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on February 16, 2011
**Updated Comments at Bottom of original review**

Is it PERFECT? of course not, but is IS Darned Good. I gave a 4 ONLY because there were some minor things that could have made it better (Most of which you find on the more expensive units) which seems fair enough, you want more "Gizmo's" you pay for them. really I should change it to a 5. My experience has been just great.

NEGATIVE THINGS I HAVE READ HERE FROM OTHERS, That Just Don't Bear Out in First Hand Experience: (I almost didn't buy this unit because of all the nasty things people wrote)

Maybe the Biggest Gripe is "Oh My, It's Sooo LOUD"
I frankly have NO IDEA what these people are complaining about. It is Not Totally Silent (Was that expected?) but even just 4-5 feet away from the unit running Full Tilt, Max Everything I have ZERO PROBLEMS holding a normal conversation or watching TV. (Mine sits right Next to my TV and I have not adjusted the volume from what it was before I started using this unit) The "Noise" is NOT Linear in nature. The unit has 3 fan speeds; LOW lets make sound level =1; MED lets call sound level =2-2.5; and Yeah, HIGH/MAX is sound level =5 (as an example) There is a Significant difference between Med and High, BUT As I Said, NO Problems talking or hearing TV even on MAX. (for the record, I just moved here and had not had a humidifier previously, it wasn't necessary. So This winter season I was WAY LATE buying one and getting started. My house was down to just 15% and I had this unit running MAX Output for a Week as is slowly dragged the humidity levels up. So I am WELL Acquainted with the sound of this device (at it's worst). Just yesterday i got the house up to 47% and set the humidity dial on the unit to cycle on & off (more on this later). It has been described as Airplane taking off, Hurricane, etc.... Either the fan unit was not set back on the unit properly and it's vibrating (see "user error") or These people just got a Lemon ? (return it and get a new one) or they are just gripey people who needed SOMETHING Nasty to say, because this thing just IS NOT LOUD.

Next "Water spills all over the floor"
BUNK (period). I suppose if you are some sort of nut job who throws things around and slams things, etc. you MIGHT be able to make a wave or two in there, but the ONLY water I have seen has been the OCCASIONAL (not every time) drop or two, Never a "Puddle" (And I have ALL Hard Wood Floors, so this is a real issue for me) and the "Drops" came from the OUTside of the tanks as a by-product of filling them in my sink. I now keep a kitchen towel next to the area I fill the tanks and give them a quick wipe before walking back to the unit and NO MORE DROPS. *NOW* With All That Said Given that I DO have hard wood floors and a leak of any kind could be a "not good" thing for me I have taken the precaution of buying a plastic bin I am setting the device inside of. It is big enough that IF somehow the whole thing drained the full max water volume out, the bin can hold that and more. Just Good (and cheap) insurance. If you were wondering? I bought ((Underbed Plastic Storage Container - Set of Two (Clear) (6.25"H x 18"W x 28"D))

One of My FAVORITE Complaints ?? "You have to Refill the water too much" or "It uses too much water"
REALLY ?? Just THINK about this one. You BUY a Humidifier to .... Put Water In Your Air --- And You Complain about it Doing EXACTLY what you paid for ?? I mean, was the idea you buy a Big Unit to put LOTS of humidity in the air of a large house --- and it runs off a thimble of water for 3 months ??? NO, You would only get a Thimble full of Humidity. I just find this complaint SILLY. It's Doing it's Job. On a more practical note, one I have personally been going thru. As discussed above, My house was down to about 15% humidity when I started this unit up. What is More Important was it is NOT JUST THE AIR that is dry. The Walls are dry, the floor, ceiling, furniture, EVERYTHING was Dry, so putting some moisture in the AIR, doesn't solve your problem, the house just sucks it up and your air is dry again, It Takes Quite a While to raise the humidity level of EVERYTHING in the house up before you can have the unit cycle on & off as it NOW just keeps the Air moist. (As I said About, Mine ran for about a full week 24/7 Full Max to bring the house up to a good level. NOW it is cycling on & off (as of last night) where a refill on those tanks will last longer and I wont be filling them twice a day every day (Yes, I know the math suggests I would have been filling 3 times a day, but it just didn't turn out that way. It was 2 or just slightly over 2, but I Never filled 3 times in 24 hours, Not from EMPTY TANKS each time at least. There were plenty of 1 Empty tank and the other 1/2, or 2/3rds empty refills. Now that rate has slowed WAY DOWN and I would expect to maybe fill just Once a day. Later on when the Weather gets less dry I can see this unit lasting Several Days on a single fill.

