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on April 5, 2006
I've owned the original Hoover Floormate for several years, and it served me very well. When it finally broke, through no fault of it's own, I didn't hesitate to buy another one. At the time, about 1 year ago, the SpinScrub 800 was so new that the only way to buy it was through Sears online.

I waited with great anticipation for it to arrive. When it finally did, I immediately set out to clean not only the floors but the grout as well.

Within moments of turning it on, the receptacle tank would shut off. I called Hoover, and they said they'd send me a replacement. After a couple of weeks, I received a piece which I couldn't possible replace on my own. Hoover suggested taking it for service, the nearest place being about 30 minutes away.

Already this was starting to be ridiculous - a brand new unit which cost me about $279.00 and was unusable. Next, Hoover sent me a replacement tank, for the SpinScrub 500, though. By the time I started using the machine, the new receptable tank still shut off, but now I found that the machine completely lacked the suction needed to pick up any water on the floor.

Since I was obviously under warranty, I brought the unit into the Hoover service center, where they kept it for 2 weeks. The technician said " I certainly hope you didn't use this as a vacuum, because this will clog up almost immediately."

Well, I had never used it as a vacuum, but indeed it was clogged, and I was charged $50.00 to fix it as Hoover does not cover clogs in their warranty.

The tech also said that he's been repairing quite a few of these for the same reason.

Well, I got it back and guess what? It still doesn't pick up the water.

I went out yesterday and bought a new Floormate H3000, and the difference is night and day. That works, the SpinScrub 800 does not. And, the Spinscrub 800 is much heavier, and much more expensive.

This is a classic example of taking a really good machine, and making it into a horrible one. Sometimes things can't be improved. The SpinScrub 800 is like a bad sequel.

I am resigned to having wasted close to $300.00 on something which is completely unusable.

Hoover is completely unsympathetic to my complaint. They've told me that no one else has voiced any problems with the SpinScrub 800. I don't understand how that's possible, since I can see from the reviews listed here the same common issues.
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on January 14, 2006
I had high hopes for this product. 20% of my 2600 sq ft. house is ceramic tile. DO NOT purchase this item if you have a moderate to large area to clean! The tank is very small and requires frequent refilling (as well as emptying of dirty water). The process is tedious and slow. My appx. 520 sq ft. of tile took about 16 to 18 refills! Each time, you are adding cleaning fluid as well. $$$ !! (One hint: you do NOT need as much as the instructions indicate. My floor was sticky with residue after using so much soap.)

The cleaner worked fine. I thought it dried the floor perfectly. But, considering it took so long due to all the refills, the floor would have been dry anyway. Wasn't great on grout, but wasn't bad either.

Not sure how long this will last either. I "bumped" it against the wall at one point and it started making very loud whirring noises and stopped cleaning. Being the mechanic that I am, I gave it another "bump" and, fortunately, that cured the problem. At least for now.
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on February 7, 2006
I had extremely high hopes for this machine. I have wood floors throughout the house and tile in the bathroom, kitchen and a huge sun porch. I also have 3 cats and a 17 month old baby. I work full time, our house is a fixer upper and as I mentioned, I have a baby. So I was looking for something to clean my house and save me some time (without hiring a maid).

So to start out with, yes, this does clean the floor. Yes, it does put clean water (with solution) down on the floor and sucks it up. So you are never cleaning with dirty water. To be sure, the floors are dirty because the water looks similar to what you see in a carpet cleaner: hair, dirt, sand and just overall dirty water after cleaning.

So why am I so disappointed with this machine? Quite a few things bother me after paying around $200 on the internet with shipping for the Floormate 800.

#1 The dry pick up doesn't work very well. You would be much better off with a regular vacuum cleaner. The floormate doesn't have a high clearance, so it won't pick up things like cheerios. It is basically only good for dirt and hair. Also, it seems to spread the dirt (as in it blows it away from the machine before it picks things up). I would think Hoover, a vacuum manufacture, would do better on this feature, but hey, I was wrong.

#2 The cleaning cycle: I expected it would scrub. It does not scrub at all. Even with the "tile" cleaner brush, it does not scrub. My tile is white. Not off white but white. No, I didn't install it. Therefore, the grout looks awful dirty all the time. So I expected the grout cleaner solution and the tile brush would do a good job on my floor. Wrong. Like I said, it is clean, but it didn't scrub the tile at all. Also, it won't scrub the floor. Any spots that you would be down on your knees scrubbing up, you still will be. Even something like my toddler's milk puddle from the day before wouldn't scrub up with the cleaner. Anything that slightly sticks to the floor, won't come up. It just doesn't scrub at all. Very disappointing.

