Hobgoblins 2 2009 NR

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(7) IMDb 2/10

25 years later and poor old McGreedy has been locked away in a mental hospital for his insane ravings about the evil Hobgoblins. As camp and crappy as the original.

Josh Mills, Josh Green
1 hour, 29 minutes

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Hobgoblins 2

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Genres Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror
Director Rick Sloane
Starring Josh Mills, Josh Green
Supporting actors Chanel Ryan, Jason Buuck, Sabrina Bolin, Dan Glenn, Ashley Ausburn, Jordana Berliner, Roland Esquivel, Danny J. Evans, Toll Dunaway, Matthew Mahaney, T.J. Amato, Karen Knotts, Casey James, Derrel Maury, Amber Hall, Jeff Klein, Adrian Lee, Tony Masiello
Studio Shout Factory
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
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Customer Reviews

He was in his 90's when the first one came out.
The second film essentially uses the first film for inspiration and then conveniently forgets that it exists.
The 747 Gambit
I wish they would have tried to be originally bad...like the first one.
Daniel T. Woodske

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful By Jay on July 10, 2009
Format: DVD
After watching the original Hobgoblins movie you never would have guessed there would have been a sequel, but 20 years later there is. In a very interesting turn of events Rick Sloane decided it was time to hit the coinstar, cash in his giant jug filled with change, and make a sequel to his mess of a film from 1988. Rick's original idea was to make the sequel 2 years after the release of the first one but must have got thrown out the window when no company would fund the idea. So now that 20 years has passed a new generation will be able to see the same exact hobgoblin hand puppets from the 80's.

Hobgoblins 2 takes place where the first film left off after oldman security guard McCreedy blew up the studio where the hobgoblins were. Man how can that guy still be alive? He was in his 90's when the first one came out. Anyway, McCreedy is now in a psychiatric hospital and is visited by Kevin and his friends who are now college students. He warns the kids that the hobgoblins can still return if there name is said three times like the bloody Mary myth. So naturally someone says it and our hand puppets are back on the loose. Kevin and his friends must now face their fears and draw the hobgoblins to them to put and end to this terrible film from going past a sequel.

It' kind of hard to review Hobgoblins 2 since it knows how bad it is already. The whole premise was pretty much a remake of the first by the way it poked fun at many aspects of the original. In fact the same script they used in the original was used for this one. So 20 years later and you don't even write a new script shows you the intention of the film. It's in 35 mm film, the same exact puppets were used, and they kept the same characters in their hilarious outfits and all just to make it look like it was still the 80's.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By Robert I. Hedges HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWER on April 18, 2010
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
This movie is only for the stouthearted. Presumably to get to "Hobgoblins 2," you have already seen Rick Sloane's original "Hobgoblins" about hand puppets from outer space. Be forewarned that where the original is very bad, but entertaining from a camp vantage point, this sequel is much more trying to watch.

"Hobgoblins" disappeared into deserved obscurity almost instantly after it's release, and it took Sloane twenty years to make this sequel. No doubt his efforts were buoyed by the success of the original as a feature on "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Personally, it's one of my very favorite episodes of MST3K, but watching it in its original form takes a stronger constitution. This takes more willpower still, as this one deliberately apes the original shamelessly to get cheap laughs from the characters we all know from the original, although played by a completely different cast, as the originals were far too old to play college students at this point.

The plot picks up from where the original left off (sort of,) and involves Mr. McCreedy (this time played by Roland Esquivel, who is no Jeffrey Culver) being locked in an insane asylum for his dealings with the hobgoblins. Over the 89 minute running time, McCreedy again guides Kevin (Josh Mills, who is also inferior to the original film's Tom Bartlett) and company to defeat the murderous puppets in their nefarious web of evil. I did enjoy the scene where Amy (Sabrina Bolin) confessed her fear of puppets, but found Daphne (Jordana Berliner) to be even more annoying (if such a thing is possible) than Kelley Palmer was in the original. If you have seen the original, there's no doubt in my mind that you just raised your eyebrows in surprise and concern.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By The 747 Gambit on May 9, 2011
Format: DVD
If you liked the MST3K send up of the original Hobgoblins, or just have a taste for epically awful movies, rent this and laugh at the carnage. Otherwise, like the poor female reviewer who rented this to watch with their child, stay far, far away from this most sublimely awful of films. Note: One star denotes that despite being awesomely bad, Hobgoblins 2 is a complete train wreck.

As an ardent (or obsessed, take your pick) fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, their send-up of D-level horror romp Hobgoblins struck me as one of their most brutal outings. The MST3K cast, while usually liberal with derision for their source material, went ballistic during Hobgoblins. The film caused Mike and the `Bots to leave the theater - leaving a foamcore silhouette in their stead. They then almost completely abandoned one of their live action segments, their typical antics again replaced by a foamcore poster accompanied by a lifeless song about Hobgoblins. Finally, as the credits rolled, Tom Servo demanded that Crow play director Rick Sloane. Crow (as Sloane) agreed that he enjoyed smoking crack cocaine and that his brain had at some point had been replaced by rat droppings. Even by MST3K standards, their pained reaction was telling: Hobgoblins was, by all accounts, unwatchable.

Hobgoblins writer, director and producer(!) Rick Sloane clearly took the punishment MST3K heaped on his creation to heart. Without MST3K, no one outside of the original cast and crew would know what the hell Hobgoblins was, and with MST3K, his work was revealed as one long, uninspired slab of dreck not meant for general consumption. How Mr. Sloane reconciled these two opposing forces is not clear, yet Hobgoblins 2 was made.
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