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on October 22, 2010
I've been using Quick Shine for nearly 10 years. I have two dogs and three kids, and live in Chicago so, needless to say, my floors take a beating. Here's what I've learned:

1. Use it on your floors 3 or 4 times a year - don't use it every week, otherwise you'll get the nasty build up that is mentioned throughout these reviews. I've found that the shine lasts on heavy traffic areas for about 2-3 months.

2. Before you use it, make sure you've cleaned your hardwood floors well. This is very important. I recommend using Holloway house's concentrated floor cleaner, or their Deep Cleaner/Wax remover product. You have to use really hot water and lightly scrub your floors - doing so will remove the old coats of Quick Shine and prep the floor properly, and you won't have build up problems.

3. I do not advise putting 6 coats on the floor, contrary to what the bottle says. This will only result in more build up, and doesn't really increase the shine. Two coats or three, max.

Again, I've used this product for years and found out the hard way about build up. I had to use boiling water and ammonia to remove layers and layers of Quick Shine because I never removed it properly before applying more. Now that I know how to use it, it works great for me. Oh, and the people at company were no help whatsoever when I called trying to find out how to remove the buildup. Had to go through a lot of trial and error to figure out how to remove it!
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on August 16, 2010
When I read the reviews from people here who have not had success with this product, I have to wonder what the heck they were doing. My guess is that they either work for a floor refinishing company or they did not prep the floor properly.

This is not rocket science. If you ever used Johnson's paste wax on your floor (which I suspect everyone who had a failure did, or someone did unbeknownst to them) then either get ready to do some stripping or else move along. I have found that using a strong Ammonia and water solution is all the prep that I needed to do to my floors.

I have prefinished Bruce Ureathane in natural oak. They were looking tired, despite using products like Orange Glo and Murphys and just about every other product. Trust me, I obsessed about these floors which run throughout the house. I was ready to get them refinished, when I thought I would try Halloway House Quick Shine. All I can say is WOW!!!

I first used this product about 4 years ago. The first coat blew me away. Then I got crazy and applied a total of about 4 coats. After it dried, my floors looked better than new. Maintenance consists of damp mopping with a microfiber. I applied it about twice a year. This past year has been hectic, and I went at least 12 months between applying coats, and my floors still looked great. I recently put 4 coats on my floor, and they once again look better than the day we moved in.

As a note, I did not strip this stuff off the floor between coats. I thoroughly vacuum the floor. Mop with a solution of ammonia and water (don't soak your floor). Then dry mop to pick up any hair or dust (which will get entrapped in the finish if left on). Remove any scuff marks before. Let your floors thoroghly dry, then apply this with a clean microfiber dust mop. Work quickly and spread the coats thinly. My floor is normally dry to the touch in less than 25 minutes. Go have a beer, wait 45 minutes and reapply another coat. You will be blown away.

We don't have a dog, but I have three kids and a cat, who are hard on this floor. This floor stands up to abuse. Our cleaning lady loves how easy the finish is to maintain (dry mop, then damp mop). I have to belive that the people who had a failure with this product, had previously used an incompatible product without first thoroughly removing it. There can be no other explanation.

BTW I have used this on Linoleum and tile with great success.

So why am I here writing this review? Up until recently I could buy this product at my local Wal Mart. They no longer carry it, and so I will mail order it and pay shipping. It is that good. Get some. You'll thank me later.
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on June 20, 2014
After reading the literature that this product would add luster to my laminate floor, I decided to give it a try, thinking it could help protect my floor from scratches and wear. Initially it did make the floor shine, but that shine was soon replaced by a horrible haze that no matter how much I cleaned it, always looked dingy and dull.

I assumed I was going to have to break down and spend a small fortune for the other product this company makes to remove the finish, and then spend several days scrubbing it off. Then, much to my delight, I had some full strength Simple Green spill on the floor, and when I wiped it up I noticed that it had actually removed the Quick Shine! After a few hours on my hands and knees, my floor looks pretty again!