One lady said the tanks were too heavy. said that "A Gallon is too heavy", Well, 1- they are 1.5 Gallons each; 2-a Gallon of water weighs 8 pounds and that is the weight of a new born baby -- and babies don't have handles. OK, 1.5 gallons -- so thats 12 pounds and we are talking about a 3-4 month old baby now, same thing. Women pick up 3-4 month old babies all the time and they don't come with handles, Plus they Wiggle. So, REALLY ?? Grocery sacks average more than 8-12 pounds unless you are buying nothing but rice cakes and bread. Again, the ENTIRE IDEA is to put water in the air, stop complaining that it's bad, because it does its job.

One "Semi-Ledgit" issue was the lack of Digital controls to dial in an exact humidity level.
TRUE, that is part of what I was talking about at the beginning about "Gizmo's" that were not on this unit, BUT ARE on the more expensive units. Do you Buy a Chevy and say the Chevy is JUNK, because it is Not a Rolls Royce ?? If you want a Rolls, go BUY one. This unit is a Chevy.

However; another complaint was that the lack of the digital controls didn't allow for setting a reliable humidity level. Again, BUNK. as I said yesterday my house got up to where it was comfortable and (as in the instructions) I turned the humidity dial down until the unit shut off. Then leave it and see what you have. (YES, you need to have a reliable temp/humidity gauge. They sell nice ones on here for like 7 or 8 bucks. This unit didn't claim to show you the humidity. You can do it by FEEL if you want, or buy the gauge and know. I was shooting for something between 45-50%. I saw 47 on my gauge and set the dial on the unit. In the last 24 hours EVERY TIME I have checked the gauge it is at either 47% or 48%, and I would call that VERY ACCURATE. I'm going to leave it where it is another week or so till we get another cold snap and see if it holds the level. Once I'm convinced it's right, its time for the Sharpie Pen and put a little Dot or Line on the dial so I can hit the same spot next year. (I't Not Rocket Science)

You can say you don't like the color, the wheels are funny, you don't like the shape, or just say it's Momma Wears Army Boots, if you feel like saying SOMETHING Nasty, but the Bottom Line is the unit is well priced given its market and features and it does its job very well.


I found one Great One; that was every time you fill the tanks and replace them, Pop the Top of this unit and flip the filter over. The top edge of the filter dries out as it works and if left that way will, in time, get crusty with stuff and no longer soak up water as effectively. (like if you tried to flip it over only ONCE in its life span, that second half isn't going to work as well) I have found that by doing this the filter stays moist and functional and just works better. (It takes an extra 20 seconds, and it's worth it)

I'm using the bacteriostatic stuff they show as a companion product. Since i have not run it without this stuff I really cant say if it does anything, but it is cheap ($4-$5) and you only use like 1/2 cap full in each tank when you fill the tanks, so it Lasts a long time. What I CAN SAY is I have not had ANY buildup of Funky Stuff in the tanks or reservoir of the unit, and as I said, with the flipping of the filter and this bacteriostatic stuff the filters are still soft and absorbent.

Hope this Helps, I had Concerns when i bought and ended up wishing someone had "Cleared the Air" for me, so I did it for you.

BTW, I have purchased a SECOND Unit and plan to put it in my Upstairs bedroom. (I have no "Noise" Fears) I have a small ultrasonic unit up there now that just isn't doing the job. by itself it could only raise the air from 15% to 20%. Once I got this big guy put to work downstairs I have seen the humidity slowly rise to between 30% - 35% which isn't bad given it is only the moisture that manages to make it past the heater as it gets circulated upstairs.

**Updated Comments 9/26/2014**
OK. So I have used these (Now Two Units) thru 3 seasons. Still Running Like CHAMPS. (As a Result I Have Changed my Review to 5 Stars now, What was I holding out for??)

