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After a five-year relationship and living together for two, Lizzy's fiancé decides to wait until the night before the wedding to tell her he's not the marrying kind. It had taken her weeks of research to find the best place to take their honeymoon. To drown her sorrow she decides she's still going to go and hopefully find herself an exciting one or two night-stand.

But it's going to be awkward being the only single at the couples-only resort. So how incredible that a guy she meets in the airport, going to Belize for business, offers to be her stand-in husband for dinners and sight-seeing, even while staying at a separate hotel. At least until he's killed. The trip kind of goes downhill from there.

Yes, there are lots of red flags (as well as disaster sirens) that should have been noticed by Lizzy when it comes to the things Michael does, but that's part of the story's charm. Add to it a very rich, phobia and conspiracy theory-ridden best friend, a sexy scuba diver/marine biologist, lots of potential suspects as well as motives for his death, an escape from her cleaning-closet jail cell and the need to find whodunit while hiding out, and you've got a humorous chic lit/mystery/romance.

Well after midnight with eyes so blurred it was difficult to read, I had to finish in one sitting what was perhaps the most enjoyable read I've had this summer. The story grabbed me from the first page with its very likeable characters, the situations they find themselves in, and not knowing who the bad guy is because there are just so many to choose from. And it seems that no one is quite what you think they are. This is a great book to escape in for a mini-vacation or to take to the beach.
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Original, irreverent, witty, sarcastic, and funny. Orsoff takes what could be a predictable pity party, continually adds twists, and writes an off-beat farce of a traditional honeymoon.

The premise--getting dumped by the groom at the last minute--is believable. So too, is the idea of not forfeiting the cost of the honeymoon. And the down-to-earth maid of honor who tries to help the bride cope is realistic. But, from that point on, all bets are off. THERE IS NO SPOILER. I won't tell you more of the plot. That would be as mean as snatching the bouquet from the gal next to you.

Orsoff's use of dialogue is excellent. Thoughts and conversations flow easily. Settings and descriptions are well-painted, giving the reader enough to understand the author's intent. The plot points drive the story's engine without allowing any of the chapters to drag. And the back story is brief, without belaboring the essential facts. If that weren't enough, who wouldn't identify with the protagonist; that poor bride!

This one's a light read; as sassy as that adorable flower girl who sticks out her tongue as the photographer snaps her picture.
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on October 25, 2010
Every Woman's Nightmare

What do you get when you combine a dumped-at-the-altar bride-to-be, determined to take her dream honeymoon, an airplane seat mate eager to pose as her husband at the couples resort, a hunky Brad Pitt lookalike who inspires instant lust, and a foreign country where said bride can't speak the language?

You get Honeymoon for One, a delightful blend of mystery, humor, and BFF relationships with a dash of romance tossed in for good measure. This droll mystery, highlighted by a series of unexpected events that complicate an already complicated situation, will keep you turning the pages and smiling.

Maybe it was the tropical setting or the wacky characters. but the book was reminiscent of a Carl Hiassen novel, albeit a kinder, gentler Hiassen book.

No Spoiler

When reviewing a book, one treads a fine line of revealing enough to convince you the book is worth buying but holding back on those little surprises that make a book truly entertaining. So I'm just going to leave you with the brief description I wrote above, and a little about the wonderful characters you'll meet in Ms. Orsoff's novel.

The protagonist Lizzie Mancini, the hapless bride-to-be who finds herself un-engaged the night before the wedding, and her best friend Jane Chandler will delight you. I suspect that there's a little Lizzie in all of us.

As for BFF Jane, with her hilarious phobias and a trust fund that enables her to outfit both of them like a covert ops team, well, Jane is an original, and she's laugh out loud funny. We all need a BFF like Jane in our lives.

A Word About Kindle Books

Honeymoon for One is a Kindle book which means it's priced very inexpensively. In case you didn't know, you don't have to have a Kindle in order to purchase and read a Kindle edition. Just go to the Amazon Kindle site and download their Kindle for PC or Kindle for iPhone software or whatever ap works for you. (I love my Kindle!)

I interviewed the author, Beth Orsoff on Sept. 21, 2010, on Drop by and discover more about this talented author.

