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VINE VOICEon January 1, 2010
I've been reading Erich von Daniken's books since I was a child so I'm predisposed to like his work. I really think that the title of the book is misleading, and I understand that it might have been chosen by the publisher rather than the author.

There are two subjects of this book, both interesting and frustrating. The larger part of the book was about how Daniken has been maligned by the press. As a media critic, he raises some important points about the lack of research that often goes into news articles and how, in the age of the Internet, mistakes and falsehoods get archived for later use and embellishment by reporters or critics too lazy to find the truth of the story for themselves. It must be very frustrating to be attacked for things you never did or said, or to have things you did do or say twisted into something completely different.

He also points out the limitations of the kind of specialization common in science and academia. What might seem unremarkable to an archaeologist with no imagination can become quite remarkable if you start looking at magnetic readings and soil content. It also might not be a good idea to leave the study of ancient texts in the province of theologians when other sciences are more relevant to the contents.

The main theory he advances is interesting, and he makes it seem cohesive, though it is quite a stretch from the Book of Enoch to the Book of Mormon. I neither agree nor disagree, but would love to see the possibility explored by the right people. Most importantly, if the metal "books" in Ecuador exist, I don't understand why they aren't brought out for all to see and study.

I'm glad I read the book, but it leaves me frustrated - I don't understand why technologically modern humans are not more aggressive in making these "mysteries" more accessible and encouraging more study. That we have sources of untapped information in this day and age is pathetic.
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on February 19, 2010
It has taken me a while to read this book, not because it is too long or poorly written, but because I wanted to think about what he said. Here is a brief description of the book:

World famous for his best'seller Chariots of the Gods, Erich von Däniken is again rocking the worlds of archeology, astronomy and history with a new book, History is Wrong. Here he presents his research and new evidence about the "library" of thousands of gold panels at Cueva de los Tayos, the notorious Voynich manuscript, the Book of Enoch, the Nazca lines and more revelations about extraterrestrial activity.

Von Däniken makes some startling revelations about the manuscript and the equally incredible Book of Enoch. He unearths the astounding story of a lost subterranean labyrinth in Ecuador that is said to be home to an extensive library of thousands of gold panels, and he provides evidence that the metal library has links not only to the Book of Enoch but also to the Mormons, who have spent decades searching for it, believing it to contain the history of their forefathers. And what of the mysterious Nazca lines that resemble landing strips that archeologists claim are ancient procession routes? Among other hair'raising revelations in History Is Wrong, von

Däniken reveals fascinating data about the Nazca lines that the archeologists have missed.

I read this with the perspective of our WAKING GOD TRILOGY. In the Waking God Books I and II we say that a 'god seed' has been implanted in humanity that will one day be activated, with the physical birth of Adam, and transform humanity. History is Wrong says that the 'gods' were actually extraterrestrials that may, indeed, altered the human genome-perhaps a genome that was not even really human at the time. Evidence is provided, via many ancient texts that have been found in almost all ancient cultures, that advanced beings in their flying machines may have been the founders of the ancient wonders. It is postulated that these beings, seen as godly by primitive man, brought us an infusion of technology that has yet to be explained-and admitted to-by leading scientists and archeologists. Just read about the recent discoveries of the ancient Greek computer, marvel at the Mayan calendar, and examine ancient engineering feats that, by all accounts, could not have been accomplished by ancient man. Religions always gloss over or ignore the parts of sacred texts where flying machines and people of amazing power are mentioned. They paint these events as struggles between angels and demons rather than exploring other possibilities-which, of course, would be self-defeating. And, of course, the images in the Nazca desert which only come to life from the air, certainly would indicate that something happened there that common wisdom cannot explain.

The only real problem that I have with the book is that too much attention is given toward answering critics and defending his findings. For me, this was a distraction and would have been better left to a blog.

Consider these facts: Repeated sequences that do not code for proteins ("junk DNA") make up at least 50% of the human genome.

Repetitive sequences are thought to have no direct functions, but they shed light on chromosome structure and dynamics. Over time, these repeats reshape the genome by rearranging it, creating entirely new genes, and modifying and reshuffling existing genes.

Also consider that the Mitochondria, the power house of cells, has its own unique DNA and no one really knows how or why it got into our cells. Is it not possible that the unused DNA is waiting-waiting to activate when it gets the right signal? Is it possible that new streams of energy rushing through our galaxy-this is scientific fact-will cause this activation? Is it possible that 2012 is the time that the Mayans saw when humanity as we know it might end and spontaneously evolve into a new being? If von Daniken's assertions are correct, it is conceivable that aliens that founded the modern human race planted a seed into humanity that will soon come to fruition. In WAKING GOD BOOK III, THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY, you might find some of the answers to these questions-oh, it is still being written-and perhaps von Daniken's theories might make more sense.

All-in-all, HISTORY IS WRONG is definitely a worthwhile read.
Waking God: Book One The Journey BeginsThe Sacred Rota: Waking God Book Two
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on December 23, 2009
Herr von Däniken certainly has a way to get one's attention - for a while. Then he diverts from his fascinating findings to personal squabbles, which - in my opinion - should have been left out and that space filled with more 'facts' to strengthen some of his statements.

I can align with many of the points von Däniken makes about visits from extraterrestrials, especially since I have not much faith in the run-of-the-mill religions most people believe in, a psychosis really. Also, I cannot agree with the assumption, that everything is based on or remedied by technology. There may be other layers of existence , which may be much more powerful or essential than technology is given credit for. That such other layers exist, but are not readily recognized, is alluded to in places like "The Secret Life of Plants" and he Findhorn Gardens in Scotland.

