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Stringer Bell gets an education in construction management; Bunk uses shoe-leather to catch up with Omar and deliver a message; Colvin unleashes the troops on the corner boys, ignoring his new edict; Avon sends Cutty and Slim Charles against Marlo.

Dominic West, John Doman
58 minutes
Original air date:
October 31, 2004

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Season 3

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Season 3-5 was GREAT!!!!!
The Wire is well written, excellent casting, good acting, story line and photography.
Carl E. Brady
This is the best TV show I've ever seen.

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134 of 145 people found the following review helpful By Olukayode Balogun on June 2, 2006
Format: DVD
HBO have at long last, decided to release this on DVD and thank goodness. The Wire is undoubtedly the best TV around these days since "Homicide: Life on the Street". No surprise then, I guess that the same man (David Simon) had/has a big hand in both series.

Unlike most crime/cop shows that have a beginning, middle and end in the one episode, the story here is spread over the entire series. We're seeing stuff that kicked off in Season 1 still developing in Season 3. Some viewers find this challenging - this certainly isn't a show you can watch while cooking dinner or chatting to your buddies on the phone. It's sad that ratings have dropped though because if you give the show the undivided attention it deserves and focus on the story, complex as it is, the rewards are truly immense.

After the drama on the docks that was the main focus of Season 2, Season 3 takes it back to the streets where we most like it. The Baltimore drug wars rage on, with Avon Barksdale, played by Wood Harris, out of jail to find his territory of corners under threat from young & ruthless upstart, Marlo, played utterly convincingly by Jamie Hector. Stringer Bell has held things down while Avon's been away but his methods have been questionable, to put things mildly. Stringer gets his comeuppance this season though and as much as I hated the character - and admired Idris Elba for playing it so well - I honestly didn't see his comeuppance coming in the way it eventually did. Scorching scriptwriting!

The police are desperately trying to keep up. Major "Bunny" Colvin, played by Robert Wisdom, comes up with the 'brilliant' idea of creating a 'safe zone' for drug sale and use in the city and this area gets dubbed Amsterdam.
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72 of 79 people found the following review helpful By Adam Dukovich on August 28, 2006
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
After a virtuosic first season and an ambitious (but not quite as thrilling) second season, The Wire's third season proved to be the best one yet. Even though it hasn't been embraced by the public at large (like, say, The Sopranos), the show has received gobs of critical acclaim and delivers the goods, too, every week. I think that not only is The Wire a better show than The Sopranos (which is, admittedly, a truism), but it is a show which better reflects our post-9/11 mindset than its erstwhile New Jersey neighbor. The Sopranos is a product of another time, the zeitgeist of the late 1990s, with its constant putdowns of moneyed, whining, shrink-visiting, latte-sipping, politically-correct hipsters (the Eagles song "Get Over It" being perhaps the definitive cultural manifesto of the time). That show produced three excellent seasons of TV, but then 9/11 changed the world and Tony, Paulie, et al, never managed to get back ahead of the curve. The Wire was formed in direct response to 9/11 and links the drug war to the War on Terror, in both a direct and indirect sense, while examining the institutions (both legitimate and seamy) and the individuals that inhabit them. Although the show is described (even by itself) with such terms as "gritty" and "unvarnished", it is actually not so simple--in the show, as in life, few people fall into the sinner and saint categories. Leaders in these institutions are generally rational and even the antagonists occasionally speak uncomfortable truths. The result is a universe in which we find people's character defined not by their social or economic position.Read more ›
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32 of 34 people found the following review helpful By D. Hannon on May 30, 2006
Format: DVD
I watched Seasons 1 & 2 again last week and came to the realization that it was the best show on HBO. I used to have Sopranos in my top spot, but the Wire has passed it. It has the patience and intelligence I wish the Sopranos could consistently maintain. However, the Wire has only had three seasons and the Sopranos six, so it is might be harder for Chase and crew.

Season Three picks up where Season 2 left off with Daniel's new team investigating the dope in Baltimore. Like the two previous seasons having a theme (1-streets & police, and 2-dock workers and smuggling) this season involves the politics.

Season 2 is still my favorite, but all three seasons are amazing. The third continues the standards of the previous two seasons with excellent writing, acting, and pacing. Robert Wisdom who potrays Major Colvin and Aidan Gillen who plays Councilman Thomas 'Tommy' J. Carcetti are excellent new additions who hold their own to an exellent ensemble.

Thank you HBO for making a 4th Season, despite lower ratings. The critics are right, this is the best drama on TV.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful By Wheelchair Assassin on April 28, 2007
Format: DVD
For those who weren't put off by The Wire's unflinching depictions of violence, drug use, profanity, and urban decay, the show takes a new and frightening direction in season three. Yes, the first two seasons of The Wire dealt with some heavy subject matter, but some of the content of this season may be dark and depressing enough to make even the show's most loyal and unflappable viewers turn away in horror. Yes, season three of The Wire sees the best show of all time venturing into the corrupt, depraved arena of politics, and once you go down that road you never come back. For the first time, fans of the show get a look at those roaming the halls of power not just in the Baltimore Police Department (though there is a great deal of that) but of the city itself. What goes on in the mayor's office, the City Council chamber, and the police headquarters isn't always a pretty picture--even the drug game seems to have more room for loyalty and honor than the political game--but the show's newfound emphasis on political maneuvering does contribute to its evolution from a crime drama with elements of social commentary to a full-fledged urban drama with (according to David Simon) heavy inspiration in Greek tragedy. And we should all be grateful for it, as it helps further The Wire's claim as the most relevant and challenging show yet to hit TV. I don't vote and tend to wonder why so many people concern themselves with politics, but The Wire approaches the subject with such a personal and philosophical emphasis that even the most apolitical viewer should be riveted.

Of course, it's not all politics, as pretty much every character viewers know and love from season one is still in play, and there's plenty of violent action and intricate electronic investigating to be found.
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