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on December 21, 2013
Phil Broker (Jason Statham) is a former NARC who must now lay low due to getting the son of a crime boss killed. He is living in Louisiana which allows them to use a better soundtrack and crazy characters. His wife has passed on, he has a daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic) and a wanna be formulaic relationship with school counselor Susan Hatch(Rachelle Lefevre). He draws attention to himself while trying to live with a low profile, attention that endangers the life of both him and his daughter.

As art imitates life, James Franco plays the crazy bad guy and Winona Ryder his trashy girlfriend.

This is one of the better Statham films I have seen. It includes the usual tough guy talk, fighting, killings, chase scenes, and explosions. It also includes a colorful support cast with Kate Bosworth and Marcus Hester as realistic people. Bosworth was a pistol.

Worth seeing for fans of action films.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, garage sex, no nudity. Deals with meth manufacture and use.
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Chuck Logan's novel has been transformed into a screenplay by Sylvester Stallone and as directed by Gary Fleder the end result is a tense, rapid paced thriller. Set in the smarmy swamplands of the Bayou, a location that adds immensely to the atmosphere of the drama, this is a film that for some reason was overlooked in the theaters (likely a timing release problem). It is full of fine ideas and is brought to life by a very strong cast of well known and not so well known but very competent actors: with Jason Statham at the helm we can be assured it will be a action packed brutal survey of crime and its manifestations.

Phil Broker Jason Statham is a former DEA agent who has gone through a crisis after his action against a biker gang went horribly wrong and it cost the life of his boss' son. He is recently widowed and is left with a 9-year-old daughter, Maddy (Izabela Vidovic), and deciding to step out of the dangerous life of a NARC agent he moves to his deceased wife's quit town for Maddy's sake. Maddy draws attention when she has a confrontation with the school bully (Austin Craig) whose parents (Marcus Hester and Kate Bosworth - in a surprisingly fine role) cause trouble setting into motion a series of events that ends in his direct confrontation with the local Meth drug lord Gator (James Franco - excellent!) whose addicted sister happens to be Kate Bosworth. Broker's past history with the biker gang also enters the arena, making matters more complex. But he has a mission in his mind to protect his daughter and he is ready to pay any cost that it demands, despite the fact that the local sheriff (Clancy Brown) is in cahoots with the Meth gang. One of Gator's kind, Cyrus (Frank Grillo) and his girlfriend, the sleazy Sheryl (Winona Rider), are brought into the picture to kill Broker, a kidnapping takes place and an attack on Gator's Meth lab ends in a whale of a combustion that only lights up the surprising final scenes.

Yes, this is a rather grisly film about a disturbing subject, but the performances by Statham, Franco, Bosworth, Ryder, Vidovic, Susan Hetch as the school psychologist and love interest, and Grillo are excellent and the supporting cast is rich in terrifying characters portrayed by a fine supporting cast. Action plus! Grady Harp, March 14
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 19, 2013
According to English journalist Christopher Booker, there are only seven basic plots, but screenwriter Sylvester Stallone ("Rambo" and "Rocky") uses my favorite one (Overcoming the Monster). He gives us someone to root for and then puts that individual in jeopardy.

After establishing our hero's credibility as an undercover agent for an alphabet soup of agencies, this non-stop actioner gets started with a simple little case of grade-school bullying which results in a fist fight; the families quickly escalate the situation and from there on, the action rarely lets up.

We watch:
* Jason Statham ("The Transporter") A mystified local cop thinks maybe Phil Broker is in the Witness Protection Program...or something. He clearly is NOT a run-of-the-mill local yokel in the small Southern hamlet where he and his daughter have settled.
* Izabela Vidovic (Lots of TV) is his daughter Maddy, who, miracle of miracles, does NOT trip and fall when being chased, is resourceful and clever, and knows how to stick up for herself.
* James Franco ("Oz the Great and Powerful") is Gator, a down-home bad boy with a hi-tech meth lab that will be his ticket to the big time.
* Kate Bosworth ("Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!") is his sister, furious over that playground incident and dead set on revenge.
* Wynona Ryder ("The Iceman") is Sheryl Mott, a foul-mouthed barmaid; she delivers a file to a powerful man who needs it, then she watches the whole violent catastrophe unfold.

