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85 of 101 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2011
Homefront was hyped up for a long time. I fed into the hype and got way excited that it may actually deliver an amazing story and have gameplay that ups the Call of Duty ante. Rarely do I buy games on release day and unfortunately I've been reminded why. Homefront is a game with excellent ideas, but just fails to fully realize those ideas.

Here's the campaign in a nutshell: A quick montage showing Korean unifying, US deteriorating, Korea taking over the world and occupying the US. Things are bad, very bad, Cut to you (a faceless person that has hardly any back story and barely talks) getting arrested by the Korean regime, you're shown horrifying scenes as you're taken away, members of the Resistance (who somehow know more about you than you know about yourself) free you, barely introduce themselves, throw you a gun, and tell you to just start shooting. All of this happens repeatedly with small scenes interspersed to try and make you feel emotion and hate the Koreans. It fails miserably because you're never given much back story on anyone you're fighting for, so when they die you have zero emotional attachment to them and you're just left waiting for the next shootout. Cut to maybe 4 hours later (not the 5-10 hours they promised), a very abrupt ending occurs that leaves you confused because you expect more.

The game starts off decently strong, but as it progresses and weakly tells a story you start to lose interest. Towards the end I didn't care any more. I found myself trying to shoot my one teammate, Connor Morgan, who just swears constantly and yells at you. You have no real clue who he is, but he hates Koreans and loves mindless profanity. I think the biggest disappointment for the campaign is the possibility the game had. I often found myself wandering off, completely ignoring what my teammates said because I didn't care at all, and trying to find the newspaper clippings because they had more story to them and informed you more.

It's supposedly written by John Milius who wrote Red Dawn and co-wrote Apocalypse Now. Either he just came up with basic plot ideas and not full dialogue or he was just completely uninspired. If he did write a full story I have trouble believing Kaos used it all considering how much this pales in comparison to the classics he is known for. The game had the perfect setting to build a great gut wrenching story, but it just doesn't deliver. It's like ordering a pizza and getting uncooked dough, sauce, and cheese. You have all the right ingredients, but not the finished product you paid for.

With the multiplayer you fight for either the US military or the Korean army. The Resistance is not a part of this. The play is very familiar as in it's setup pretty much just like Call of Duty. The gameplay is seemingly smoother than the campaign. The battle points currency is the coolest part of it which allows you to spend them in game and buy weapons. With my limited time spent on the multiplayer it seems like Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2 had a baby. That's not necessarily a bad thing at all, but other than the battle points it doesn't bring much new to the table. That doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable though.

All in all the game just comes across as average and a letdown considering what they could have done. It's certainly not worth $60. If I didn't preorder at Best Buy and get the free Turtle Beach headset with it I would be a whole lot more upset. If I look at it as I paid $30 for the headset I only paid $30 for the game and I think I can get $30 worth of enjoyment from it. It's still hard to shake how much promise this game had.
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90 of 112 people found the following review helpful
on March 20, 2011
My personal opinion and review is based off of the Campaign offline. The story is actually really good. Granted that it could have taken off at a slower pace and had a bit more action and resistance instead of springing you into what seems a final chapter before it begins.

The graphics of this game are a little unpolished. Probably my biggest complaint. As the enemy furthers away its more of a brown or greenish blotch on your television. I have a 55" 1080P and its still grainy. Dont even attempt this on a 18" Screen. I did while I was working out of town the first play through and its terrible and really irritating. Only way I finished half the missions were shooting at red caps and blue glows of the enemy. But this isnt enough to keep you from enjoying the game.

The control overall is a spawn of Call Of Duty. Which I dont see anything wrong with. The formula works, use it. I personally believe all games should.

The gameplay is "Decent". I think if a little more time was put into it, could have been a whole lot more likeable. Honestly it still feels like its in a beta stage at times.

