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on July 15, 2013
Well I bought this de-humidifier based on all the good reviews and am left wanting to like the de-humidifier and rate it five stars. Firstly the thing does suck water out of the air a lot better than my frigidaire. There is no doubt this machine is taking a lot of water out of the air. It is also very well built and looks sleek and stylish. The downside is far to great though to give this de-humidifier anything more than 2 stars. I first started this on normal mode and it gets the humidity to 3% the desired set percentage. But the compressor never kicks off. If it is set at 45% the humidity will be 42% with the compressor still running. If I then reset the humidity to 50% the compressor will kick off till it is at 47% and then continue to run. I do not know if it is just maintaining the level and the compressor runs at half speed or something but it is killing my electrical usage. Last night I looked at my electrical box and it measured 49090 and over a seven hour period it measured again at 49098. So this machine along with the rest of the household sucked 8 Kilowatts of energy in seven hours. I unplugged the machine and left everything else in the house the same and after seven hours the meter read 49100. So this machine sucked 6 kilowatts over a seven hour period. Over the course of a month this machine would suck 540 kilowatts costing me almost 70 dollars to run based on our rate. That is ridiculous and I cannot believe the company did not test this out or at least think about it before sending this unit out. I threw out the box already since it was shredded through the shipping and probably cannot even return this machine. What I will have to end up doing is setting the timer in the morning so it runs for 2 hours and at night. Just a pain that I have to run into the basement twice a day to turn this thing on. Anyhow this machine sucks out the water great from the air however also sucks the money out of my wallet. I would recommend something that is better in the energy department

EDIT: So a little over a year the compressor is no longer kicking on. I am so upset right now as I have paid good money for this product and it seemed like a reputable brand......What crap what happens is you can hear an electronic buzz from the De-humidifier and it seems like the compressor kicks on than it sticks the lights dim in the house and than the compressor kicks off. I tried researching the product on the companies website and nothing, they do not even have dehumidifers on the company website for sale. Oh well should have stuck with something from home depot instead of venturing out for a new brand. I will update if I can fix it or if the company does something to make this right

EDIT: I ended up having to buy a digital timer to turn the humidifier on and off at selected intervals through the day. I put it on the conitnous setting and have it set to turn on for one hour at 6:00am, 2:00pm and 11:00pm. Anyhow hopefully this does the trick and keeps the humidity at a desired level. GE 15402 SunSmart Digital 7 Day
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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am updating my review after using this product for upwards of a year. It is still performing flawlessly, often pulling 20+ gallons/ day out of the air. It has made a huge difference for me: no mold or mildew, no waking up congested, no damp sheets or clothing. If it were not so expensive to run, I would have one in every room! (note, power charges in Hawaii can be 20x as much as they are in other parts of the country, so for many this will not be as much of a burden). I did stop using it briefly because of the cost of running it. When our 2 other units needed to be destroyed as part of a mass recall of dangerous units, we went back to using the Hisense, thinking it was a temporary solution. It works so much better than anything else I have tried, that we decided to keep it plugged in, and attempt to compensate for the high power consumption in other ways.

My original review appears below. This update was added to note that after a year it is still running smoothly, and I am still happy with its' performance. I thought, given that it is not a particularly well known brand, and that far too many small appliances quit after a short time, it was worth adding an update after a year of use.

I have to admit that before plugging this in I joked that it would get a real test in this environment. I essentially live in the rain forest: on the windward side of Oahu and am plagued by the constant humidity: mold, mildew, congestion... the list goes on. We have tried a number of solutions, including several other dehumidifiers. In fact, for the past 2 years I have been running 2 SoleusAir Energy Star 45 Pint Dehumidifier, with Straight Bucket, # DP2-45-03 dehumidifiers 24/ 7. They work OK, pulling 10 or more gallons/ day of water out of the air, but aren't enough really. prior to buying those, I had several Eva dry products, including : Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier and Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidier. The petite worked ok in a little bathroom until a power surge took it out, the "renewables" did nothing much. All that said, I have tried a number of things with minimal result. It rains, pours almost every day.