In my discussions with other buyers it does seem that there may have been a "bad lot" or some sort of quality control problem where these are made. I think as a group we figured out that some of the units have fans that are out of balance. The fan blades do rotate at a pretty fast rate so if they are out of balance it will cause considerable vibration---which will give you "Noise". Two of the people who wrote to me took their units apart and found a blade that was broken or chipped which caused the fan to be out of balance. Both returned the units and got new ones that worked perfectly. Whether it is a broken blade or one formed incorrectly, if they are not balanced the unit won't work right and will cause unacceptable noise levels. If you get such a noisy unit, just return it and get a new one. I can say that I bought mine thru the offerings marked as "Amazon Prime" and both were fine. I don't know if the defective units came from one of the other suppliers or if the entire supply of them has a few lemons.

I replied to one person who commented, but will post this for all. Between the first and second season I noticed that the mark I made on the dial to set the humidity level changed. I used the humidity gauge (Like before) and re-set the level and made a new mark. That mark has remained correct since that time. Frankly even if the position of the dial changed every year i would not care so much. As long as it raises the humidity level to the right level and keeps it there, who cares? I don't.

Last year I did notice I was going thru filters/wicks faster than before but it was thru no fault of the unit or the filters either. It was also the first time I had noticed any scale in the bottom of the unit. (The bacteriostat solution stops mold & such, not hard water scale) Apparently there had been another belt tightening in city taxes and they had lowered the standards at the water treatment facility. More minerals making it thru the filters into the supply. Paper did a story on it, I saw it in the bottom of the tank and filters. HOWEVER: i did take the opportunity to try an idea I had after buying some "Permanent filters" which required you to clean them of the scale every so often. I dunked the regular filters in the Vinegar solution to soak and rinsed and dried them out. I was going thru them so fast I needed to make them last longer. (1) It Worked, (2) Its NOT a Perfect solution. First you can't get by on just 2 filters and clean one while using the other, They will break down. For me I noticed the first cleaning gave me something between 60-75% of the original ability back. They would no longer be able to supply a Maximum level of humidity if it got Very Dry outside and they would scale up in half the time as they did originally. Also trying to clean them a second time didn't do much good. Either they didn't clean up enough to work very well, or if left in the solution longer then would start to fall apart. BUT; I was able to do a single cleaning and stretch those filters out saving some bucks along the way. If it got very dry and the recycled filters were not up to the job I could always swap them out for new ones until the dry spell passed. If your not into "fussy stuff" and "fiddling around" you may wish to skip this idea. It takes some tinkering and time that may not be worth it to many out there. With a dry winter and the lower water quality of last season I was going thru filters at almost 3 times the rate and just had to do this for financial reasons.
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on March 12, 2012
Proper humidification is a must for me. Having spent the prior 18 months in a home with a centrally installed Honeywell Humidifier only reminded me of that. When we moved back we quickly realized (stuffed noses, dry skin, etc...) that we needed humidification badly. After purchasing a Acu-Rite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor, Black I had confirmed our need. Our bedroom was averaging 25% relative humidity. Sometimes lower. I'll let you do your own research about the impacts of humidity levels that low, but I was pretty shocked.

After reading about the various models available, I settled on the Honeywell HCM-6009 for a variety of reasons. Known brand (I had experience with Honeywell humidification as noted above), fair price, and overall reputation of the unit on Amazon. I also gathered that just adding water and letting it run was a recipe for disaster (mold, clogged filters, diminished performance). So I purchased Holmes S1708 Bacteriostat for Cool Mist Humidifiers and use one cap-full in each water tank refill. I also placed one ProTec PC-1 Humidifier Tank Cleaning Cartridge (Pack of 2) in each of the tanks. These should last for about a month each. You'll also be replacing filters on a somewhat regular basis (at least once per season). I stocked up on RPS Products HW14 Water Wick when I ordered the humidifier. I figured that having all of the necessary supplies on-hand would only encourage my Wife and I to keep up with proper cleaning.

The unit raised the humidity level of our fairly large master bedroom to 42% fairly quickly using the high fan setting. Once established (measured using the digital humidistat mentioned above) I set the fan to low and lowered the humidity control on the Honeywell until the light came on, indicating that it was in 'Auto' mode. Since then, it has held the correct humidity level (+/- 2%) with ease. The sound of the unit running on low is actually quite plesant, though we choose to sleep with white noise, so if you prefer total silence it could bother you a bit.

