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on November 26, 2009
I have tried, on a number of different occasions, a few of the Hoover carpet detergents: The lesser expensive Hoover Deep Cleansing detergent (a very nice all-purpose detergent), the Hoover Premium Pet Formula (great scent), and the (more expensive) Hoover Platinum Pet Plus. They are ALL great carpet cleaning detergents... but I would have to confess that I didn't find a huge cleaning difference between the Deep Cleansing and the Premium Pet Formula (I would favor the Pet Formula over the Deep Cleansing -- the Pet Formula has a lovely powdery scent and little bit more cleaning power that's worth an extra couple of bucks, I think).

All of that said, the Platinum Pet Plus detergent... whoa, that was a BIG cut above the rest. Twice the price, but twice the performance. It's a killer price-wise for me -- I can use an entire bottle of the stuff on just one good-sized room (we have a lot of dogs free-roaming our house plus we live in a rural mountain/country environment). But, if you compare it with the expense of professional carpet cleaning, or the cost to replace a room of carpet, a few extra bucks on the Platinum Pet Plus detergent is a great alternative when you have a seriously soiled carpet. In the end, I think I'll spring for the Platinum Pet Plus when the carpets are really THAT bad (more often than I'd like to confess to) or for a semi-annual cleaning, and then use the Premium Pet Formula for in-between light maintenance. If money were no object, I'd buy the Platinum Pet Plus every time. It's that good.
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on March 18, 2010
We recently purchased the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge (F5914-900) and the Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet-and-Upholstery Detergent. They are both my first ever. In the past we would hire the *professionals* to clean our carpet. Never again! Never again will I throw my hard earned money out the window (or in their pockets).

In the year we have lived in our house it would be kind to say that we have accumulated stains. The Hoover machine and this cleaner not only pulled up all of our stains from the two small dogs - the very old cat - and our preschooler, it also pulled up the stains the previous owner *claimed* a professional could not remove.

I bought five 50 oz bottles, because I read a review where someone said they cleaned one in a half rooms and used up a whole bottle. I'm not sure how big their mansion is, or possibly what they were doing wrong. Because in following the instructions in the machine's manual, I used two caps full every time I filled the tank (you would use two caps full for very soiled carpet). I cleaned our 2300 sqft house (most of which is carpeted) and did not finish off two of the bottles. Granted, the second bottle is almost empty. Oh well, I got free shipping and I have three more bottles of the cleaning solution to use over the next couple of year or two.
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on May 9, 2013
My dog has "stress leaks," and some of the stains were particularly difficult to remove. Stanley Steemer didn't get the stains out -- it looked clean while the carpet was still wet, but after it dried, the spots came back. This Platinum Collection Pet Plus carpet cleaner did a fantastic job, along with the Hoover MaxExtract cleaner I just bought. After the carpet dried, no more spot. I'll upload a before/after pic so you can see what I mean.
review image
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on September 2, 2010
So my two year old has learned how to take his diaper off during the night. The other day he gave us a lovely surprise in the morning as the interior contents of his diaper were very helpfully spread all over his bedroom floor. Our lovely beige carpet was now a smelly shade of brown. We used our regular carpet cleaner and pre-treatment, ones that have served us well in the past for your standard baby and toddler related messes, you know, things like spilled juice, random dirt, and "what the heck is this sticky pink stuff?" type of cleanups. It got most of the grossness up, enough that I felt like a child could at least sleep in the room without needing to self-report myself to CPS. There was still some staining though, and it grossed me out. I ordered this stuff thinking that it might get the last of the staining out, and it's a good thing I did because the morning before it showed up Mr Now Being Toilet Trained did a repeat performance, creating an all-new mess over the pre-existing stains.

After getting the obvious out of the way I sprayed the carpet with a pretreatment (Woolite Pet) and went over the whole area with the carpet cleaner. Well, his room now looks better than the rest of the house which we try to deep clean the carpets as regularly as life will allow (about once a month or so, and boy does it need it by then!). I'm really impressed with how easy it was to get out both the new stains and the older stains. Even some areas that were just a bit on the dingy side were revived nicely. So, five big stars for a product that took a brown and tan carpet back to light beige. I'll be ordering this as part of the 4 for 3 deal in the future because with a second child on the way I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to need it.
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on December 1, 2014
This stuff is awesome! I used it in my new Hoover Max Extract 77 on some old pet urine stains. My carpet was bad, bad, bad and has been for years. We were planning on ripping out our carpet, but now we don't have to! Love the cleaning power, really love the smell. Its expensive but very worth it. I figure, if you're going to spend the time and effort to clean the carpets, you better use the best stuff. I can't believe this cleaner worked so well on stains that were 2+ years old. I included a before and after pic of the worst of the stains. Its really amazing. Never thought my carpets would look so good.

