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on June 17, 2012
First of all, this product is amazing. A 12V battery pack this lightweight and small with 3.8Amp-hour capacity is something I could only find on Amazon. For the bike headlight project I am using it on, my other options were 12V power tool batteries and chargers, which cost well over $50, and have about the same capacity as this pack. To keep it lightweight, I am staying away from sealed lead-acid and (IMO) obsolete NiCd packs.
I don't usually read instructions, so it did not bother me that the labels on the product and the instruction sheet are all in Chinese. It seemed straight-forward how to plug the charger cord into the pack, so why would I need instructions? The online product description says it takes a 10-hr charge, so I did that before using it. Then I plugged in my light bulb to time how long of a burn time I will get from it. The 10-Watt LED light lasted almost 2 hrs, which was a little less than I was calculating, so I decided to charge it again, and repeat the test. This time, after a 10-hr charge, I only got a few minutes of use. I checked the voltage the battery was putting out, and found only 4.8 V, so I assumed there was an internal short in the pack. Just before I was about to request a return/replacement I decided to investigate the charger again. Long story short, YOU MUST SWITCH THE BATTERY PACK ROCKER SWITCH TO ON (I POSITION) IN ORDER FOR THE CHARGER TO CHARGE THE INTERNAL BATTERIES. It is deceiving that the amber LED glows on the pack with the charger connected and the switch in either position, but be assured you will only be charging when the switch is on. For that, I give this product 4-stars instead of 5.
Other notes: The switch has the common I/O markings, which always confuse me which is on an which means off. I=ON and O=OFF. Also the charger has an indicator LED that changes color depending on the amount it is charging: red when delivering a heavy charge, and green when it is full charged.
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on August 9, 2012
I needed to power a normally-AC-adapter-powered effects box, while I wasn't near power. This battery works great for that. I had to build my own power cord because the effects box is (inexplicably) reversed polarity, but that was trivial and I needed a longer wire than the one that came with the battery anyway.

Only issues:
1) The manual is in Chinese only. I had a lady at work read it to me, and there was only one "secret" in there, to wit:

2) To charge, the power switch must be ON. This is not obvious, but if you put it on the charger with the switch off, lots of lights will come on, but it'll never charge up.

3) The first charger they sent me had only one LED (red) on it. It worked once, and never again. They quickly sent me a replacement (for free), and the new one has 2 LEDs on it, red and green. When I put the battery on the charger, the green LED lights up, and when the battery is full, it goes off. Works great now, but make sure you get the two-LED charger.

I'm very pleased with this unit. Very light, almost exactly the size of a deck of cards, and runs my stuff for 4-5 hours.
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on September 28, 2014
After reading the questions here I felt compelled to post. To people who ordered and the device was " DOA, or died shortly after connecting it to a string of RGB LEDs let me caution you the device has a 2000 ma / 2 Amp capacity. Tri color LED strips can draw up to 6 Amps far above the capacity of this supply. This supply would probably work fine on single color strips.
Tri color strips or RGB strips, have effectively three different strips of LEDS, EACH OF WHICH CAN DRAW NEARLY 2 AMPS. please take this information into consideration when buying this device. A little more information, 12 watts is 1 amp at 12 volts DC. Therefor if a device draws or can source 24 watts that means 2 Amps. I hope this is helpful !
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on January 23, 2013
Before ordering this item, I noticed several recent reviews wherein purchasers stated that this power supply was DOA or failed shortly after placed into service. But I rolled the dice anyway, and paired the supply with a LED strip, also from HitLights. Within the first 15 minutes of use, the power supply failed. Not completely surprising, but still disappointing; good thing Amazon makes the return process easy. Instead of taking a chance on a replacement, I purchased an alternative power supply that has performed reliably for several weeks of use.
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on June 27, 2014
This battery pack is not labeled correctly. The capacity of the battery is actually 2300mAh not 3800. 3 lithium cells make up the pack. They are 3.7 volt each and wired in series creating 11.1 volts. Charged lithium batteries will typically register a volt and a half above the rating. The rating should never be the peak charge voltage. While this battery pack will be suitable for certain power needs, it was not sufficient for my project. If the pack had actually been 3800mAh capacity it would have worked. 1.5 amp capacity error doesn't cut it. That's an error of over 1/3rd rated capacity.

