Customer Reviews: Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010
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on March 17, 2009
Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vac (Model BH50010) List $179.99 (3/17/09)

Cleans well - on/off brushroll for bare floors or area rugs/carpeting, excellent on pet hair
Control on handle - easy to use
Charge indicator accurate & useful
Dust cup very easy to empty & clean (including baffle tube when necessary)
Filter easy to clean
Stands up to store

Awkward on stairs - no stair-handle, must support from below. I'm getting used to this, and it's easier if I use my stronger hand for the machine and weaker hand for the handle.

Hoover Platinum CSV is absolutely shines in two areas: ease of use (switching from brushroll on to brushroll off, going between surface heights & types), and cleaning ability, especially the tricky maneuver of getting pet hair off area rugs.

I got this information from Hoover after my battery failed: don't store the battery in the charger. (I stored it in the charger and only took it out of the charger when I used it.) There is nothing in the instructions about this, but storing it in the charger can cause it to fail. It's OK to leave it several hours or overnight, but then take it out of the charger and put it in the vacuum. The battery will continue to hold the full charge no matter how long it is stored in the vacuum. (Thanks to the 2 year warranty on the battery, they are sending me a new one at no charge.)

Read on if you are interested in more detailed comments:

I am sure that with time the price will come down or discounts will be available from the $179 list. I know that the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright (another model in this line) which originally listed for $399 is readily available online for $300 now. (Nov 12, 2009 edit: Price has finally dropped into the $150 range!)

Battery Life:
The battery life is quite good, and I like the "fade-free" aspect of the product - it works at full power for the whole time. It does a much better job so much quicker than my old vac and I am more than satisfied, since I can get everything I want done in a single charge.

Bagless feature:
I think I finally understand why bagless vacuums are so popular, even though they are more work: there is something so satisfying about SEEING how much dirt and pet hair you have removed from your flooring. But however satisfying it is to see what you have removed, it creates an extra step that you need to perform nearly every time you use a bagless vac - ANY bagless vac - if you want it to maintain its cleaning power. With my previous stick vac, the dust cup emptied fine, but I had to pull the dust off the filter with my fingers to ready it for the next use, and occasionally use another vacuum to clean the filter because it was not washable. The Hoover Platinum CSV, however, is exceptionally easy to empty and clean. The dust cup empties from the bottom, the baffle tube is easy to remove from the dust cup assembly if necessary (which it will be, if you have multiple long-haired daughters), and the filter can be bushed off with a dry toothbrush and washed when necessary. Long hair does tend to wind around the baffle tube (part of the bagless system). Fortunately, that is easy to remove when emptying the dust cup.

Carpet Cleaning:
I have used (and liked, and still believe it is a good stick vac, although with limitations) the Eureka The Boss Lite Cordless (96 b)Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum cordless (rated 4 ½ stars on Amazon) for years on my hardwood floors and area rugs for quick cleanups, so I have a basis for comparison.

My old Boss Lite was great on bare floors, but only better-than-nothing on rugs. (I used to kneel down and wipe the surface with a well-wrung out sponge to get the hair off my area rugs because the brush-roll on the Eureka just wasn't up to it.) By comparison, the Hoover Platinum Cordless Stick Vac is amazingly good at getting surface pet hair, dirt, and sock lint off rugs. It won't deep clean, but it will help to make the carpet surface LOOK clean, which is all I want for a quick clean up.

Ease of use:
Easily goes from one surface to another seamlessly, except for certain very lightweight mats. Rubber backed bathmats and doormats require me to lift the vacuum up off the bare floor and onto the rug, but it does a good job on those at cleaning them rather than sucking them up. It cannot be used on the very lightest towel-weight throw rugs with no backing, even without the brushroll - it sucks them up. With ordinary area rugs, however, the Hoover Platinum CSV goes up and over the edge with amazing ease.

Edge cleaning:
This vacuum has excellent edge cleaning. I don't ever have to stoop down to get that random bit of whatever from near the baseboard. This is a MAJOR plus when compared to my old stick vac.

