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Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I 3MP IR Fixed Focal Dome Camera 2.8mm
Size: 2.8mm/DS-2CD2132-IChange
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
Good picture for the money, works with Foscam BlueIris software but DOES NOT work with Q-See 816 NVR.

PROs: It's not humongus / bulky like my 3MP Dahua outdoor IR camera - which admittedly is a battleship of a camera (more features) and cost 2X as much as this. This Hikvision is noticeable yet discreet at the same time. IE it's not this giant security wart lump on your house. You'll see a red LED if you are looking closely in the daytime.

* NICE, Fairly wideangle picture. (2.8 mm lens)

* It's 3MP for $199.00

* I didn't have to do any focusing. I just had to adjust the tilt on the camera, that's it.

* Performs reasonably well in low light and gives a basic black and white picture with the IR in NO light.

* You can run it one notch down (1080p) at 30 frames per second. (At it's top resolution it runs at 15 fps.)

* Overall build quality seems pretty good.

CONS: Q-SEE OWNERS BEWARE: This camera will * NOT * work with my recent build (Sept 30th, 2013) Q-SEE 816 8 channel security NVR (Network Video Recorder). Specifically, you can do all kinds of things to spoon feed the Q-SEE the network info (DHCP, no-DHCP but setting the exact subnet and port for the Q-SEE, etc. -- NO GO). Q-SEE customer support has confirmed this. Hikvision is not specifed on their approved / supported manufactures list and will not work "generically" using the Q-SEE's "ONVIF" , "general" or "Private" setting.

* Setup can be a bit involved. The manual could be a lot better. Sometimes I couldn't tell if they were talking anecdotally / by example or literally (i.e. DO THIS) . It's shipped with a static IP. Out of the box, it does not default to DHCP network IP address leasing awareness as enabled. You have to turn that on. You have to use a utility (provided on Disk by Hikvision) to discover the camera on your network and then login as admin to program it so it can be found on your own subnet.

* The screws for the housing are easy to lose and have some kind of 6 point star pattern (torx?) that is not something you can commonly find. Don't lose them - it's easy to do.

* I found that when using Internet Explorer version 11 (on Windows 7 Professional), that I had to set it to "Compatibility Mode" to get the Hikvision admin software to work correctly. I found that if I didn't do that, the active-x control that loads the video in IE would not load properly and also my range of settings was decreased or flat out not listed /missing.

Some perspective on my usage scenario: I have a pair of LED Porch lights (one on either side of my house's side door). These are augmented by (much higher up on house) a pair of LED PAR38 90Watt equivalent output lights. All of those lights have motion triggers.
After dark, when either of those light banks go on - I get good color, exposure, detail. If there's no cars or human activity triggering the light after 10 minutes and the camera drops down to it's native IR LED illumination, it's a minimal black and white picture but yet you can make out details and shapes. Enough that it would be evidence for the police. With my setup, a criminal would have to be Houdini to not trigger one of the other of my side lights.

My installation? I took a 1 X 8 piece of solid fir wood and made a "tombstone" shaped piece of wood (rounded corners on one end), sanded it and painted it to match the color of the house. I then attached the camera at the end of the wood piece that had rounded corners. I then attached the whole thing - camera and brackets 11.5 feet above ground up on the side of my house - just under the rafter. This works pretty good as the 1ft of "stick out" length puts it right above our side door way. I can see the front edge of the top step out into the middle of the street we are on.

I did my own Ethernet cable pull (in the attic) and yes drilled the hole in the side of my house. If you have never done this kind of thing or want a more professional looking install, you'll probably want to hire an electrician.

NOTE: If your switch or recorder does not support delivering "POE" (Power Over Ethernet) then you * could * use an old-skool DC power adapter (NOT included) to power this dome via another connector Hikvision provides that "Y"s off the main Ethernet connector cable. That's a lot of extra hassle in my book - would involve providing a power outlet near your camera but the option is there for you. You can buy a good POE "Injector" for $28.00 or a marginal/basic 4 Ports of POE starting at $59.00 on Amazon.

UPDATE: Jan 1st, 2014 I have decided to lower resolution to 1900 X 1080 (down from 2048 X 1536) in order to gain a full 30 frames per second framerate (instead of the previous limit of 15fps). For people walking 15fps might be OK but for cars zooming by or people running, I think 30 fps is better.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2013
Sub-200 for a true 3MP camera is really unheard of, and for that, I think Hikvision ought to be commended. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Fantastic picture during the day - and even during twilight hours (see my 'customer provided' daytime photo)
Solid (metallic) construction
Weatherproof, thinner-than-expected RJ-45 connector
Price (though check Aliexpress for about 50 less)
Web user interface is neat, and easy to navigate

