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on December 7, 2010
There were actually 2 different Christmas themed Honeymooners Reunion shows, each appeared in the late '70's. Why in the world couldn't both of the Christmas Reunion specials be included on this one DVD?? Don't tell me we have to wait till next year to pay another $15 to get the remaining Christmas Honeymooner Reunion special? I smell the scent of greed in the air. Come on 2 48 minute Christmas specials on one DVD release can't be asking too much.
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on December 29, 2011
No, it's not as good as the "Classic 39," but a nice nostalgic look at Christmas by the classic stars. Not LOL funny, but is good for a chuckle. Historically important because it was the last time the cast would get together for a Honeymooners special.
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on April 7, 2012
There isn't much Christmas to this Christmas special, and it isn't all that special either. Special only, I suppose, in being the last Gleason Honeymooners show. There's a reference to Christmas at the start, but the pretense of Ralph amassing money for one of his schemes could come from anything and the holiday is not integral to the scheme or 99% of the show at all.

As others have posted, it then becomes double-frustrating when you know there was a REAL Christmas-themed Honeymooners Reunion show the year before. And, of the four 1976-1977 reunion shows, it is the only one not released, and could have clearly been included with this one.
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on December 18, 2013
I loved this special, first aired on December 10, 1978. Good writing, the jokes are funny. No technical glitches and the stage lighting was superb. It looked brand new! Audrey Meadows is in it as Alice, along with the fabulous Eileen Heckart as Alice's crabby mother. Jane Kean as Trixie and of course Art Carney. Each segment has endearing moments. I'm glad it's not fixated on Christmas. It's them reacting to another of Ralph's crazy get-rich quick schemes. Loved the cat radio idea. And glad to see Audrey Meadows as Alice again -- she was really the best actress to play Alice. If you are a fan of the Honeymooners you really should get this one for your collection to watch at Christmastime each year to pay tribute to the group. They were all so good. They're all gone now, with Jane Kean recently passing away, sadly. I watched it twice!
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on March 18, 2014
Simply one of the greatest sitcom shows to ever grace the television set. Pure genius in casting and writing. The jokes are just as funny today as they were back in the 50's. when the original classic episodes played. I really enjoyed the Christmas special and although the cast was older, maybe a little slower, they never lost their touch. The magic was still there. I only wish we had so much more....
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on September 28, 2014
These special episodes have the original Alice in them. They are not like the color late 60’s episodes that were more like musicals. These one hour specials are like the original classic black and white honeymooners.
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on December 27, 2010
This December/77 first-aired Honeymooners Christmas special comes to us courtesy of MPI video and is,like the other two specials already released,a fantastic addition to your Jackie Gleason collection.This is the second of three only specials released in the 70s and the last ones done ever;and with Audrey Meadows reprising her role as Alice to boot.This is the only one also to come from Atlantic City.
If there weren't script references or accompanying holiday decor,this story could have served as a Honeymooners story at any time of the year.Ralph this time hits his good pal Norton up for his paycheck,takes his own paycheck and even takes his father in laws pension cheque for yet another get rich quick scheme.The scheme?....lottery tickets.Ralph has by chance come upon the idea his lucky number is four(you have to hear the hilarious explanation for this!)and he figures that if he buys enough lottery tickets all with four in them,he HAS to win!Well the sketch goes through to near end and the draw comes up.And of course Ralph doesn't win the million dollar prize and or any....so he thinks.On the way back upstairs with the radio Trixie leaves it on and hears Ralph DID win....$1500.00!She rushes back down with the news and he wants to take everyone out for Chinese food until Alice of course sets him straight.He has taken undue liberties with his friends and relatives monies,Alice points out,and between the monies he WILL pay back and what he won,he has made a grand total of....... 12 cents!It ends with the classic apologetic Ralph,disgusted Alice and a "Baby,you're the greatest" ending.Classic Honeymooners stuff and above all FUNNY.
This show had a different mother in law in academy award winning actress Eileen Heckert.She does a great turn as Alice's mother and is especially hilarious when wearing some "beauty cream",scares the heck out of poor Ralph.Also watch at one point as the radio Norton first brings down goes on the fritz and Norton has to get Trixie to bring down their other one....a radio in the shape of a plush cat!The volume and tuning knobs are the eyes and if you turn the tail up you get Paris,and the tail down you get Australia!
Gleason,Kean,Meadows and of course beloved Art Carney are hilarious and right on the mark in their characters.This DVD by the way comes with an interview with Jane Kean.At one point she compares the Gleason/Carney chemistry with none other than Laurel and Hardy.It is a fair point(and one I have mentioned on more than one occasion when reviewing The Honeymooners)and as if to make that point Ralph and Norton at one point in this show move a dresser.Norton says to make it lighter they should take out the drawers.Of course they go on TOP of the dresser.To reinforce this faux paux Ralph says instead of stacking them at one end they should be evened out! This is straight out of the Laurel and Hardy play book of gags/routines!
In the technical department,this film has been transferred well but film defects of the period do appear throughout,but not enough to spoil ones enjoyment of the product at hand.
There is nothing else to say but that this Christmas Special DVD is another MUST have for Honeymooners fans everywhere.Filmed before a live audience in Atlantic City the laughs come fast and furious;this the second to last Honeymooners show Gleason ever made.It is an important part of television history and a prime example of just how much television has LOST over the years since this was made.There will never be another series like the Honeymooners with as much heart and plain wholesome family entertainment goodness.God Bless this cast and especially the genius that was Jackie Gleason.
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on December 18, 2013
Sure, this isn't a Honeymooners episode from the '50s. This is from the '60s, in color, and I remember these color shows not just from reruns like the others. Of course the foursome is older. And it's a stretch to see that Alice still lives in the same shabby apartment. The characters are so loved, it's a simple pleasure to watch. In this show Ralph uses everyone's Xmas money on one of his get-rich-quick-schemes.
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on December 30, 2013
I loved the old black and white Honeymooners so much I thought the coloured ones would be just as good. This particular episode is actually boring!! It's supposed to be a Christmas Special and the only hint of Christmas in the whole episode is when Alice brings a Xmas tree home and hides it in the bedroom. The rest of the show has absuloutely nothing to do with Christmas, which is what I wanted to see. Oh well...
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on July 24, 2011
I own all 3 of the specials and love them all. This is my favorite because of the excellent get rich quick, lottery ticket story line. Timing between the characters is superb. A little energy is lost from the physical comedy but it is still excellent. I grew up watching All In The Family and have wondered what Gleason could have done with the role. The risk would have been considerable in that he was loved by almost everyone and that role was very controversal. I think the love of his fans was very important to him. The cast shows they can still bring down the house down with laughter in these specials and leave you wanting more!
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