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HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System
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Verified Purchase
Overall: Before I purchased this item I thought long and hard about my setup; rather to use Bluetooth or Airplay. After considering cost and equipment, Bluetooth became my standard of choice. After reading the reviews I decided that the HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Receiver would be my receiver of choice. This was not an easy decision since I am a brand loyalist. The Logitech receiver also has rave reviews, but it cost $12 more. With money being an issue, I purchased the HomeSpot. Let¡¦s just say, I could not be happier. This receiver paired with the Leipai 2020A+ Mini Stereo Receiver and a pair of Bose 301 Series IV bookshelf speakers (that I have owned for 10 years) are a knock out combination. I was instantly blown away by the performance.
Sound quality: It rocks! I am no audiophile, but this sounds great. I only notice a slight bump in quality with direct aux in. However the versatility of Bluetooth makes this setup ideal. It¡¦s great in situations where music is secondary to the action (i.e. offices, parties, barbershops, and BBQs)
Range: I become more impressed as I purposely and accidentally push this product to its limit with better than expected returns. This product is easily worth 3x the price; here's why. This device cost $26; I often wonder why Bose charges $100 for their BT receivers. I own several BT devices that do not equal the range of the HomeSpot. Namely, Jawbone¡¦s Jambox and the Bose Soundlink. These speakers are good in their own right, but the Jawbone Jambox requires direct line of sight in order to work. It often loses connection when I walk across the room with my phone in my pocket. The Soundlink has the tendency to crackle when paired with my Macbook Pro. However, the HomeSpot has phenomenal range. I accidentally left the office with my phone in pocket to go across the hall. When I returned to my office to look for my phone... I was shocked when I realized it was in my pocket the whole time while the music continuously played. Wow! This thing transmits through concrete walls. While at lunch, I give my phone to a coworker located in the office next door, divided by a half wall. He controls the music and volume with ease. No interference! Simply amazing!
Devices: This device easily paired to all of my Android and iDevices. I have a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, iPod Touch 4G, and iPod Nano 7G. With the Nexi the NFC pairing worked flawlessly out of the box (touch and go) just that easy.
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on February 1, 2015
Update March 15:
I recently purchased another set of speakers and instead of the Homespot/Amphony combo which I am reviewing below I decided to go with the Amphony 300 which integrates the Bluetooth receiver and power amplifier into a single tiny unit. Gets rid of a lot of cable clutter. Both the Homespot setup and Amphony work great.

My original review:
I have been debating whether to buy a pair of cordless speakers for my patio. There is a flood of models on the market and after testing a few of those I instead opted for the Homespot NFC Bluetooth receiver which I have connected to an Amphony 200 mini amp and a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers. Here is why:

1) The sound quality of almost all Bluetooth speakers that I tested does not compare to the sound of my bookshelf speakers - not even by a longshot.

2) The sound quality coming from my Homespot NFC and my Amphony 200 is excellent. Obviously it is only as good as the source material. Most of the music that I stream is compressed in some fashion. Depending on the bitrate and compression format, it sounds either very good or less decent. However, this wireless combination rocks.

3) The range that I can get is a lot better than the range of some of these Bluetooth speakers. I can get around 50 feet of range depending on what I use as the transmitter. My Samsung Galaxy phone has the highest range. I also have a Bluetooth USB dongle which on the other hand has horrible range (less than 15 feet).

4) This receiver along with the amp is really inexpensive.

5) Both the receiver and the mini amp are small. I actually have the receiver stacked on the amp itself so it stores away nicely.

6) I can use any speaker to connect to the amp plus my mini amps pumps out really loud volume, a lot more than any of the Bluetooth speakers that I have tried without distorting.

So thumbs up for the Homespot NFC.
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on July 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
I wanted to upgrade my sound system with a Bluetooth receiver so that I didnt have to have my phone tethered to the system if I wanted to listen to music. So, after some research, I bought the Logitech Bluetooth Receiver thinking that I wouldnt be able to go wrong. How wrong I was. Bluetooth streaming compresses your audio because it cannot handle the amount of data that is being streamed, so I was not surprised when I heard less bass impact and distortion in the highs. Then, wanting to compare that with a newer product, I bought the HomeSpot. And I was consequently blown away.

1. Sound Quality: The HomeSpot seems to have a built in amplifier and I was hearing much better bass impact and treble in my music. Even classical music with its high's didnt have the amount of distortion that the Logitech had.

2. Looks/Footprint: The HomeSpot is smaller than the logitech but it does lose out in the looks department. The logitech looks classier and more streamlined. That being said, it is more than twice as big.

3. Range: The HomeSpot has much better range than the Logitech and does not cut out when I placed my body between the phone and the receiver. That being said, if there is a thick wall between the streamer and the receiver, there will be signal quality issues.

