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on April 24, 2009
I was in the market for a good steam cleaner that wouldn't break my budget. I read the helpful reviews on here and ended up buying this cleaner.

I initially was looking for a cleaner that could do my tile and the large area rugs I have around the house (Imported wool rugs).

I had recently acquired a puppy that decided that potty training was not for him. Also since much of my house is tile it simply would not due to let the expensive carpets go to waste.

The cleaner arrived and I assembled it in about 5 minutes max. I had purchased the pet detergent earlier so I could wash all the rugs ASAP.

It was much easier to push than I had imagined and was very pleased with how well it performed. Like most on here I was absolutely embarrassed the way the water looked after the tank filled up! It became apparent of a few areas that I must have missed on my dogs "accidents" and may have to spot treat those areas. I must say however, I forgot what color these rugs were at one time I guess..including a nice Persian....the colors blew me away after cleaning them!

After reading how the handles on the container broke on one customer I always placed one hand under the containers just in case (They seem like adequate quality to me) Understand there is some dripping when shutting off as is to be expected. I simply prepared for this with a rag...pretty easily handled.

I did try and use this on my floors (tile) and found that it caught on the tiles just a little. I may just keep my old smaller hoover tile scrubber that I was going to give to a friend now...but no big deal, I think it could still be used for that I just think it is not at it's best for that function.

Be aware if you are looking at the "All Terrain" Hoover this does the same things...not sure what more you get for $120. (I purchased this for $182)

Very good deal, well built, great price...if you cannot tell I rarely write reviews but felt like I should for this product. Amazon shipping was FAST....oh and FREE!
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on June 4, 2009
Ok, here is my experience with the Hoover Dual V F7412-900. (Same as F7411-900) My wife and I purchased a 1300 sq foot house about 8 months ago. The carpet was new when we moved in. (Builder grade). After 8 months it was beyond time to clean it. I was going to rent a rug doctor, but was not excited about lugging it home. My friend offered to loan us his Bissell pro heat steam cleaner. We cleaned the carpets and were so happy with the results, we decided to buy one. When I went out to buy it, I noticed that they changed the design, and the seal was now on the suction tube. I did not think that this was a good idea, nor did I like the bladder idea. So I researched the net to see what I could find. I found good reviews about the Hoover so I thought I would check them out. I liked the dual tank, and on the model I chose it has the separate cleaner tank. So you can get a good idea, let me say that I cleaned the carpet 2 days ago with my friends Bissell. My water exits the tap at 120 degrees. I used about ¾ gallon of Wal-mart pet formula and did not rinse with water only. I have three dogs by the way. I vacuumed with a Dyson animal first. When I cleaned the carpet today with the Hoover, the water was filthy dirty. I only used the rinse cycle because I didn't want to put more soap on the carpet. Even though the carpet looked and felt clean, it was noticeably cleaner with the Hoover. This cleaner does what it claims to do. Would the Bissell have pulled up the extra dirt on the second rinse? Maybe, but judging by the mud and dirt in the recovery tank, I don't think so. CONS: Like many comments before me, the tool caddy is worthless. I personally don't care since I will hang it in the closet. I have not used the tools yet, so I cannot comment on them. The only other thing I noticed was that 3 times the handle for the recovery tank flipped open when I rubbed the couch or wall. The suction keeps the lid on tight, but it was a little annoying. BOTTOM LINE: If the tool caddy is important to you, this IS NOT for you. If you want a GREAT steam cleaner for the money this IS for you. I would buy this again, and recommend it to anyone.
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on February 10, 2009
We had the dirtiest, filthiest, crappiest carpet I have ever seen. For various reasons, we haven't had a chance to clean it for over a year, during which time our little one managed to get everything imaginable and unimaginable into it. Melted creyolas, spilled coffee, diaper accidents, spilled fruit juices, dirt from outside, sand from the sandbox, and even "mysterious" black spots and stains which I only recently found out were coming from a black magic marker our son was playing with when we were not watching...

I was pretty sure that there was no way to clean such a carpet. But it was worth a shot to try to clean it at least once. We thought we'd throw it away, buy a new one and use Hoover SteamVac on that new carpet.