My personal nitpicks are little things. The Grenade Icons suck. I was blown up so many times in single player because I couldnt even see the grenade let alone the icon. Next pick is the guns. They are all pretty much exactly the same and few. With the exception of the two sniper rifles. Single hit in campaign, two shot online unless head. But there is no Steady to the sights. The assault, LMG, and SMG's all feel the same to me. Only difference I can find is the speed my character moves. My last pick is that the campaign is short. 7 missions that seem to go by fast. I want more!

Heres my review of the multiplayer. You take the gameplay of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and blend it with Call of Duty's Rank and Challenge system, you have Homefront. Of the 16 players on your team, 5-6 will most likely snipe. 4 will spend most the game dying in hope they can get a vehicle. And the last few percentage of your team will be fresh out of Call of Duty with a rush attack. The vehicles are balanced somewhat. But the weapons are not. Concept seems that the more you play, the more ahead in the game and godly you are. Which is not fair by no means. It leaves the battlefield unbalanced. The level 30's will easily pick off anyone under 20 with the stronger perks. And the ranking system as with Call of Duty bores me. You never earn your rank! Why is there never skill involved these days? I like being challenged to level up. Not playing countless rounds until my BS xp bar reaches the next cap. Most games are following this mediocre ranking system, so im not going to knock this game for it. Overall experience... If you play call of duty, this wont replace it. 3 weeks tops and you will be returning to the prestige party's with your friends on black ops.

I really want to love this game. But its hard to. If you enjoyed battlefield or you need a temporary break from the Call of Duty norm, this is a great purchase. Otherwise, just rent it.

Personal note to the Call Of Duty goons who raped the review.... Your game is equally flawed! Rank system is trash, Camping is praised, A shotgun is godly with a silencer?, your neighbors 5 yr old plays, and destroying a games online review only makes it more obvious your girlfriend is right.. Im better.
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98 of 123 people found the following review helpful
on March 15, 2011
Homefront is a great concept, one that most game studios don't want to take on -- bringing the war from overseas to the United States itself. Its happened before, including in portions of a recent Call of Duty release, but not to the degree that Homefront does. Unfortunately, the great story doesn't carry the game. The graphics feel like something that was released 3-4 years ago and the feel of the game is clunky overall. The guns feel good and shoot well, but that's about all its got going for it. The story is also way too short, 7 chapters that run a total of about 5 hours. There's stuff you can go back for achievement wise, but no more than 2 play throughs.

As for the multiplayer, it wasn't anything spectacular, but I did have fun playing it. It just doesn't seem like its going to have the staying power of some of the other big release FPS games out today. The game comes with a code that unlocks the full multiplayer and its a one time use code. If you sell your game to a friend, you can purchase a new code through XBox Live. I'm not sure why they added this feature. It seems unnecessary.

All in all, Homefront is a fun game that is certainly playable. It suffers from feeling to old and not really bringing anything new to the genre other than the storyline touching a little closer to home than most.

If the game studio doesn't get discouraged by the middle of the road feedback they're getting on this game, there is definitely something to build upon in the future.
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33 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2011
With the departure of Infinity Ward from the Call of Duty franchise, I have been looking for the next great franchise. Unfortunately I fed into the media blitz put on for this game. Big mistake!

The story is visceral and engaging but not for the faint of heart. Much of the imagery is disturbing and gruesome. What was there was pretty well done for an initial release, but there just wasn't much there. I was just getting the feel for the game when the campaign/single player ended. I was in shock as it was only my second session with the game, meaning I finished it in under 5 hours.

At this point I moved on to the online campaign. After selecting XBox Live I was prompted for to purchase or redeem an online code. What?! I just bought the game why would I need a code. Its not a PC, its a console, this is odd. But sure enough I found in my game case the required online access code. Without this code you can only play up to level 5 in multiplayer.

So with a 5 hour campaign and a required code to play online this game is going to be a real bummer for anyone who buys it used. They will have to pay to be able to play it online. If there are multiple people in your house with different Live accounts, they will each have to buy their own code. This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen with a console game. With all the compromises that I deal with for console gaming, the one thing I expect is a level of trust that I am not stealing the game, but apparently that is now gone too.

