Customer Reviews: HooToo® HT-WR01 Wireless N Signal Repeater and Range Extender, (300 Mbps 802.11 b/g/n Access Point / Repeater with WPS Button)
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on May 18, 2013
My router is in the front of the house, and a WiFi signal has to travel through several walls and many stainless steel kitchen appliances emitting electromagnetic interference. I could barely get a dial-up speed signal in the bedrooms, and forget about the backyard. The HooToo unit solved everything! It couldn't have been simpler to set up. Just make sure your SSID is visible and that you know your WiFi network password. I now have a signal out to the farthest stretch of my backyard (about 80 feet from the original router) and the bandwidth is about 3 Mbps at the edge of its range. It gets faster at closer ranges. I also love the unobtrusive design that's not not much bigger than a wall plug. It even mounts vertically or horizontally to avoid blocking the other power outlet.
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on August 7, 2013
Purchased this product because my newly purchased home has cinder block walls and aluminum siding which no router i tried could get through to allow signal on the back deck. I set this up and had it running in a matter of 5 minutes. Father in law just bought a netgear product that does the same. Difference being he paid almost triple what i did. similar performance fraction of the cost. I found this is easy to install with little to no experience, just plug into the wall and connect wireless. follow the instructions and your done.

i looked around and found several knock-off similar looking but doubted their performance. (most of them are 150 mbps vs this is 300mbps) Don't be fooled, this is what you want. I realistically went from 0 bars of wifi to full strength which was honestly a lot better than i expected for the price. I will be sure to try hootoo products in the future.

2 tips:

1.If you are using this as a wireless repeater as i am to extend your wifi range, name this the same as your current wireless network (called SSID) in setup. This is what allows to now have to switch which you are connected to as you move around.

2. And during set-up when it as for key, this is what your current password is to connect to your wireless now. Nothing more. Simple.

If it sounds like i work for the company, i don't that's just my sigh of relief that this product worked better than expected, lol.
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on July 30, 2013
I tried it both as a WiFi access point and as a repeater. Both seemed to be working fine until I made a wireless connection of a computer or device to it. In both setups it would not hold a continuous connection. My wireless devices normally test 35 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up with my wireless router (wired I get the 50/5 my service provider guarantees). With the HooToo even when showing excellent signal strength the best I could get was 1.3/1.2 Mbps down/up.

The high ratings are not to be believed!
I am modifying my original review to give a neutral rather than a negative rating. A representative of Sunvalleytek, the company that sells this product called me today a few minutes after I returned the HooToo product. After our conversation I realize that my Ubee cable modem/router furnished by Time Warner may have a compatibility issue with the HooToo repeater. The Ubee unit can be configured to be a modem only which would allow me to add my own choice of a router (which would be Linksys). But Time Warner does no want me to do that.

I also want to thank Amazon for their return policy and for Amazon Prime. During 14 years of ordering hundreds of products from Amazon I had never returned an item as defective until this week. I returned two such products today. The experience was amazingly easy.
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on July 19, 2013
The device seems to work great in Repeater mode now that I have it working. My experience:

My router does not have a WPS button. It was easy enough to plug in the extender and go through the initial setup option, setting it up as a Repeater. Problem was, it only worked on it's own SSID. I wanted it to share my SSID so no matter where I was in the house, I only had 1 SSID. I didn't want to have to switch SSIDs when I was in the backyard.

The issue was that if you use the setup wizard without doing these other steps, 1) It does not assign tself the existing SSID and 2) Does not give itself a fresh DHCP address from your router (so you can never get back into the device to configure it). The reset button on the device was used several times during my setup. Yes, it does bridge the connection! It just requires you to use a different SSID if you want to use the repeater in say, your backyard.

Again for me, once you run that initial setup wizard, you can't get back into the hotspot to reconfigure it to work on your network. You can't get easily get back on it to reconfigure it's IP, change the SSID, etc. What I had to do was this (apologize for not being super specific, doing it from memory):

Follow the instructions and connect to it's web interface. Ignore the initial setup wizard. Go into the advanced options, and give the device an IP address that's on the same range as your router. At home, I'm at 172.24.50.x, so I gave the hotspot Apply, let it reboot, and reconnect to the web page using the new IP address (in my case,

Next, change all the SSID option boxes from the default to your own SSID. Apply again, let it reboot. Reconnect to the new SSID, and then reconnect to the new IP address.

Finally, at this point, run the Setup Wizard at the top left screen. If you want it to be a repeater, follow the steps, connect it to your existing SSID and passphrase, and you're good to go. Now you should have 1 SSID in your house and be able to reconnect to this repeater anytime by using it's IP.

If you have the WPS button on your router apparently it's much easier to setup.
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on November 20, 2013
I purchased this unit to extend my wireless internet from my home, to my workshop approximately 70 feet and three concrete walls away.

My Apple Airport Express router does a terrific job getting a wireless signal though two of the concrete walls and to the shop door, but that's where the signal dies. I plugged the HooToo into an outlet just inside the shop door now both my iPad and my iBook show full signal strength throughout the shop, and it's worth noting that internet speed seems consistent with those in the house.

