Customer Reviews: Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum, BH50140 / BH5110
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First about the vacuum. It comes packaged so that as you unpack the batteries and accessories an explanation of what to do and the sequence is printed right there!---and assembly is not cumbersome, but rather simple and straight forward. Took just a couple of minutes for us. It comes with what I would think are the most useful attachments and then more. A two in one dusting and crevice tool (two separate tools that fit together for storage), a pivoting dusting tool, the head pivots so you could actually dust the top of a ceiling fan, an extra roller for dusting hard floors, it is soft and works great on hardwood floors, you also get an extra washable filter. There is storage for a tool on the side, I keep the pivoting dusting tool there. The batteries come pre-charged, plenty to get up and running. I did the whole house and still had charge left, with an indicator light showing the remaining charge. Two switches, one for power on and off and the other for brush on and off. The brush will stop as soon as the handle is in the upright position for like using the attachments. The pivoting head makes navigating very easy. The head is low profile. I can get further under the bed and dressers than any other machine I've used, it's also a bit narrower-----can get between nightstand and wall. Light weight, I think it's about ten lbs.. easy to pack around by the handle. The headlight (led) is very bright and quite a help in darker rooms; The dirt canister is a one button push to empty. The extension wand comes out of the handle----always there! The soft-grip handle is comfortable and works well with the pivoting head. Batteries are 20 v Li-ion the perfect match for this use-----and will hold their charge for our entire house (1700 sq. ft.) with plenty of power left.

Hoover did a great job, top to bottom and deserve five stars for innovation, packaging and producing a quality product! But, none of that matters if it didn't do a great job on the floors. I can tell you it does, right now my wife is taking a few laps around the house, claiming to get what I missed, really!!!

The best of all features--No Cord!-----I just hate that bit of dragging a cord behind, not running over it, trying to find just the right plug so you can get to the greatest area with out looking for the next plug! That is the one thing that pushes this way over the top. It's a regular vacuum, not a flimsy thing designed for dust bunnies, and small accidents. It holds plenty of dirt in the canister......Pushing a regular vacuum around the house with no cord---that's for me!

Just for fun I compared this to the Dyson DC44

Dyson DC44 ----------- Hoover Cordless

2 yr warranty..................5yr.
5.5 full charge..........3hr.
20 min. run time...............50min.

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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
EDIT: 03/02/2016 - I used to love this vacuum. In fact, our household had 2 of them. They worked great, for a while. A little over a year later they started having problems and not picking up small debris anymore. I love the convenience of the two rechargeable batteries, and that it worked well for a time. However, after repeated attempts to clean out and get these vacs working properly, they have been relegated to the junk pile after about a 2-year tour of duty. Rating reduced from 5 to 3 stars, for how well it worked when it worked. I'm quite disappointed in their staying power however.
Old review:
Wow. Hoover is on their A-game with the BH50140. I usually consider Hoover vacuums to be workhorse models, but nothing special. In this case they compete favorably with Dyson cordless vacuums costing twice as much! We have a DC59 model and like it, but in some ways this Hoover is superior. Granted they have different form factors, but both being cordless vacuums, the comparison can be made.

The Hoover and Dyson models both have excellent suction and work well on multiple surfaces. The Hoover has a neat feature where you can either just use just the suction or both the suction and the spinning cleaning brushes. Both hold a charge for nearly the same amount of time, though the Hoover lasts a bit longer. Factor in that a second easily switchable extra battery pack is included with the Hoover, and you can be up and running for a lot longer with the BH50140. It also re-charges more quickly. The BH50140 is larger and isn't quite as versatile as the svelte Dyson, but it does come with cleaning brush attachments and the pivoting head is far better than those on any other Hoover model I've used before now. It sports a larger waste container than the DC59 as well, so it can be run for a longer time before needing to empty it. Said canister could be bigger, but I suspect the size contributes to the effectiveness of the vacuum's suction. I like the "headlight" at the base of the unit as well for seeing more clearly in darker, hard to reach places. Let me take moment to note that the Hoover will shut down if it rolls over a cord or gets jammed up with some object or fabric. This is a great "self-preservation" feature the Dyson does not have.

