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on November 28, 2012
With the return of Hitman after a 6 year hiatus, hardcore fans were psyched with a release of a seemingly flawless product, but questions remained as it neared release date. People now began to realize some major cons in the game, as I did with my further gameplay.

-The disguise system is flawed, do not play on anything past normal on your first playthrough, my advice to you. This new 'instinct' system they implemented is the only way you can avoid being detected by someone with the same disguise as you, and they detect you at long distances!
-No weapon upgrades in Campaign! This bothered some people, but I don't care personally, and while they are still present in the new Contracts feature, I think that it wasn't a big deal leaving them absent in the Story.
-This game is not, by any means, Blood Money 2. If you loved Blood Money, and didn't care as much for any of the other games in the franchise, you might dislike this game. My advice to you is, DO NOT QUIT EARLY IN THE GAME. The early game is seriously boring, that's why I advise playing on normal, so you don't spend hours on levels that have no targets, I agree the levels spent simply evading Cops instead of killing targets is a bore, don't spend all your time playing this, advance!

+Very long and enjoyable Campaign, I pumped about 15-20 hours in playing just it, although the story does fall flat, not only to me but others as well.
+Contracts mode is awesome! You know have the ability to travel back to stages in the Campaign, yet pick your own target from that level, picking up what you will from the level and setting the grounds for your own contract. This mode is a huge step for the franchise, and with the development of a new Hitman game already being announced, I would like to see them take this even further, with level modifications possible in addition to target modifications.
+The new kill animations rock! Being able to kill any target with truly anything you spot is a huge plus.
+New instinct system, while I think it was implemented poorly, it is a good idea in theory. The problem is that in order to hide your disguise (putting a hand over your head and hiding while walking past a guard) it requires instinct. I want an explanation as to why, in order for 47 to hide his face, he has to have some special superpower, if he runs out of it, guess what? He can't put a hand over his face. The system is very cheesy, but you learn to look past it and use it how it was meant to be. For more hardcore players you may want to turn all of instinct's help off and just use it to get past guards, because I don't see how this is playable without instinct to sneak past guards.
+Graphics are gorgeous! My fps was pretty poor, but my computer isn't top notch, even still I loved the graphics, seeing Agent 47's bald head finally rendered without choppy graphics six years later is actually pretty satisfying.

In conclusion, if you like stealth games, buy this game. Hitman Blood Money, the game prior to this one, was strictly an Assassination puzzler. This game, however appears to be more stealh-based, sneak past without being spot, but they don't force you to play that way. The biggest gripe about this game seemed to me to be that Hitman: Absolution didn't turn into Hitman: Blood Money 2. The game developers sought to evolve the game, and you must applaud them for that. Whether all game evolutions are well-received or not, this is not some company seeking to pump out a repetitive franchise game.

My word to you would be buy this game, if you played Blood Money, and liked it, BUY IT. You cannot know your opinion off one review, every person's opinion will vary. I didn't know if I truly liked the game until IO Interactive blew me away with levels like Blackwater Park near the end of the game. I don't understand why they decided to make these droll levels in such early game that seemingly discourages all new players from continuing simply because they are sick of running away!

If you haven't played a Hitman game, but are a stealth game fan, boy will you love this game. You will get a lot of play out of this game simply by trying to progress every level without being spotted, and after finishing a level where you do so you will feel very accomplished. But as with every stealth game it can be aggravating, what I enjoy about Hitman is it gives you the choice, if there is a guard that has spotted you, you can hit him with a quick punch, hide the body, and be on as if nothing happened. When you rage at the game, and are sick of a level, you can unload on everyone (even though it seems farfetched, this is extremely enjoyable when you are fed up with the game mechanics). Me writing this long of a review proves how much I like this game, even with its flaws.
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on November 20, 2012
I've been spending all of my time with this game since downloading it immediately after launch. Agent 47 is back after the events of Hitman: Blood Money. He finds himself on the run and in the middle of a conspiracy. This of course leads him through a storyline moving from hit to hit. Here are some thoughts and impressions:

1. Choice. The player is presented with a vast array of options to take out their targets. This goes deeper than a sneak and shoot mechanic. This involves everything from disguise, poison, arranging accidents, hand-to-hand and of course, the ever popular gun. The more intricate the kill, the greater the reward.
2. Crowds. The crowd AI in this game is absolutely outstanding, and really helps to create an open world feel in a relatively linear game. These are not just mindless wandering automatons - you get the feeling they are characters living out their lives. There is tremendous interplay between the characters and they react toward you in a very realistic fashion. You could almost just get lost wandering around the crowds and observing their virtual lives going on around you. It really immerses you in the game world.
3. Instinct. This is a visually impressive enhanced sense mode that lets your sense hostile characters or slow down time during gunfights. I think this a great dynamic that give you the sense that your character is indeed highly skilled at what he does. It is also finite and gets used up, preventing overuse. Think Detective Vision from Arkham Asylum, Bond Sense from Everything or Nothing, or Eagle Vision from Assassin Creed.
4. Checkpoints. A pretty major gripe I have about this game is its reliance on checkpoints to save the game. You have to manually find each one in order to save. I think it adds an unnecessarily frustrating element to the game.
5. Contracts. While there is no multiplayer in the game per se, you can set up what are called Contracts for other players. These are challenges you send to other players (I did them over Steam via my Friend List), for them to kill a target on a level you choose in a manner you set up yourself. To set up a contract, you play through the level with a series of disguises, weapons and contacts. These, along with your score, are recorded. Your sequence must be matched and score must be matched or exceeded to complete the contract. Like a very violent version of Horse.

Welcome back, 47.
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on December 27, 2012
This isn't really a hitman game, it doesn't follow the formula of the previous games. It takes a radical departure from them and it's not really for the better in terms of progressing the hitman series. On its own though, the gameplay and graphics are solid. The story is pretty cheesy but most vg stories are so this shouldn't be a suprise really.

The main problem is that part of what made the previous hitman games unique was the formula of the gameplay. You were given a mission with multiple ways to carry out your hit, you chose your weapons and were put on a big sandbox map which was open to experimentation. This is gone in Hitman Absolution, there are bits and pieces of exploration thrown in, some maps have multiple entrance points and multiple pathsways, open areas; the problem though, is that almost all of the maps end up funneling you to 1 area with only 1 exit or 1 room, these typically end with a cutscene. Also these cutscene are sometimes the final "hit" which basically defeats the entire point of playing the game because the player doesn't even get to participate in them.

The game has some extra trimmings thrown in though, the rating system is still in place from previous games, the "Professional" through "Phychopath" ranks etc are all still in the game, but getting them is less fun because of the linear maps, and lack of sandbox experimenting for creative kills.

The game works and it would actually be even more popular if it wasnt a hitman game and was just a completely new IP, but its still worth playing, is it worth $40 dollars, not as a hitman game, but if it were called "Some other Game" then yes it would be worth $40 maybe $50.

Edit: I may have judged this game a little too harshly, after replaying the last game in the series and coming back to this I have give it one more star. This game might be a departure from the original formula but its still pretty fun, and thats what matters really, games are suppose to be fun, and I want to keep playing this game, in fact I've been going back to the other chapters to replay them to try and get the silent assassin ratings. Additionally I was too quick criticize the levels as being too restrictive, while its true that some missions are very linear there are still quite a few open maps as well, the linear missions push the narrative which is fine because there is a ton of game here, at least 10-20 hours (unless you go total phycho and just shoot everyone in sight) so all in all this game is a solid buy, if you're new to the series you will enjoy this game, if you've been playing since the first game you will still enjoy this game. Do yourself a favor if you're not feeling it at first, go back and play contracts, then play this game. You will like it more.
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on December 2, 2012
My only gripe is that I really liked how the levels of the previous games felt more like "puzzles," where the carrying out the objective was truly a freedom of choice, all the way down to selecting your weapons before the mission even started. Absolution is definitely way more linear ala Splinter Cell, which I don't like. The developers also have moved more in the contemporary direction of "unlockables."

The truth is the original formula was perfect in this series. If I wanted to go play shooters, I'd go play them. I didn't wait over 6 years to play an updated shooter. I wish the current developers would have realized that the reason such a huge fanbase exists for Hitman is before the original formula for the game was unlike anything else out there. I think they tinkered with the gameplay just a bit too much and lost some of the magic from the previous versions.