The first day I only tried a small area with worst stains (mostly from food and dirty shoes); within about 15 minutes, the difference was incredible and when the carpet dried out, the rest was crying for the same treatment.

The next day I took a couple of hours to clean our living room and dining area. I took that long because the carpet was horrible, and wanted to see what kind of results I could get with the Hoover.

Well, to make a long story short, it's been a few days since I washed it and every time I come back from work I am surprised with my "new home"! It totaly looks like we just put in a new carpet! It is even fluffy again, and just like a new carpet you see impressions in it if you put something heavy on the carpet (like a jug of water).

I couldn't be happier with the product, and I am pretty sure that there is no way anything out there can beat this little wonder, including commercial machines.

Just don't expect to clean super dirty carpet in a few minutes. This does require a little bit of time if you want your carpets to be reincarnated into their previous life condition. But results are well worth it. We did it not only for looks but for our health too. And the water was pitch black every time I emptied the canister! If I didn't wash our carpets all of that dirt would be filtered through our lungs.

A few tips: for best results on really bad stains, clean the carpet from few different directions, by going around it with the cleaner. Wash then rinse, then wash again and rinse again. Then come back to it a few minutes later. You can also slow waaay down with the cleaner (almost to a full stop!) when over a bad stain. All of that helps to get rid of those impossible stains.

Expect to refill and empty water often if you are dealing with a bad carpet like ours.

Bottom water canister has to sit properly on the tiny rubber seal on the front; then you have to lock it in place with two plastic rotating hooks on the side. Top water tank (clean water + detergent) has to click in place. If there was no click, it's not sitting properly.

There are two modes of operation for this cleaner: water only (called "rinse") and water with detergent (called "wash"). If you turn on the cleaner, and push the left button to "wash", the cleaner will only try to suck in water, like a wet vacuum cleaner (do NOT use this as a vacuum cleaner though!). If you press the little button which is built into the handle, the cleaner starts spraying the detergent mixed with water (mixes it automatically which is very convenient) and is vacuuming it at the same time. As you push it forward, it will spray detergent and go over that with it's rotating brushes; as you pull backward, the carpet is already wet from detergent, and you can see it sucking up all the dirt and dirty water. Then you can switch to rinse mode, and everything will be the same except there will be only water, no detergent. Go over the same area again, press that button (this will only spray water, no detergent), and then release the button and just over the same are to pick up the rinse water. You can see easily when the bottom tank is picking up rinse water and when there is nothing to pick up.
Then you can repeat it all if you still have a stain left. Some areas, like at your entrance door, may take 10-15 minutes of going over it from different directions washing and rinsing to bring the carpet to like new condition.

If you are doing everything right, the cleaner won't leak or drip, and the carpet will be completely dry in a couple of hours.

Here is a list of advantages of this cleaner:

- Very powerful rotating brushes which clean carpet. No other brand that I know uses that.
- Very powerful suction, so carpet is almost dry when you are done.
- Excellent rinse, no detergent left in the carpet after rinsing.
- Intelligent design, fairly easy to use.
- No frustration of buying a product only to find out it doesn't perform as expected. If anything, this thing outperformed my expectations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Included user manual sucks donuts. If you've never used a similar machine, I suggest you get thoroghly familiar with this one, just by observing all the parts and especially seals - places where rubber meets plastic and there are a few places like that). Your figuring things out will make all the difference and you will have no problems with the cleaner. Otherwise, if you just think that you could follow instructions step by step and get it all done well, you may be in for a surprise.
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on October 16, 2008
I've owned this cleaner for about 4 years. It cleans carpets pretty well. You can easily tell which part of the carpet has been cleaned because it is so clean! The hand held tool doesn't work quite as well on the stairs, but it is better than nothing.

I have used this cleaner once or twice a year for the last 4 years. Maybe it has been used a total of eight times. I have been VERY careful with the cleaning, handling and maintenance of this machine. It looks brand new, just like it just come out of the box.

But I have had two problems with this machine:
1. The water tank cracked after the the third use. This was easily replaced at my local Hoover dealer but still, it cost about $40 to replace.