#3 The drying cycle: works fine, just like a squeegee. Picks up most of the water and does help it dry faster.

Additionally, I agree with a previous post about the machine. The design of the dirty water tank is flawed. The top does not stay on the tank when you remove it from the machine, so don't try to carry it by the top because you will end up with dirty water all over the place.

So overall, do I like the machine? It's ok. I wouldn't pay $200 for it. If I had not paid $15 to ship it and probably a similar amount to ship it back, I would have returned it. I'll still use it to clean the floors, but as I said, it doesn't scrub it. So expect to be down on your hands and knees to get those stuck on, dirty spots and to clean your grout good.
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on November 11, 2005
Man, I hate to clean house. I recently built a three story home with nothing but wood floors and vacuuming alone wasn't cutting it. I was less than interested in having to vacuum and get a mop to clean the floors squeaky clean, so for two years I did the least I could.

My FloorMate 800 came last week and within minutes of trying it out I was amazed. First at how disgustingly dirty my floors were, but then at how incredibly easy it was to get squeaky clean floors without the mop and bucket. In no time I had the entire house done and the floors felt smooth and clean under bare feet.

Then I tried it on my bathroom and entry tile floors using the Grout Cleaner and got amazing results. The floors looked great and squeaky clean!

Natually, a machine can't get everything off your floors. It it could, it would have the effect of a sander. Not exactly what you want.

I highly recommend the Hoover FloorMate 800. I know there were issues with previous models, but Hoover listened to all the complaints and the 800 works incredibly well.

BTW, if you own an older FloorMate, check with your local Hoover service provider. There are some updates/fixes you can get.
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on March 23, 2006
I have about 2500 square feet of tile, four dogs, and boys. I also work full time. Keeping up with the floors was impossible so I purchased the Hoover Floormate out of desperation. I agree with other reviewers that it isn't perfect, but it keeps my floors decent with a minumum amount of work. It is also perfect for cleaning up when one of the dogs has an accident when we are extra late getting home from work. After I wash the floors with it, I like to get down and feel how smooth and clean they feel. I also love the smell of the cleaner although, as others have pointed out, it is outrageously expensive. I think, if I could only have one floor cleaning machine, this would be it.

It does, however, have some problems which others have pointed out. It tends to puddle a tiny bit when left sitting, but this doesn't really bother me. I also never use the dry vacuum. It is easier to sweep up the sand, dirt, and dog hair before using it. It also fails to clean the grout to my satisfaction and may not get up the ground in dirt. It is still my everyday cleaner of choice though.

I am, however, unwilling to live with the dirty grout and ground in dirt that builds up in the heavy traffic area. But unfortunately, I lack both the time and inclination to handscrub these areas. Therefore I have another floor machine to solve these problems. I use it only occasionally but it certainly fills the gap left by my Hoover Floormate. My other floor cleaner is the Oreck Orbiter. It came with a ten year warranty and annual tune ups for the ten years the warranty is in effect. I have the orange scrub brush which scrubs my grout and cleans even ground in dirt effectively. It also has a nice soft pad that buffs and dries the floor. When I am doing a super cleaning job. I scrub first with the Oreck, followed by the floormate to pick up the newly scrubbed dirt, and then buff with the Oreck. I just put water in the Floormate when using it that way.

I might add that I can also use the Oreck to scrub the pool deck and front patio.

Together, these two devices handle all my floor cleaning problems.
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on March 1, 2007
The situation:

50+ year old house. Wood and formica floors throughout with significant warping. 6 cats, 2 dogs, 1 ferret, and the occasional Great Dane foster dog, all having the run of the house. I'm a clean freak who hates to clean; suffering from moderate repetitive motion damage in my knees, hips & elbows.


I suck at assembly, if the instructions say 20 minutes it'll take me 2 hours and there will be parts left over. I put this together in 30 minutes with no problems.


Main appliance was great. The dry vacuum picked up everything but some broken plastic pieces (yeah, one of the dogs was the culprit). The scrubbing option got all the dirt up even on the warped sections with minimal work on my part. The wet vac was outstanding again, even on the warped sections. I owned the 1st generation FloorMate before this, and I had to always follow-up with towels even when it was new. This generation got 98% of the water up.