I think Hoover is right on-track with this cordless series. It does the job of a regular vacuum while minimizing the inconvenience of using rechargeable batteries. Get used to using this beauty, and it will be hard to be tied down to a "corded" standard vacuum ever again.

~ Kort
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A couple of years ago, I purchased a Hoover Vacuum and it was awesome. I then became slightly dismayed by the brand when I saw and had an opportunity to experience some of the vacuum options that were being released...until this product. The Hoover Air Cordless is not perfect, but it certainly is a great concept and would work well for many households as a supplemental vacuum or the primary vacuum in an average-sized apartment.

What it is really cool:

No cord (the obvious perk): First, I want you to just think about the concept of a cordless vacuum. One of the biggest pains of a traditional vacuum is unraveling the cord and then tidying the cord at the end of a cleaning job. While sweeping, the cord gets stuck on things or people trip over the cord. There you are, nearing completion of a vacuum job, when you see the dog run across the cord and unplug the vacuum. You have to go back down the hall or up the steps to replug the vacuum and then return to your task that should have been done three minutes before. So, here you have this vacuum that is without a cord and it is awesome.

It's light!: This vacuum doesn't have a million bells and whistles and cleaning tools hanging off the edge. It is easy to carry up and down the stairs and flip over if something gets caught in the cleaning head.

Small cleaning head: This can go in the pro and con category. Small cleaning heads permit the user to easily maneuver around objects. The small heads are great for cleaning steps as well. (The obvious negative is that when there are smaller passes, it takes longer to cover a surface)

Two batteries: Hoover thought about this and realized that people who are cleaning don't want to leave a pile of crumbs on the floor or a pile of cat hair on the rug when the battery dies and the President or some other VIP is coming over in five minutes for apple pie. There needs to be a back-up when the battery dies so the cleaning job can be finished. The batteries have a fairly long life of 45-50 minutes and once the battery dies, it dies. The vacuum just stops and you immediately and clearly know it is time to use the second battery that is easily popped in.

Canister is easy to pop out: I don't love canisters because I think they can be messy, but this is one of the neater canisters I have used when it comes to emptying the garbage that is in it. You press a button and the bottom of the canister opens. As long as you have the end of the canister sufficiently in the garbage can, little dust flies about. I don't have to do much banging to get stuck particles out of the canister.

Small size: This vacuum has a fairly small footprint and can fit easily into small closets. I keep it in a mudroom closet and pull it out to vacuum the carpet in that high-traffic mudroom, as it has to be swept at least twice a day.

Picks up pretty well: I was very happy with how this picked up cat litter, pebbles, dust, and hair. I didn't think it would produce enough power to pick up small objects but it has impressed me.

The not so good (and where you can see this product is not great for all home):

This vacuum is really intended for smaller areas: If you have pets or a home that is over 1400 square feet (my arbitrary number and not the opinion of the manufacturer), you really need to think about how you would strategically use this vacuum. Our house is well over 1400 square feet and I usually have to dump the canister three times over the course of a regular sweeping endeavor. This is largely due to the amount of pet hair that is collected by the vacuum. If your home is all carpet, and over the 1400 square feet mark, I think that emptying of this canister might drive you insane. Do I think you should still consider it? YES! However, think about where it could best be deployed and as a supplemental vacuum. It would be great to store it in a closet that is close to a high traffic area that has to be vacuumed more frequently than other portions of a house. Do you have cats? It is great for sweeping up wayward cat litter quickly. I would not consider this to be the best choice for a primary vacuum if your house is medium or large in size or you have pets/children/other messy individuals. I think this vacuum would be awesome for a small apartment.

Neat freaks will need supplemental tools: If corner dust drives you crazy, you are going to need to invest in another device for detailing purposes.

Small cleaning head: While this aspect can be a pro in terms of maneuvering around furniture, it can lead to increased cleaning time because the cleaning passes are not very wide.

All in all, I love the concept of a cordless vacuum. I think this particular vacuum would work great as a supplemental vacuum for many households. I think Hoover is on the right track here and I am hopeful the next generation has a bigger canister and longer lasting batteries.
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on March 10, 2015
I spend $213 with tax to buy this cordless vacuum. I really thought if I spend this much probably it will be better than other much cheap brands! But I was so wrong! I may need to spend little more and try Dyson and I really hope I don't will have same problem. I bought first abt week ago had missing part and I coudnt put together vacuum with out that part. It's tiny blue plastic part when you connect vacuum handle to vacuum body part.
Amazon refund my money for that and they also reordered for me other one.
Today I got second vacuum with same problem. Which means no more Hoover in my home!
review image review image
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Hoover Air 3.0 cordless vacuum is fairly powerful, very light, and amazingly convenient.