When I plugged this unit in in my bedroom, where I was running one of the large Soleus units, the digital read-out read 80% (That is 80% humidity, with a large dehumidifier running!). Within 5 minutes it was down to 59%. In another hour, down to 53%! I have NEVER gotten close to 50% in my house, not ever.... which is why I am comfortable writing this up after using it for one day. I have now emptied the bucket 4 times in 24 hours and the room is at 49% Only trouble is that I do not want to leave my bedroom ;) Clearly I am going to have to get a few more units.

Beyond the fact that it works exceptionally well, not only better than anything else I have tried, but actually achieving my objective of getting the humidity below 50%, I like that it is energy star compliant, has a good warranty (1 year parts & labor, 5 on sealed system). It is also easy to set up, easy to use, empty and clean. It has a digital read out and the ability to set fan and compressor level or desired humidity and let it automate the fan speed and compressor. It has the option of using the built-in bucket, or attaching a garden hose. I do not want a hole in the wall which will let in more moisture, but may ultimately run the hose into a sink, shower or bathtub. I will see if after running it for a few days it still requires being emptied 4x/ day. It may well because of the ambient environment. That, alas, can not be helped. This however, has made my home livable! I can not recommend it highly enough, and will likely be purchasing several more myself.

Note, the unit is large and heavy, but not unattractive, and it does have wheels, making it easier to move. Check the dimensions to make sure you have the space for it. if you do, it is absolutely a worthwhile purchase.

Edited to note that after running it for a week, we unfortunately had to turn it off. 1. It is *VERY* loud. We could not watch a movie with it running in the next room. I would say it is 2-4x as loud at the Soleus. 2. The reason we shut it off and are using the Soleus: although the Hisense pulls twice as much water out of the air, it costs 4x as much to run! My husband was concerned about power usage because of how loud it was (I thought it was just the fan), so we plugged it into a P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor and discovered that it draws 4x as much power as the Soleus! , 1,000/ watts/hour :O At the rates we pay in Hawaii that is $200-300/ month! 3) It puts out a lot of heat, making it even more expensive as it is fighting the air conditioning :O

I'm sad to have to sideline this, but will save it for emergency use (during the winter rains when we have 100% humidity virtually every day). It is hard to justify using something which draws so much power, particularly with our rates (10-15x what people pay on the continent). That means that running this unit would pay for a portable air conditioner every month! {sigh} so long Hisense, it was nice to have a dry room.

In sum, it does an exceptional job, but at a cost, a very high cost. It is very very loud (much louder than any of the dehumidifiers we have used, or any of the air conditioners).

It might be a good choice for someone in London, Oregon or Washington state where the heat might be desirable and the power charges are lower. In Hawaii it is just too expensive to run and puts out so much heat that it makes the room uncomfortable in a different way.
edited to note that we had a flood a few weeks back from a plumbing back-up. The company which came in to dry the place out left a dehumidifier which failed after just a couple of hours. I plugged in the hisense and had it dry in less than 24 hours! It actually did a better job than an industrial unit 4x the size! I may not be able to use it daily because of the high power costs here, but it is still useful to have around for emergencies.

Updated to note that there was a massive recall of dehumidifiers last month affecting half a dozen brands, dozens of models, millions of people (ourselves among them). Both of our Soleus units had to be destroyed (as they apparently had the bad habit of bursting into flames). The Hisense was not among the recalled units (neither the brand nor the model). If you are looking at this because yours was recalled, know that this brand was no included in the recent recall.
and, as we are back into rainy season again, yes we are using it, 24/7. I am glad we had a back-up!
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on May 8, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
(Update at bottom of review)

The Hisense 70 pint dehumidifier with Ionizer is definitely powerful. It pulls much more water from the air than my 2 Frigidaire humidifiers. I was very excited to use a dehumidifier with an ionizer, because I actually use 1 dehumidifier inside my living space during the warm months from spring through fall. I rent an old house that lacks insulation, and it can get very humid (even with central air). I originally went with the Frigidaire brand after my 2 very old units quit working, because my mom had one and I noticed it didn't seem to put out quite as hot air as my others did. That was something important when using the unit in my living space. It didn't really matter one way or the other for the dehumid. I use in my laundry area (think it was just a porch that was enclosed with zero insulation).

