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on February 20, 2011
I love this Heat and Dish Dry Rack. I thought I would take it out and put it away but I leave it up all the time. I do not have a dishwasher or room for one so I thought I would try this. It's wonderful! I wash my dishes and put them into the rack and when it is full I push the button and keep on washing. In ten minutes the dishes are dry and I put them away. Then I load up the rest (if I have more). Or while I am waiting for the dishes to dry I have time to wash up the kitchen counters and put this and that away and then I turn around and put the dry dishes away. Done. All done. You do have to learn how to put the dishes in so they have access to the heated air coming up. But honestly that has not been a problem as I am motivated to make it work. All my plastic containers are dry in 10 minutes and I can just put them away. The lids may have a hidden drop of water on them here and there but that is no problem. There is a very small drip tray that slides under the rack and I slide it out when I remember and pour the excess water into the sink. But it is very small and only about a 1/2 inch tall. You can move around the metal racks that come with it. So if you don't need any of them you can just remove them and use them later when needed. My son said he hates drying the dishes they don't put into the dishwasher as he feels he never gets done with all of it. So I am getting one for him and my daughter in law. It is perfect for drying all the bottles and cups and plates she uses with the kids as well as her plastic containers.

Update June 4, 2011: Last week the light started to blink on and off and the motor would come on and then stop over and over. Last night it was doing that while we were not home. And today it won't work at all. It's dead.
I am so disappointed! This was my favorite thing in the kitchen. And we have only used it for the months of Feb, March, Apr, and May. I sent an email to the company and am waiting to see what the warranty is and if there is anything I can do about this. But $100 for 4 months is not very good. I will update if I hear back from the company.

Update June 9, 2011: They are great! I have a new one sitting in my living room right now. It was just delivered and I only sent the broken one back yesterday. They were so quick to reply to my emails and so helpful and honest. I got personal attention and a new dish rack!

Update December 4, 2011: THE SECOND ONE IS BROKEN. IT LASTED 6 MONTHS. We were not even using it. Same as before. We came home and the light was blinking on and off and I unplugged it and then plugged it in and now it is dead. I don't understand it. I make sure there is plenty of room around it for air flow. I use it about 5-6 times a week. I do not overload it. So I will send the company another email and see what they can do. I will update when I know more.
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on April 13, 2012
After months of use my wife started telling me that this rack was not working correctly, exactly as described in other reviews submitted on Amazon. Then one day it would no longer start at all. What I found is that the small momentary switch that starts the drying cycle sticks in after a few months of usage. The design is so that the switch itself is used as the return spring of the plastic ON/OFF button in the front and after time has passed either the switch spring loses its spring tension or the sliding actuator gets material under it which hinders its ability to slide forward then back, therefore not allowing the switch to pop open again when pushed. (This is the reason for the delayed starting customers have been experiencing. That happens when the switch finally pops back out.) For ours I replaced the old switch with one I purchased, but if I had to do over again I'd simply do the following first and save myself the soldering hassle:

(1) Unplug the power cord. (2) Remove the top snap-in dish rack drain plate. (3) Remove the four small screws over the front switch compartment and take the cover off. (3) Pull the small switch printed circuit board up by removing the one clamp screw on the power wire going into this small compartment. (4) Push in and pull out the front plastic button that actuates the switch. (4) Put a small amount of grease or WD40 on the two small slides at the bottom of this actuator. (5) Reverse the process and reinstall everything. The whole job should take about 30 minutes.

Since I've replaced the switch instead of oiling the slides I don't have any idea how long this lubing "fix" will work, but if you do it once it won't take long to do again and again and keep on air drying for a long time. Good luck. Bon Home DDR100WH Heat & Dry Dish Rack
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on November 18, 2010
It was my husband's job to dry the dishes so he is extremely pleased with this great invention! I love it because our new high-efficiency dishwasher does not dry plastic. This drying rack is perfect for doing that job. I also use it for drying my fine china and glasses.
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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2011
What's wrong with this dish drainer? Let me list the ways:

1. Blower failure after 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of use - the blower would suddenly, on its own, start up and fail to stop. Or it wouldn't start when the button was pushed. Totally erratic. At times, completely unresponsive.

2. Blower failure aside, even if that worked perfectly, there are other issues with the design. Due to having to direct the air up through the dishes, the bottom area is a closed "box" with a small, shallow drawer that the water from the wet dishes drains into. The capacity of this drawer is about 2 teaspoons. When that is exceeded, you will have a drainer that "piddles" all over your counter top. Expect to empty this drawer numerous times throughout the course of a meal's worth of dishes. Apparently designing something that would actually DRAIN the water into the sink was too much of a challenge for Bon Home's design team.

3. The warm air works beautifully to dry the dishes when the blower is actually working; it also works beautifully to heat up the kitchen...which could be an advantage if it's in the single digits outside and supplements to heat are appreciated. Not so much in South Texas, where the more likely scenario is triple digits outside, and an air conditioner running darn near full time to combat the heat. This unit will be a major set-back to utility bills in warmer climes. If it had been designed with some sort of cover/closure method to contain both heat and dishes, it might be a viable design. One review mentioned both heated and non-heated air...there was no such control on my drainer, nor any mention of such in the owner's manual.

4. Customer service: this is the big question mark...I've called Bon Home and a young man took my name and number, telling me someone would get back to me. I've asked for the unit to be replaced and for them to send me a shipping label for the defective unit...I've yet to get a commitment for that from Bon Home.

