Customer Reviews: Honeywell TC24S1 24-Inch LCD 1080p 60Hz DVD Combo HDTV (Black)
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on October 26, 2012
After losing sound often, I had to return this tv directly to Honeywell. They promised me a new one, but sent me the SAME tv (I took a picture of the serial number before I mailed it to them). TV still had the same issues including tilting to the right. After telling me to send it back to them again, they lied repeatedly to me for over 2 months--claiming they were sending out a replacement "right away," and "overnight." Finally, tired of all the lies, I called again today and spoke to a supervisor named Ryan who essentially told me no one ever told me they would send me a new tv, and that their technicians say nothing is wrong with the TV. Well, I guess if their technicians can't tell a TV has no sound, then they certainly can't build TVs' correctly in the first place. My only option he said was to get back the same TV I sent in or get a refund. I took the refund and a pledge to never buy Honeywell products again. Now, let's see how long it takes to get my money back!
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Honeywell 24" LCD TV with a built-in DVD player is a good value, has decent picture quality, and a nice feature set.

In appearance the Honeywell is standard flat screen TV. It has a simple piano black bezel and a rectangular base, also done in piano black. Disappointingly, the base does not swivel. On the right hand side is the slot load DVD player, on the top are some basic controls, and on the left hand side are the inputs. While the included remote is done in a rubberized black plastic, most of the buttons are small and similar looking, unfortunately. Overall, it's a very simple looking, but classy, set. The material's quality is high, and the set feels well put together. The only weak points are the buttons on the top of the TV that feel very cheap and "click-clacky" in operation, and the single dead pixel on the lower left of the screen, which is always green.

Assembling the Honeywell is easy. You simply twist on the base, and insert a handful of screws. The set is not heavy or cumbersome so it's an easy job for one person to do. Speaking of, the box the TV comes in is also very compact and easy for one person to carry.

Features wise the Honeywell is nicely equipped. The inputs on the left side of the set are as follows; digital audio out, RF coaxial, VGA video and audio, a component / composite set (you can only use one or the other), a USB input, and 3 HDMI ports (which is quite generous given the size and price of the set). The set's resolution is full HD at 1080p (also nice for a set this size). The picture settings are the basics, however, the audio settings are more advanced and include a graphic equalizer. There is a sleep timer, but no timer to turn the TV on and off. A feature I really appreciate is the ability to turn off the screen, while still listening to the audio. This is helpful for those who like to fall asleep to the TV, but don't want the screen's light to keep them awake. The DVD player built into the side of the set works as expected, and offers all the standard features most DVD players have. It would be even nicer if the Honeywell had a Bluray player, however, to take advantage of its full HD screen.

The Honeywell's picture quality is about what you'd expect for a set in this price range. After lowering the brightness, color saturation, and sharpness a bit the HD video is crisp and sharp, while SD picture quality (and DVDs) are a bit pixilated, but still very watchable. Colors are bright a vivid, and the Honeywell has a fairly wide viewing angle. You have to be at an extreme angle for the picture to wash out noticeably. The Honeywell does not suffer from light bleed, so the screen is universal in its brightness. There also doesn't seem to be any noticeable motion blur. The only areas where Honeywell falters are in the shadows (where details are muddy and hard to make out) and the blacks (which are more of a very deep gray).

The little speakers on the bottom of the set put out decent quality sound, but you have to turn the bass up a lot to even notice it. Moreover, when you turn the volume up the bass sounds boomy and distorted. The Honeywell gets very loud, however, so you should have no problems hearing it in a noisy environment.

All in all...a great combo TV set, with lots of inputs, at a good price.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Honeywell is a new brand for me, for a TV that is. We have a Honeywell programmable thermostat, so I am familiar with their quality products that are easy to use. Their TV is no exception.

Honeywell provides you with the TV, stand, remote, and side mounted built-in DVD player. Please note it is a DVD player, not Blu-Ray player. The set-up is very easy. The stand clicks and screws into place. The TV does not swivel on the stand; up does adjust to tilt up and down on the stand. This feature is a must for placement viewing that is higher than your seat. For example, my bedroom TV is on my tall dresser. When I go to bed and lay down, the quality of the TV picture is usually dulled and darkened because of my viewing angle. The Honeywell tilt allows for me to tilt the screen down and lay down without reducing picture brightness or quality.

Once the stand is on, depending on your cable or satellite hook-up, installation was complete for me. I plugged it in and hooked up the cable, and I was watching instantly. The remote is universal for the TV and DVD and has all the typical buttons. The TV has controls on the top of the screen, so bear that in mind if you plan on putting it on a wall mount. The DVD player can only be loaded after the TV is turned on. It also has an YPbPr component button, which is a better hook up than AV for your Blu-Ray or other connections, but not quite as good as HDMI, which the model also has.

Overall it is an easy to set-up and use TV with a quality picture and sound. It is easy to get used to using, too. One thing I will mention that greatly disappointed me was the placement of a large energy-efficiency sticker in the lower right corner of the screen itself! The screen still has some sticker residue even after I took off the sticker and cleaned it with my cloth that is for my tablet touch screen. This is a weird place to put a sticker if you ask me. But stupid sticker placement aside, I would definitely recommend the Honeywell line of TVs.
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on December 5, 2012
I was looking for a white LCD TV for our kitchen that would last... we'll be re-doing the kitchen in a year or so... white cabinets, etc. Anyway, this was one of the lowest prices on Amazon for a 24in set. The other brands are either too expensive or odd brand names. Hard to find ANY white TV!