Our low humidity symptoms have basically disappeared, and the unit's maintenance has proved to be easy and entirely manageable. I typically refill both tanks every-other day, though the refill frequency will vary greatly (based on variables like your normal relative humidity, room size).

Cool-mist and steam units are gimmicky at best, and can potentially damage your walls/belongings with condensation by over-saturating the air. Not-to mention the increased chances of mold in those situations.
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on November 4, 2010
I have used many different humidifiers over the years ranging from warm mist (higher electric bills, more difficult to clean and maintain), ultrasonic (I had a lot of white dust with these units), and cool mist (medium size units, which all broke over time). Most of them stated large or medium rooms, and would never really get the humidity level up quickly or maintain that level easily throughout the day. This one definitly has the output to do so and has been comparatively quiet compared to the ones i have used prior. The fan blower is actually not a regular fan with blades out (which was on my old model, and was very very loud on the highest output setting), this one is bearable and the fan is more of a wheel fan (i guess that is what they call it) with the blades internal (which makes it quieter and preferred for me). Anyway, the output is great on this if that is what you are looking for and this one actually shuts off when it hits the humidity you set (something my older ones never did, since it never output this much humidity they would always stay on).

The cons to this is the fill tanks, I believe someone else mentioned this as well. They are NOT shaped very well for ease of filling and transportation (and have sharp edges), so becareful when you do fill them cause they get slippery as well and can crack easily if dropped. Another one is the overall size (it is fairly large with wheels to help move around the house if needed), but the size helps this humidifier have one of the highest outputs as well for the price.

Also note, the air blows out cool (since the water is cool) and blow out the sides in almost a full 360 degress through the sides (more like 270 degrees around). so don't expect the air to blow through the top on this model (like my other units used to do).

Stock up on some wicks as well, not sure how long they will hold up (maybe 1 month each at constant use before needing replacement - they say 2-3 months but i dont' believe them, since mold can grow on them if used too long), I bought 4 for this winter season.

Hope this helps someone.

I couldn't be happier with this compared to the previous ones i have used in the past, now let's hope it lasts.
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on January 27, 2015
It works well until it's not worth having it on. The "Antimicrobial-treated filter" gets bacteria growing on it within a few weeks, than it smells like mildew and rot. I washed the unit with white vinegar and bleach (the way the instructions say before turning it on and even a few weeks later) but the filter is the main problem. I even tried soaking it in bleach, white vinegar, 80% rubbing alcohol than dried it but the mold doesn't go away. A new filter is $22
The unit also get a little loud at times at random.
review image
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on January 15, 2015
I started using this in November, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. First off you expect something with quiet in the name to be quiet. The fan on mine was making a playing card in the bike spokes type sound right out of the box. I was able to find the burr that was causing that issue and work it out, however the tanks, housing, and tray are all thin plastic, and rattle against each other. I was able to use pieces of foam to work that issue out.......I would have just returned it, but there didn't seem to be any better options out there.

As far as adding humidity to the air it does a good job. I have a wood stove, and need to add a lot of moisture to the air. On medium fan, with max moisture it will empty the tanks in 12 hours. The filter lasted about 2 months with daily use.
review image
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on December 12, 2013
What I like about this humidifier is its large water capacity and two water tanks that are used one at a time. Given its weight and size, it's nice that it has wheels. I never had any white sediment on furniture with this unit.

Now what I consider design blunders. These large water tanks are filled from the bottom. You flip one upside down and hold it while you fill it with water. It is not flat, so you cannot simply rest it in the bottom of a sink or bath tub.

The two tanks and the motor housing are just sitting freely atop the base. There are no notches or latches to keep them in place. They are prone to shifting due to vibration, and often they begin to vibrate and rattle, producing annoying noise. This can be remedied by re-positioning the above mentioned pieces, and the noise goes a way for some time... only to start again later.