This has a richly deserved R rating, so expect lots of profanity, broken bones and torture, many intervals of gunfire and drug use along with some highly satisfying blowie uppie stuff. However, I hope you noticed that I said in the first paragraph "Overcoming the Monster" so that means a happy ending! Whew...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 16, 2014
Homefront is about a former DEA agent (Statham) who moves his family to a quiet town after a tough undercover operation that leaves a bad taste in his mouth but soon finds trouble with the locals.

Although the story does have its flaws and some improbable moments that push the plot along (such as Gator finding the offical file of Broker in a box at his house), it does provide plenty of action to keep you interested all the way through. Statham does his typical tough character that he has done before, but he does it very well. Franco is ok as Gator but seems to switch from violent thug to more of a wimpy drug head at the end. Would have been better if he maintained the tough persona that he started out with at the beginning of the movie.

Although not my favorite Statham movie (hard to top the original Transporter in my book) it does have plenty of action and just enough to keep you entertained all the way through.
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on November 13, 2015
Great movie for me and my wife. Even though its a typical jason statham movie, this movie is one of the better one he had done. keep going in this derection jason. Movie are a must for me and my wife. the movie quality was great and the shipping was great too because it was bought digitally. so an instant movie night for me and the wife. i usually get digital movies from amazon because of the quality and the instant watching ability. Great work and a great movie.Nothing but great things to say quick and easy as always
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on September 6, 2014
Okay. I know: Homefront isn't any kind of raving intellectual challenge. Sure, we've all seen similar stuff before. But I just really liked it. I've watched it twice now and liked it as much the second time as the first. Jason Statham is always at his best in these kind of one-man-against-the-world kind of movies. While relatively predictable to a degree--maybe even a strong degree--Homefront was still fun for me just watching it being played out. It is, after all is said and done, a rather standard revenge movie with the good guy getting to pound, shoot and otherwise maim the bad guys. It's all done very well with James Franco and Kate Bosworth doing a fine job as the backwoods hicks.

If you like these kind of action flicks like I do, then I highly recommend it. Home Front is no Godfather or even close to it, but it's just a fun-to-watch action flick.
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VINE VOICEon August 9, 2014
Lots of action, typical of Statham's movies. Of course the plot is a bit far fetched, but as an action movie, it was enjoyable.

I especially liked the girl's character. It's good to portray females, and children, as brave, resourceful people who do everything they can to help themselves and others. In the past, females and children in movies were often portrayed as passive helpless victims, often in a really heavy-handed, insulting way, whose only hope was to be rescued by a strong man. I also liked that in this movie, even very violent people can control their behavior to spare others from witnessing cruelty. Everyone needs good role models and movies are an excellent medium to show such models.
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on May 19, 2014
I actually really liked this movie. I noticed it was written by Sylvester Stallone, and it kind of reminded me a bit of the Rambo movies, particularly the first one. The plot and acting were good, but I just got SO sick of everybody using the "F" word. I'm not a prude, mind you. I am a middle-aged English teacher, but I happen to teach high school students who are on parole from jail. I know people -- particularly this element of society -- use that word as a verb, an adjective, an adverb, and a noun, but not usually all in the same sentence. Seriously, even if you're a potty mouth, I guarantee you don't use that word as much as they did in this movie. It was enough to be distracting and even comical in spots. This would have been a so much better movie if about half of the uses of that word were replaced with ANYTHING else.
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on December 4, 2014
I love to watch anything Jason Statham is acting in because it means some good fighting scenes. Good acting by everybody and a good plot. Sylvester Stallone writes movies -- he wrote most of his own -- very well. He probably wrote this for Jason as he is one of his "Expendables" buddies. Surprised to see Wynona Rider in it. The School Psychologist was prettier than her and should have been given a bigger part. Kate Bosworth plays a meth head very well. James Franco makes a good villain.
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on April 29, 2014
Just another 'Murica!, all American, god fearing man defeats evil redneck tyrant storyline. Franco does ok playing a drug dealing redneck but say "MF'er" enough times like Franco does in this movie and anyone can pull that off. Statham as usual beats the crap out of bunches of "evil doers" and saves the day. Probably a fairly popular movie in the red states. So yea that's it, no surprises here. This movie follows a recipe that is a proven winner with gun toting, Nascar crowd. Mess with a good all American dude who just happens to be a ex LEO, badass and you get a good ole American butt kicking and the really bad guys get a couple rounds of buckshot.
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