The unit was easy to set up right out of the box. It found more channels than my other bedroom LCD. It doesn't automatically label the channels though... a real chore. Start with a paper list of channels you recognize, do a few more rounds with the ones that you can't I.D. yet... I got it done and then programmed in the labels and my favorites. I wish there was a feature to allow you to set the channel u/down buttons to run through only your favorites. There is only a favorites menu that you can pop up... run through many pages to find the channel you want, press enter. It's nearly impossible to remember these digital channel numbers. (134.5, 75.11, etc.) You'd think that with channel identifiers coded into the digital signals that TVs would automatically label the channels it finds.

The sound is very loud... 25% or so is good for my large kitchen. It starts out a bit too treble (harsh highs) but that's easy enough to change via sound settings or the equalizer. There is a Sound button on the remote which makes sound changes easy depending on what you are watching... similar to the picture mode settings which you can also toggle through via the remote.

The picture was contrasty out of the box--typical with most nowadays (their basic store mode). Again, easy to change via the remote options or the more detailed settings options.

As for the DVD player (I didn't really need one, so this was a bonus at such a low price)... The picture was very contrasty out of the box. I tried to fiddle with the controls but they seem not to have a gamma slider. I think the gamma is set too high. There is a three setting control over "dynamic contrast" which might be gamma, but I had to fiddle with this setting along with contrast and brightness to get something where the highlights were not blown out. Decent, but not a great player. Oh... and I seemed to hit a glitch when loading my first DVD and fast forwarding at 32x speed. The sound went patchy and I almost thought about returning the unit. I then got out my cleaner disc and fluid, ran the cleaning disc routine and everything went back to normal. I might have blown around a bit of internal packing debris when using 32x. A few more DVD tests showed me it was back to normal.

The only other negative thing is the clock is 24 hour only. No way to change it. I lived in France years ago but still find it difficult to tell time quickly when I see something like "15:42".

In general I'm very pleased with this set. For instance, I got a Toshiba 24SL415U 24-Inch with NET-TV that I'm not happy with. The picture is not as good as this Honeywell and the sound is very low even when turned up--very thin, tinny speakers.

This Honeywell is a good deal. Not perfect, but you'll be happy with it's performance.
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on January 1, 2013
Had ordered it for my boss, whom was wanting it for his mother in law, and she has enjoyed having it . Size of tv was exactly what she needed. Also the shipper was shipped on time and in a timely manner. Packaging was great.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My wife uses this for her classroom, there are a number of educational videos they watch throughout the year. The built in DVD player is very handy and works really well. The HD quality is surprisingly bright and crisp. We're very happy with it. I hooked up my Apple Tv also to the HDMI inputs and it works great! A lot of features in a small package.
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on October 30, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This small television (I remember when a 24" TV was huge) is intended to provide a solution for the budget conscious viewer. It may satisfy those needs, but it's still worth taking a good look at performance. Since the integrated DVD player will be one of the attractive features, that seems a good place to start (assembly is trivial if you have a #2 Philips screwdriver). You're aware of the DVD as soon as you power the device: it whirs and groans for a few seconds before settling down. This is not a quiet drive. It's a little slow on access, but it works well enough in general. But since the television itself is HD, it's worth taking a look at the image upscaling. It's mediocre (but again, remember the overall price). The majority of pixellation artifacts are removed, but edges are soft. Some upscalers are good enough that the resultant image is almost HD. This isn't one of those.

A USB thumb drive can be used as a source for music or jpeg images. That's a pleasant surprise, since the user guide only says USB is for firmware updates. In order to eliminate possible issues of upscaling, I brought in several images that I'd exported at the native 1920x1080 resolution of the TV. Images were still a little soft and color saturation a little underwhelming, but not bad.

Finally I brought in some true HD over one of the 3 HDMI ports. It actually looked better than I expected. Characters in the movie titles were crisp and the overall image was pleasing. But with this display, you must view on axis. The left/right viewing angles were sufficiently wide, but changes in vertical angle were very noticeable. After moving my head perhaps 10 degrees above the plane, the image became washed-out.

The number and type of inputs is good. You shouldn't have any difficulty connecting whatever you have. The remote is pretty easy to figure out, with a quality look-and-feel. You won't confuse the sound with a giant home theater system, but it provides more than adequate listening levels. In sum, you easily get what you pay for here. If you can pay a little more, you're likely to find noticeable improvements. But it's important to note that not so long ago, this amount of money would have barely gotten the DVD player alone.
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on June 13, 2014
Got tv, remote control doesn't work, couldn't program tv or play movies without remote, and couldn't get them to send me another remote. Tried fancy universal remote, wasn't compatible with Honeywell. Go figure. Honeywell tech support was unreachable, had to return it.
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on December 5, 2012
Great picture and sound, easy to install, packing box was pretty beat up but TV in good condition, bummed to see that the price jumped $30 since I bought last week, I was going to buy another one for our room, oh well tis the season
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VINE VOICEon April 7, 2013
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First things first - this TV is priced right for what you get. It's easy to assemble and the built-in DVD player is a great option. The sound quality isn't the best (a bit tinny-sounding; as other reviews noted, you can help that by turning the bass all the way up but doing so does distort the sound in other ways) but it can definitely get loud enough.

The viewing angle on this TV is actually really great for the price. We had to play with the settings a bit for the colors to seem okay, and they still aren't the best - especially for such a small television. There is also some pixelation, which is disappointing (again, mainly because this is such a small TV and in my experience smaller [HD] TVs - even inexpensive ones - usually have better picture than this one).

Conclusion: This is an average quality television at best, but the price is right (hence a 3 star review). If you're looking for a TV for your kitchen or bedroom (we were in the latter category) it really is a great option that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
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