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on April 15, 2013
This is a much-needed book length examination of the numerous mysterious deaths which occurred in the years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Many of these persons were major players in the events leading up to Nov. 22, 1963, such as Guy Bannister and David Ferrie in New Orleans, were persons close to Lee Harvey Oswald and his intelligence activities, such as George DeMohrenschildt, or were witnesses who knew too much and had to be silenced, such as William Pitzer and Lee Bowers.

It is no coincidence that most of these deaths occurred in conjunction with the time period of the U.S. government's or Jim Garrison's investigations. Together they provide compelling proof of the plot behind JFK's assassination and the well-organized efforts to keep the truth of what really happened from the American people.

This book is written in the same easy-to-read style of the authors' preceding work, "Dead Wrong." Kindle users may encounter formatting errors, but they do not detract from the real substance of this book.

Highly recommended to all readers.
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on April 18, 2013
This book is a unique and welcome addition to the massive trove of JFK Assassination literature. There is no conjecture here, just the facts concerning fifty mysterious witness deaths presented in an easy-to-read format. Warren Commission apologists are reduced to irrelevancy; the proof of conspiracy is overwhelming and beyond any doubt. The authors cite my probability analysis in the background information presented in the beginning of the book. The calculations are fully explained in my blog post: [...]

1400 JFK-related witnesses, the probability of at least

- 15 UNNATURAL deaths within ONE year of the assassination: 1 in 167 TRILLION.
- 33 UNNATURAL deaths within THREE years: 1 in 137 TRILLION TRILLION.
- 70 UNNATURAL deaths from 1964-77: 1 in 714 MILLION TRILLION TRILLION.

552 Warren Commission witnesses
- EXACTLY 10 HOMICIDES in THREE years: 1 in 31,000 TRILLION.
- EXACTLY 14 HOMICIDES from 1964-1977: 1 in 4,000 TRILLION.
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on April 16, 2013
Richard Belzer and David Wayne have written a masterpiece compilation here with "Hit List". Although I liked their last book "Dead Wrong" very much, dare i say, this one is even better! Very well written and put together with much compelling evidence of conspiracy and coverup, you can do no wrong in purchasing this fine volume. Highly recommended- this is what is known as a "keeper": a book you will refer back to again and again. Excellent!
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on May 10, 2013
Fifty years ago we were plunged into a national nightmare, and an orgy of violence and lies perpetrated by unchecked forces within the U.S. government ensued and has persisted into a second century. The JFK assassination led directly to the disaster in Southeast Asia, accompanied by more assassinations and any number of subsequent militaristic, murderous misadventures around the world. This well researched and compiled book focuses with clarity on the outrageous series of systematic eliminations (along with a number of highly suspicious "coincidental" deaths) of those who knew too much about the JFK killing (and that includes Lee Harvey Oswald), be they paragons of courage like Dorothy Kilgallen, who set out to expose a criminal conspiracy, or covert right-wing fanatics working for intelligence agencies (along with some of their lowlife mobster allies at the time) who took part in the crime and then became expendable liabilities to the national security state.

Belzer and Wayne have established a format that, despite the horrific nature of what they are detailing, is a pleasure to read. They are only too happy to give credit to others in the dedicated community of high-integrity researchers and writers also working to present the truth which elements of our government still don't want us to know five decades after the coup d'état that enabled corrupt corporatist warmongers Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon to become president.

Speaking of integrity, besides 94-year-old singer-songwriter-activist Pete Seeger, I can think of no other individual who has come through the American showbiz mill with his integrity more intact than actor-satirist-author Richard Belzer. The only thing I might have thought to keep out of this book would be the mere mention of the eely, integrity-challenged, closed-minded phony Gerald Posner--although I suppose there is some value in pointing out the false-credit-seeking stooges in our midst.
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on April 21, 2013
I've been studying the "Crime of the Century" for over forty years and one thing that always bothered me since the endnotes of the movie Executive Action was that seemingly ridiculously long list of "accidental deaths" of key witnesses. Over the years I let myself get pulled into the McAdams camp when it came to this phenomena but recently I was lecturing about the assassination and had many questions about these deaths. So I did some research and then Belzer and Wayner come along and trump me and I am damn glad. Boys, you did it! You really did it. Had the structure just been a tad bit less repetitive in hitting the main points I would have given it five stars. But my challenge to you two rascals now is to take on the Roger Craig story you allude to and bring down all the Bugliosi/Posner silliness regarding that fine man who was hounded into the grave. To anyone new to this crime I would suggest reading a few other texts first, starting with Jim Marrs and then picking up this one.
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on May 12, 2013
This well researched summary of 50 timely deaths of the more than 100 who died suspiciously in the aftermath of the JFK assassination, will leave even the novice reader trembling for our nation. And although the theories supporting some are speculative, on the whole the rest are so robustly convincing as to be virtually unimpeachable.