2. The last time I used it I noticed that the brushes were not spinning. I found that the gear box that spins the brushes was bound up and the turbine had a crack in it. I was able to clean and lube the gear box and glue the turbine back together. The brushes spin again, but it looks like I will have to shell out another $40+ for a turbine gearbox in the near future.

So after 8 uses, I am out about $280. This is probably what I would have spent renting a cleaner 8 times at my local supermarket. But, that cleaner is an industrial strength cleaner and would probably do a better job cleaning my rugs.

I would have no problem with this machine if it were more reliable, but I can't recommend it. When this machine dies for good, I won't buy another Hoover.
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on November 16, 2008
This cleaner is awesome! Great settings from spill pick up to power scrub. The 1st time I used it however, the brushes stopped. I went to the book and read that I could try and clean them or a filter found on the bottom. Took the brushes out and rinsed all the brushes. The filter was clean. So I replaced the brushes and after a little fooling around with them the spin again! Finished up the room, cleaned the machine and put it away. Took it out again yesterday to clean a dog mess and no matter what I do the brushes will not work. I am going to attempt to find a replacement part. When this machine is working it does a great job, but since I've had it, the not working part seems to be more than not.
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on October 21, 2009
I just purchased this from Amazon and chose the standard ground shipping. Much to my surprise, the next day, I received a shipment email stating that it was shipped via FedEx and would be at my house the following day. I thought - well, it may be coming FedEx, but probably ground and it would be a couple of days - but even so, that would be great as I wasn't expecting it to even ship for another 5 days or so. Well as stated in the confirmation email, the next day I came home and found it on the front door step. I couldn't be happier about the shipping.

I had been thinking about purchasing a steamvac and had done a little bit of research, but not a lot until two weeks ago. Sometimes men get these "wonderful" ideas. Well my man's wonderful idea was to put the bag of grapefruit in our closet since it was dark, cool and would prevent it from molding before he could eat it. Well I'm sure you know how this "idea" is going to end - badly. That bag of grapefruit got "buried" underneath some things and of course it rotted. For some strange reason, it didn't smell - but when it was discovered (weeks later), my tan carpet had a huge yellow, green, icky, moldy, wet spot on it. Luckily I was headed out the door so he had to deal with the initial clean up. But now it was imperative to get a cleaner and get it quickly (and books on organizing are obviously next). So I stepped up the research. My research showed that Hoover seemed to have great reviews and this site ([...]) said that the 5914-900 was the best cleaner, but that this one - the 7411-900 was also in the top. So I did some more comparison and kept leaning towards the 7411 - but thought I shouldn't stray away from the 5914. Well I went to the Hoover site and downloaded both manuals and reviewed them side by side to really see the differences. I quickly found out that to use the hand tools on the 5914 you had to pretty much disassemble the cleaner, whereas, with the 7411, you just attached it to the top. It became a no-brainer for me at that point and I purchased the F7411-900.

Just before I used it, I thought, maybe I should take a picture of the stain and I thought no - there's no reason to. This stain is so bad, I'll just be happy if I get the mold up and stop the damage and was thankful that it wasn't in the "visible" part of the house. This stain looked like 50 dogs had urinated over and over in the same spot for a long period of time. I purchased the Hoover 40321130 Premium Pet Formula Carpet/Upholstery Detergent, 128-Ounce bottle but it turned out they didn't have it and canceled the order, so I ended up using the sample bottle that comes with the cleaner which I think is the deep cleansing if I remember correctly.

We turned on the cleaner and pushed it forward while pressing the button to release the soap and then pulled it back, still pressing the button to release the soap (as it said to do initially). As we pulled it back, it was sucking up what it had already put down and you could see the yellow come through the clear front. As we pulled it back and "exposed" the spot, I was shocked, it was much, much cleaner and almost gone. So we did a rinse cycle and dry cycle and then did the cleaning cycle again. The book says don't do more than 4 times in one area. If it takes more than that - let it dry and come back and do it again. But we didn't need to do it more than 4 times - it worked WONDERFULLY!! I really could not believe it, nor could he. We just knew the carpet was ruined in that one area. I have had Bissell cleaners in the past and they worked OK - but nothing like this. Granted it's been years since I had one and technology has changed - but still I can't imagine Chem-Dry doing any better. And it really does pull a lot of the water out of the carpet - the spot dried in no time.