Assembling the Hoover is easy; all you do is click the handle into place. There are no tools needed and the box's design is very smart, making it simple to remove the cleaner and accessories.

Materials and build quality of the Hoover are first rate. Everything is well put together and feels solid in the hand. Indeed, it has a 5-year warranty, that also covers the batteries.

Included with the Hoover you'll find a crevice tool, dusting brush, bendable dusting brush, and a hard floor beater bar. One disappointment is that there is no room onboard to store the bendable brush. You can force it onto the perch meant for the crevice tool, but if you do that it deforms the plastic, so into the closet it goes! The cleaning hose is moderately long and stretchy and it's clear so you can see clogs.

Included for power are two Li-Ion batteries and a charger. They have indicator lights on them to show charge level, and they click onto the front of the Hoover. Between the two of them you'll get about 50 minutes of run time. I have an 800 sq. foot condo and the first battery was more than enough to clean it thoroughly. The nice thing about the Li-Ion batteries that the Hoover uses is that they do not slowly die, but die all at once, so you have full power right until the end.

Speaking of power, the Hoover is kind of a mixed bag. Compared to my full size Kenmore upright, the Hoover's airflow through the hose is very weak. I figured this did not bode well when it came time to clean the carpet because the hose is what connects directly to the Hoover's beater bar head. So to test out the Hoover's capability I vacuumed the whole apartment with it, and then cleaned it again with the Kenmore. The Kenmore has a dirt sensor that indicates if there is any dirt in the carpet, but surprisingly, it said the carpet was clean throughout. So while the Hoover may not have the most powerful suction, the Wind Tunnel technology of the beater bar head must put it to good use. Indeed, the dirt cup was full of dog hair and debris. (Just for reference, my home is mostly wall-to-wall low pile carpet and I have two dogs that shed moderately.)

The Hoover is very light making easy to push and pull, while the swivel head allows for easy maneuverability. The head is also narrow and very low profile, so it's easy to fit between furniture legs and under furniture. The Hoover's biggest maneuverability asset, however, is its lack of a cord. It's such a revelation to be able to vacuum the whole house without worrying about tripping over a cord, sucking up the cord, or looking for an outlet. Moreover, it's great when you need to quickly clean up a mess or vacuum the car out.

When it's time to clean out the Hoover it's very easy. Simply press the button on the bottom of the dust cup to dump the debris, and then twist off the top to remove the cone inside and clean that off with the included brush. There is also a very durable, and high quality, filter that you can rinse under the sink and air dry. Since they include two filters you will always have a backup. Lastly, it's very easy to access and swap out the beater bar, no tools are required.

All in all... ditch the dirt, and the cord.

01/22/2015 Update: I recently moved into a new house that is hardwood floors throughout, and has a few door mats. I switched out the hard bristle beater bar brush for the soft one and the Hoover works really well on my hardwood floors. I still love the vacuum.

12/22/2015 Update: The Hoover started acting weird. It would turn on the headlight for a couple of seconds and then just turn off. Sometimes it would turn on if I pushed the power button a few times, so I just ignored the issue. However, now it won't turn on at all. I tried switching batteries and cleaning it out, but I couldn't get it to turn on. I've downgraded my review to 3 stars as a result. I still think think it's a nice machine, but its longevity leaves something to be desired.
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on June 5, 2014
I'm so disappointed. I was really enjoying this vacuum but it seems that the rollers aren't up for pet hair. Just a week after I got it the regular roller broke. I switched out to the other brush that was the multi floor brush while I was waiting to get the other replaced. It broke within 10 minutes. I will fess up to having a dog so I'm cleaning dog hair. An Aussie. It appears that the hair wraps around the roller at the end opposite the belt and breaks the roller. But I brush him outside once a week and bathe him. I sweep once or twice a week. My house is only 1,100 square feet. So its not like I'm trying to clean something huge. I threw the packaging away because I liked it so much so now I feel that I can't return it to Amazon? I guess it would work if I went through and used my old vaccumm first or a Swifter to pick up the majority of hair first. But isn't that the point of having a $300 Hoover?
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on November 30, 2014
This is a vacuum has everything to be five star, only that they cut corners on the motor quality for the rotating brush. It takes a few stands of long human hair to lock the brush up and burn out the cheap toy motor. Once the brush stops rotating, this vacuum is pretty much useless on carpet.
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on June 23, 2014
I have owned the Electrolux and Dyson cordless vacs, and this one blows them both away. In a small place, I think it could serve as the sole vacuum cleaner, though it's suction is considerably weaker than a corded vac.