The Bottom Line

I like to use the rating system made famous long ago by Siskel and Ebert. I give 2 thumbs up for Honeymoon for One. In fact, I liked it so much that I plan to get the author's other book Romantically Challenged.
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on March 7, 2011
Having never read a Beth Orsoff book, I took this one at cover value. The little buy with a knife floating in a martini glass made me laugh so I picked this one up.

And it IS very funny. Funny in a slapstick, corny way but funny nonetheless.

Lizzie Mancini is jilted at the alter the day before her wedding by her live in boyfriend of 5 years. He says he's not ready for marriage so Lizzie decides to not cry about it and go on her honeymoon anyway. May as well right? It's paid for and instead of going back to the apartment they share she may as well go on a vacation because after getting dumped before her wedding she needs it.

At the airport with her friend Jane seeing her off, Lizzie is approached by the slick looking Michael, a fellow passenger on his way to Belize. He gets her talking and Lizzie being too friendly for her own good tells him her story. Michael volunteers to pose as her husband so she won't stick out lonely at her couples only hotel. Jane sees Michael's gold chain, slicked back hair and feels uneasy right off. Lizzie is TOO friendly for her own good and agrees.

Of course, as the cover shows, Michael ends up dead and Lizzie is the prime suspect. Seems Michael was an artifact smuggler and involved in local Belize drug cartels.

Between too many characters, Lizzie being a ditzy, trust friend Jane coming to the rescue with her spy gear and money at her disposal, scuba potential love interest Jack and a host of other characters from Michael's drug dealing family to corrupt police and...a turtle, Ms. Orsoff starts weaving a convoluted mystery.

This book IS funny because Lizzie is so ditzy sometimes and Jane is a wannabe PI spy so they have some zany moments but the mystery just gets more and more confusing to where you're AT the end and it's still not solved, 5 new character are introduced and you can't keep up. The mystery is unrealistic and the procedures following Lizzie's arrest and escape from jail so she can find the killer on her own but it's a light read if you're in the mood for a laugh at some corny people.

Overall, DON'T go into it wanting to solve the mystery because it will just give you a headache trying to keep up. Just laugh and read because there are some funny one-liners here. It's overall forgettable as a whole but you'll remember one of two funny moments.
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on October 10, 2010
Have you ever made a single spur-of-the-moment bad decision that naturally led to a cascade of ever worsening choices? In her emotionally weakened post-altar-jilting state, protagonist Lizzie Mancini does just that. Even as you're screaming inside, NO LIZZIE, DON'T DO IT, you have to keep reading. No one can turn away from a car crash or train wreck. Lizzie is too likable and you want to see her get out of this mess before the train completely jumps the track. Does she? Read it and see..
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on June 16, 2013
Main character Lizzie was likable but unbelievably naive. Jack, well was about what you would expect, good looking sexy guy and Michael, well let's say anyone with a brain/common sense should have known better to get involved with him. Then you meet Jane, a rich, gorgeous girlfriend who dashes in to save her friend Lizzie. Throw in some drug running and other criminal activity on a small island in Belize. You then have a outrageous plot, ridiculous dialogue and a predictable ending. I gave it two stars because it made the time go by quickly and I did not stay up late to finish. Actually was not to keen on finishing it, but rarely do I not finish a book not matter how trite or idiotic.
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on November 30, 2012
I found this to be a light read, as the story line , though good, was a little too loose, often had to look back to clarify what was supposed to be happening! the main character was not clearly defined, and the relationships to others left me somewhat confused, at times I was not sure if thia book was ment to be a romance gone wrong, or a crime novel, not a book I would want to read again some time down the track.
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on July 3, 2011
This is a chick lit mystery book. Its not really about romance, although you could say there is a bit in there. For the price, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a quick read that's pretty light. The characters are likable even if the plot at times is pretty unbelievable.
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on July 9, 2015
It sounded like a good storyline but the main character (the jilted bride) was so dumb, I could see why she was jilted. The whole thing was too silly for me. I am sorry to give an author a bad review. I hope her other books are better and I'll try again to find out.
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on October 30, 2015
The main character was just plain stupid and the plot was so far fetched and unbelievable. I love a good, light read but it has to be funny with enjoyable characters to be entertaining. This didn't quite cut it.
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