All that said I know a lot of work went into this game, and it is a good game. But those of us who wanted the traditional Hitman experience will find something a little different.
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on February 21, 2013
I tried to give this game a chance but it is just another attempt at taking all control away from gamers and holding their hands through every step of the way or forcing them into quick time events. Eventually I got to a part where you are forced to wear a wrestlers mask and sneak into the ring and fight someone, you have no choice in this. Once you get in there, it is all quick time events. It tells you to press a couple of buttons and eventually it told me to press "\", I don't know what I had bound that button to, but pressing it never worked. I died 5 times in a row because the button simply does not work no matter how quickly you press it or how hard you press it in, yet it works everywhere else. I'm sure I could plug in an Xbox controller and get through that part with no issue, but that is exactly why this game deserves 2 stars. I played the PC version and I'm sick of these lazy devs or rushed publishers cutting corners like this. The customer ends up being the one who suffers and it is definitely going to change things if this keeps up (look at Kickstarter).

Besides the horrible QTE's, the game itself looks better than any previous Hitman, but I would not expect to be blown away by the graphics. I have been playing on 3 monitors using Eyefinity at a resolution of 5760x1080 and some of the lighting effects are really good, but the character models still suffer greatly, especially civilians and other NPC's. 47 himself looks pretty damn good though.

The biggest issue is how much they changed the gameplay itself from the original games. It is now a unnecessarily violent game that does not earn its violence because everything has been dumbed down so that any age group could play it. What does that say about where games are at right now? Even our mature games have to be playable by immature people, so those of us that want a deep, complex game instead get a total hand-holding experience with extreme violence mixed in. I don't believe games make kids violent but if I had one I probably wouldn't let him play this garbage.

In the original games you could choose your loadout, in one of them you even had a shooting range area with all your weapons on the walls where you could go test out your weapons and pick what you wanted to use for the next map. Once the level started, that was all the guidance you got. There were rarely any cutscenes once you got past the initial map load, from there you were on your own to figure out how to wanted to accomplish the mission. THIS was Hitman for me, but now you load the level, they pick the weapons for you which is usually just silverballers and wire. You walk through a door and next thing it closes behind you, after that you can't go back through that door ever again, and the exits are always just a checkpoint area you need to reach nearby from your final target or goal, there is no more slowly sneaking your way back to your vehicle to escape.

Everything that made Hitman great has been taken away and it is now just a boring murder simulator with no soul.
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on December 9, 2014
This is a really good game that with one tweak could have been a great game. The developers chose to make it a checkpoint only save system and that alone has caused it to not be as enjoyable as it should have been.

The lack of manual saves on this title severely limits the enjoyment for me. The game is all about hiding and taking your time, casing your environment and learning everything you can while finding the traps and such. There's nothing as irritating as going for longer than an hour setting up the perfect kills in a multiple target level to have some real life scenario make you have to leave the game. At that point the choice is either run as fast as possible through the rest of the game to find the next checkpoint and end it, or take the loss of that perfectly executed (every pun intended) hour and have to redo it again.

Consolitis is the bane of PC gaming.
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on March 9, 2013
I bought this game around launch date in 2012. I absolutely love it. If you want a detailed review check out one of the review sites.

- Fun game, new cover system is nice
- Hilarious dialog and dark humor that the original games had
- Fun and interesting story
- Difficultly levels balanced well
- Controls are nice
- Graphics are pretty good (Not Crysis 3 good but good)
- It's Hitman!!! Who never enjoyed a Hitman game before??

- cover system although nice it a little too "mandatory" to use now (like if you're not perfectly in cover enemies notice you alot more)
- Wish the story was a bit longer!
- ... can't believe I'm saying this but not much replay-ability, Hitman is one of those games once you beat it you only play it once in a while when you're bored. They added a new "contracts" mode which allows players to replay certain parts of missions with certain requirements (like breaking into a mansion wearing an Alvin the chipmunk suit and you have to kill someone with a fire pick or something). Fun and hilarious but a bit repetitive after a while
- Broken save system, beat 3/4th's of the game and had to restart from scratch once!

I got the PC version of this game, it's blast. No, this isn't Halo 4/Crysis 3 good, but this game is a blast and it's hard for the underdog games like Hitman to compete with AAA titles anymore with such a diverse market. Hitman will always hold a special place in my heart as a gamer, these games are just so fun and unique. If you like hitman in the past or never played it, I definitely recommend picking this game up and supporting the company that makes it. It's a VERY fun and addicting game.