The unimpeachable core of these 50 deaths lies between pages 200 and 208, where the authors indicate, literally against impossible mathematical odds, that the top four to six deputies in the five organizations most suspected of being involved in the JFK assassination -- the FBI, the CIA, the Dallas Police Department, the Mafia and the most virulent wing of the anti-Castro Cuban organizations -- all died mysterious deaths within days of, or on the very eve of, their testimonies before the HSCA.

All who died had eeriely similar characteristics in common: foreknowledge of and/or some operational involvement in the assassination itself. Many predicted both the timing and the nature of their own deaths. In several instances the men who carried out the "clean up killings" of witnesses have since admitted publicly that they did so under orders from military intelligence. All met their exquisitely timed deaths because they were expected to be untrustworthy and unreliable witnesses who could not be trusted to protect those higher up in the conspiracy.

The last two paragraphs in the book, a quote by Jim Garrison, sums up my feelings precisely:

"In a real and terrifying sense, our government is the CIA and the Pentagon, with Congress reduced to a debating society ... I have learned enough about the Machinations of the CIA in the past years to know that this is no longer the dream world America I once believed in. The imperatives of the population explosion, which almost inevitably will lessen our belief in the sanctity of individual human life, combined with the awesome power of the CIA and the defense establishment, seem destined to seal the fate of the America I knew as a child and bring us into a new Orwellian world where the citizen exists for the state and where raw power justifies any and every immoral act. I've always had a kind of knee-jerk trust in my government's basic integrity, whatever blunders it may make. But I've come to realize in Washington, deceiving and manipulating the public is viewed by some as the natural prerogatives of office. Huey Long once said, 'Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-Fascism.' I am afraid, based on my own experience that Fascism will come to America in the name of national security." Five Stars
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on November 27, 2013
The Hit List only adds to the mystery of the Kennedy Assassination which I consider to be the turning point in American History. My library consists not only of this book by Richard Belzer but ones by Jim Douglass, Peter Janney, and Roger Stone.Having read these books along with many other articles especially those on JFK Facts and the Future for Freedom Foundation, I offer the following analysis which I found on one of these sources.

My slant of the JFK assassination is that it was a coup d'état, ladies and gentlemen. I submit for your consideration the following facts which prove it was a coup (overthrow of the current regime):
1. JFK moved towards detente with both the USSR and Cuba
2. JFK realized we could assist Vietnam, but could not win a ground war; after all, it was a civil war.
3. JFK sought to make CIVIL RIGHTS a centerpiece of his 1964 re-election campaign
4. JFK defied the National Security Apparatus; he deferred attacking (using nuclear warheads) Russia; he deferred invading Cuba (during Cuban Missile Crisis)
5. He fired Dulles, Bissell, and Cabell (brother of Dallas Mayor) after Bay of Pigs
6. He intended to dump Johnson (investigated for graft and connections to Sol Estes, and Bobby Baker) from his 64 re-election ticket, favoring Senator Sanford of Connecticut, or Smathers of
7. JFK sought to withdraw from Vietnam by 1965. He also sought to dismantle the Cold War, Atmospheric Nuclear Testing, and the Arms Race "MAD" (Mutually Assured Destruction) stock piling of nuclear weapons by USA and USSR.
8. Both His Newspaper Association Speech and his American University Commencement Speech signaled a change towards peaceful conflict resolution as opposed to sending in the US forces to force resolution to conflict
9. Both the JCS, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, and Naval Intelligence, the Mob, Anti-Castro Cuban, Big Oil, Banking, and Steel (and so many more groups) opposed Kennedy's military, intelligence, civil rights, business, and foreign relation policies
10. Had JFK won re-election, his powerful opponents feared a Kennedy Dynasty (8 years of Bobby, followed by 8 years of Ted)
11. Secret Service Agent Holden exposed the Chicago Plot; Racist Milteer exposed the Dallas plot and conspiracy to "pick someone up to throw off the public." The Chicago hit was called off when FBI and Secret Service where "informed" of the pending hit. Chicago (cancelled), Tampa/Miami, and Dallas were the Major cities Kennedy would travel in November '63.
12. The coup planners carefully manipulated events behind the scenes. Johnson controlled Texas politics (Big Oil controlled Johnson), Texas was the Oil Capital of the USA. Oil changed the dynamic of power nationally from the North to the South. Bell Helicopter was Headquartered in Texas. The major defense contractors were in Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby were in Texas. Dallas police were in Texas, and the FBI was in Texas. Hoover and Johnson, two top controllers of the cover-up and D.C. neighbors, were in danger of being dumped or retired by Kennedy.
13. Joint Chiefs vehemently opposed Kennedy.
14. In 1963, the "fabric" of American Society was dictated to by an integrated Military, Financial, Industry, Intelligence, Political, Mobster, News, Religion, and Educational hierarchy - what Peter Dale Scott calls "Deep Politics." A former slave (Fredrick Douglass) stated that "Power concedes nothing without a demand."
15. After Kennedy was slaughtered, Johnson was on hand to usurp the Presidency. Oswald was on hand to be apprehended. Ruby was on hand to silence the patsy. Enter the Warren Commission, fully sponsored by enemies of John F Kennedy to further protect their (Rockefeller/Bush/Hughes/Johnson/Hoover/Dulles/Military-CIA/Oil/Banking) interests.
16. Detente with Russia ended, Vietnam escalated, and detente with Cuba ended. Assassination as a political solution took Malcolm X(civil rights, anti-war), Medgar Evers (civil rights), Martin L King (civil rights, anti-war), Bobby Kennedy (civil rights, anti-war) and a host of uncompromising world leaders over the years. Martin Luther King, opposing the Vietnam escalation, declared shortly before he was killed that "the biggest murderer in the world is my own government.
A coup d'état is not a mystery, but is has become a great American parlor game. Who stands to profit from war, assassination, and power shifts? It is the elite classes. Power in American is NOT in the hands of the people, but the rich and powerful. We vote or remove politicians from office - predictable! The elites and the powerful start and stop industries, wars, movements, news, and trends. We are but sheep under their directions. Kennedy was an uncompromising world leader who challenged the power elites status quo arrangement of interlocking levels of powerful people across vast domains and countries. We think country (USA); power elites think global. Kennedy thought globally and he presented a threat to global status quo interests - the elites. Kennedy had to die so that the elites could continue to enjoy their privileged positions and world hegemony. Communism has never been a threat to America, but it was cleverly used as a shield to removing it? but it was cleverly used as a shield to carry out arms build-up, rogue investigations, to topple leaders from power, coup d'état of foreign leaders by the elites (using the CIA).
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on November 24, 2013
The Assassination:

November 22, 1963, I was 13 years old, coming out of my junior high school cafeteria, just having eaten lunch, when running up was a fellow student and seeing me breathlessly he screamed out “The President is dead! John Kennedy has been killed! Yea for them Democrats!”

Stunned, all I could narrowly think about was “A human being has been killed not politics–but a human being, the President of the United States!”

I, like the rest of the nation became glued to the tv for the next few days watching history take over our lives. No sooner had Kennedy been killed that Lee Harvey Oswald was shot right in front of millions of television eyewitnesses. The power of the media literally took over, dictating what we should see and believe.

The Funeral:

Kennedy’s funeral was live on tv. We watched as his family, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, his children John and Caroline, viewed his casket in the Rotunda in Washington. I can still remember the echo of steps walking across the stone floor and the silent mourners lined up to pay their last respects to the President. We watched the live funeral process, flanked by Mrs. Kennedy, her children, John Kennedy’s brothers Robert and Ted Kennedy and all the other Kennedy sisters, nephews, nieces, and others walk down the street, the lone horseless rider and the caisson being pulled by horse, march down the street from the Rotunda heading to National Arlington cemetery where the eternal flame was lit.

Unanswered Questions:

Then the unanswered questions and conspiracy stories began formulating because too many questions were being asked and not adequately and responsibly addressed.

This is the 50th Anniversary of that enigmatic day and now with hundreds and thousands of investigations by interested and caring authors have written books, articles, biographies, have created on-screen television programs and movies on the big theater screens and now with the advent of ebooks more and more questions have been brought forth, torn apart and discarded theories that wouldn’t bear up to scrutiny or evidence.

Such as the recent eBook “Hit List” written by author, standup comic, and television actor, Law and Order’s, Richard Beltzer’s with his co-author, David Wayne. They have developed an in-depth investigation into the mysterious deaths (that include murders and supposedly accidents and suicides) of 50 direct and indirect witnesses to the knowledge of the November 22, 1963, JFK Assassination, who were sought for their testimony.

“May you forever question, hold accountable, and improve, the great gift from our forebears; what historians have called our “Experiment in Democracy.” Let us all join in this quest to preserve the very soul of our nation.” (source: Beltzer, Richard; Wayne, David (2013-04-15). Hit List (Kindle Locations 26-28). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.)

“Researcher William Kelly aptly notes, the would-be “investigation” was flawed from the start: Rather than address each of the deaths individually, or conduct a proper investigation into any one death or murder, they had the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress compile all newspaper and magazine articles “. . . concerning those deaths,” and evaluate only the known facts. As a result, naturally, they found very little.” (source: Beltzer, Richard; Wayne, David (2013-04-15). Hit List (Kindle Locations 152-156). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.)