The Hoover Platinum CSV will go under about the first 9 inches of furniture with only about 2 ½ inches of clearance,- you can't go further than that, because the bagless dust cup gets in the way. But if you have more clearance - about 8 inches (what my kitchen chairs have under the crossbars between the legs)- then you can get completely under.

Was there anything I liked BETTER about the my old stick vac?
Yes, I liked the way it hung on the wall to charge. The Hoover has a charging base which charges the battery, and the vac, while it stands on its own (a plus), does require floor space.
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There should be a rule that no review can be done on a vacuum cleaner until it has undergone 6 months of daily use. My guess is that many of the 5 Star Reviews on the Linx would drop considerably.

I loved the Linx for 4 months. It was sweet. Then, without warning, the roller stopped working. I've treated this machine gently. It was only used for ten minutes a day, with roller brush, on two 5' X 8' rugs and two ottomans where cats like to sleep. I emptied it daily and cleaned the foam filter once a week with compressed air.

Repairing appliances is one of my many hobbies so I preceded to "fix it." The first problem was evident as soon as I disconnected the swivel head. There are two one-inch long male pins that plug into the female connector plug of the main housing. These pins were dangling. (SEE: UPLOADED IMAGE) I removed the small cover that holds the spring-loaded release button and found the reason. The male pins are held in place by paper thin plastic clips. This is inexcusable for a plug that connects two bulky halves of a vacuum cleaner and is under constant stress when in use.

Both of these puny and fragile retaining clips had broken.

After testing and experimenting, I discovered that the brush would work only if the handle was twisted all the way to the right or left. This indicated a short circuit in the wiring.

Taking the swivel head apart to expose the motor is not an easy task. (SEE: UPLOADED IMAGE) Once this was done, all tested okay using lead wires with alligator clips on one end and bare wire on the other end. This meant that the problem was in the female connector plug inside the main housing.

When the cheap retaining clips holding the male pins broke, this allowed the pins to swivel freely from side to side. This motion expanded the female connecting plug preventing a good connection.

Fixing this problem is simple. Apply a good layer of electrical solder to the pins and then grind them down using a Dremel or grinding wheel until the pins slide into the female connecting plug securely with no play. This works.

Next, I applied aircraft epoxy to secure the pins back into place. After it dried, I applied a second coat. Every consumer in America keeps epoxy on hand, right? After the epoxy dries, make certain that the spring loaded clip that holds the swivel head to the main housing will fit down in place between the pins. If not, use a Dremel to lightly remove enough hardened epoxy to allow proper fit.

Total time in repair: 2 hours. Next time, it will take only 1 hour.

When doing my initial shopping, my first mistake was assuming that 4.5 Stars based on 1,740 reviews meant that this vacuum was a jewel. OOPS!

I immediately began reading all the 1-Star reviews. This is something I should have done before buying this vacuum. Lo and behold. Many other poor souls have suffered the same problem.

Maybe my review will help another DIY'ER repair a broken Linx.

Here's the drawback: Once a DIY'ER gets inside of an appliance, in most cases, it voids the warranty.

There's no two ways about it. The Linx is delicate. It is not designed for general housecleaning. It is for minor touch up jobs for no more than 15 minutes at a time. If you are constantly bumping into walls and furniture legs, it won't last long. The same goes for aggressive twisting of the handle. The durability of the plastic tabs on the swivel assembly is limited. For some unknown reason, the dirt cup has developed hairline fractures all around the middle. I had to apply duct tape around the middle before it cracked into shards.

Duct tape and epoxy are essentials in the world of cheaply made products we live in today.

If I kept every box for every appliance, I'd have to own a warehouse for storage. Even if I did have the original box to return the Hoover Linx, it would take weeks to get it repaired plus a bunch of wasted time packing, shipping and running around.

There's something very familiar here. You know how printer companies sell their printers at a bargain and then make a fortune selling ink at a premium?