4. Cables: This is one region where the logitech wins. The logitech has a better charger and longer cables. I had to place the HomeSpot on top of my subwoofer until I figured out a way to thread the cable to my cabinet. However, because this does have longer range, this shouldnt be a problem for most people.

So overall, the HomeSpot won for me because of its superior sound quality and its staggering $13 dollar difference between it and the logitech. I would have no problem recommending this to any of my friends and to any of you.
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on August 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
This has been a perfect little device. Amazingly well done.

The range is outstanding - well beyond similar devices and well beyond the claimed range. I wanted to hook it into a whole-house audio system that has wall plates in a bunch of rooms that allow you to select from multiple sources, so range was very important. I get around 100 feet before the connection between the phone (iPhone 4S) and the HomeSpot starts to drop out and that is through several walls (drywall). I did optimize that by sitting it on top of the amp in the AV closet (not the best place for it - a lot of metal around) and walking off with the phone until the connection started to drop. After that I left the phone where it was and moved the HomeSpot around until it was getting the best signal and not dropping out. That position turned out to be velcro'd to the wall inside the AV closet about 5.5' high (a short but important distance away from the amp). You do, however, want to make sure that is also somewhere you can very easily access if you're going to want to pair it with multiple devices.

Pairing is simple. There's a small button you press on the HomeSpot to put it in "discoverable" mode and then (with an iPhone) you simply choose it from the list of Bluetooth devices. If your phone has NFC then it should just be a matter of touching the devices together. If you are using multiple devices then the last device to pair is the one that has the connection. To get the HomeSpot to drop an active connection and go into "discoverable" mode so you can connect it to another device you just use the button again. It also goes into "discoverable" mode whenever power is turned on to it, which is helpful if you decide to use a switched outlet on the back of your audio equipment, or if you use it in the car. There are no codes or other messing about to do to get it to pair.

On the subject of cars, I tested it there and ordered another one because it works so well. As long as you can get USB power (through a cigarette lighter adapter or otherwise) to the HomeSpot and can get audio into your stereo via a 3.5mm jack then this will work great for you. With an iPhone you need to select the HomeSpot via your Bluetooth settings every time you start the car, but that only takes a few seconds.

In the package are the unit itself, a USB power cord with a separate wall plug adapter (similar to what devices like iPhones and Kindles have), two audio cables to choose between (one ends with a 3.5mm jack and the other with phono plugs), and an instruction booklet. Simple.

UPDATE: If you have a number of these and find selecting them confusing because they are all named the same, Mogeeks (very responsive) customer service can customize the name or pairing ID of the device if it is ordered from them. There is no charge for the service, but it works out more expensive than buying through Amazon.
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on October 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
This unit is tiny. You can see my picture, holding it in my hand to see how small.

It is easy to use straight out of the package and does exactly what it is supposed to. It receives a blue tooth signal and spits it out to an aux port. It comes with cables for both aux connections and RCA. I tried both with no noticeable difference. I tested my other bluetooth devices using the same bluetooth device to send the signal and the range was basically the same.

I'm using it to play music from my phone and computer to my outdoor speakers. I hooked up the output from the bluetooth receiver to a small amplifier (from Amazon of course, the Lepai mini amplifier) and from there to my outdoor speakers (also from Amazon, Yamaha AW150 outdoor speakers.) The sound is great for my purposes. I'm definately not an audiophile, but I don't hear any distortion or crackling.

In the end, the tiny bluetooth receiver does exactly what it is supposed to and includes the cables you'll need no matter what your setup.
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on October 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
I added an update at the bottom. (6 stars :)
I have had the 'HomeSpot NFC-enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System' for about three weeks now and so far it has worked great. My main reason for buying this unit is to stream music from my laptop or my android tablet to my home stereo unit and to be able to control the music remotely without having to go back and forth to the stereo. I will let you know about my experience so far.

Bluetooth Connectivity:
I've connected the HomeSpot to my home stereo unit with the included phone to RCA adapter. Upon plugging in the unit to the power supply (also included), my laptop quickly found the new device and connected easily. Since I've kept the HomeSpot attached to the power supply, each time I power on my laptop, it automatically connects to the HomeSpot. It connects just as easily to my android tablet. Distance wise, I've moved about 30 feet away from the HomeSpot and I have yet to hear any loss in sound quality. So far, I haven't had any problems with Bluetooth connections.

Sound Quality:
I don't claim to be an audiophile but I do like music and enjoy and expect good quality sound. I have been impressed with the quality of sound that comes from my stereo using the HomeSpot. I've yet to experience static or any loss in sound quality. Basically, I have not noticed any deterioration or difference in sound quality compared to devices that I have connected directly to the stereo unit.

