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on May 27, 2005
The Freakn' Bagless Hoover Windtunnel:

1. There are two filters that need to be changed every 6-12 months (yah, right...more like every three months) and they cost oh, between $38-$50 depending on where you can find them...Wal-Mart? No, they don't carry this type...Target? If you are really lucky. Sears carries them, for about $49.00 a pop...and that is just one need 2.

2. You can't empty these puppies in the house because you have to tap (more like beat) the filter on the side of the garbage can and dust goes EVERYWHERE, YUCK! So, what do you do? You take it outside to beat it in the garbage can, then with the smallest gust of wind you are covered, COVERED, I'm talking an abominable brown snowman, with dust and dead spiders and anything else you sucked up thinking it was gone forever.

3. The screen...yes, not only the filter needs to be cleaned after EVERY...and I mean with EVERY use..there is this fancy little screen that you have to pull up and pick the caked on "microdust" off of and what do you use to do that???? Well, if you are on the ball (which I rarely am) you remembered your small wire brush...but if you didn't you can't really run back in the house holding this nasty dirty thing flinging yuck all over your, you use your finger nail, yes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

4. It burns through belts...twice a year at least (they either break or stretch) not a huge expense, but a lame and time consuming one.

5. It looses suction, bad, after about 10-15 minutes of vacuuming, and then you have to do the whole filter cleaning all over again.

6. The attachment hose pops out ALL THE TIME. SO, you either learn to vacuum holding the hose down and in...or (more probably) you get it in there really good and pray it doesn't come out and resolute to never touch it again.

7. BOTTOM LINE: I have had this Windtunnel for about 2 years, I was not impressed the first time I used it...furious the first time I had to empty it...but I thought, well, maybe it will grow on me....Um, No. I actually stopped vacuuming, I hated it, I hated the waste of time for practically no reward, I hated the dust everywhere, I hated the expense, don't waste your time, money and sanity.

8. Okay, with all that said, I purchased a sweet little vacuum from Wal-mart a few months ago, and I have been waiting to find something wrong with it to pop up but I has not been disappointing yet. I have gone through 1 bag, (I vacuum almost everyday with 2 toddlers), but the bags are really compact I was surprised how much they hold. The light went off to change the bag and it took a whole, oh, 30 seconds for the whole process, the dirt was gone, in the garbage, just like that. And the suction is amazing. Go get this vacuum, today. Do not waist anymore brain cells on a bagless. !!!GE 12 AMP, 2 motor, home cleaning system!!! It's a canister and sucks like...well, something that sucks really, really great! Lol, I actually love to vacuum, really! Plus, the best is only a little over $100.00 and it has a filter but it comes free with the bags. Cool. Get this vacuume!
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on May 30, 2006
Well I looked around and find places like amazon really helpful. A place like consumer reports is nice, but sometimes I feel they are driven by factors other than the consumer's interests. Amazon is the closest thing I've found to real customer feedback.

As for the Hoover Windtunnel U5753-900:

Pros: It's a very powerful Vacuum cleaner. It does a really good job at getting up pet hair, dust, and dirt. The dirt finder is a really cool option. I'm surprised at sometimes when I can't see stuff with the naked eye the dirt finder can tell me if the vacuum is still picking up dirt. The hoover seems to be solidly built. It's a very well priced vacuum for it's performance level. It's tools are logically laid out and easy to use.

Cons: There are two major cons to this vacuum. One it's noisy. That really doesn't bother me, as I've owned hoovers in the past and they all seem to be sort of noisy. That's a small downside to me, but others may find it more annoying. The major downside is emptying the vacuum. This does not seem like a very well though out design. I have figured out a trick to cleaning the vacuum that I'll explain later. But you cannot empty this vacuum cleaner in the house. It's clumsy and not at all simple to remove dirt from the vacuum.

My trick to emptying and cleaning this vacuum are to use my garage shop vac in my driveway with the bristle tool. It makes cleaning the hoover a very easy task. 2 minutes tops. That being said I shouldn't have to use a seperate vacuum to clean my new vacuum. Not to mention not everyone has the luxury, need, or desire to own a second vacuum cleaner for messy duties.

The windtunnel's majors selling point is it's performance price point. If Hoover came up with a better design to empty this vacuum they'd earn much higher marks from me. As it stands this vacuum gets a broze metal. Close, but needs improvement in it's emptying design.

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on September 3, 2005
I bought this vaccum from a retail store about two years ago. Since then this vaccum has served me very well. The vaccum is very compact, and it's lightweight. The vaccum has sucked up very well, much better than my Eureka. Then again, it is a 12 amp so it is supposed to suck up well. There are a large variety of tools, from a tube to a corner tool, this vaccum has them covered. The HEPA filtration has worked, my air feels a bit cleaner after using it. It was a bit expensive but it seemed worth it after its features and it's year use...not until...