So there you have it...too much money for a shoddy product. Buyer beware.

1-4-2012 update:
Bon Home customer service stinks. They finally got back to me, told me they have discontinued the item and turfed me back to since that was where I purchased the item. Told me I would have to get credit for THEIR defective product from woot. Great business model...make crappy products, then refuse to stand behind them when they fail. That attitude would make me wary of purchasing ANY product by Bon Home. Once again, let me say it: Buyer beware.

2-22-12 update: did replace the unit in January, 2012 without hassle. Kudos to woot's customer service. However, desperate for a drainer while all this went on, I broke down and ordered a Simple Human bamboo drainer (works very well, by the way), so when the replacement Bon Home arrived, it stayed in the box, as I scratched my head wondering whether I trusted a second unit enough to try it (having recently read a Consumer Reports article on fires started by malfunctioning household electrical appliances, I was understandably dubious about any appliance with a propensity to start up spontaneously). On 2/17/2012, Bon Home followed up on my original customer service contact (December, 2011); they are now offering to refund my money. I replied this morning and will take them up on their offer.

Additional comment 6-18-12:
In response to one of the comments, below, no, the refund was not in addition to receiving a replacement unit - the unit that Woot sent was returned to Bon Home, after receipt of which, Bon Home mailed a refund.
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on April 26, 2011
The cons I found with this product are the price is way over stated for the average consumer and I wish that the dish rack blowed more air pressure. I have cups of many sizes and of different materials. It takes longer to dry plastic. The air cycle is only 15 minutes, but you can always turn it on again.

The pros I found that it is the average size of other dish drainers, you can have two types of air blowing (heated or not), it dries ceremic and glass fast, it helps dry items that are hard to hand dry, there are interchangable parts for different set ups for your needs, and offers assistance for someone doing the dishes alone.

I recommend this for anyone living alone, small apartments and homes not large enough for dishwashers,those who can't afford a dishwasher but can afford this product, people that host many events for cleanup afterwards, it saves on the hands for arthritis and other ailments, and extremely busy people.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 5, 2011
March 3 UPDATE: I'm still using this dish rack and it will be two-years-old in July. Everything still runs just fine.

How often do you buy a product that actually works as advertised? Believe it or not the Bon-Home Heat and Dish Dry Rack works exactly as advertised. All you have to do is place the rinsed dishes in the rack and push a button. About 10 minutes later you have nicely dried dishes.

Set up for the rack was easy too. So is clean up as there is a small drainage tray that you pull out to drain off any excess water. Usually there is very little water collected in the tray though.

I never thought I'd use this rack as much as I do, as I have a dishwasher, but using this rack makes dish washing kind of fun.

Highly recommend.
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on January 10, 2011
I got this heat and dry dish rack and completely fell in love with it! It's very convenient and it dries the dishes that I can't put in the dishwasher very quickly. I also liked the fact that I didn't have to assemble it once I received it. The drier is quiet and overall very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family!
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on May 11, 2012
I bought a Bon Home DDR100WH Heat and Dry Dish Rack in February of 2011. About three to four months after the purchase, the two racks started rusting and the unit started turning itself on and off. I contacted the seller for replacement, and the seller did replace the product. It has been less than six or seven months the product was replaced with a new one; however, the two racks have started rusting again. Also, when I turn on the unit to dry dishes, it goes into a sequence of on and off without stopping until I unplug it. I expected better when I purchased this product, especially given the price.

The product looks good, but I do not believe that it is reliable.
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on July 23, 2012
Hi: I've read all the reviews and all the problems. I got my first drainer from a non-Amazon site but bought the 2nd one through Amazon. Like so many others, I loved this product out of the box, didn't like the very shallow drip tray, and had a problem after the first few months (explaining my purchase of a 2nd one). HOWEVER, I did discover something. The first time my unit went on the fritz, I left it unplugged for about 2 days and tried it intermittently. On about the 3rd day it magically started working again. It worked with no problems for about 3 weeks and then played its trick about the flashing light and then nothing. I did the same thing - unplugged it for a day, plugged it back in - NOTHING. This is when I ordered the 2nd unit since it had a great price. Before it arrived, I plugged in the old one and tried it and behold! On it went! Now it is functioning again. For anyone who has this rack, don't throw it away if it acts up. I don't know what the problem is but I've been able to get it started again twice. I'll hold the 2nd unit in reserve, but give this rack a try after some days and see what happens. Great product when it works.
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on January 6, 2016
I wish the manufacturer would make this product available again. I have had two of these. The first worked flawlessly for more than a year but was damaged due to a weather event that damaged our house. The replacement has been working perfectly under heavy daily use since August of 2013 without so much as a single problem until this week (see info below). I see that some buyers have had these units fail and I don't doubt that. I can only speculate that my failure to ever read the instructions may be what kept my two dish dryers humming along. I never do anything fancy with it - no pushing the start button X number of times for a certain cycle, etc. I push the button once to start the drying cycle and never interrupt the cycle by pushing the button again or unplugging. This week I've noticed that the start button is becoming sluggish and a bit sticky to the point where the cycle doesn't always start. I attribute that to normal wear, maybe some hard water deposits and/or a worn out spring in the button assembly. I think three and a half years of heavy use in wet conditions is acceptable and I'm confident that by following the instructions posted by another buyer here in the review section I can fix it. I've had it apart to clean it in the past and it isn't a complicated device at all. Very simple components and these days that's a good thing. Would happily buy again.
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