worked around this problem.

4. I tried to set up FTP to upload snapshots. The same credentials from my PC to the FTP server work fine. Nothing uploaded from the camera. There is no "Test" feature to confirm that the FTP configuration works and nowhere to tell you why it failed (e.g. authentication error, timeout). I even copied/pasted everything to be sure it was correct.

5. I tried to set up e-mail for alerts from the camera. I kept getting "Parameter error" when I tried to save my configuration. I discovered from HikVision support that you cannot have a period in the e-mail addresses! So first.last (at) yourmailserver won't work, but firstlast (at) yourmailserver will! I was able to setup a user without a period in the name and I was able to save the parameters. Still no e-mail received for motion detection with 24 hour arming enabled.

6. I tried to configure storage via NAS. It reports my NFS volume is "offline". Other systems can see the NFS volume just fine. There is no error report to clarify the problem. HikVision support says it is not yet compatible with all NFS, just a couple of NAS products and could not provide any further diagnosis.

7. There is nothing in the camera log at all. HikVision support says you have to have a flash card installed, but there is nothing in the manual about this! Elsewhere I found a reference that you have to have storage configured, but I can't do that because it cannot access my NFS volume!

I've had four calls to support. The first call got dropped after less than a minute (sudden dial tone). The next call recommended I upgrade the camera firmware. They have to give you credentials for an FTP server to get the latest firmware (5.0.2) since it is not accessible via their web site. That didn't fix any of the issues. During the third call I accidentally discovered the work around to the "Live view failed" problem. A few days later, my fourth call revealed the problem with including a period in e-mail addresses, but on all the other issues all I got was "I'm not the programmer, just support" when trying to find out how to diagnose the other problems. Absolutely useless! I will have to resort to a network sniffer to try to diagnose each of these problems.
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31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2013
This is great unit. The camera quality is excellent, and the power over ethernet reduces the amount of cable I needed to run. The built in software (accessable through a web interface) is quite powerful. I particularly like the fact that it will record video only if it detects motion in a defined area. The key for me is that it can record without the need for an NVR or a PC running NVR software. I am able to store the video it takes on my Netgear ReadyNAS network attached storage, which has plenty of room for the data.

There is, however, room for improvement. First, the documentation is not very good. I had to google to find out a step by step NAS setup guide (search terms: hikvision's built-in nvr like capabilities). It also didn't explain some of the features well. For example, it points out that the unit has various levels of motion sensitivity, (0-6) but doesn't say which is more sensitive. I had to figure that one out by trial and error.

Speaking of motion detection: it is a bit of a challenge. There are 7 levels from 0 to 6, with level one working well for daytime but MUCH too sensitive for night. Unfortunately, level 0 is too insensitive for day and night, so I'm a bit stuck. They should consider revamping their motion detection and allow having two levels - one for day and one for night.

Another issue is that I need to actively delete video files on a regular basis because the ReadyNAS fills up. I should be able to define a given amount of storage for the video, with the unit deleting the oldest files to make room for new files when the storage fills up.

Another issue is the difficulty in setting up the FTP. I still haven't got it work (I'd like to store a few snapshots in addition to the video). They really should have a "test" ftp function like my DLink IP camera has - this will send a dummy file at the push of a button which helps immensely when setting up FTP.

As far as the night vision goes, it's really quite good, although I added a 850nm IR illuminator to brighten the scene even more.

Lastly, it's a little bit buggy. When setting it up I got it into a state wherein it wouldn't play back images recorded during the day. I reset and reprogrammed the unit and now it works again. It should be a bit more stable than that.

Keep in mind these are minor complaints/suggestions. If I had to buy the unit again, I'd do it again without question.

UPDATE: I'm still having issues with the playback feature. Sometimes when I move the cursor to a time where it's indicated that a video clip was stored it won't play that clip. It tends to happen more during for day images than night images. I'm not sure why this is - but it is not very encouraging. As a result, I knocked back my review from 4 to 3 stars....

