Hissing and Feedback? I'm curious whether someone has any idea what's going on with my speakers; I'm thinking my sound card drivers might be the issue (or maybe something else hardware-related?), but I'm not positive.

I just got them today (April 6, 2012), and I connected them as stated in the instructions. In my computer's sound card options I selected the 2.1 speaker setup option, but my speakers give off a loud hissing sound under this option. No matter what volume level I'm on the hissing is very noticeable, even while playing music. For fun, I tried changing my computer options to the 5.1 speaker setup, but then they give off a high-pitched feedback sound. I tried messing with the different connections on my computer itself (plugging into the green, blue, pink jacks, etc.), but nothing seems to work. On either setting (2.1 or 5.1), when I do a sound test my sub does not emit any sound at all, but the two desktop speakers do. Not sure what this is about.

I'd like to think the issue is my computer and is easily fixable, and not my brand new speakers, but can someone let me know what you think? I might plug them into another source to see if the same issues continue. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
[UPDATED] asked by skatastic425 on April 6, 2012
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Nevermind guys - I fixed my own problem. It was an issue with the audio driver after all. All I did was uninstall my computer's current audio driver, and then I went to the Realtek website and downloaded a new one for my specific operating system. I restarted my computer, and the hissing and feedback are completely gone. My speakers now work on the 2.1 settings as expected. If anyone needs help with this process, just let me know and I'll put more detailed instructions. I'm glad it's not my speakers that are the issue.

These things sound great, by the way. A nice, balanced, crisp sound. The volume is only on 9 o'clock (about a quarter of the way up), and I don't foresee having to go much higher. Mids and highs sound good. Bass sounds nice too, but not overpowered; I have the bass set halfway up and that's plenty for my taste, but I can still go higher if I want. Overall a great sounding audio system with plenty of power if I ever need it.
skatastic425 answered on April 6, 2012
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I have updated the drivers and it does sound a little better, but do you still get some hiss if you put your ears close to the speakers? Do you get the hissing sound when you unplug the 3.5mm jack from your computer, but leave the speaker power plugged in? Thanks.
LionheartBC answered on April 7, 2012
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Hi Lionheart: I'm sorry, but I don't get any hiss when I put my ears close or when unplugging the 3.5 mm jack from my computer. Maybe there is something wrong with your speakers after all because you should definitely not be getting any hiss or feedback. I know I tried several things when troubleshooting mine. Here is a list of things you can try:

1) Did you make sure everything is plugged in fully - both the plugs on the subwoofer and in the back of your computer?
2) Is your 3.5mm jack plugged into the correct port in the back of your subwoofer and computer? I have blue, green, pink, and orange ports on my computer. The correct one (on mine, at least) is the green port.
3) Did you set your Realtek settings to 2.1 desktop speakers?
4) When updating your drivers, did you make sure to COMPLETELY uninstall the current drivers before downloading and installing the new ones from the Realtek website? If you don't completely uninstall the current drivers first, then it won't work.
5) For Windows XP (not sure about others): Go to Control Panel >> Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices >> Sounds and Audio Devices >> Click on "Advanced" under "Speaker settings" >> Make sure "Desktop stereo speakers" is selected.
6) In your computer's Master Volume settings, make sure nothing is muted.

I'm not an expert, but I'm not sure what else you could check besides what I've listed above. Maybe something will work. If not, then I'd send your speakers back. How long ago did you get them? Amazon will have no problem taking them back within 30 days of purchase if they're defective.

Good luck! Let me know if anything works for you. They are nice speakers once you get them working!
skatastic425 answered on April 7, 2012
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I agree. They are nice speakers. Even though I hear some hissing, I was able to test the sound and to my ears they sound fine for the price. I'll just have to replace them and see what happens.

I tried your troubleshooting on my Win7 computer and still the problem persists. I am guessing something is wrong in the sub.
LionheartBC answered on April 8, 2012
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You should be setting your computer for 2.0 stereo sound, since there is no separate output from the computer that hooks up to the sub. This set runs as stereo speakers as far as your computer settings are concerned... the crossover to the sub is managed by the speaker set and they are only fed a stereo signal. When setting your computer for 2.1, the bass below a certain frequency is being removed and sent to a different output on your sound card that isn't hooked up to anything in your case. That explains the no bass with one driver version and you're probably only getting some of the bass you should be getting with the other version.
R. Phillips answered on July 22, 2012
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