I added up the cost of repair parts for the Linx. OVER $460.00. And in some cases, you can't buy just the part you need, you must buy the whole assembly. My little voice is telling me that Hoover thinks that if a customer is willing to spend $150.00 for the Linx, they'll be hooked and will gladly pay forty bucks every now and then to keep it working. What are the odds I'm right?

After years of fighting with NiCd batteries losing power and dying, the Linx was exactly what I was looking for. And yes, it is running like new again and I love it. And if need be, I would probably pay $50.00 to keep it running.

There used to be a day back when products were made in America, there was pride in product testing by qualified engineers. Trusted companies offered excellent customer service and stood by their products. Today, most products are made in China. Good luck reaching customer service and getting a timely and satisfactory solution to your problem.

Two things I will not do:

1. I will not suffer through the frustrating process which Hoover has the audacity to call customer service.

2. I will probably never buy another Hoover product.

Why probably? It seems that every vacuum I've purchased over the past 20 years has had to be re-manufactured and upgraded in some way to make it work like it should. Buying any vacuum cleaner is the lesser of all evils.

Adequate pre-market consumer testing of quality American made products in real life situations apparently vanished with the Hula-Hoop and Lava Lamp. Although, mine are still working fine. However, the motor for the Hula Hoop is wearing out.

7-MONTH UPDATE 6/19/13

We've all heard futility described as trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Take a look at the two round male pins on the swivel head that plug into the female port of the main housing on the Linx.

You can't see the female plug without performing a major disassembly or cutting away a nice chuck of plastic.

After fighting with a loose connection on the roller brush for months, I finally went into the main housing of the Linx to expose the female plug. Unless you are familiar with cutting plastics with a Dremel, rebuilding with epoxy, electrical repair like soldering and heat-shrink insulation, don't even attempt this. If you are an avid DIY'er, go for it.

I couldn't believe what I found.

The female plug consists of two SQUARE ports to accept the round male pins.

Can you believe it? Hoover is actually putting round pins into square holes.

This is NUTS! No wonder there was a loose connection. A secure connection is impossible with this design.

I received an email from an Amazon customer who stated, "I've lost control. What do I do?"

Unless you have the abilities mentioned above, you have 4 options:

1. Send it back to Hoover.
2. Give it away.
3. Throw it away.
4. Use it as a door stop.

All of the thin plastic retaining stops on the swivel head will eventually break off. When this happens, you will lose control.

I had to install heavier gauge wire from the brush motor to the male pins because the swivel action had worn through the insulation and broken the original wires. I replaced the weak pins with modified auto electrical connectors that work.

The swivel action is a pain anyway. I roughed up the plastic and secured the swivel head into place with epoxy careful not to impede the up and down movement. That's all the movement most folks need in a feather-weight vacuum anyway.

I've owned the Linx for 7 months and have made 4 major repairs before finally correcting all of the problems that should never have been problems to begin with.

Hoover was so very close to making an outstanding product. Instead, for whatever reason, they opted to sell an expensive product designed to fail early on. That's just plain wrong.

IMHO, every Linx owner should get a letter of apology from Hoover and a 50% rebate.

UPDATE: 7/22/14

I have now been using this vacuum cleaner for 20 months. Since making my last repairs, I have not had one bit of trouble. It works great and I've just purchased a new battery.