Attachments were somewhat problematic because of my carpel tunnel syndrome, but look to become easier to take on and off with more use.

Unlike other reviewers, I thought the grout attachment was pretty good with the exception of the wet vac cycle. The hole is tiny and I had the choice of either going over the floor on my hands and knees to get the excess water up or resorting to the towel method. I chose the towel.

The smaller swivel head attachment was also very good and the wet vac worked better than it did on the grouting tool.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the FloorMate and would recommend it to anyone.
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on November 30, 2005
Does a good job of cleaning my tile and sealed wood floors. I upgraded to this model because of the grout cleaning brushes-they do not seem to work any better than the other brushes as they don't really get down in the grout lines. But the grout cleaning liquid works quite well as do the attachments. This machine makes cleaning floors so much easier I'd hate to give it up.
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on May 10, 2007
First of all, I have lots of ceramic tile, a Labrador retriever, a wife with long, curly hair and live in sandy ole Florida. Also, I'm a former Wet Jet user that had to find a new product since Proctor & Gamble cheapened-up their new pads so very badly.
So ... the dry vac part is very good, although I still use a regular vacuum before cleaning (but I have area rugs, too). The machine had a tendency to streak a little at first but I attribute that to having to get up all the dirty film that the Wet Jet left behind. It's fine now and, best of all, it gets every single one of those annoying creature hairs that other methods just push around. Finally, it's not at all messy to use and I can get right up to area rugs and furniture without danger of soaking them. Floors are left very, very dry. Machine clean-up and maintenance is easy.
Now I wish I could say that it's a timesaver. For me, it's really not. In fact, it probably takes a little longer than many methods (to do the job well, anyway). However, the satisfaction of those squeaky-clean floors makes it a good trade (at least as far as I'm concerned).
If you find the Hoover cleaner doesn't go very far, try 1 ounce of CLEAR ammonia per tank. I think it does as well, is way cheaper and has less tendency to streak. This doesn't violate the warranty which only negates the use of solvent based cleaners.
(As far as old, stained grout goes ... let's get real, shall we? Show me any machine that'll clean that.)
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on August 22, 2006
I had been wanting one of these forever! Have all hardwood floors, a dog (that is muddy 50% of the time) and 2 cats. So, hubby brings this home one night, had it together in about 15 minutes, without even swearing once. After reading directions, I set to cleaning the floors. After my first use, I was rather disappointed and ready to return it. THE DRY VACUUM FEATURE IS WORTHLESS!!! Instead of sucking up the cat/dog hair, it blows it across the floor!?! Ok, so I wasn't really wanting a new vacuum anyway, it was the wash/dry feature I had high hopes for. So now I set to washing the floor...again, rather disappointed; did one small section, grabbed a rag, rubbed it on the floor, and whatcha know? Dirt. And the floor looked like it had a residue. So, I think, well this was alot of money wasted and put the whole thing away.

Today, after a good nights sleep, drag the thing out again. I used only 1 oz of the floor cleaner that came with it and 1 oz of vinegar. This makes a do NOT need 2 oz of that cleaner, that is what seemed to leave the residue. I also think I wasn't using the trigger enough on my first attempt, to get enough solution onto the floor. You have to go slow also. After dumping the dirty water, seeing all the "silty" stuff that this thing sucked up, I was/am VERY satisfied with this product. You could NEVER get that dirt off the floor by mopping. That alone makes it worth it. You really don't save too much time, because again, you have to go slow and do small sections of the floor at a time. But I am amazed at how clean and fresh my house smells after use! I am taking a star off for the dry vacuum feature, because, well, it is advertised as a dry vac too...something they should just do away with on this. (I haven't used the attachements yet....I'll let ya know!)
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on May 17, 2005
I had the old floormate model 3000 for 2 years..But the switch that controls the wash and dry vacuum would get stuck..and finally the vaccuum wouldn't dry up the foor or wet it. I bought the new 800 floormate and they redid the switch..made it a knob..which I think is better. The new floormate seems to work alot better..the base is a lot wider..and the attachments make it easiler to get into tight spaces like behind tables..The only thing is the cord gets in the way while cleaning..Otherwise it's great for tile floors.
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