The instruction manual leaves lots to be desired and I found it necessary to call for technical assistance. The young man that assisted me was very knowledgable and quickly had me up and running. I give this a five star rating only because it works as it should, and HooToo has excellent customer service. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong.
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on November 11, 2013
Pros: Easy to setup.
1) In Repeater mode, Extends range alright, but the bandwidth is very poor. ( Yes, I had placed it in an area with more than 50% wifi signal from home network.)
2) In a few days of use, devices fail to connect to the extended network. Requiring me to constantly reset the device.
3) Overall I was very excited about this purchase and it just didnt live up to expectations.
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on August 9, 2013
We live in a rural setting and use HooToo cameras to monitor our property. Getting a WiFi signal from our home (which is insulated with metal reflective material and has a metal roof) to our poultry shed has been problematic. Eventually, we installed a second Apple router (Airport Express) to repeat the signal and capture a video feed. I became aware of this product after purchasing (and coming to appreciate) HooToo's cameras. Despite having a signal in the poultry shed, we still had no WiFi that would reach our barn, over 200 feet away from the main house. Given the price ($33 for HooToo's repeater compared to $99 for the Apple device), I decided to try it out.

Setup was simple, except that I had to turn the removable AC prongs 90 degrees to get the device to turn on. I'm guessing the removable AC fitting allows European-style plugs to ship with the device in other countries.

Like most routers, I was able to navigate to the administrative page of the device using my browser after connecting to the device wirelessly. Configuration took me less than 60 seconds and involved finding my WiFi SSID, choosing it and entering the password. I then unplugged the device, took it to the barn, plugged it into an outlet as high as possible (to optimize line of sight signal repeating) and immediately saw a full-bar signal come up on my computer.

Not so easily persuaded that my efforts were over, I typed in a website and was enormously gratified to see it pop up instantly, despite being two buildings away from the primary router! Overall speed was diminished from 5.0 to 3.5 mb/s from speed tests I conducted next to the primary router compared to those next to the HooToo repeater. However, considering we had had no signal at all in the barn prior to plugging in the repeater, the improvement was nothing short of amazing.

The unit itself appears well designed. It's compact, fits snugly against the AC outlet, and has a set of LED status lights that allow troubleshooting if needed. Nevertheless, for me it was truly plug and play, all at a very reasonable price.

Finally, I must reiterate what others have said about HooToo service. Customer service is located in the US and during business hours, someone actually answers the phone. Despite selling some pretty complex equipment (programming any web camera is a multistep complicated process), the company stands by their products and is ready to walk anyone through setup, troubleshooting, or returns. (One of our cameras failed just over a month after purchasing it from Amazon, but HooToo rapidly agreed to send out a free replacement even though I was past the Amazon return period. Contrast this with HP, who told me I needed to buy a new printer when a small plastic piece cracked on a paper feeder. Good to see that customer service still lives in the US.)

Koodoos all around.
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on August 26, 2013
In repeater mode, this inexpensive repeater does extend the signal -- but at the price of dramatically reduced network speed. (This is a common problem with repeaters due to the general shortcomings of repeater technology and is not unique to this model, but it did seem particularly acute with the HooToo.) I had originally wanted to use it just as a repeater, but due to the slowdowns, I gave up on that and used it in access point mode. As an access point, it worked fairly well and did extend the network range somewhat, although not as far as I would have hoped. It just doesn't seem to pump out a super strong signal. (Sometimes, when the signal from both the base router and this access point are reachable, the access point has a weaker signal even though I'm closer to it!) Also, the instruction manual is poorly written and generally inadequate; it seems to have been translated to English by someone who didn't speak English as their first language.

All in all, given the price point, I'm happy with the product as an access point and the moderate improvement in my network coverage. This worked out for me because I had a hardwired RJ45 outlet I could plug it into in a good location. I might even go so far as to buy another one for my garage to use as another access point. But I was NOT happy with it as a repeater, and you shouldn't expect blazing speeds in either mode.
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on September 27, 2013
I found this receiver easy to set up, and it did just what I needed. I wanted to get Wifi on my front porch, but my router couldn't quite make it out through the wall of the house. I set up the repeater just inside the house behind the porch. Now I have a clear strong signal out front!

And then, about a month after the purchase I got a call from HooToo customer support just to make sure I was happy with the product. I was stunned!
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on April 11, 2014
I don't know if the unit works well, I couldn't get it to work on my network. I bought HooToo to extend my WiFi signal in rooms with little to no service. I already had a WiFi modem/router but the signal wasn't strong enough for the AppleTv unit in another room.

I read the product information that the unit could be used to extend an existing WiFi but I don't believe that to be the case. HooToo has an IP address that is hard-coded and cannot be changed. It provides another access point and another WiFi network. If you wanted to use a mobile device, you would have to change networks depending where you were moving around in the home.

Another bad point is the instruction sheet. The unit comes with a 20 page book that is 2"x2" in size, with illustrations that cannot be distingished. The procedure listed did not fit my version of the firmware loaded on the device and it also listed several options to connect the unit.....none of them worked for me.

I emailed the technical folks (no phone # listed). The instructions I received back also did not match the firmware on the device either. I could not get my computer to see the device with either the hard-wire or wireless set-up but for one time and then the installation didn't take.

I would recommend the amplified antenna over this type of device.
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