Forget the bells and whistles and get back to the basics. Make a good, simple product that will last and your customers will love you for it.
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on March 6, 2009
I bought this after seeing the TV Commercial and reading the previous reviews. I have three Scottish Terriers who bring the outside inside on a daily basis. This little vacuum more than handles their combined "footprint." Suction power is great, and ability to turn off roller helps immensely with area rug fringes. Battery power is the major disappointment. Indeed, you cannot waste time as your battery life will limit your square coverage. I was able to cover a 17 x 21, a 10 x10, a 20 x 8 and 12 x 14 room on one charge. That said, if more attention to detail was paid to nooks I am not sure I would have acheived this much. Like the previous reviewer I am debating keeping the machine. An extra battery might alleviate the problem - however, with ability to only charge one battery at a time you are really looking at a six hour gap between cleanings. I plan to call Hoover to see what extra battery/charger options, if any are available. With battery improvement I would give 5 stars without hesitation. For small spaces this is a great product. Also, you will most likely have to empty the vacuum at least once during a 3-4 room cleaning. I did not find this difficult, nor too messy.
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on October 18, 2011
I thought I had reviewed this already, my review must have dropped off. First of all, we purchsed the Eureka unit and returned it. It's essentially a glorified dust buster style and didn't have much cleaning power. I purchased this item based on a host of good reviews. Upon receiving and trying the unit, I was satisfied. It does clean well. Battery life is so/so and it is a pain to have to have a charger on the counter and remove it to charge. They should have a stand to place the unit in to allow it to charge like most units. We also had to purchase another very expensive battery, so that we have one on charge at all times. I have three kids and we use this until about 10 times a day, so having a dead battery is not an option.

The problem is with Hoover and their rediculously poor (non-existent customer service). So our vacuum handle broke after about two or three months of use. Right at the stress point where the handle engages the rest of the vacuum, about midway down the unit. I called Hoover for a replacement handle and got a total BS runaround on the phone. They tried to tell me they didn't carry it. I had the web site up and gave them the part number off their own site with the price (if I were willing to just buy a replacement for just under 50 bucks). I went back on hold. She said they would have to order it. I said "you are hoover! who are you going to order it from?". Back on hold. it was clear they just didn't want to help me. When she came back she said I was out of their 30 day replacement service and had to take it to a service center. Mind you this is all supposed to be from their "Platinum Special Service" for purchasing a platinum collection item. What a complete joke. So then my instructions were to take it to a service center in town to be assessed as to whether or not a warranty would cover it. I called them and they stated that yes they would assess it and if in fact it was a warranty item, they would place an order during their next scheduled round of orders. TWO different shops locally said the same thing. It would be 4 to 6 weeks before I would have a new handle (if approved) and I had to leave the vacuum with them.

I currently have the vacuum duct taped so that we can use it in our house hold and would have like to just continue to do so and install the new handle when it arrives. I have have to go at least a month without my "platinum" item from Hoover. I feel like creating a website for people to understand what type of service this company provides. Sure the reviews on this item are great, IF, you don't have a proble. Good luck if you do have a problem.

We went out to dinner last week at a local restaurant and notice the staff utilizing our Hoover Linx vacuum at the restaruant. Wouldn't you know it, as they came by our area to clean, their unit had the handle duct taped!!! I comiserated with the staff for a few minutes and shared stories before leaving. They have the same issue and will not buy another hoover product again either.

Hoover, you stink.
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on July 20, 2015
My old vacuum was a 24 year old Electrolux that my husband purchased when he sold vacuums for a month at the ripe old age of 16. I don't know why at 16 he spent $800 on a vacuum, but he did, and it's been his longest lasting relationship besides his mom. He loved his Electrolux so much that for years he wouldn't let me buy a new one because "they don't make them like that anymore." I told him he's right, they don't, they make them better...cordless!!!
His....I mean "Our" Electrolux vacuum never died, we still have it. It has a bunch of attachments, still sucks amazing, but is incredibly bulky, hard to use and requires purchasing bags and dealing with the cord accidentally retracting a million times mid-vacuuming. With all its cons, it's still a revolution in my husbands eyes.
After a month and a half with this new vacuum I am finally able to write a review.
1) I can see the dirt! The clear canister is incredibly rewarding to me. I love seeing how much filth I'm sucking up and it makes me want to vacuum more. Even my kids are excited by this feature. I vacuum waaaaay more than I ever vacuumed in the past because of this. It's very easy to empty the canister, taking just seconds.
2) It's CORDLESS!!! It might as well be the invention of the microwave. I can vacuum without limits, I feel so free!!!
3) Battery light indicates how much life I have left in the battery. I can vacuum for about 40 minutes on a full charge. There is never a weak suction, when the power runs low it shuts off. There is either a good suction or no suction. The charger lights up to reveal when it's ready again. I'm takes about 3 hours to recharge.
4) Size. It's so light and easy to move around. My kids (ages 6,5,5 &3) now fight over who can vacuum. I sit down eating bon bons while they take turns vacuuming the house.
5) There's a switch for tile/hardwoods floors and another for carpets. I have pure white shiny ceramic tiles covering my foyer, kitchen and kitchen seating area. I hate them, with a passion. I used to sweep at least a dozen times a day. Because this vacuum is so easy to use and portable, I just vacuum my floors now. See ya later, broom.

