Customer Reviews: Home Alone / Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Double Feature [Blu-ray]
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on January 12, 2011
What can be said about the first two "Home Alone" films that hasn't already been said? I don't want to spend this whole review talking about the greatness of these two films, so I'll keep it brief. Are these cinematic masterpieces? No. But are they fun films that you can watch with your entire family, sharing the joy of the feeling of the holiday and creating magical memories of your own? Absolutely! These films aren't long on logic or realism, but they're full of the "John Hughes spirit" of fun, and anyone who has seen and loves these films knows they're an absolute must-watch during the holiday season. 'Nuff said.

Now, about these Blu Rays: these were a long-awaited release for me. And, as crazy as it sounds to some, as I prefer it to the first, I was even more excited about the second film. But, since I watched the BluRays with my family, we of course watched them chronologically. The first film looks absolutely MAGNIFICENT. Seriously, it's difficult to believe this is a twenty-year-old film when you see this BR transfer: sharp picture, depth of color, gorgeous's everything you'd expect from a great BR transfer. And it is LOADED with Special Features. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the sequel, which REALLY disappointed me. From the moment I put the DVD in, I was shocked: pixellation, digital noise, excessive grain, blech. The lack of quality transfer for the film really upset me because the cinematography in the second film is absolutely fabulous: the vistas of New York, the rich colors in the brownstone, not to mention the gorgeous tree in the finale. And as for special features...they're at a bare-bones minimum.

But...the one thing I wasn't disappointed by on either BR was the sound quality: crisp, clear, deep when it needs to be, simply wonderful. Williams' scores have NEVER sounded better in these films!

I recommend the set, but only if you can get it cheap (I got it through the Lightning Deal offer on Black Friday): because while you're going to love the look of the first film, if you're a fan of the second (which I very much am), most likely you're going to be disappointed by your Blu Ray "upgrade". Cheers...and Happy Holidays!
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on December 12, 2010
The Home Alone collection on Blu-Ray is one of the better two-packs available. First the original movie has been restored and remastered to almost the best picture quality available for this originally low-budgeted 20-year old family film. Audio is crystal clear, and the disc is packed with a ton of extra features. The best feature of the disc is watching the audio commentary of Chris Columbus (Director) and Macaulay Culkin (Lead Actor). They play off each other quite nicely and reminisce about making the film and the troubles and fun memories during production. Other special features include:

-Deleted scenes
-Commentary track
-Stunts featurette
-Behind-the-scenes "making of" documentary
-and much more!

Home Alone 2 on the other hand still retains the excellent picture and audio quality of the first film, but doesn't have any special features, hence the 4-star rating. Overall, I would definitely recommend this excellent product to the fans of the series, and to families who enjoy a good holiday comedy film.
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on December 21, 2011
My wife and I love Home Alone 1 and 2. We recently purchased this and went to watch HA2 first because we hadn't seen that one yet this Christmas season and were extremely disappointed at the picture quality. The picture was jumpy in places and there was grain and squiggly lines all over the place. We ended up putting our original DVD in and felt that it was better.

Home Alone on Disc 1 had some great extras but we weren't all that impressed with the picture quality of it either, though it was at least watchable compared to Disc 2/Home Alone 2. We ended up returning this because the original DVD's are just fine for us and in the end it was not worth the "upgrade" just to be able to watch the extras.
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on November 7, 2013
I just picked up this set from a local brick and mortar chain. I see a lot of negative opinions about Home Alone 2 in particular. Some reviewers have even said that their old DVD copy looks better than the blu-ray. I watched it last night and found no problems with the picture quality whatsoever. I noticed a vast improvement in the detail over my old DVD copy. But I don't know if I got a newer set or what, but the product I purchased has different artwork on the carboard sleeve as well as the the individual inserts for the disc cases. Also they have a 2013 release date on them. I can't find pictures of a set with the same artwork anywhere except on an import copy, but that artwork has english and foreign language print on it, mine only has english. So I don't know if I've gotten newly released and remastered discs or this is the same set with new artwork. But it's odd I can't find any pictures of a US release with this artwork on it anywhere. I might upload some pics later. For now I will upload the pic I found of the import.

EDIT 11/14/13 - I see Amazon has added a photo for the updated art on the slipcover. Anybody else get the ones with the new artwork?
review image
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on November 19, 2014
The video transfer/quality on these especially the second movie are horrible. The second movie has way too much noise/gran on it and its the worst amount I have ever seen on a Blu-Ray, even more than the DVD's had. I cannot stress how badly this makes the second movie look terrible. Theres moving colored speckles all over the video and their too obvious and damaging to the video.