I haven't used it on the rest of the carpet yet, but will this weekend. Although we just got it, I am very satisfied with it. I'm just kicking myself for not taking a before picture so that I could post a before and after - you just would not believe it.

For the price, I don't see how you can go wrong - you can't even get a professional to come clean 3 rooms for the price of this cleaner.
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on November 10, 2010
I strongly urge against this product or any hoover product. my steam cleaner arrived on Sept 10, 2010. i put it together(which was easy) and went to use it and i leaked out water from bottom hook where u wrap your cord. i immediately called hoover and they told me where to take it. It was at the repair facility by morning. I haven't seen it since then. The facility doing the warranty work had the parts ordered within one week. And we have been waiting for hoover to send them to them ever since. The parts finally arrived this week. The repair facility said they were constantly waiting an average of 6-8 weeks on any parts from hoover. Hoover should have sent me a new machine instead of having me pay for a broken product and waiting for 2+ months to get it back, however that wasn't an option. This will be my last purchase of any hoover product.
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on November 15, 2008
I read all the Amazon reviews and decide to go with the F7411 rather than the slightly cheaper F5 series because of the separate cleaning fluid/water chambers and the upholstery tools. I had it delivered by the next day and it did an incredible job! Easy to install and the carpet is dry quickly as the backstroke sucks up the water. I have two puppies and they are... well puppies... there was no way we were getting rid of Gwen and Luca but the carpet was something to consider changing. We had professional do the job and it was "okay"... now my pups are older and still have accidents.... so I took a chance on this and it has incredibly enough restored the carpet to a nearly new appearance. It is worth the extra cost to keep the cleaner and the water separate.. no mixing needed and it was amazing to see the dirt coming into the reservoir for the dirty water... both reservoirs are easy to clean. The package included a long hose, a Rotating cleaning tool and an unholstery brush. It also comes with enough cleaning fluid to start out. Did a large bedroom in no time. Only drawback so far... thing is a bit heavy but I guess that's why it is so powerful.
Buy it.
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on November 23, 2010
I was very pleased with my carpet cleaner - - until it broke down. With less than one hour of use, the cleaner stopped dispensing water.

I contacted their customer service. They directed me to take the cleaner to a local repair facility. After three weeks, they finished their repair. But when I tried the repaired cleaner, it still did not function.

I tried customer service again, but this time they failed to respond to e-mails (their preferred method of communicating).

I finally returned the cleaner to the repair facility without customer service authorization. The repair facility has had the cleaner for over six weeks, but can not get Hoover to send repair parts. The repair man told me this is typical of Hoover repairs. Parts must be ordered over and over before an order is shipped. Then when received, they are often the wrong part. He made the process sound hopeless.

I'm trying to contact customer service again, but was told after a prolonged wait that due to their high level of activity, they will call me in the future.

Bottom line - - I paid over $300 for a cleaner that worked beautifully for a single hour. Based on my experience, a buyer certainly can not expect Hoover to stand behind their product.
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on October 3, 2008
This is my third steam vac in about 12 years. The first two were Bissels and were very hard to use. They were hard to push, were constantly breaking belts, etc.
This Hoover is the best. I just cleaned my entire 3500 sq ft. house with it-all bedrooms, stairs, area rugs, etc. It did a fantastic job. The best thing about it unlike the others that I have had, is it got out of the carpet almost entirely all of the water that went in. My carpet was dry by the time I was finished. I have never seen so much filthy water that was coming back out of my carpet. ( and I vac every week) The carpet in one bedroom had a bad odor that I had tried repeatedly to get out of the carpet, from a pet urinating. The odor and any stains are entirely gone now. The house smells clean and fresh. I had thought we were going to have to replace the bedroom carpet, because it was so bad. I even got on my hands and knees and smell nothing but fresh smell.

This is an awesome steam vac, well worth the money. Stanley Steamer usually charges me around $150.00 per year to come out and do a couple rooms. This paid for itself the first time and I was able to do my entire house. What I really love about having my own steam vac is that I can use it whenever I would like without the headache of having to wait half a day for someone to show up and do it for me.
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