Now it's time for the Cons, because I would be lying if I didn't name a few;
1) I wish it came with another battery. I could vacuum all day long if I didn't have to spend 3 hours waiting for it to recharge. I use this time to fold laundry, which unfortunately this vacuum doesn't do for me. That's another con.
2) There are no attachments or even attachment kits available for this. Some times I want to get in the deep, dark places that are too hard for my vacuum to reach and it can't. So I don't clean them. So they are still dirty, and then I have to listen to my husband to complain about how his Electrolux could do it all. And that hurts. I'd like a small, fancy suctioning wand, is that too much to ask?
3) Hairy bristles. We have four long haired ladies in our house and I regularly have to cut our hair out from the bristles underneath. Maybe its because the bristle area is smaller than our big, bulky Electrolux, but I have to clean that area more than I did with the old vacuum. It's like another armpit to shave everyday, a small extra hassle.
4) The secret clog. I have had to do maintenance once on the area between the bottom and the frame. I used a skewer to jam in there when the vacuum stopped suctioning once. I pushed my suctioning limits when my dog ate her bed leaving stuffing all over the house. I wanted to save myself the effort of bending over & picking up the stuffing and instead caused myself 1/2 hour of unplugging. It was pretty disgusting. I recommend bending over for big stuff in the future. That may not be a con since it was my own laziness and sheer stupidity that caused it.
Overall I am very happy with this vacuum and my husband approves since I actually not only vacuum now, but vacuum ALL THE TIME now. I wouldn't do it it weren't convenient, easy to use and rewarding. Seriously, dumping the dirt cartridge is like getting rewarded with stickers in school. If it weren't already clear, I recommend this vacuum.
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on March 30, 2009
FIVE STARS. THE PERFECT VACUUM HAS ARRIVED.(Hoover Platinum Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum) I am a male homeowner (engineer) with a wife and 4 children and am a vacuuming nut. I actually modified TWO 7 year old eureka "theboss cordlesss upright vacuum" to use sears lithium batteries because the nickel cadmium batteries all other vacuums use are so poor. Then I found the hoover vac with linx or lithium batteries. WOW!!! I now have one of these on all 3 floors of our house. Talk about convenient and easy to use. The recharger is plugged in and ready and sits nearby. My wife and I love being able to just grab a lightweight vac whenever we want and just clean a spill made by our active toddler or vacuum a room when it needs it. No more winding and unwinding cords and pulled back muscles and scraped hands struggling to bend over furniture to plug and unplug and remove baby protectors and wasted trips back and forth to the outlets hidden behind sofa's etc. No more backbreaking trips up and down the stairs with a 20 pound vacuum in and out of the closet. I know people will say I am a nut, but YES I actually ENJOY vacuuming now. It is like the difference between a gas pushmower and driving my green riding tractor around the yard. This vac saves hours of time, because you spend your time vacuuming rather than plugging and unplugging 12 times and dragging a heavy vacuum up and down 2 flights of stairs and back and forth. AND BONUS!!! the carpet is cleaner because we vacuum more often and the AIR is cleaner with less dust in the air. You can pick these up new for just around $120 on the internet and they are worth every penny! I also got a Lithium hand vac! Awesome as well. You see how much dirt Both of these units pick up and it is amazing. Our family loves to snack(ie drop crumbs all over from pizza, toast, etc) and we keep the upright in the kitchen/family room and we use it every day to keep the area looking great after meals and snacks. And yes, it works great on carpet also! The other area we clean all the time is by the door. We are in and out a lot and it is great for picking up the sand and leaves etc each day. Our house always looks clean. If you want to vacuum 4500 square feet in one pass, this may not be the vac for you, but we do a room here and there as needed and we generally recharge the battery once a week. Only a lithium battery is going to allow you to do that. I hope Hoover does well with this item and that we see lots of competition follow suit. I would like to see a high end dual 24volt battery model with upholstery brush. Our regular vac went in the garbage can this week. While others are making giant expensive vac's that look like spaceships and are self propelled monsters, Hoover is on the right track. Light, powerful and easy to use! And way more convenient then a central vac which costs hundreds more! I could go on and on...did I mention the 6 year warranty? And NO , I don't work for Hoover or know anyone that does. MY VOTE FOR PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2009.
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on September 17, 2013
This vacuum got some stellar reviews. I mean, just look at the 5 star ratings. That's why I decided to purchase this unit.
I am not a disgruntled person posting a negative review for the heck of it. I got this machine home and it damaged my hardwood floors right out of the box.