Update: the noise was so annoying that I had to investigate. I quickly realized that it was coming from under the top plate, where the knobs are. I tried to pry it open, to no avail. As it turned out, there is no easy access, so I had to take apart the entire assembly (see photos). Under the top plate is a neat metal box with wires connected, everything rather neatly held together, except the two wires with plastic cap connectors just dangling there -- the source of annoying rattle. I simply tied them to the metal box with a few turns of electrical tape and reassembled the parts. Took me about 30 minutes. The noise is gone. But for what I had to do, the amount of effort is disproportionately large. And it just baffles me why the manufacturer neglected such an obvious flaw.

On the subject of quality control: one of the screws inside was missing.

Update #2 after 12 months of use. I ended up breaking the right water tank while filling it up in the bath tub. It did not take much to break it. Rather heavy when full, it slipped from my grip while I was twisting the cap on with another hand. It tipped and cracked. Replacement cost is rather outrageous at 39.99 + 8.99 shipping. It feels like throwing good money after bad. I'm on the fence about it. Meanwhile, downgrading to two stars.
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on December 8, 2013
This humidifier puts plenty of humidity into the air, but between the noise and a badly designed humidistat I cannot recommend it. This is an evaporative style humidifier, that puts moisture into the air by drawing air in through bottom louvers, pulling it through a sponge like circular filter and recirculating back out the top louvers. All the louvers are on the sides, so it will blow a breeze across your room, if that is a concern. It does this well and if we kept in running constantly, it would empty both tanks within 24 hours in our 800 sq. ft bedroom.
There are two problems that make it unacceptable for use. The first is the noise. The fan appears to have no mechanical damping and seems to resonate the whole plastic piece it is mounted on, causing an annoying buzz that woke both my wife and me every time it started. The box says 30% quieter- maybe quieter than a buzz saw.

The second problem is the humidistat. It is a knob designed to rotate through 270 degrees (3/4 of a circle) to set the humidity. However settings from 0 to100 percent humidity, seem to be in the first 10 degrees of rotation, long before the first minimum setting on the dial. This makes it difficult to control, and also after a few days the humidifier would cycle on and off 2 or three times in a few seconds before running for an extended time, as it should.

We returned the first one we ordered thinking it was defective because of these problems, but the second one behaves identically and we are about to return it also. For the money you can do better, unless Honeywell corrects these defects.
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on April 18, 2015
I am very Satisfied with this humidifier and how well it adds moisture to the air as well as the capacity of the water tanks. I am able to run the humidifier on high at maximum moisture for two solid nights. I can't run it on medium or low because it makes a rattling noise that keeps me up. It is very easy to keep clean and the filter lasted well with the tip I read to flip it over. I also use an essential oil with antimicrobial properties on the filter to help keep it clean. However I'm very disappointed in the durability of the tanks and my tanks are stress fracturing and are breaking down where the opaque plastic joins the clear plastic. I'm not sure how much longer they will last before no longer usable. This humidifier would have 5 stars if the tanks were not having this problem.
review image
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on February 23, 2007
First I went cheap and bought a small evaporative unit. The large filter was "permanent", but required occasional decaling and the small pump filter kept getting gummed up. I then purchased a warm mist unit, it worked at first and when required continuous use to barely maintain the proper humidity level. After got my electric bill, I stopped using it. Finally I purchased this unit. Works perfectly, keeps the house at the level I want (45%) and only automatically turn on when needed. The dual water tanks are also nice. I suggest you get a unit rated to at least double your home's square footage.
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on February 8, 2013
Honeywell (actually Kaz) has seen its quality control go downhill. After using an HCM-3060 flawlessly for well over 11 years that I cracked, I bought an HCM-300T. The bearings in the motor failed after 15 months, consistent with reviews posted on Amazon and throughout the internet.

In doing my research, the HCM6009 had a 5 year warranty and was a Proudly Made in USA product. The owners manuals found online from a few years back confirm this.

Not any more.

The new HCM6009 -- just like my kaputz HCM300T -- has been quietly outsourced to China. Even worse, Kaz quietly reduced the warranty from 5 years to 3 years. And Kaz now charges US$10 or CAD$15.50 (in Canada) for warranty service, not to mention the shipping costs you incur for sending it back to their return center.

Again, the Kaz/Honeywell products of recent times have gone downhill in the quality and warranty department. Regrettably, this no longer is your grandfather's humidifier.
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