The HomeSpot is a small square device with a decent looking exterior. It includes all the connections needed to connect the device to a stereo receiver; basically, the phono to rca adapter and the power supply to keep it powered on. It connects easily and consistently. The green LED light switches from an intermittent blink to a gradual on off to indicate when it has connected to a Bluetooth device. Sound quality is clear and crisp and doesn't disappoint. Overall, I am very happy with this device and would definitely recommend.

By the way, prior to buying the HomeSpot, I spent a long time reading reviews about similar devices until narrowing down my search between the HomeSpot and the Logitech. Since reviews were similar, I chose the HomeSpot because of the better price. I am very happy that I did.

Update June 4, 2014
Just wanted to say that this device continues to impress me. Still works as good as the day I bought it and I'll be honest and admit that I have never turned it off. I've left it plugged in (on) for months now even when my stereo unit has been off. I will be plugging in the unit to the switched outlet on my stereo so it will only turn on when I need to use it.
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on March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
The HomeSpot Bluetooth Receiver is one of those rare products that is amazingly simple, straight-forward, and extremely functional. Just plug it in, connect up the cable to your stereo, pair your phone (or whatever) to it just like your Bluetooth hands free ear piece, and you're all set.

I'm using it in my computer room/office. The unit is small enough that I just stuck it behind the wireless charging stand for my Nokia Icon cell phone. I never intended to care that much about range. I just wanted to get rid of the need to plug and unplug wires all the time. Since the phone has wireless charging, it's a luxury just plopping the phone down on its wireless charging stand and also have it play music through my audio system without fiddling with any wires.

The HomeSpot amazed me the other night. I took my cell phone halfway across the house just to listen to a quick podcast using my phone's speaker while brushing my teeth. Turned out, the phone was still paired to the HomeSpot. I didn't realize that Bluetooth supported that kind of range.

I'm a bit of an audiophile and I listen to a very broad range of music. Classic rock (hard and soft), some pop C&W, classical, Broadway musicals, etc. I did some testing of various big name low-to-mid priced Bluetooth speakers and rejected them. I expected to reject the low-price ones, but I was very disappointed in the garbage companies like Sony were putting out at even the mid-price range. It was necessary to get into the high-priced stuff to start getting decent quality.

The audio quality on the mid-priced units was probably good enough to mislead the average consumer, but an audiophile could easily tell they were lousy. If you've already got a good sound system at home and listen to quality full spectrum music, don't waste your ears on Bluetooth speakers. This HomeSpot will drive your home audio system at whatever quality you have for source material. (If you've compressed your music, it'll give you lousy compressed music quality. Don't get carried away compressing your music and then make the mistake of blaming your audio system.)

I only have one complaint I've found with the HomeSpot. I (personally) wish it had a shorter Bluetooth range. I'd rather be able to walk out of my computer room with my cell phone and have the pairing automatically break, than to be halfway across the house and discover that my podcast is playing through the HomeSpot back in my computer room. :-) But hey, somehow I suspect other people would probably prefer the HomeSpot working over a long range.

A note for people who may not have experience with multiple Bluetooth devices paired to their cell phone. Your phone should have some setting location where you can manually tell your phone to break the connection with a Bluetooth device while you're still within range of the device. It's probably the same place on your phone you go to establish the original pairing with the device. It's also probably the same place you would go to tell your phone to reconnect with the device later. You normally shouldn't have to go through the pairing procedure again just because you broke the connection. That should normally only be necessary if you told your phone to "forget" the device or if you "deleted" the device from the list of devices your phone knows about.

Quick comment about Mogeeks, through whom I purchased the HomeSpot. I used just normal cheap shipping, and the product was in my mailbox in either two or three business days (forget which). Mogeeks fulfilled the order promptly, accurately, and didn't dally around. There was actually a cell phone case that I ordered from a different company at the same time, and it took a day longer to arrive. The delivery time for the case was "fine" and about as long as I'd typically expect, so I was very happy with the faster delivery time from Mogeeks.

A final note of humor... if your phone seems to be paired just fine with the HomeSpot, your phone appears to be playing your music, and the HomeSpot appears to be properly powered and connected to your audio system, but you're not hearing anything from either your audio system or your phone, check the volume on your phone as well as on your audio system. I spent a few minutes one morning thinking my setup had broken until I finally realized the volume on my phone was turned all the way down.
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93 of 121 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
Here's the bottom line right here at the top: this little device works, and is well worth the price.