Having spent much time in Switzerland myself, I couldn't help but to perceive, that Herr von Däniken must have translated the text himself or insisted that some of his expressions be translated word for word, including the odd sense of humor, which is typical to the Swiss, yet makes little sense in the American language and which feels rather clumsy. Another historical book "A World Lit Only by Fire" is a much more fluid read. Von Däniken or his translator could learn from it. Or from Deepak Chopra, who enjoys a pleasant command of english, matched by few Americans. The "Dörfligeist" mentality in some places just didn't enhance this basically interesting book. Still, in a way I wish that much of the "facts" will turn-out to be real. I wonder if we will ever find out if that is so.
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on April 25, 2015
"I just finished History Is Wrong and gave it 5 stars. Truly an outstanding book regarding heretofore unknown alternatives in the history of mankind . The amount of time and effort that has gone into discrediting the author over the years tells me one thing for certain : his research and ideas have been accurate enough to UPSET some powerful individuals and institutions!"
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on January 17, 2010
I like von Daniken and thouroughly enjoyed his earliest books but this one just doesn't cut it. He rambles on and never gives the reader enough information about anything that he is talking about. I don't really get some of the connections that he is making this time. He avows that he doesn't believe, or never did state, that the Nazca lines are not a landing strip but he really never goes into any detailed theory that he might have, except that maybe they point to the location of the metal book. He seems too intent on denying certain accusations but doesn't elaborate on his thoughts. Most of it is not new. I am certain he could have done much better and it makes me wonder why he wrote this book in the first place. It could have been so good!
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on July 5, 2010
While the subject matter could have been facinating, the Author spent more time denegrating those that might disagree with him than on the subject matter itself. His attempt to connect the Voynich Manuscript to the Book of Enoch was tenuous at best. Hence, he spent more time attacking potential critics than actually making the connects he said existed. When he then decided to connect the Voynich Manuscripts and the Book of Enoch to caves of a lost civilization in Ecudor that are not confirmed or verified, he lost all credibility. The book was more of a complaint against his detractors than any kind of educational treatise.
In my life I have rarely thrown a book away when I was finished reading it. This one went to the circular file.
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on September 16, 2009
Von Daniken draws a loose and hypothetical connection between the Voynich manuscript and the Book of Enoch. Unfortunately, the author seems too weary to follow through on the beginnings of an interesting theory and instead switches gears to other subjects. This happens frequently throughout the book. Much of its volume is a whiny rant about how von Daniken has been wronged by the press and that how his ideas don't receive the scientific praise that he believes they are due. Ironically, he takes the same position as his religiously-minded opponents in providing little actual evidence of his theories and instead implicitly asks the user to take what he's saying more or less on "faith."

There's no doubt that something interesting and unusual is going on in Nazca. The Voynich Manuscript also provides interesting food for thought. However, this book fails to provide enough evidence or fresh analysis to do anything but frustrate readers that are truly interested in learning more about alternative explanations for the origins of mankind.

This book is full of typographical and grammatical errors. The editor did a sloppy job and the book is poorly titled, as von Daniken hardly comes close to making the point it declares.
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on July 12, 2015
Von Daniken may well be right about his hypotheses on ancient airports or spaceports for ancient aliens.

But this book and his hypotheses hide the greatest and deepest truths. The aliens don’t just visit—they are here and in charge, but quarantined here. The “cast down” from the bible indicates that the more powerful, more advanced Quarantiners cast down the ones who are quarantined here and have pulled the strings on our species since they created us to be their hostages in the Galactic War as only the Anonymous Physicist reveals in his 3 remarkable books.

So those who created us were “cast down” here, and they are in charge on this planet. They are at war with those who cast them down, and are trying to escape—thus all the advanced weaponry etc, not actually controlled by our species. This book and all of Von Daniken’s books hide the “Quarantine” and Quarantine-Escape Events.

All this is detailed in the 3 books by the ANONYMOUS PHYSICIST at his ANONYMOUSPHYSICIST dot com website. His main book, in its 2nd or 3rd Ed. is QUARANTINE: Mankind Held Hostage: Deciphering our Past, Present and Precarious Future.

This book is a must read for all who want to know the truth from this physicist, who has paid a terrible price for revealing things. He is just about the only conspiracy, or alternative history, expert who is NOT a govt agent or secret society member!

Anonymous physicist proves the Quarantine, and what level it is at, and the galactic war fought here and throughout our solar system.

As AP says, we are held hostage. But he has revealed other reasons for our creation...

The Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage book, 2015 Ed. also reveals the true meaning of many events from ancient history to WWII to the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, and also ways to combat the PTB legally.

Please for your sake and his, get these collector’s items books from him by contacting that site. You can even ask for autographed copies. [Anything online is totally illegal and also totally altered.]

Anonymous physicist deserves the highest awards for his revealing 3 books. They are great reads too. His style is simple and elegant and always with rigor and no BS.

The 3 books by the Anonymous Physicist are the most prized in my book collection. It gives one’s life great meaning to finally find out what our existence and everything else is really all about. In the huge sea of disinformation, and all the rest, only the anonymous physicist’s 3 books stand out as the truth.
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on December 5, 2010
This book seems a little too chaotic and disorganized. I like his theories but the book jumps around too much and spends too much time "not" defending old arguments and accusations. There are also some technical points: the translation omits some words that complete sentences and there are many misspelled words which makes it all seem a little less than professional.
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on December 13, 2014
Enjoyed reading these valuable observation and am particularly interested in seeing for myself. As for the latest dite described, my first thought was that the figures are pictograms and whether they are made by Earth people or by visitors to Earth, they are markings visible from space. Now we "just" have to find out what is buried under that "table mountain", then we can figure the rest. Happy digging.
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