While the Hisense extracts more water than the Frigidaires, here are the negatives I saw in it --- the unit needs to be turned off for a couple minutes before attempting to empty the bucket. If not, water will pour onto the floor when you remove the bucket (not just drip, but pour). Also, it doesn't have indentations on the sides that make it easy for your fingers to grab the bucket and pull out. It can be a little difficult, especially when it is full -- pretty large bucket compared to my others, so having the easy removal is much needed. It puts out a LOT more heat than my Frigidaires. Granted, it is a larger unit with stronger moisture extraction, but I will probably end up using this one in my laundry or storage area because of the heat issue once the summer heat really hits. I only use mine on continuous operation, but a few times an hour it cuts off slightly, comes back on, cuts back off completely, and then runs correctly. It's the same cycle each time. It's strange. I don't know why it happens, but I would think it shouldn't be doing this.

The controls are extremely easy to figure out. The ionizer can be turned off and on with the simple press of a button. If I do move this unit into my laundry or storage area, then I doubt I will use the ionizer. So, if you are not concerned by the heat it generates, I would highly recommend this Hisense 70 pint dehumidifier, especially for large areas. It pulls out an incredible amount of water from the air, is very easy to operate, and has a large handle that does make it easy to move around. Even though I don't plan to use it in my living/dining area once it gets really hot out, I'm still very glad that I got this Hisense dehumidifier, because it does remove and incredible amount of moisture -- which is, after all, the most important feature of a dehumidifer.

UPDATE --- 7/27/13

After using my Hisense dehumidifier for a while, I now absolutely LOVE this unit!!!! I decided to leave it in my living space and use my other 2 Frigidaire units in my laundry room and spare storage room that is closed off from main living space. I made this decision based on the fact that the Hisense pulls out SOOOO much more moisture from the air. The bucket on it fills completely in about 10 hours. The other units take over 12 hours, and the buckets are approximately half the size as the Hisense (rough estimate from looking at the buckets and feeling the weight when they are full).

I have worked around the 2 issues of the Hisense that I had --- the heat it puts out and the water it spills on the floor when emptying. I turned the dehumidifier around so that the heat exhaust points back towards an out of the way corner. It still puts out the heat there, but it no longer blows the heat directly into areas that I use. When I need to empty the bucket, I turn it off a minute or so ahead of time (if it hasn't shut off yet from being full). Either way, I then kind of spin the unit back and forth in slightly circular motions. You can hear the water coming out and going into the bucket. When it stops doing this, I then remove the bucket to empty it. I am now extremely happy with my Hisense dehumidifier. It is now my dehumidifier of choice!!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice unit if you want the convenience of being able to set auto humidity levels and leave the machine running on and off to keep the humidity level where you set it. If you want to run it continuously be warned that it draws a lot of power (my reading near 600 watts and with continuous use that translates to about 400 kilowatts a month). If noise isn't a problem and electricity in reasonable where you live this unit does an absolutely outstanding job. It removes moisture quicker than any other unit I've ever owned. It is heavy but on wheels. The 70 pints mean you'll empty it less often but in real humidity it also has a hose outlet (standard garden variety and that's nice) to let you run it without having to check it periodically. It does a very good job of maintaining the level you set and it took the basement down from 65 percent to under 50 percent in less than an hour. But that power comes with a catch when a unit is this is loud...tolerable on low...but loud on high and you won't be watching TV near it. It's nicely built even tho I had never heard of this brand. Solid and works well. I'd recommend it as long as you're aware of the potential cost of it's use and the noise level.
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on April 23, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The unit arrived double boxed. One box was the manufacturers with styrofoam pads and the other was Amazons with wadded packaging paper for protection. Glad they doubled up as the manufacturers box didn't hold and the bottom was out when it arrived. The secondary packaging kept it intact.

Unit worked once plugged in. 70 pints is a good size for a 1000 sq foot or so basement. 25-50 sometimes can't quite keep up if the humidity gets high. The unit lets you set it to auto run at 50%, continuous run, or set your own auto run levels. Fan speed of low and high. It also has an air filter in front of the coils which is nice as dust build up on the coils hurts efficientcy over time. You vacuum the filter to clean it. Controls are all digital which is nice. The unit looks modern and visually is about as nice looking as you will find.