Even though its much blurrier from being upscaled during playback to watch the DVD's, they still look better than the second movie in this Blu-Ray release because its cleaner looking by alot.
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on December 9, 2013
I'm going to agree with previous reviewer "L. Velasco" and say that this collection is awesome, except for the picture quality of the second movie. With Home Alone, you can tell that they took time to remaster it for the transfer to Blu-ray and although it still has that "early 90s" look to the picture, it is still a great transfer. It breathes new life into a film that's 20+ years old. But in Home Alone 2 - my favorite of the two - it is PAINFULLY obvious that they just took the DVD master and cranked up the resolution to 1080p. Grainy doesn't even describe it. Usually in a bad transfer you can just see some grain in darker scenes. But in this release of Home Alone 2, it's evident in EVERY scene. It was actually distracting to the point where even my wife noticed it, and she's not an HD-snob like myself. That being said, it doesn't detract from the overall enjoy-ability of the movie. These are still two of my favorite Christmas movies, and I'm happy to now own them on Blu-ray.

One aspect that really shines is the obviously remastered soundtracks on both discs! They are DTS-Master Audio and sound amazing!! I have a better-than-average home theater system and it really came alive while watching these films. The musical score was meticulously separated into all 5 channels and I heard details and LOTS of crisp, deep bass notes that I never heard before. In HA2 when the pigeons come to get Harry and Marv, there were wings flapping all around me. The sound engineers did an awesome job with these movies and, for me at least, it was the most enjoyable aspect of watching them on Blu. One small negative thing I noticed is that there were some inconsistencies in dialog volume where it was much lower than in the previous scene, almost to the point of needing to raise the volume to hear it clearly.

Overall, this was a worthy purchase, especially at the price I paid. I'm glad to have these two "classics" (man, I'm getting old!) on Blu-ray to have in my collection for years to come to share with my future children for them to enjoy them the same way I did when they first came out. If you enjoyed either or both film(s), buy this set. You will not regret it!!
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The title of the review says it all. These are the best versions of these films available. Sound and Picture quality un-equaled on any other versions. These movies have replaced Charlie Brown with the Grand Kids as the annual must see Christmas Movies so I have seen all the versions to date. I highly recommend this collection to anybody who wants the watching experience maximized.
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on November 5, 2014
I gave 4 stars for the entertainment quality of the movies, but I would only give 1 star for the transfer quality of Home Alone 2. The first one looked really good, but the second Kevin would say "Yikes!" Some of the hotel scenes looked like it was copied straight from VHS. My 3 year old enjoyed them for the most part but, I'm sure she'll like them more when she is a little older. They will always be Christmas classics to me, but hopefully the 2nd movie will receive better treatment if they release a new set. I can't complain much since it was free with my Discover points.
Great movies! Not so great transfer (Home Alone 2)!
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on December 28, 2013
movie and commentary, special features- 5 stars (who doesn't know this movie?)
The only problem I had is the director was telling a story about Joe Pesci having trouble not swearing during his scenes and Culkin (who is also on the commentary) made a joke about him having a 'G- damn dirty mouth' which then left an awkward silence following to contemplate that yes, you just heard him say that on the commentary.. i feel they should have beeped that out but they left it.. other than that it's ok.. the director does a HUGE amount of talking...

if i could knock off a star or two it would be for the security in place on the discs.. if you have an older Blu-Ray that can't update the firmware, this won't play for you.. so i'm keeping it until i get a new Blu-Ray player.. for reference my Blu-Ray player is a Samsung.. they have security in place which forces you to have Cinavia.. (prevents playing of copies of movies) if you don't have the firmware with this on it, the new discs won't play for you.. they make you update to use the new discs.. I don't like Cinavia as I have a lot of old movies that i made from discs that i no longer have.. i can't watch them unless Cinavia is deactivated..
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on November 15, 2013
Debated between a 3 and 4 star review. This ONLY has to do with the Blu-ray's themselves.

The Home Alone Blu-ray is awesome. It's a dual-layer disc (50GB), and the transfer is terrific. A really nice picture, and well worth the price.

The Home Alone 2 Blu-ray on the other hand, it IS a single-layer disc (25GB), and the transfer is not so great. In some darker scenes, the picture gets very "grainy" (almost a pixel-ated feeling?). Even with that, it is a better picture than a DVD.

That said, for a price of $9.99 ($5 a Blu-ray), they are a GREAT deal, and worth a purchase. Just set your expectations that the picture on 2 isn't as good as the picture on the original, and you will be happy with your purchase.
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