Here are the details:
1. Shipping and communication from this vendor (Mogeeks) could not have been faster.
2. The receiver came in a small bubble pack, with no retail box. Included were the receiver, a one-page instruction sheet, a USB-to-120v power adapter, a 3-foot mini-stereo phono cord, and a 3-foot RCA stereo cord. Not the best packaging, but sufficient.
3. The unit itself is very small (approximately the size of post-it pad).
4. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Strangely, there is no RCA port on the unit, and no RCA-to-mini stereo adapter was included. Therefore, if you want to connect it to your home stereo via the RCA cable (the most common type of connection), you'll need an adapter. If you already have a mini-stereo input port on your receiver, then no adapter is needed. This missing adapter is the reason for the 4-star rating instead of a 5-star.
5. After pressing the button on the unit to activate broadcast mode, my Nexus 10 tablet recognized the unit, and with one touch, it immediately linked to it and I was able to play music from the tablet wirelessly through my home audio system.
6. It works flawlessly with a Nexus One android phone, a Nexus 10 tablet (using the NFC feature), and an iPad 3. To switch source units, you must repeat the broadcast/recognition step.
7. Compared with similar units I've seen, the range on this is EXCELLENT. I'm able to wander through other rooms, up to 40 feet away with a wall between my tablet and the receiver, and experienced no dropouts whatsoever. Sound quality is very good.
8. There is no on-off switch. If you want to power it off (which I prefer), you have to remove the power cord from the unit.
9. Because the unit is so small, with both the power code and the output cable connected, I had a little trouble pressing the broadcast reset button (between the two cable ports) with my fat finger. This is a small nit, but I thought I'd mention it. It won't be an issue if the device you're coupling uses NFC.

In summary, I'm very happy with the performance and value of this unit, and I really appreciated the quick shipping and good communication from the vendor.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on December 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
This tiny little Bluetooth adapter lets you play any bluetooth device through any of your existing Hi-Fi, stereo, audiophile or home theater systems, amplifiers or amplified speakers. It even works to play through any iPod docks or in your car via their AUX inputs.

Play music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-capable smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR; Support A2DP profile; Store 8 paired devices. Range up to 66 feet, line of sight. Tap-and-pair and tap-and-connect the receiver with NFC-equipped Android, Windows 8 and Nokia phones.

- Adapter
- UL-plug USB AC adapter
- USB power cord
- 3.5mm to stereo RCA
- 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug

- Bluetooth 4.0 (2.1+EDR backward compatible); Support A2DP profile; Store 8 paired devices
- Superior wireless performance; Transmit up to 66 feet away with line of sight
- Tap-and-pair and tap-and-connect the receiver with NFC-equipped Android, Windows 8 and Nokia phones
- Plug the receiver into any A/V receiver, stereo system, or speaker through standard RCA or 3.5 mm jack; UL-plug AC adapter included
- Play music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-capable smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android.

It takes a button push to set up, and you'll be playing your music or movie sound (or anything) via your big speakers in just moments. This runs via USB power, and a wall USB adapter and cable is included for home use. For use in your car, just plug it into any USB port or USB adapter for power. Once paired, plug its audio output where you need it, and you're done.

This tiny thing sounds great for how small and cheap the device is. It's smooth, clean, crisp and detailed but not on par to the Logitech or the Phillips in the low bass response and its latency is much worst. Every time I would skip a song it took almost a full second to catch up and start playing, after a few skips this became extremely annoying but it did not ruin the overall sound of the device.

The fact it lacks RCA inputs is a con to me for many reasons, the fact it has worse latency than the Logitech and the Phillips I would not recommend it over the other two, especially with the prices all being within $1 of each other. I would shy away from this compared to the other two. Overall it did have good sound however, but the lack of RCA inputs and latency just kill this products worthyness to me.

Here is how I rank the adapters I test, from best to worst;

Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth Music Receiver - $189

Philips AEA2000/37 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Adapter/Receiver (Discontinued) - $28.99
Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter - $29.99

HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver - $29.00

Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter - $55
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on January 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
Sometimes you find a technology that does something simple, but amazing. This is one of those. Literally, I received this from the postman and less than 3 minutes later I was playing music through my stereo from my cell phone wirelessly! How? Well, I pulled it out of the package. It came unceremoniously packed in a little zip-top bag with all of the appropriate cables. I plugged the 1/8th inch (headphone) to RCA cable to the AUX input on the stereo. I plugged in the USB power adapter and USB-to-micro-USB cable. I turned on the stereo and switched it to AUX. I tapped my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus which has NFC) on top of the box. My phone asked "Are you sure you want to pair with this device?" I said "Yes". Music started playing! I am currently streaming Spotify from my cell phone to my stereo from about 15 feet away, but I've walked as far as about 50 feet away with no sign that it was losing signal.

The only thing I can find wrong with this is that when I start listening there's a little pop in the speakers (I think from when the device "engages"). Other than that, this does exactly what I want it to do very elegantly. I may buy another one so I can put it on the other stereo in the house.
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