Moving it is accomplished via wheels or a handle. For a young adult the unit is moveable but if you lack strength it can be a bear as it is heavy.

Energywise on full run with compressor on, I measure it as drawing 523 watts. High fan only it drew 53. 523 isn't bad for a 70 pint machine, but if plan to run this 24/7 with the compressor going, it will add up quickly to around 360 kilowatts a month. My whole house right now uses about 360 a month so this would double on full continuous draw. 70 pints is big enough though to probably let it cycle on and off as long as you don't set it to low. A smaller unit forces you to run it continuously in a large space.

It also adds heat to the room. Unlike an air conditioner that removes moisture and sends its heat outside dehumidifiers vent the heat inside. Not an issue if you aren't also simultaneously running AC but something to keep in mind. Low temp it is rated to 38 degrees but functions best when it is warmer than that.

Noise wise it isn't bad for suh a large unit. The fan sounds like a fan running and the sound of the compressor cycling on isn't that bad either. Not something you'd want to sleep by but it does have a timer setting to help you control the run times so the noise isn't that bad.

Update May 2014: It sat inside, unmoved, and unused over the winter. Humidity getting up again this spring so I plugged it in looking for it to pick up where it left off last year. I am guessing the coolant leaked out over the winter as this thing is now pulling zip for moisture and at the humidity level my basement is at, it should be fillmg the bucket very quickly. Nothing on the coils, bucket is bone dry after a few hours. Too bad a this thing was awesome last year. Again I did not move it from its spot last fall when it was working well. Fan, compressor, electronics all working fine just no moisture removal at all now. I had this rated a 5 star product last year as it was great. Had to downgrade to 2 stars now as it has failed.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having an old and humid home, I am no stranger to mold or musty odor, which are not good for my health or furniture. Still, I never purchased a dehumidifier because of my fear that it would be too hot and noisy. With the Hisense DH-70K1SJE4, I put those issues to the test in the scariest environment: my bedroom.


For a dehumidifier, the DH-70K1SJE4 is surprisingly modern and attractive. The plastic is glossy white with black accents, and the top panel is minimalist. The very heavy device feels sturdy, though it would be nice if it rolled more easily. When the water tank is full, it can be removed without too much trouble, and otherwise is disguised. Alternately, a garden hose attachment allows continuous draining. I did not test this feature, since I have it in a living area with no drainage.


Setting the desired humidity is as simple as it could be, with a very intuitive interface. Once on, water is removed from the air very quickly. This is a big advantage over lighter duty units, particularly for large/multiple rooms. My A/C unit barely makes a dent in the humidity, but the DH-70K1SJE4 shatters it.

When the power is turned off and on, the dehumidifier remembers the settings and turns on automatically. This makes it compatible with timers.


As with a window air conditioner or purifier, you will likely want to keep the fan on low if you are in the room with it. The high settings are more useful for quickly reducing humidity when at work. Also similar to an A/C unit, the compressor cycles off and on, adding extra noise. I find that more annoying when I am trying to sleep than the white noise of the fan. Still, on low it is something I can adapt to. I would prefer it to be quieter, though.


My first unit had a humidity reading stuck at the minimum, so I sent an email to support. The very kind support representative (thanks Shaunette!) kept me informed throughout the replacement process, which ultimately took around three weeks. While a more streamlined and fast process would be nice, I highly preferred this personal service to most experiences I have had with companies.


The DH-70K1SJE4 is a beast that will knock the humidity down in large rooms quickly. This power means that it can cycle off more frequently, reducing noise and power consumption. If you don't mind moderate noise and are aware of the energy cost, it is highly recommended.
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on May 14, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have mixed feelings about the Hisense 70-pint humidifier. There are some aspects that are great, but some that are so-so.