I will definitely be purchasing this again.
review image review image
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on April 11, 2010
When raising a puppy, you are bound to have some potty training incidents. I use this product with my Hoover Steam Cleaner when doing whole floors and with my Bissel Lil Green Machine for individual cleanups. My dog has not returned to any place to toilet in the same area. This proves this enzymatic cleaner works. Animals will find the old scent if possible and return to that area to toilet. I feel this product made potty training easier because the dog has no place inside to smell and return to for toileting.
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on December 18, 2012
I LOVE this product. I had some severe urine stains on my carpet that was a combination of new puppy in mid-training and cat with severe UTI. Quite frankly, my house smelled like urine and I was going crazy. It was disgusting and I didn't want people in my house until I fixed this issue. I tried many different store-bought and home remedies to no avail.

After the first thorough use of this product on soiled areas with my steam vac, the smell was noticeably diminished. I then mixed a cap full with less water to create a more concentrated mixture and pretty much DRENCHED the offending areas with a pitcher to make sure it went all the way through the carpet instead of just the top and then put a towel and a weight over it and let it sit for a day. I found them using a urine-spotting black light. After the second thorough go-over, the smell was completely eliminated.

My house now smells normal and I am exceedingly thankful. I love my pets but I am a neat-freak and this was stressing me out. This product pretty much saved my sanity. It smells pleasant and eliminates the odors completely. I got down inches from my carpet to make sure it wasn't just masking it like some other products I had used but haven't had the urine-smell issue since then. I would highly recommend a steam-vac and this stuff for any pet owners with carpet. Just because we have a small zoo in our house doesn't mean it has to smell like it. :)
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on April 10, 2014
Ive bought two Platinum Hoover steam cleaners because it did the best cleaning job with this solution. I now know why they pulled this solution off the shelves and you have to now order online. It does not have a good shelf life. Last year I bought 4 bottles and by the time I got the the 3rd and 4th bottle the solution was no longer clear and had turned yellow. This time I bought two bottles online thinking I would use those sooner and they were both sealed but already had turned yellow.

It seems that its already been discontinued from the Hoover website and they are just trying to get rid of leftover bottles. It worked great when it was fresh. Definitely would not buy again.
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on March 19, 2012
My significant other and I received the Hoovers SteamVac F5914-900 carpet cleaner for Christmas, but we were left with the question of which detergent to buy once we finished the included sample. The sample was a basic Hoovers-branded detergent that normally comes in a bright green bottle.

After doing extensive research on Amazon Customer Reviews (and other sources), it was determined that the Hoovers Platinum Pet Plus detergent was the perfect fit for us, despite its high price tag of $20 per bottle (almost double the cost of generic bottles).

- Echoing what others said, this detergent is AMAZING despite the price. It's definitely worth the double price tag because the carpets truly do feel fresh and fluffy; it reminded me of how the carpets felt when we first had them installed in the house last May (almost one year ago). This put the sample to shame.

- We didn't have any "major" carpet stains, but there were a few spots that needed cleaning. The detergent eliminated these stains AND it pulled up normal nasties (human and pet grime).

- Others have said that they needed to use more detergent (vs. other brands/detergents) to cover their square footage area. We did not find this to be true, so it leads me to believe that the amount of detergent used MAY BE unique to the carpet cleaning machine.

- We have a very high pile carpet from Shaw Floors (where they market it as their Top-Tier 5-star carpet, so one would think that "more" detergent is needed due to the carpet thickness. Again, that wasn't the case with us.

- We had purchased 4 bottles in total (in an Amazon 4-for-3 deal), and barely finished 1 bottle. To put our usage into perspective, we have a small 1600 sq ft house and our carpeted area equals about 500 sq ft.

- We found that it was very helpful to *first* clean the carpets with a regular vacuum before using the SteamVac. The regular vacuum pulled up any solid objects that were stuck deep in the carpets (e.g. our cat's nails that naturally fell off).

BOTTOM LINE: You truly do get what you pay for with these Hoovers' Platinum Pet Plus carpet detergent!
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on February 12, 2016
I have cats.....lots of cats. They have digestive issues not to mention forgetting where the cat boxes are at times. Did I mention I have cats? LOL!
We just picked up a Hoover All Terrain Carpet Cleaner and spied the Hoover Pet Plus Carpet Cleaner by the register at Sears. Hmmm. We'd just spent $25 on some natural carpet cleaner at the pet store but I thought it might not be a bad idea to pick this up as well since we'll need it anyway with this herd.
We used it first. I am quite pleased with the results and we will be buying more. All of our cats (with the exception of Milo) are inside due to coyotes and the cleaner worked perfectly on all those little "Gifts" that cats tend to give....Hairballs, "Oh you wanted me to use​ the litter box?" or the "I'm sorry but the red dye #3 in the cat food doesn't sit well" issues. This worked great on older stains too!
Which brings me back to Milo, the only outside cat. He can stare down a Bob Cat, Fox, Coyote and Raccoon but he has a "Marking" issue so he's not allowed in. Needless to say, having sliding glass doors in the living room, Milo has anointed them and a few of the insides (who can't stare down a wet paper bag), retaliated. Lovely! But this cleaner knocks the smell right out as well as the stains.
I think I'm going to order a truck load! Queen Mother was thrilled as she watched me turn her carpet a whole new color....uh, the original shade when we had it installed!!!
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