“Someday you will read that I have been killed in an accident, but don’t believe it, I’ve been murdered. 3 —William Sullivan, high-ranking member of FBI, head of Division 5, Counterespionage and Domestic Intelligence, who was officially killed “in a hunting accident” shortly thereafter.” (source: Hit List e-book)

A portion of the high-profile witness list includes Officer J. D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, including panel member Dorothy Kilgallen from “What’s My Line,” tv program and Dr. Mary Sherman, Karyn Kupciet, Betty McDonald, to teamsters union member Jimmy Hoffa, music entertainer Jim Reeves, to John F. Kennedy’s brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Each chapter categorizes the witness: Victim, Cause of Death, Official Verdict, Actual Circumstances, Inconsistencies, summary and blocked off with a Timeline and Question outline ending with Conclusions Based On Evidentiary Indications.

These are not short chapters. They are injected with in-depth, detailed, reliable information, many images, including where available, photos of the victims.

Officer J. D. Tippit:

I had a few questions reading the first chapter on Officer J. D. Tippit:

Q: Officer Tippett, why weren’t you where you reported you were?

Q: Why did you lie to the dispatcher when questioned for your location?

Q: When questioned again by the dispatcher for your site, why did you ignore the radio call?

Q: Why wasn’t it disclosed to the public that Officer J.D. Tippit was friends with both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby to the level that they were friends known to eat breakfast together?

The officer’s locale makes it impossible that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the officer, a fact substantiated by eye witnesses to the shooting of Officer Tippit who testified that the shooter didn’t resemble Lee Harvey Oswald!

The official version of the Warren Commission re: Officer Tippit is now clearly controversially flawed.

Once the accuracy of the time line of events is manipulated, the ideology of conspiracy kicks in–it has to because people are being deliberately redirected to hide the truth.

Officer Tippit is the first person in the long list of eye witnesses who is eliminated because he knew too much.

Note: there is one resource mentioned that got my interest: eyewitness Acquilla Clemons saw Officer Tippit killed. She was sitting on the porch of her house and saw that there were two men involved in the murder of Officer Tippit. She reported that the gunman was a “short guy and kind of heavy.” This doesn’t reflect Lee Harvey Oswald’s profile. The other man was tall and thin in khaki trousers and a white shirt. The Dallas Police warned her not to repeat this story to others or “she might get hurt.” She was not called to give evidence to the Warren Commission. (source: Spartacus School [...]
J. D. Tippit’s detailed autopsy / pathology report is cited for viewing dated 3/19/64 is well worth reading at: [...]

One down, 49 more dead witnesses to review…this is just the beginning of intrigue, mystery, murder, laced with betrayal, deception, and with deep CIA and FBI shadow government involvement.

The next listed witness? Lee Harvey Oswald. Did I mention that there is an identical second individual who poses as Lee Harvey Oswald? This verified theory explains why Lee Harvey Oswald was seen at different locations at the same time.

(Breaking News) At the writing of this article, 56 minutes ago, the reclusive Marina Oswald, after 50 years of silence is speaking! “Marina Oswald, On Fiftieth Anniversary Of Kennedy Shooting. Says Lee Harvey Oswald Didn’t Do It” Read more at [...]


The eBook is heavily laden with footnoted resources and Indexed.

Author Richard Beltzer and co-author, David Wayne, researched their material using impeccable, highly credible and thorough resources varying from major magazine archival articles like Probe Magazine, newspaper articles, biographies, CBS Television interviews, University of Tennessee Press, New Orleans’ Prosecutor, Jim Garrison’s “On the Trail of the Assassins: My Investigation and Prosecution of the Murder of President Kennedy,” plus many, many more (too numerous to list but available in the Kindle eBook) as footnotes and citations.

I insist, mysteries beg to be told and the John F. Kennedy Assassination is the epitome of such a mystery begging to be revealed.

President John F. Kennedy had his definite flaws in character as history has revealed such as his infidelity to his wife, but he had charisma and he loved America and her people, enough to die for it.

This article is my commemoration to him, to the Kennedy family, and to the truth bearers that should prevail.
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on April 27, 2013
For years I have heard about numerous witnesses with some connection to the JFK assassination dying under suspicious circumstances. I remember reading about the odds of this being a coincidence being astronomical.

Belzer and Wayne address this issue the way it needs to be: they go over possibly JFK-related deaths one by one. They give an honest and thorough account of each one, ranging from the well-known (Oswald) to the not so-well-known. And in the end, they report a staggering number that only makes sense if one sits down and reads the details of these cases.

Well done!
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on July 6, 2013
Please read Dr Mary's Monkey and Me and Lee. Forget the ridiculous WC, altered evidence, etc. After being quiet for 40 years and raising her family of 5 Judyth Baker came out with her story. 60 minutes spent over a year vetting her for a major story in 2000, and after all that, they didn't air it? This woman was and is brilliant and on the run, moving all around Europe. Go to her blog or fb. She's something else at 70! JFK's conspiracy murder is just part of what's been going on the last 50yrs.
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