I'm not posting this review about the motor, the suction power or overall performance. This review is only for people that are buying this unit to use on hard wood or tile floors. The bottom of the unit has two sturdy rubber wheels, but there are also two small hard plastic wheels on the under side. they rake across the floor when the unit is in use. Not only that, but the only thing keeping the whole thing from dragging directly onto the floor are teeny, tiny little bristles on the border of the unit. These might as well be for decoration.

You can literally hear the dragging plastic across the floor when you roll it. This is a real issue. It scratched my wood floors, and I just paid over 18k for them. I'm posting this review for people with hard floors. If you do go ahead and purchase this machine, please inspect the bottom of your vacuum before you use it. You'll see and hear what I'm talking about. I did not get a lemon, this is a design flaw that can really cause damage.

I've posted a photo in the customer photos section of this item, so that you can see what I'm talking about. I'm contacting Hoover to see if they'll pay for my damaged floor, but I doubt I'll have any luck. If you're just using this for carpet, you'll probably be fine. Be careful otherwise.

Happy shopping.
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on April 2, 2011
The details: Purchased the Hoover Cordless Stick Vac in November of 2010 for my wife. Vacuum worked well and my wife loved it. In January of 2011 the battery charger seemed to have stopped working so we contacted Hoover customer support and they determined that the charger had indeed failed. A replacement charger was offered and, at that point, all was well.

More than a month later (March), no sign of the replacement charger. Contact Hoover customer support once again. After quite a bit of unnecessary run around, they finally admitted that the charger is on back order and would not be available for another 2 months (!). And, since we purchased it through Amazon they would not offer a refund. By this time the Amazon refund period had expired.

So, we contacted the Hoover headquarters to see what they could do. The assured us that they would put a replacement charger in the mail that day. It is now early April and no sign of the promised replacement.

Bottom line is, if yours works that is great. But if you need Hoover customer support, God help you because they surely won't.
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on September 7, 2012
I read all the reviews and went to the store to look at the machines. Everything indicated this was going to be a wonderful machine. In addition I have 3 other Hoover products and for the most part have thought well of them.

We really loved this sweeper while it worked. Our house was cleaner than ever, it has great suction and we loved seeing all the dust and trash we were picking up. The battery life is shorter than I would like, but we were careful not to leave the battery on the charger and we seemed to always just get enough with the good warning lights letting you know when you were going to run out of juice.

However, about 3 months into it I stood the vac up in it usual spot and for some reason it was not fully engaged, the handle dropped down and hit the wood floor. When I turned to stand the vacuum up the top of the handle had broken right where it connects to the machine. I was shocked as it was a fall that I would have assumed would have been tested in the lab, as it is bound to happen in your home to.