2-axis mounting. Makes it difficult to frame the proper angle - especially when mounting on a wall.
Night vision mode switches to black and white only (traditional IR-night cameras will reveal some color when image is bright enough)
Reflection of IR LEDs on inside of dome causes the night image to be washed out - making it all but useless (see my 'customer-provided' nighttime photo).
Bandwidth and CPU requirements of 1080p and higher will overload most consumer-grade NVRs (i.e. BlueIris running on a dedicated i5 processor and SSD drives).
No audio - Though for my application, this is not an issue
Requires TWO ports to be forwarded (HTTP and RTSP) per camera to view on a PC or IP Cam Viewer (android) that is located outside the LAN (i.e. view from the internet)

While this isn't a magic bullet, for the price, I'm going to keep it despite its shortcomings. I've ordered the bullet cam version, as other forums have indicated aiming is easier, and the flat glass doesn't reflect the IR back into the lens like this dome does.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2014
2/12/14 Just ordered another one. Ideally I like the bullet version of this cam, but for the front of my house I like the domes so people can't easily tell where it's pointed if they see it. Granted at night time when the IR's are lit you can pretty much tell, but during the day time you can't tell where the camera is pointed. This will be my 5th camera in my arsenal and the 3rd one of these. Bumped up to 5 stars after installing the one I purchased in late January. There is only IR reflection if you have a wall, gutter, etc near the field of view. Once I adjusted where the camera was pointing it got rid of the glare.

1/23/14 Woohoo! These are actually Hikvision cameras as long as you don't purchase from HD Security Store. I just received my Hikvision from CCTVONE and there is branding ALL over this thing. It's the real box pictured, the manual has Hikvision on it, the camera even has Hikvision on it like in the pictures. Now let's see if I can install the camera before sundown and see if the IR bleed/reflection is an issue. Bumping up to 4 stars. Can't help the seller tried to give a few of us customers a different product.

1/19/14 Well I bought another one just now. I bought it from CCTVONE this time so hopefully it will be the branded camera. It was ~$10 more expensive than the one offered by HD Security Store which is fine with me as long as I get a branded camera. I'm hoping my location and the dome on this camera this time will not have glare from the IR's. So far I have this Hikvision dome DS-2CD2132-I, Hikvision Bullet DS-2CD2032-I which I just put up, and a Dahua BW IPC-HDB3200C. I love that this camera and the Hikvision bullet have night vision. The Dahua just doesn't give me the picture I want at very low light. I have my flood lights on and if the power goes out I wouldn't feel comfortable at night as I'd have very limited visibility with the Dahua cam. Hopefully this 2nd Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I won't have the IR bleed/reflection I have on my first one because hopefully of where it's mounted. I'll try to get back on here and leave a review after I get my 2nd one installed.

1/11/14 I now realize this is not a Hikvision camera and the seller HD Security store is advertising these as Hikvision with branding all over the product and box. This is not the case. I've uploaded images of the box I received and likely others have received. There's just a Winic box with a Hikvision sticker on it. I don't know if there's much difference if any between the Hikvision listed here and the Winic PX-IPD213, but I certainly want to receive the product I purchased and read reviews for. I've contacted Amazon in regards to this seller and it seems as though they do this for other cameras as well. Make sure you do not purchase from HD Security store if you want to receive an actual Hikvision camera.

1/8/14 I'll have to say I'm not a camera expert, but as a tech guy I really like this camera. My original setup included about 5 Foscam cameras I was using for daylight surveillance from inside. I finally set up this camera wired with PoE on the outside of my house under the eve in the backyard. The picture quality is awesome during the day, but I'm having a little trouble with IR bleeding/reflection at night. I plan to clean the dome in case it's my fault during the install, or it may be reflecting from nearby wall and gutter. I plan to keep playing with the adjustments until I can figure it out since I really purchased this for 24/7 visibility.

Once I get the night vision figured out I plan to buy several more of these.
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24 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2014
Like many who purchased this camera, I also received an OEM version and not the HikVision brand. Seller was kind enough to explain that all DS-2CD2132-I cameras sold on Amazon do NOT qualify HikVision warranty which is true. Seller also told me that they can sell me an authentic camera but I have to pay a lot more for it.
I paid for what was advertised as a HikVision and I want a HikVision.
I am returning mine and purchased from someone who can sell me an authentic camera.
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on January 7, 2014
I received two cameras that looked very similar to the HIKVision camera, but they were actually knock-offs and are these: [...]

The boxes have the WINIC logo (not HIKVision) and the cameras are not branded.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 13, 2014
I bought two of these cameras and one is broken - I cannot access the camera on the network anymore. Called Hikvision and they wont service any cameras bought on amazon or from an online seller. There is NO RESET button on this camera. They advised that I return it.

The image quality is excellent. The lack of a reset button is a pretty big oversight... not sure why the engineers would leave that one out.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on July 27, 2014
The 2.8mm lens is the widest angle lens they make. It has about a 90 degree view left-to-right, and is perfect for up-close positioning. Mine is mounted on the soffit over the front door so I can see when I have a package delivered. For monitoring your yard or driveway, you might want the 4mm version or longer, which have narrower viewing angles (i.e. they're "zoomed in" more). The 2.8mm version has some fisheye effect to it, but not bad at all.

