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on March 20, 2014
I got this product for two reasons: 1) ground clearance for the gimbal my Phantom carries 2) the wider stance it gives the Phantom for " landing gear free" downward shooting with my camera. The wider legs, also give the Phantom a wider stance for more stable landings. They work great for this purpose.

The big drawback to this landing gear, is they breaking easily. I broke a landing gear strut on a minor crash, which wouldn't have effected the stock gear.
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on March 13, 2014
Honestly it would be in the best interest of this company to have Amazon US stock a bunch. I was hesitant in ordering at first as it was showing almost a month to deliver. It actually came in about 15 days. A bit more flexible than the stock landing gears, allowing less chance of fracture on hard landing.

I now have about 3 inch clearance for the GoPro on gimbal allowing me to feel better about using a filter ring and filter which prior to replacing the landing gears with these new ones touched the ground.

Even if the company doesn't take the advice of supplying these to Amazon directly, it is well worth the wait.
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on August 5, 2015
These taller struts, designed for the DJI Phantom, fit my Syma X8C perfectly and added some nice room under the fuselage for adding the Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera to the X8C (a much better camera than the low-res camera that comes with the X8C, which is exactly the same camera that you get with the Syma X5C-1 by the way)

BUT I CAN NOT RECOMMEND USING THESE SKIDS ON A SYMA X8C ... DO NOT USE ON YOUR X8C. For some reason, my stock X8C lifted the Xiaomi camera and flew just fine (for the truck that it is ;-) ) ... BUT, When I Put The Tall Landing Skids on, The Syma X8C would NOT lift off the ground ! ? !

Replacing the tall skids with the Stock Syma Skids, and the problem went away. Once again my X8C lifted either my Xiaomi or my Polaroid Cube with little added effort. So, Don't Use These Tall Skids On Your Syma X8C ... they fit, but they are Not a good idea at all.
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on September 23, 2014
Yes, these landing skids are a bit flimsier than the stock ones. I have not broken any yet. I am more concerned about breaking the $680 camera and gimbal on my Phantom Vision Plus.

They weigh 23g each side, which is the same as the stock landing gear. That is one reason they are more delicate. They are thinner.
Some folks would be more concerned if they were heavier than a little less strong. The quality of the the part is not quite as good as a stock DJI either.

As far as the installation goes, there may have been updates to DJI Phantom 2s, based on comments here, because there are now soft grommets at three of the holes through the mounting surface of the legs. You do not need to disconnect any wires. Pull out the three white soft rubber plugs to reuse with the tall legs. Save the white tape too for the two antenna wires and ribbon cable. Or not. You could use Scotch tape for that matter.
The trickiest part, but by no means hard, is moving the compass bracket over to the new leg. Make sure to put it on the same leg as you took it off of. Take the u-shaped part of the bracket and press it on the back of the leg about the same distance from the body. It will have to be a bit farther down to reach a thinner cross section of the leg. If by chance you are too weak to press it on, which is unlikely, you can probably sand the leg a bit. Once you get the u-shaped part on slide it up toward the wider mounting end as far as you can while the bracket is still in contact on its entire inner surface. Then put the compass side back on the u-shaped part and loosly attach the 4 screws. A bit of adjusting may be necessary. Tighten the screws. Reconnect the 4 pin connector and use the piece of white tape to keep the ribbon cable inside the leg channel. You should recalibrate the compass which takes about 1 minute: Flip right switch 5 times and turn on two axes per instructions at DJI, and which you probably got with your Phantom.

Under no circumstances should you have to solder or cut any wires! If there is an issue of no large hole between the two mounting screws holes, then return it and get a set that do have the large hole in the center of the the mounting surface, as they should.

Case: I bought the taller skid immediately and knew it would not fit in any stock case or backpack. So, I bought a Rubbermaid 1170 ActionPacker Storage Box, 8-Gallon, here on Amazon, along with some Fastcap Kaizen Foam 57mm, to make my own case. If I already had a case I had bought, I would probably remove the legs. Yeah, that would be a pain every time I flew, but it is better than losing a camera and gimbal. Tough choice but one I think is obvious.

A brace across the corners of the the skid even made out of a tooth pick would make that corner stronger. Or tape on a slim carbon fiber rod. Depends on how much you are worried about breaking it. I am not. I just try to land soft every time. If it breaks, I have a spare, and it gets easier and faster to install once you have done it.

Last comments: The wider stance legs are overall springier which is an added bonus. However the width is still the same as the stock skid, so a tip in the front to back direction is still quite possible.
For ~6.5 bucks it is something you should have more than one of because they are not break proof. It's a shame that DJI does not make them and control the quality, but as it stands, they are still much better protection for a camera and gimbal then the stock skid. I doubt I would use the tall skid if I just had a plain Phantom 2 without a camera.
This is the same wide gear offered many places online. I have ordered elsewhere but like doing business through Amazon. I did choose Cheerwing though for a lower cost with still free shipping. There is the possibility that quality may vary with different vendors.
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on May 20, 2014
I got these in hopes of being able to record video without seeing the shorter landing gear legs.... That I can do now. But, with that comes an issue of the DJI fitting into my carrying case. I have the hard case a lot of us have purchased to transport and protect our Phantom's. These legs are too tall for it to fit into the case now. So, I have to remove them after flight to place in the case which means I have to install them each time I prepare to fly.

They work great, wider and taller but with that comes the trade off. I use them when I am taking video I don't want any obstructions in. Otherwise I use the standard landing legs.
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on August 10, 2015
I don't know what happened to my review but here goes again. This recent landing gear is a far cry from the original I bought a year ago for the Vision. I recently crashed and the original saved my gimbel (for the most part) meaning that the bar bent but I fixed it. These new ones are very pliable and bend like a straw. I would have completely destroyed my camera. Keep the stock gears until you can find another manufacturer. Not sure if others make it, but this manufacturer is no good. You can tell the difference by comparing the thickness of the plastic (about 50%).
review image
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on February 4, 2015
This product is incompatible with dji phantom 2 copters. The hardware from the old copter does not fit the new extended (and wider) legs, and there is no new hardware provided. I added a photo of the unit that does NOT fit with the new legs, as properly installed on the original legs. Skip this one!
review image
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on September 24, 2014
A MUST have for phantom owners. The only "complaint" is that the color is a little yellow, but who cares. The gear gives you a little peace of mind, especially for me. I always fly at construction sites so sometimes I have to land in gravel lots, before the gimbal was a little too close to some of the bigger rocks, not its not a worry at all. It takes about three minutes to put them on!
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on August 15, 2014
Installed on a Phantom 2 with a GoPro camera. Raised the camera about a inch off the ground. The problem is that the cable holder that attach to the legs do not fit the same on these legs because the cables do not extend down to the thinner portion of the legs..managed to get them on but only fastened with 2 screws instead of 4 until I can find longer screws.
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on April 26, 2015
Arrived when they said they would (purchased under Prime). The legs each add only 1g of weight. The mounting screws, while longer than stock, are exactly the same (4g for 8 screws). What's nice about the included screws is they match the hex-head of the majority of the DJI Phantom body screws - as opposed to the slot/phillips head supplied with the quadrotor.

Despite my doubts compass attached just fine - cable tucked away neatly just like stock.

Yes - these are definitely a little more delicate than the stock legs - but saying these are more prone to breaking -vs- stock isn't saying much. If you're slamming your Phantom around that hard odds are pretty good stock units are going to fail as well.
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