I called customer service thinking this must be an uncommon occurrence and they will take care of it. I was told to take it to a service center for examination. I proceeded to drive the 12 miles to the service center. The person in the store first asked me where I bought it before he knew what was wrong. (or in retrospect he didn't even have to ask what was wrong when he saw the machine.) When I said Amazon, he said "you are out of luck buddy". As if I had bought it form him it would be fixed but otherwise not.

Surprised at the reaction I told him my story, he said look if you want me to look at it for warranty, you can leave it and it will cost you $20 (I have never in my life heard of charging to examine an item under warranty), but I will save you the heart ache and the gas he said. Your best option is to order a new handle from Hoover and call it a day. The other option he said is glue it and tape it which is what most of the other people who come in here with those do.

I left and glued it and taped it. Its working but nobody else in the house will touch it as they are afraid to break it.

This vac unfortunately is not up to the old Hoover standards, it is made of cheap plastic. Better to buy a different brand that will stand behind the product. I emailed Hoover my concern about the warranty and never got a response. I would have easily paid another $10-$20 for a product that was stronger and lasted more than 3 months.
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on December 31, 2013
This is bar none one of the best stick vacuum cleaners I've ever bought - with a few caveats or warnings. I'm mostly comparing this to Dirt-Devil and Electrolux ErgoRapido vacuums.

Suction is fabulous on the Hoover. It really does suck! And while it's missing the ability (like the ErgoRapido) to turn into a hand-vacuum, the increased suction more than makes up for it. The fact that it uses a removable battery pack is great as well - buy a spare to keep this thing going after you use up one battery! Other reviewers have noted that it's good for 15 min small clean-ups - this is absolutely true. Trying to do more is completely out of scope for this vacuum, so if you're looking to vacuum 2,400 square feet of flooring and carpeting with this thing, you're buying the wrong product. However, the brush on this thing is simply amazing. This is definitely a great stick vacuum.

Now, onto the bad: Jerry (see review: Hoover Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has hit the nail on the head with summarizing some of the major issues with this vacuum. My wife and I have only used this vacuum for light-duty cleaning (read: quick vacuuming of our kitchen tiled-floor for dust and dirt) and it's already showing some faults. Perfect it ain't.

1. The pin connectors for the vacuum head will wear down. See photo that I'm uploading. It appears that there's some play between the connectors and where they plug into the vacuum - this causes a bit of wear on the pin and will eventually cause the brush to work erratically due to inconsistent power to the brush motor. As Jerry pointed out, the pins themselves are mounted in so-so brackets within the vacuum head, and the wiring is rather thin. Dismantling the head to rotate the pins can be done to fix this issue if you don't want to send it to warranty - BUT it's at least a 30 min job (probably more since if you're like me you're trying to figure out the guts of how the head comes apart) and required removal of all 19 or so screws holding the head together, plus some moderately tricky assembly once your rotated the pins a bit.

****YOUR PREVENTATIVE TIP**** - dielectric grease on the contacts. Hopefully that should reduce some of the wear.

2.Rubber handle wear. I can confirm that yes, this happens from sheer friction of your hand holding the vacuum as your move it. It's *just* starting to happen, and we've been using our vacuum for nearly a year. I don't have any solutions - maybe electrical tape around it as it wears down? Hoover, we don't mind paying just a little more for a higher quality rubber or PU strip on the handle...

3. The Breaking Point just above the main body (about an inch or two above the battery indicator lights). Yes, letting your vacuum fall will generate cracks in this area.

****YOUR PREVENTATIVE TIP**** - electrical or duct tape to reinforce that area. And never let your vacuum fall down - make sure it's locked upright before you leave it. Hoover, any chance you could create an extra $0.20 of plastic mouldings on the inside to create some extra structural bracing??? I'm just saying...

If you can get past these 3 points however, I can confirm that yes, this is a great vacuum. Bar none, it actually works, and when this thing finally dies, I'll be sure to get another one. But it's these little things that you'll have to live with.
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