The Electrolux, with a removable "Dustbuster", starts out OK but almost immediately drops dramatically in power as the tiny filter clogs. It also has a tiny dust cup. I threw mine out after a year.

The Dyson is worlds better, with a much larger and easier to empty dust cup. It has fair suction in "Turbo" mode and a good beater brush, good filter life, and is very small, light and convenient, but has a short battery life. Still, it's great for picking up the dust bunnies in my kitchen which my four dogs leave for me.

This Hoover is another quantum-leap up in effectiveness. The dust cup is much larger and very simple to empty, the vacuum seems to be stronger, and it runs longer on a battery, as well as having a backup battery on standby in the "smart" charger.
It's a good bit bulkier than the Dyson, but still pretty light, with a conveniently placed carry handle on top of the dust bin.
Both the Hoover & the Dyson have the "swivel-steer" feature for the vacuum head, which is nice.
I have never tried the onboard hose & accessories.
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on June 12, 2014
If the roller brush is inhibited for any reason, such as going over an area rug, causing the roller to stop, it takes awhile for the roller to start going again. You must turn it off, then wait, then turn it on again.
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on April 6, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
**** I received the product in exchange for honest review & candid opinion. This review is based on my personal experience with the product. YMMV. ****

Let me tell you ... this vacuum was easy-peasy to set up. The box opens. Add this, add that, and you're done. I haven't yet opened the manual, and I didn't need to. The battery was fully charged, and it worked out of the box. What a pleasant surprise.

Let me warn you ... there is quite a bit of packaging, which adds value in terms of protecting the item and making it easy to assemble. However, if you want to support products that reduce packaging, then this is not the product for you.

There is only one speed and the path is narrow. It's not unlike our bagless Shark, except that our Shark has multiple speeds and it's corded. Our Shark is great with deep cleaning our frieze carpet. Unfortunately, this Hoover is not.

I like this vacuum, and we have used it several times. However, it's best for hard surfaces and low-pile rugs. It really doesn't do a deep cleaning job on deeper pile. And honestly, I don't think it was meant to. I like the nap of the rug to come back after vacuuming, and this Hoover does not do that with my frieze carpet.

If all you have is hard surfaces and low-pile rugs, then this just might be the product for you. If not, you might still need a vacuum for deep-cleaning. As a result, I just can't rate it much higher than three stars. For me, deep cleaning higher pile carpeting is absolutely essential. Given the price point, I need more out of a vacuum cleaner.

3 stars


May 2014 Update

We've had problems with the vacuum stopping on us. If, for some reason your machine stops working, there is a reset on the battery - a blue button on the bottom near the lights. My husband was basically taking apart the machine to find the source of the problem, only to accidentally discover this feature. Of course, if we had opened the manual, we probably would have found out about this. Nevertheless, just a tip or hint if that should happen to you. Unfortunately, it is happening a lot to us.

3 stars.


September 2014 Update

After about 6 months of use, this item has stopped working again. I am not entirely certain what the problem is. However, my husband thinks the issue is that my hair (which is long, voluminous and always ending up in dust bunnies) is getting wrapped around the brush roller. He's taken it apart, detangled my hair from the roller, and put it back together on numerous occasions. I guess the last time was .... well, the last time. We suspect it has burned out as a result.

I have revised my review from 3-stars to 2-stars as a result of my long-term experience with the product. Looking over some of the Amazon reviews, I see that I am not alone: There are are a number of people reporting issues with the roller stopping. Some permanent, some temporary. For us, it stopped permanently after about 6 months of occasional use.

2 stars.
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