UPDATE 2: It seems that if you setup the video with a 3MP image and "high" or "highest" image quality, there's not enough data transmission bandwidth for the playback feature to work - at least for daytime images which are color (and therefore have ~3x more data than the B/W night images). Once I dialed the image quality back to "medium" I was able to get the playback to work reliably. I'll bump my review back up to 4 stars, but this is an issue that HikVision should really look into.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on May 10, 2015
FYI, this comes from an "IT Guy", I work with this on a daily basis and I know what I am doing, trust me. This is not a "smart"(dumbed-down) camera, I will call this a professional camera at a consumer quality/price. If you have networking and tech skill you'll have no problems at all with this camera, it has everything you need and probably more for the average user. It has tons of features, it can run stand alone or with any NVR, CMS, BlueIris, etc. I was able to set up motion recording 1080p to a USB pen drive shared via an ASUS router, I get several days of HD videos on a 16GB pen drive. Superior image quality day or night at this price point, very very happy with color accuracy and definition.

All the cheaper cameras have lower quality picture, consider 2.4MP or 3MP at least if you want true HD.

Note that this camera works without fuss, you don't need to setup Internet Explorer in compatibility mode and lower the security settings in order to install the typical ActiveX Control. The interface is clean, runs smoothly and is very well distributed. Although, make sure to run Internet Explorer as Administrator when setting up Local Configuration and NAS/Network settings or they won't save, no need to run as Admin for normal operation and other adjustments.

To capture images to your local computer, first you need to create the "web" folder inside your user folder and then all the corresponding subfolders indicated under Local Configuration on the camera. Then to capture images to your local hard drive you need to run IE as an admin.

If you have an advanced/restricted/business firewall, I had to allow traffic on TCP/UDP ports 8555, 6800 & 6900 for the camera to work on my network, this is not documented anywhere on the manual and it may not be necessary in your case.
review image review image
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on December 24, 2014
 Great camera and noticeably better picture than my other 720P cameras. I have attached a video review that includes a zoom-in on a license plate using both this camera and a cheaper 720p camera, as well as a screenshot comparing the 1080p and 3MP modes. (Keep in mind this was using the default video settings and filming the PC screen so it's not 100% scientific.). One of the reasons I picked the Hikvision 2032 is I found the camera is frequently recommended on security forums, so I knew there would be plenty of information to assist with installation and configuration. Also, it works flawlessly with the "Blue Iris" security software.

1. Good picture quality with many adjustment options.
2. Solid construction and mounting base.
3. Ability to completely hide the wire behind the base.
4. If you do need to mount the Ethernet wire outside the base, a waterproof connector is included in the box.
5. You can power the camera via DC or POE. I'm using a WS-POE-8-48v60w injector.

1. Slightly warm to the touch during indoor testing. (I hope this does not indicate a future overheat issue...)
2. No printed instructions included in the box.
3. No weatherproof connector or end cap included for the unused DC power connection.
4. When using the Web interface, it puts captured files in a strange folder on Windows 8.1. I am sure this is probably a security-related issue: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Virtualized\C\Users\YOURNAME\Web
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2014
This is a very good camera, especially for the price. I haven't had it installed long about a month but no issues so far. Setting up the IP is not as difficult as some say. They also include software for monitoring and recording which is not great but OK for included software.
BEWARE: (ATTENTION AMAZON) There are two versions of this camera, one for the CHINA market and one for the U.S. market. The CHINA market version comes in a plain brown box and all manuals are in Chinese only. The U.S. version comes in a full color box with English manual. DO NOT KEEP the CHINA version. Hikvision will not support you.
Diyzone is one reseller that sells the gray market CHINA version. DO NOT PURCHASE IF THE RESELLER IS Diyzone.
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26 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2014
I already own and installed two genuine Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I outdoor cameras. So when I received this one, I expected the real deal. Don't let the pictures fool you - the camera was actually packaged in a plain white oem box and there is no "Hikvision" logo on the camera itself as is displayed in the advertised product photo. In addition, the configuration screen as displayed in the advertised photo is also incorrect - instead of the expected logo, it actually displays "PX-IPIR203". I didn't mind this too much as long as it was the same camera and firmware and worked properly.

A major problem I noticed was that the configuration screen won't let you change the default port numbers. It looks like it takes the change, but the camera will not actually listen on the specified port number for RTSP or SDK port. I figured this out when doing a port scan on it. I wasted a whole day just troubleshooting why I can't connect to it over the Internet using port forwarding. Being an IT security guy for the past 25+ years, I've installed and configured numerous IP cameras and never ran into this issue.