For those who want to remove this finish without throwing more money at Holloway House, pour full strength Simple Green in a container and with a slightly abrasive cloth (terry cloth, worn out scrubber pad, etc.) apply it to the floor and scrub lightly, working section by section. Have plenty of clean towels available to wipe a section dry before proceeding to the next (you don't want that moisture sitting on your floor for long). When finished, damp mop the floor to remove any cleaner residue, and then dry with a towel. Voila!
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on March 1, 2014
I used this on my hardwood floors, and I was initially very pleased with it. It gave the floors an amazing shine and made them look great.

Problem was, it didn't take long before I noticed that in high-traffic areas and in the areas around tables and chairs, the floors were showing waxy streaks. I'll admit that I tried the lazy way and tried coating the floors with more shine, which of course just made everything worse. I spent forever trying to get the streaks out, but nothing worked. In the end, I took a chance and went in with steel wool. I'd been afraid that this would scratch my floors, but, fortunately, it didn't. Even so, it took forever to get the streaks out.

It probably didn't help that I was dealing with this while showing my house for a sale, and this really wasn't something I needed in the middle of all that. I'm just glad I was able to get this up.

Final recommendation? Avoid this stuff like the plague. Yes, it gives the floor a beautiful shine, but it's just not worth the amount of work it'll take to remove it once the streaks start.
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on April 22, 2013
When we bought our house, it was 4 years old and the floors had a high gloss look to them that my wife and I just loved. Well, 7 years have passed and we've added two dogs and three kids to the mix and our once beautiful floors now look dull and lifeless. I did some research trying to find a good product to try and settled on this one.

I mopped the floors one night after the kids went to bed, let them dry, and then applied a few coats of Quick Shine. The transformation was blatantly obvious to me. I could see the reflections of our cupboards, appliances, and table/chairs in the hardwood floor again!

The real kicker was the next morning when my three year old son woke up. As we were walking up the stairs to the kitchen he got to the top stair, stopped, looked at me, and asked: "Daddy, why is the floor all wet?".

This stuff works great. I've used it on hardwood and tile and have had great results.

Get some!
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on November 13, 2015
I did everything the way the bottle said, except for multiple coats. After one coat the floors looked amazing! Two days later I decided to just go over the floor with some water to clean it and wax started coming off. So I spent 6 hours with widnex cleaning the floors on my hands and knees with a scrub brush. It is awful stuff! You can put it on your floors and never live in your house because if you touch it it will turn awful! Here is a picture of the muck I had to scrub off my floors and that is only ONE COAT. I would hate to see it after two or more.
review image
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on March 26, 2015
As others have stated, this product causes a horrible buildup on wood floors. I'm in the process of scraping the buildup off my floors which is taking forever and some serious elbow grease. I'm going to try some of the cleaning products others have recommended to get it off, but here's a pic of what you'll be dealing with if you decide to buy this product.
review image
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on November 22, 2007
This is a wonderful product and super easy to use. Highly recommended!!
I have mexican tile floors, that over time have become dull, I did not want to spend the extra money for a professional resealing job.
It is NOT a wax, so you do not have to worry about slipping on your noggin.
Just one coat of Quick Shine Floor Finish, and viola, they look almost new!
Just one other note, is that I purchased this product at my local Walmart Store for under $5.00 for the same size bottle. So if you have a Walmart near you, then head there first, to see if your store has it in stock, before you spend the extra $$ through this site.
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on December 17, 2012
Works nicely. However, better instructions would be appropriate. If you rub this product are in for a real mess. You are only supposed to spread this product as evenly as you can over the wood flooring...and let it dry without touching it. If you spread it too thinly, or rub it get white smear marks that are just nearly impossible to get off. I was able to go back over what I did wrong by applying a thicker coat without rubbing...then letting it dry. The difference in floor shine was terrific. I do like the product...just need better warning on how to apply it.
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on September 29, 2013
I've always heard that Mop and Glow causes a buildup on your floor, much as Pledge does on your furniture. I used this on my tile floor and it looked shiny for a week but getting it up was a chore. Now I just use vinegar and my tile shines!
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