One note though - PARENTS I recommend NOT buying this for someone at least 14 or under, these games are a bit... disturbing. Fowl language, strip clubs, and that's just the beginning. This game shows in gruesome detail how a hitman operates - poisoning people, choking them with fiber wire, dumping bodies in everything from ponds to dumpers, I love video games but please, pay attention to the ESRB rating. With today's psychopaths shooting up schools/move theaters, this is definitely one title I recommend keeping out of kids/teenagers hands till they are mature enough to appreciate the game while knowing it's just a fun work of fiction.
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on January 29, 2013
I've been playing the Hitman series ever since the very first one came out in 2000. After playing Absolution I can say Blood Money is still the best of the series. Absolution takes a departure from the previous games in that it tries to appeal to a larger audience. You can play as strictly a stealth game and be a silent assassin, or you can play partly stealthy and part action like Splinter Cell, or you can go in with guns blazing like Rambo. Herein I think lies the flaw of Absolution, it tries to be too many different things at once. It becomes the jack of all trades, but the master of none.

The new disguise system is changed so that characters with the same outfit as you spot you almost immediately. This can be frustrating and makes it difficult to just enjoy the environment because you can't stay in one place too long. On normal difficulty this is tolerable and allows for some leeway, but Expert difficulty or above makes the disguise system almost useless. If your familiar with Hitman 2:Silent Assassin how they spot you immediately even if your a football field away, well it is the same way in Absolution. To a degree the new instincts system alleviates this problem, but it doesn't last forever. I would much prefer if they toned down the detection so that you are only recognized if your standing too close for too long.

Another problem I have is there is too much playing hide and seek, especially early on where it feels like your endlessly evading the police. If your not doing a hit your just wasting your time in my opinion. The whole purpose of being a Hitman is to take out targets, not run around and try and rescue a girl. It begins to feels more like Splinter Cell than Hitman.

Absolution has pre-placed check points where you can save your game. So if it's right before a cut-scene or a particularly hard part you have to go through it all over it again. I prefer the way the past Himan games had it where you had a certain number of saves, depending on the difficulty setting, and you could save anywhere.

The graphics are nice and vastly improved over Blood Money, however I didn't find the level's that particularly interesting or of much variety. David Bateson once again does a great job of voicing Agent 47 and bringing some familiarity that is otherwise lacking.

Overall I would say the game is worth trying, but it's not the kind of game you will be thinking about fondly years later. And if your a hardcore Hitman fan and you loved Blood Money, you might be a little disappointed.
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on January 26, 2013
I tried to like this game, I really did. I'm a huge fan of PC stealth games and was looking forward to this one based on the reviews. But this game turned out to be a real dud.

What went wrong?

First, the stealth in this game is a joke. You can get right up next to enemies and they won't even notice you. Other times, they spot you from across the level. This is easily the buggiest implementation of stealth since Thief 3, and that came out 8 years ago.

Second -- and this is what killed it for me -- is the extremely buggy save checkpoints. As far as I can tell, the only thing that's saved is your position in the level. All the guys you killed come back to life after you load. Half the time, the checkpoints are next to an enemy, so when you load they'll come back to life and kill you right away. Since this isn't a zombie game, I imagine this can't be design. Did they even test this feature before shipping?

Frankly, don't waste your money on this. If you want a good stealth game go buy Dishonored or Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Both of those games have a professional level of polish that Hitman: Absolution does not.
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on December 22, 2012
I will start by saying I unfortunately haven't played the other Hitman games this was my first one but I may have to go back and play them now. This game throws you into an area tells you your objective and gives you free reign to figure out how to take care of your target. Tons of weapons, disguises, distractions to use, paths to take, choices to make. The difficulty options really work great you can feel the the ultimate assassin on easy or first day on the job rookie with the hardest difficulty. One complaint I keep hearing is the graphics are bad and outdated. Maybe they have a weak PC and can't maximize the settings but this game looks absolutely stunning and is easily one of the best looking games I have seen ever.I thought the story was great and the contract mode is even more fun I am about 28 hours in and still having a blast I felt like stole it for the $30 I paid a few weeks ago now it's on sale for $20 I don't know how a person could pass this up.
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