Worst of all, when calling Hikvision for technical support on the matter - they will refuse to offer any assistance since they said that it is a RE-BRANDED Hikvision camera, sold by an unauthorized dealer - CCTVONE. This is actually a Winitech "PX-IPIR203" camera and will not be supported by Hikvision. If you want the real deal, get it from an authorized USA Hikvision dealer. Needless to say, I returned this one and ordered a genuine one from another dealer. I highly recommend a GENUINE Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I camera - but not from this dealer. Buyer beware!!!
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2013
These are outstanding cameras. Far superior to the 13 Foscam and 2 TRENDnet cameras also in my network. The image is simply stunning, with an unusually wide angle of view. Moreover, the camera is incredibly small and, unlike the competition, actually designed to allow for easy and elegant wall or ceiling mounting without having to try to hide a bunch of cables. The user interface is adequate -- piece of cake if you have any experience in this.

There are only two (minor) complaints. First, the cameras do not arrive with DHCP addressing selected as the default. They are already assigned an meaningless static IP address and the first thing you have to do is run some software from Hikvision to change this before you can discover the camera on your network. Not a big deal, but an unnecessary and confusing step. Second, these units are only designed for POE and do NOT come with a DC power unit. I was unable to find the camera on my network while using any of my DC power units and a non-POE connection, even though the DC units met the power specification. So don't get these unless you have POE from the start.

Bottom line: this is the best cameras out there. Hikvision is well known in Asia/Pacific but is just now entering the US market. They will do very well.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2014
I purchased this camera with some anxiety since I am a Mac user and I was concerned about being able to set it up. And indeed it did require a Windows environment to do the initial set-up. Running Windows 7 in Parallels I was able to discover the camera and change the IP address to be compatible with my network using the included SADP software. I was immediately struck by the high quality of the video on this camera. It is dramatically superior to the Axis 207MW that I had been using (mounted Indoor pointed through a window since it is not an outdoor camera). I have not had experience with infra-red cameras before and I am very impressed by the image quality in near total darkness. I am using it powered by PoE with the TP-Link TL-POE150S. It becomes even more complicated than that- I am also using a TP-Link Powerline adaptor (TL-PA4010) to extend my connection from my router without having to run 200 feet of Cat 5 cable the full length of my house. Much to my relief this is working without a problem.

The camera weighs more than I expected. This is because of its high quality construction.I am very likely to purchase another one of these very reasonably priced cameras.

The only problem I've had is that I am unable to view the camera video through my Mac browsers. I have to use either Firefox or Safari browser in a Windows environment to see the video in a browser. But this has not been a major problem since I use the camera in conjunction with SecuritySpy Software which handles the camera well. With SecuritySpy I can set up motion detection, video recordings, email notification, uploads to ftp servers, etc. So Windows is not so important once the camera has been initially set-up. And the live video can easily be viewed on my iPhone or iPad with the free app available at the App Store.

Take a look at the short movie I created from a motion actuated recording from my camera on my front porch. I think it gives you a good idea of the high quality video image.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on August 9, 2015
Ok. Listen to me well about these Camera's. First make sure you buy the US model. If you get this in a Brown box send it back! It is a converted multi language camera and you will NOT be able to upgrade the Firmware. Click on the other sellers and look for the 1 that says it's packaged in a retail box with lifetime firmware upgrades (it will cost $10 to $20 more). Also the US camera will have the UL sticker on it. If you get a brown box camera and try to update the firmware you will BRICK the camera.

I've installed CCTV systems many times and I've done a lot of research on IP camera's and this came always pops up in searches. This camera is the most popular and best camera you can buy for the money. It is very well built and all you see on the internet is praises about it.

Beware of NVR's also. It is almost impossible to find a NVR that will record 1080P on ALL channels. The specs are confusing and misleading. If you find a NVR that records 1080P on all channels you will need to take a loan out. Do your research! To me its a waste of my money to buy a 1080P camera and not be able to record 1080P on all of them because the NVR can't handle it.

These camera's don't need a NVR if you know what you're doing and you can get all of them recording in 1080P like I have. Each one of these camera's have their own NVR software built in them truly amazing camera's. (Login to 1 of these camera's and it will blow your mind with the software built into them). All I did is create a NAS with Linux and partitioned the drive into 16 partitions. I installed Samba and created shares for each. Then logged into the camera's and connected each to their partition. I'm recording in 1080P on ALL camera's without the need of a NVR. The windows client and phone client allow you to view all the camera's you need to add each 1 in they also allow you playback.

All I ask is you do your own research especially on the NVR's
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