The 3MP sensor is amazing. Truly that's the biggest reason to buy a HikVision. It produces a great image day or night, IR LED's on or not. The image is color in the day, and B&W when using the IR LED's, but the clarity is the same for both. It also has wide dynamic range settings, so you can use it in situations like looking out through glass doors or, in my case, needing to see in areas of direct sun and shade at the same time. When the dome is installed correctly, the entire camera body is sealed in a weatherproof enclosure, perfect for mounting outdoors.

This camera does not have Pan Tilt Zoom settings through the web interface; it's a fixed camera, and you have to adjust its aim before bolting on the dome. However, the camera is designed to mount only to a flat surface, like a soffit, not a vertical surface, like a wall. This is a limitation of the pan/tilt bracket, but isn't much of a limitation. If you require wall-mounting, HikVision makes a bracket, or you can get creative and build a bracket to hold the camera horizontal against the vertical surface.

Speaking of the web interface, this is a bit clunky at times, but it gives you full control over the sensor, alarm settings, network settings, video settings and functions, and motion detection functions. Mine is set up to upload a series of still pictures to an FTP server any time motion is detected. You can also stream a full-resolution, or "downgrade" to an HD resolution, to a computer or DVR for storage. They also have free apps for viewing the images on your phone, tablet, or computer.

This camera does not come with a power supply. It requires 12VDC on a 5.5/2.1mm plug. I bought a 12VDC adapter from Amazon for $7, and it works perfectly. The camera is only 100Mbps, not Gigabit, so I used the 2 unused pairs of wires in the Ethernet cable to carry power from the power adapter in my network closet to the camera. This meant running only 1 Cat-5 cable through my attic, which was a huge convenience.

Overall, this is a great camera. The quality of the hardware is excellent, the quality of the web gui is very good, and they have free apps for iPhone and Android to view the images on. For this price, you can't beat it!
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2014
I got a brand WINIC camera, not a HIKVision, it looks and performs the same thus far.. but who knows, the listing should be adjusted!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2014
This is a great camera for the money. I'm using it with the Synology Surveillance system - great combo.

* Picture is super-clear, day or night.
* Fully supported by Synology - great way to tie a bunch of cameras together without needing a PC or having all the Windows mess to deal with.
* The options for motion detection are more detailed than other cameras I have used.
* Web interface is decent
* You can see *a lot* with the 2.8mm lens
* Comes with a *very nice* waterproof connector for the RJ-45 connection.
* Comes with a nice template sticker for drilling the mounting holes & hole to run the cables through.

* I know a lot about networking & not so much about cameras. The manual explains more about the IP side of it than it does the image side. So if you're like me, the manual doesn't tell you much - prepare to give Google a workout.
* Hikvision's support in general is a little sparse - firmware updates & alike should be more accessible than they are.
* Be careful who you buy from. It is worth paying a few bucks more to buy one from a seller who offers guaranteed Hikvision USA product and not one of the OEM versions.
* While mounting the camera I dropped one of the proprietary screws that secure the dome to the camera & was not able to find it again. I emailed Hikvision to purchase a replacement but got redirected to a distributor. I'm getting the runaround & doubt I will ever be able to purchase the part. Later, I realized that the dome is threaded too, so you can actually leave the screws threaded in the dome when you remove it from the camera. Ooops.

I first tested the bullet version of this camera with the 4mm lens (DS-2CD2032-I). That camera got great reviews. Problem was, our building does not have any overhangs, so I needed to mount the camera on the same wall that it is supposed to be monitoring. The arm on the camera was really too short to do this & get the view we were hoping for.

When I started investigating the dome version, I hesitated to mess around with it because of all the bad reviews, but I didn't see much alternative so I gave one a try. Glad I did. The image quality is the same but with the 2.8mm lens, this camera can cover a lot more ground. I bought the Hikvision wall mount bracket and the installation came out very clean & professional. This camera is every bit as good as the bullet version; arguably better if you like the wider angle lens.

If you're looking for an inexpensive IP camera with a great set of features, don't hesitate to buy this camera. Just make sure you have a reasonably level horizontal surface to mount it on since there is no tilt adjustment with this camera. If you have a vertical surface then buy the wall mount bracket too. If your mounting surface is sloped, make another choice.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2015
For this price, I wouldn't buy any other brand or type of camera! So much flexibility in the software - external NAT'ing is very tricky, but that's such a security risk anyway that I just access the cameras through another box like a Synology or VPN. You'll have to do some creative Googling to find the firmware updates, but it's not that hard. Despite these caveats, I'm giving it 5 stars, so that's saying a lot coming from me.
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