Customer Reviews: Homeland Season 2
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on October 22, 2013
Don't miss this series! Series one blew me away with it's character development and acting. Season 2's story is a minuscule notch below that of season 1. A powerful and emotional spun series that will keep you locked in tight! Although @ times I might have caught myself saying "that would never happen" during an episode or two; in contrast the series most often compensates in other areas that would balance most doubt. Season 3 has started and it's been nothing short of amazing so far! The mix of characters and their acting is unbelievably superb!
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on September 14, 2013
Another great season with complex characters. The expansion of story lines (including the growing inequality in society) added depth to several minor characters. Can't wait for next season!
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on November 16, 2014
This is for the complete series: I'm giving it a three point five, but hold on. There are many five-star parts in this series. Trouble is, they are almost balanced out by the one-star parts. First off, this series calls for an amazing amount of suspension of disbelief. The fact that Carrie works for the CIA and is allowed to keep her job is totally and laughably ridiculous. She does things that would get her locked up for thirty years, in real life, and, in Season Two, even possibly executed, absent all the facts. Also, this character snivels and bawls at the drop of a hat, and looks horribly ugly while doing so. Once or twice is ok, but every ten to fifteen minutes? Come on! Mandy is very good, and gets better as the series goes on. He steals many scenes. The guy playing Brody starts weak, acting-wise, but gets very strong as the show progresses. Everyone else is very good. The plot is very involved, and the writing is excellent, so everything works. Recommended, but remember the suspension of disbelief.
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on January 14, 2014
I'm late to discover Homeland, I find it the best show on TV. Damien Lewis and Claire Danes get best actor/actress votes
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on September 22, 2015
Season one really grabbed my attention. Season two is great to fill some plot gaps & keeps things moving at a solid pace. By the end of Season two, I found myself beyond annoyed with Carrie Mathison's bi-polar craziness, as well as the unchecked, pouty teen angst of Dana Brody. I like to think that people exhibiting the behaviors that these two do would be removed from any & all contact with the CIA (Carrie) & be subject to some pretty strong parental consequences (Dana). Unfortunately, people get away with bad behavior every day & this fiction is no different...
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on April 14, 2016
The story is good, but the wife and daughter are insufferable, and there's too much of them for my taste. Especially the teenage daughter. Would someone please tell her she is not the only person living on the planet and not the only person with complications and feelings. I keep finding myself wanting to scream out loud at the wife, "The guy was in a hole and tortured for eight years, and you can't pause for some patience in a difficult relationship with the guy!" And the teenage girl with her constant self pity and lashing out calling everyone moron. In one of her self-pity scenes she tells her father, "It's like, you don't know anyone anymore." Well duh! Obviously it's drama for TV but it's way overdone with the daughter and wife and I can't watch it. There's already enough constant angst with Carrie's determination and frustration of others not seeing what she sees and...well, it's just overkill angst as far as I'm concerned. The story is good, and if CONSTANT angst from personal conflict is tolerable for you, then it's your bag, but not mine.
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on October 9, 2013
Exciting storyline, well acted Claire Danes worthy of her awards, loved it. Cant wait for the next series. would like the option of paying for all the episodes for one price.
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on September 13, 2013
I've completed four episodes and it is turning out to be another thrilling ride! One surprise after another, don't want it to end.
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on March 29, 2016
This season is as riveting as it is heartrending. You will not see finer contemporary acting than the work on offer here - including on the stages of London's West End. This is especially so in the episode Q&A which takes place, predominately, in an unadorned room, in which Claire Danes and Damian Lewis sit opposite one another, and are shot in extreme close-up as they traverse the panoply of human emotion. For long stretches, Lewis achieves incredible eloquence without saying a word,
The extraordinary cast is augmented by Rupert Friend, who embodies the power of containment. Claire Danes shifts from one intense emotion to the next, moment by moment and she's sublime. Mandy Patinkin and David Harewood are never less than perfect. You won't find a better show than this.
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on September 28, 2013
I still love this show for all of the twists and turns, the great acting, etc. BUT I would like to move past what I would describe as the "silly" love connection between Carrie and Brody. Enough. It's childish and weakens both characters as well as the story line.

Here we have Abu Nazir and Roya in a stereotypical portrayal of Arab terrorists as strong, emotionless people completely dedicated to a cause. Here we have Carrie and Brody, portrayed as weaker individuals, who let their personal relationship interfere with the ultimate goal of finding/killing Abu Nazir and stopping terrorist plots against the US. Granted, we don't know for sure whether Brody is really in love with Carrie, or Carrie in love with Brody (suspect she is) ... or whether each are using the other ... but it's now annoying to see such softness in both of these characters. Even Peter Quinn, who comes across as a hardened, emotionless killer throughout most of the series, "softens" at the end by not killing Brody because Carrie would crumble and she's one of the best agents the CIA has. Really? Pathetic excuse. Again, we don't know for sure that's the REAL reason he doesn't kill Brody .... or if something else is lurking behind the scenes with David Estes, but it's annoying to see Peter soften.

Anyway, too many unbelievable situations occur in season 2 , including allowing / not stopping Carrie from constantly going off and doing her own thing. It's just not believable. So while I still like and will watch the series, I sure hope Season 3 focuses more on events and less on silly romantic relationships.
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