The construction is one of the strong points. The humidifier is made of sturdy, heavy-duty plastic. It weighs ~20 lbs, which is not heavy in comparison to the Kenmore humidifiers that it is replacing (~30 lbs). (Note that these weights are without water, which adds a significant amount.) It has solid wheels and is easy to move around, which is helped by the solid, comfortable handle on top. It is possible to set up automatic empyting, or to manually empty the collected water. Unlike some other machines, automatic emptying is easy to set up, and is via a standard-sized garden hose (rather than a proprietary size). In addition, my other humidifiers, for manual empyting the drawer slides easily out, and is easy to replace.

I'm using the humidifier in a basement, so noise isn't a huge issue for me. I've had both louder and quieter humidifiers, but I certainly wouldn't want the noise of this humidifier in any living areas.

The controls and settings are another area with mixed results. The controls and display are located on the top of the humidifier, and are easy to read, and relatively simple to figure out. The settings allow control of the following- fan speed (low, high, and auto), desired humidity (continuous, normal, and auto dry), and timer. The display also provides information on actual humidity. (There is also an ionizer, but as I'm using this in a basement, I haven't used it.) The timer is very simple, and is one of the biggest drawbacks of the humidifier in my opinion.

There are several ways the humidifier can be controlled-
-You can set it to maintain a particular humidity, leaving it on constantly.
-You can turn it on with a particular fan speed, leaving it on constantly.
-You can set it on a timer to run for a certain length of time. However, unlike other humidifiers I've used, this is a one-time setting. I.e. It can be set to turn on for 2 hours, but cannot be set to automatically turn on every day for 2 hours.
-You can set it to turn on at a certain time. However, when using that setting, as far as I can tell, you can't set the length of time it will run; you need to come back to turn it off.

Update- Sorting through the papers, I have realized that this dehumidifier does not have any warranty. This is a very important consideration when purchasing!
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on May 25, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Hisense's 2-speed, 70 pint Dehumidifier with Ionizer is a really effective product that manages to get my 550 square foot basement from 65 percent humidity to under 30% in a few hours. Setting this unit up is as easy as removing it from the box (unit weighs about 40 lbs but is wheeled and has a collapsible upper handle) and plugging it in. The unit has a very modern and stylish form factor with rigid, black and white molded plastic and a top facing display with lit controls and LCD displays.

The dehumidification controls are relatively straightforward with 2 fan speeds or an automatic option to get to your desired level of humidity as soon as possible. If you have previous experience with similar products you should be accustomed to the expected level of noise (about as loud as a cheap, wall mounted air conditioning unit) and warmth that is emitted through the air venting. As far as such standards go this Hisense model is well within the expected range with slightly quieter operation than other units I've experienced. Where it excels is the speed at which it can dehumidify provided you run the fan at hi-speed. The ionization option is a nice feature as well and works effectively provided that you clean the air filter (via a vacuum scrub) every couple of weeks or so. The 70 pint tank capacity is a good size and for those who plan on running it continuously there is a hose mount option. Overall a decent workhorse with nice, high tech styling.
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VINE VOICEon August 3, 2013
Update 4/1/16, bought this 6/2013, just died on us, so almost made it three years, but only two summers.
It has been working for six weeks now with no issues. It pulls the humidity level down within a few hours and then maintains, we have it set for 55% it is fully customizable or you can set it to auto. We had it set to empty the bucket at first but with our basement mid summer, that was twice a day so we went ahead and hooked it up to a hose near the drain for continuous drain, it is as simple as taking the plug off the back and screwing in the hose. It defiantly warms the air, I wouldn't want this on a main level of the house completing with the air conditioner, but our basement is naturally cool and the extra heat is acceptable down there. It is similar in sound to a small window air conditioner, fine in the basement; I doubt I would want it on a main level. The ionizer makes the air smell "clean" for a lack of a better term, we live in a 113 year old house and depending on humidity old house smells pop up yet this keeps them down by drying them out and when ionizer is on, it does smell clean. Its on wheels and easy to move. It has a sensor to tell you to pull out filter, I just vacuumed it and replaced. I hope to get a few years out of it, and would so far use this company again.
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on July 18, 2013
This is a very effective dehumidifier. Within an hour reduced the humidity level from 68 to 41! Very quiet - just a low hum. But it does throw out a bit of heat. It will be great in our Minnesota winter!
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