A couple of other pet peeves with this game. The game would have been even shorter if I had not had to sit and wait seemingly forever for the NPCs to open a door and walk through it, at times right after a checkpoint so that you get to enjoy it multiple times if you die. That is even if you know exactly where to go and what to do, you have to wait for the NPC to open the door and saunter through it, and then the next NPC to follow before you can then walk through the door. If you try to go earlier you just get in the way, are not allowed to proceed and slow the progress of the NPC, and ultimately your own progress. Another annoyance was points of infinite spawns in the game where if you attempted to pre-clear an area you would never finish, had I just moved up at first try the game would have been even shorter and I would have had more ammo. Finally, there is a sniper mission where you must wait for the NPC to identify the target, and finally give you the OK to fire. If you shoot anytime before the final OK, you will have to restart the mission. While this might be OK, it is not made clear until you drop the first target.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2011
The best thing I can say about Homefront is it has a great premise for a video game, and the multi-player is fun when it actually works.

If you buy games for the single player experience, you should undoubtedly skip Homefront. The campaign starts off with a great story, but forgets about that pretty quickly in favor of just following another character around and shooting things. It's probably the most linear new FPS out right now. And it's only 3-4 hours long. And it ends abruptly. No doubt the makers are going to milk this for all the money possible through DLC and sequels. I'm not sure when it became acceptable to release half of a game and then charge people extra to finish it.

The multi-player is fun when it works, especially the "Battle Commander" and "Battle Points" systems, but it hardly works. There aren't enough "dedicated servers" to meet demand, the game hard freezes on some people's consoles, making the game unplayable, and the matchmaking is broken, pairing players from all over the world into the same lobby, resulting in a lag-infested mess. THQ has promised to fix this, but it's been broken since launch, and I have little faith that a company that can put out such a broken game can fix it properly. Also, there are only 2 game modes, Team Deathmatch and Ground Control, and only 8 maps total. The amount of weapons available, and the extent to which they can be customized, is pretty limited considering the competition.

So, when they promised a single-player campaign that lasts between 5 and 10 hours, a strong story that hits home, a huge multi-player experience, and a game that actually works, know that they couldn't get any of that into this game. Homefail.

Edit, 04/17/11: I gave up on this game and traded it in to Amazon. From checking the forums, the Hard Freeze problem has been fixed for most players, but all of the other problems remain to be patched. There's no update on the time-frame for that. I may buy the game back in a few months IF it's cheap, IF people are still playing it online, and IF all of the bugs are fixed. I don't have much hope in all of that happening though.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2011
Let's face it... if you made it to this review, you're serious about these kinds of games. You've already decided that you're buying this one but you're trying to find the justification. There are worse things to spend your money on (cigarettes, cupcakes, hitmen) and there are better things to spend your money on (Japan relief fund, gym membership, dinner for Mom), and this falls squarely in the middle. So here's what to expect on the XBox 360 version:

1. Most of these reviews are right about multiplayer connections. Well they WERE right. Matchmaking was terrible on day one and only a bit better on day 2. By day 3, it was better than COD:Black Ops-- I had no problem getting (and staying) in a match with a friend on the east coast (I'm in CA) and had only infrequent lag "blips".

2. Single player campaign is frustratingly boring. I can understand wanting to involve us in the story, but these guys are amateurs when it comes to mixing story with gaming. I bought a shooter, guys. That means the caffeine is kicking in and I don't want the neighborhood tour from a guy who walks slower than I sleep (you'll know what I mean by mission 2). And the NPC's that pace the story are always late on their "cues". And the bad guys are so repetitive. In short, do not buy this for the campaign.

3. Your soldier may be drunk. I'm not certain, but the way he's moving is pretty good evidence he's had a couple of 40s just before battle.

4. You will hate snipers. In this game, I can pick off the pixel that is a moving head... a half-mile away... while holding a red-dotted M249, so snipers will not always be toting sniper rifles. Even when behind cover, you'll be exposed time and again so just deal with it.

