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on March 16, 2010
There used to be a model of this fan that was near perfect (being able to open it up to clean it was the only thing missing). It was the HT-800 and I have three of them because I love having them in multiple rooms in the summer and they put off the perfect amount of white noise for sleeping.

That awesome model seems to have been replaced with this model which is less powerful. The less powerful part is OK, I can just turn the speed up a notch (I always used the first setting on the HT-800--that sucker was strong!). The part they really screwed up is the base. They inexplicably cut away parts of it in the front and back so that now, instead of being solid and sturdy feeling, it's flimsy feeling and top heavy and falls over or points upward every time you touch it, and sometimes even when you don't. Why oh why do so many companies take a product that's fantastic just the way it is and then change it so it sucks?

By the way, I put this same review on the manufacturer's website (Kaz) and noticed that they change all customer reviews to 5 stars, no matter how many you choose. Real honest of them. After years of buying this brand, I guess I'll be looking for a different one the next time I need a new fan.
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on June 14, 2012
Are you in the market for a $16 smallish fan? Then you are probably trying to decide between the Honeywell Chillout and the Honeywell TurboForce. I have both and like both, but both are suited for slightly different settings. In a nutshell, the Chillout pushes less air but has quieter operation (and a more pleasing tone, but that is subjective); and, the Honeywell has more options (tilt, 3 speed settings) and a more stable base (and as you can guess pushes more air with it's larger fan blades and is louder). So in the end you need to decide which fan will work better for you.

Air Flow: Winner = Tie
- (+1 Honeywell) Based upon my observations the Honeywell low setting produces airflow in between the low and high setting on the Chillout. The medium setting on the Honeywell gives more airflow than the high setting on the Chillout. The high setting on the Honeywell give more airflow than can be achieved by the Chillout.
- (+1 Chillout) As a consequence of this, however, the Chillout allows you to have a truly low setting for those instances you just want a touch of airflow. The Honeywell is still pretty powerful at its lowest setting. For us, this comes in handy in our daughter's room. This way our baby monitor (audio only) is not overpowered by the strong gust/sound from the Honeywell. Now my daughter is allowed to use a fan overnight - with the Honeywell, we would shut it off before going to bed.

Sound: Winner = Chillout
- Chillout: 80 decibels (dB) directly in front of the fan, 70 dB about three feet in front of the fan, 45 dB about three feet to the side of the fan.
- Honeywell: 80 dB directly in front of the fan, 75 dB about three feet in front of the fan, 50 dB about three feet to the side of the fan.
- As I mentioned above, I fell the tone of the sound from the Chillout is closer to white noise, whereas the Honeywell motor overpowers the sound and is higher pitched. The Honeywell sound is not annoying, just louder and less pleasing (for those that like white noise).

Stability: Winner = Honeywell
- The Honeywell has a solid base that allows uniform distribution of weight across the entire base. It sits well in window sills with extended platforms in front.
- The Chillout has a pair of feet in the front that is connected by a cross bar. The back is a fin similar to the front feet, but pointing backwards. The depth of the Chillout is slightly less than the Honeywell. I thought this might add to stability when used in a window sill or the platform in front of a window if you have one; however, I did not find this to be the case. I found that with the feet design, the Chillout has a more concentrated distribution of weight and therefore has a tendency to slip and fall to the side when used in situations that are not perfectly stable.
- Case in point - our windows have platforms that sit in front of the window. They run about four and a half inches wide. The Honeywell sits on these with not problem despite extending about an inch or so beyond the platform. The Chillout, despite being only about a half inch beyond the platform, want to fall forward and off the platform because of the shape and position of the front feet and lack of other contact points. We have to use something underneath the fan to extend the effective platform width to keep the fan in place.

This review is re-posted as a Chillout review.
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on July 5, 2015
let me start off by saying this: Before this fan I was sweating enough to get us out of the California drought. With this fan now I am cool as a cucumber I have not drippity drop dropped a single sweat in my room ever since I plopped this puppy on my desk.

BUT..I cannot talk into the fan and distort my voice which really let down my inner 6 year old self.

Still 5 stars, but for those of you looking to distort your voice by speaking into your new beloved table fan, look elsewhere. If the above doesn't apply to you stop reading this nonsense and buy the thing already!
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on June 8, 2012
This fan has good air flow with 3 settings. High, medium and low. I have no trouble with the fan staying in the position I put it. I use it to dry hand laundry. I can place the fan under the drying rack and position the fan so it blows up. I was looking for a fan that would do that. The clothes dry fast and look as good as they would drying in a dryer.

CON: Description says it has a removable grill for cleaning. This model does NOT have a removable grill. A Swiffer duster can be used to clean the front and back grooves but you must take it apart to clean the blades. You can take it apart using a long skinny, small head, Phillips screwdriver. A bit of a hassle but possible. See the photos I uploaded.
review image review image
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on April 3, 2012
I cannot do without this little fan. I have 2 of them now. They serve 2 vital purposes: air flow and noise control. The swivel feature is magnifique, so that the fan can be pointed at the ceiling, which gets the air going all around the space, not just right at you. Also, in chilly weather, the warm air which has risen to the upper levels of your room will be moved around, thanks to this little wonder. Perhaps even more important for a crazy city dweller like myself, this fan makes a really nice white noise, a windy whooooshing sound, which drowns out the footsteps of my upstairs neighbour, who refuses to lay down thicker carpet padding! I will never be without these fans.
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on December 17, 2014
This fan is outstanding, when it works. Very quiet and really packs some power! Love the rotating head to spread the air out in the room.

However, about 6 months into using this fan daily it sometimes does not start. You can hear the motor trying to spin the blades but it just isn't working. Most of the time this is solved by sticking a metal ruler inside the fan and spinning the blades until it catches in the motor. After that, no issues.

I would definitely buy this again for a my house but not for an everyday office fan.

Powerful (WOW!)
Multi-position head

Does not work for everyday use after about 6-8 months.
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on January 15, 2015
I've been using it to move hot air from the wood stove around the room. It's quiet enough not to have to turn up the tv in the same room, and it's been working for two winters now without a problem.
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on August 22, 2013
I received this fan as a gift from someone new in box. after a couple months of use I heard a pop, walked over and the fan had broken off of the pivot points.

I've owned many of fans in my fan career. usually fans slowly die and loose their speed.

this plastic at the pivot point is garbage

-5 stars for breaking
4 stars for air blowing performance
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on July 8, 2015
We were building a couple of homemade air conditioners, and needed a good fan. There are so many on the market, so I was looking for a reliable fan, made by a company that I'm familiar with. The Honeywell TurboForce fit the bill.

The fan arrived quickly and packaged very well. I like that they included documentation, as most companies skip that anymore. The fan puts out enough force for our needs. It's sturdy, and quiet. We wouldn't hesitate on buying this item again in the future.
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on May 10, 2009
1. nice cool breeze
2. quieter than HT800 ]
1.not as powerful as HT800
2. Costlier than HT800
3. Do not remain in lowest position.. flipping upwards again and again
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