Specs printed on actual cell (not the black plastic box but battery inside) 2300mAh 3.7V 8.51Wh (Three of these in series)

Buyer beware.
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on February 4, 2013
Works as expected. It works well for powering small segments of LEDs. Since it is only 2 amps it can not power full length strips of (16ft 300LEDs) at full brightness. It can be used but it will heat up, shorten life, and dim the LEDs.
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on August 22, 2013
I used this with the double density 5050 LED strip. Replaced a whole line of fluorescent fixtures. I worried that the transformer is rated at 60 W and the light strip info says it needs 72 W. Wrote to Hitlights and was assured that there's no problem.

**Update - August, 2014**
Out of five transformers, four stopped working (lights became very dim) and I had to replace them. So, for now I'll rate it 4 stars instead of the previous 5. Hitlights customer service has been very good about exchanging them for new ones. But it is inconvenient.

I saw some reports of the units failing right away, but didn't see anyone else complaining about failure after several months. I hope it was an isolated manufacturing or quality control issue. Stay tuned.

**Further update - August, 2015**
By now, every transformer--including the replacements--has stopped working. Every. Single. One. As before, Hitlights sent replacements, but having to climb up and replace them is inconvenient.

So I'm downgrading them to 2 stars.
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on August 29, 2015
Great battery! Mine doesn't look like the one in the item description, the LED is on the front of the unit, not in the switch. Opened up the unit to find 3 18650 style lithium cells, and a fairly loaded circut board. This board seems to function as a balancing charge circut for the batteries, and a low voltage cutoff circut. I cannot prove that it does cutoff power at a certain voltage because I have never been able to fully deplete the battery. It also seems as though this battery does NOT have short circut/over current protection, being I have been able to pull 4 amps out of this battery without the unit cutting out. I have also ran a car head unit with 4 speakers attached to it off of this battery pack. I do not recommend doing this (or pulling a heavy load) because the battery isn't rated for high current draws. Overall, great battery pack
review image review image
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on January 13, 2014
I bought this adapter for some strip led lighting to be installed on a switch controlled outlet but the power adapter must "warm up" resulting in a full 8 second delay from the time the switch is flipped to the lights actually coming on. Which may not sound long but if your standing in a dark closet waiting for light it seems like forever.
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on April 14, 2015
Since Amazon groups all reviews together I'm stating that I reviewed the 60W 12V DC power adapter. The model # on the one I bought was JY60-120-500. The main benefit is that the adapter is UL listed so hopefully it wouldn't burn your house down. If the UL file number on the label can be trusted the manufacturer is DONGGUAN JIAYI ELETRIC CO LTD. The label ratings are: OUTPUT 12VDC @ 5A, INPUT 100-240VAC 1.1A.
By the way, it is perfectly acceptable to power a smaller rated device with this 5 amp adapter. That is, if you have a 2 amp device it will work fine when powered with a 5 amp adapter. However the reverse is not OK (powering a 5 amp device from a 2 amp adapter!). I like to overspec adapters so they have some extra margin - you wouldn't really want to power a 5 amp device from a 5 amp adapter.
The business end of the adapter is a 5.5mm (Outer diameter) x 2.1mm (Inner diameter) plug, center pin positive.
+ Hopefully this is indeed a UL listed adapter and not a non-UL adapter with a fake label (you never know).
+ The power input cord is a 2-prong cord.
- Both the input & output power cords are too short! Each one is a miserly 2 feet in length which is very short.
- There is no power LED so you can visually see if the adapter is powered.
OVERALL, it is overpriced especially considering the cord length and lack of power LED. If I find a better UL-listed adapter I will update this (if you find one before I do leave a comment, especially if you find one with long cords).
I hope you have found this review helpful.
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