5. You will have a variety of drones at your disposal. The effective players know how to use them once in a while. The Rhino is a cheap way to kill helicopters. The Parrot can make life more difficult for outdoor rushers/campers while netting you 20+ assists a game.

6. Kill cam is more like BF:BC2 and not like COD. You won't see how they killed you, but instead your ghost will follow them around for a bit.

7. The maps are huge. Especially when your soldier runs as slow as he does. I always want to thumb a ride to the action or switch to a pistol to run faster (not a good thing to do, btw).

8. Vehicles can stick around for a long time, although I expect that to change once people get more experience taking them out.

9. There are only two button-layouts. I think this upset me the most. Luckily, only the stab button was different from my usual COD layout, so other than a couple of awkward moments where my surprise invasion of someone else's personal space ended in my own death, I've been able to cope.

10. You'll still prefer COD:Black Ops or BF:BC2, depending on where you're coming from, but this is a nice change of pace.
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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2011
I really wanted this title to succeed. Unfortunately it's numerous issues plague what should be a great game.

Somewhat original take on the Genre which seems fresh

The Level of detail in the levels in fantastic

The multiplayer battlepoints system is a nice change of pace

Framerate/resolution physically made me feel ill while playing (I play a lot of games, this is the first to bother me so badly)

The online was/is somewhat broken with literal game freezes (requiring machine reboot), being kicked out of games, and not being able to get into games (this is not exclsive to this title but I have not experienced worse in any other game)

The sound is pretty weak compared to more recent titles (guns sound more like toys)

The graphics are definately dated although if everything else was fine (gameplay, sound, etc) they would be

The single player is extremely short; 4-5 hours if you take your time looking for newspaper collectables. No real replay either.

The controls feel sluggish to my taste (not the worst I have ever encountered but they just lack the responsiveness of so many other games I have played)

In conclusion, I was really looking forward to this title and I was pulling for Kaos studios to do well. I think if perhaps they had more of a budget and/or time, this could have been an amazing title. As it was released though, it is not and it mediocre at best as a total package. Bummer!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 2, 2012

My first review ever. Read all the reviews and just finished the game. I have played all the Call of Duty and World at War and totally enjoyed them. However, Homefront was different -- and why not?

Yes, it had some issues as previously mentioned, and yes it started getting great and was too short for single play but you know what I enjoyed ab out this game? You were the underdog, you had limited supplies, ammunition, and resources and it REALLY did make you have to work harder and smarter. You are an underground fighter.
Would purchase a second game but I heard the company went under. Continuation of the story line would have been a treat.

Lots of good and bad reviews about this game. At first I did not know what to expect but when I realized that weapons were in short supply, it really made you be more selective. Will I purchase the next Call of Duty/Modern Warfare/Black Ops? You bet! Can't wait but this Homefront was an awesome alternative to that mindset and I really enjoyed the game -- even with its issues. thanks!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2011
the single player campaign is short and not as great as i had hoped for. The game isn't as captivating as COD. The graphics are not as amazing as i would have hoped as well. However despite the games shortcomings the multiplayer is worth the price of the game. The point system is a great new way to tilt a online game into your favor. Instead of kill streaks you can save points to buy a tank or spend them early for smaller improvements. The scale of the battles is amazing as well. Chokepoints constantly change in multiplayer and enemies can come at you from all directions. I have taken great pleasure playing the multiplayer portion of this game. If you are looking for COD look elsewhere. It is more like a Bad Company type game. If you are an avid live FPS player then this game is worth the price.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2011
I', not going to write a drawn out review - just download the Demo and play the multiplayer game. II'm sure this game could have been better in some areas for some, but almost every game I've played "could have been better." With that said, this game is awesome fun because of the multiplayer with up to 32 players at once, and that is more entertaining for me! graphically the game is very good with huge environments and all kinds of little nooks and areas that you get sniped from or places to hide! leveling up in multiplayer is as good if not better than any game out there. The multiplayer is a fun a game with incredible and at time overwhelming action!
I haven't played the single player campaign yet, so I'm not sure how fun it is there.
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