In Novmember when the bagless part would not stay shut. It seems a plastic part was missing, resembling cheap quality. I had to use duct tape for a long time. Luckily, my local vaccum reatil store finally got my ordered part, the vaccum worked flawlessly until...

In March, the plastic tube tool was chipped in the middle, the suction would go out and it would clean very poorly. Duct tape solved the problem until I went to the vaccum retail store and just bought one. The vaccum was then perfect, until...

Today when I tried to vaccum. It started making odd noises, thinking whatever. Then the room started smelling of burning plastic and smoke. The vaccum was literally on fire while it was on. I rushed to the plug and immediately took the plug out. Unfortunately, duct tape can't solve this problem, and I'm not spending the value of this piece of junk to have it fixed.

It's finally time to say goodbye to this junky Hoover. Suprised, NONE of my other Hoover products have been throw-outs, unfortunately enough, this vaccum is garbage. I will definitely be avoiding Hoover for my next vaccum purchase. I think you should do the same!
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on May 2, 2005
I bought my Hoover Wind Tunnel a little over a year ago. I have experienced many problems. The biggest one being how cheaply it is made. The hose doesn't fit properly into the back of the machine so I am constantly having to get my screw driver out in order to fix. It's now broken so that it will not sit upright anymore. The hook broke off when I caught the edge of the table as I was pulling the vacuum backwards. It wasn't a hard bump either. It's very heavy too and hard to move around on the carpet. My upstairs and down stairs is hardwood flooring. It's never done very good with picking up debris off of the hardwood floors. It's just been a really big disappointment as a vacuum and I am now in the process of having to go buy another vacuum. I wish I had had a better experience because I thought hoover was a good company. Everything just seems so cheap with the model. Like it could fall apart at any second. The attachments don't stay on well either.
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on June 19, 2005
I own a Hoover steam cleaner, which I love. When our Fantom died, I looked at several vacuums before deciding on this one. I wish I had kept looking.

Mine arrived with a part already broken off (the attachments are contained in a cheap plastic cup at the top of the machine). But, I figured it wouldn't affect the way the vacuum worked, so I kept it.

The first time I used it, I was impressed. It did a nice job and the 'dirtfinder' was a great added feature. However, when I emptied it, I immediately realized it was not going to be a great appliance - like the other reviewer said, it's a mess. It takes 20 minutes to vacuum and 10 minutes to clean up - the filter, screen, vacuum, dust cup are all impossible to clean completely.

It's going back to the shop again and will be given away when it's fixed. I've ordered a Dyson.

Save your money and keep shopping. This model is junk.
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on October 5, 2006
Consumer Reports gave this thing a glowing review... rated in the top 10 amongst $500 cleaners. (and higher than any Dyson I might add) I've owned it for about six months, and I couldn't be happier with it. It picks up A LOT. Hence, you have to empty the thing every time you use it. Think for a moment... if it didn't fill up so fast, all that dirt and dust and doghair would still be in your carpet!

Emptying the thing is a bit of a pain, I agree. after emptying the main compartment, take the filter outside. Knock it against something... trashcan, side of the steps, something. You'll see the dust SHEET off. It's pretty disgusting, but again you have to realize the alternative is all that dust going back into the air you're breathing indoors. Take the little brush hand-tool (not the powered one) attachment, and brush off the filter to get the rest of the dust out of it. You can also use the tool to clean out the screen that separates the compartments. Clean it out every time you use it and it will continue to have great suction.

So, Great vaccume. It's a bit of a pain to properly empty, but if you use the brush tool it's no big deal. Just remind yourself that all that dirt is in there because it's doing its job well. THIS THING WORKS.
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on August 27, 2006
UPDATE 2/28/2010 (4 years later!) - I am starting to look for a new vacuum for a couple of reasons.

The hose does not pick up anymore, we have taken it apart to check for blockages, changed all the filters and it still won't even pick up fish flakes I spilled. Big disappointment because the main vacuum is working well and picking up just fine.

I really need the hose to get into corners, and pick up dust/hair bunnies my dogs leave around the house. And since the hose doesn't work neither does the upholstery attachments for all the dog hair on the furniture.

It was good while it lasted. I never once changed a belt - and the cleaning of the filter is a pain but it told me it was cleaning so I put up with it.

August 2006
Wow - I am very pleased with the performance of this machine. I have 3 constantly shedding dogs, and I knew my last vacuum wasn't doing an adequate job. My mother-in-law, and consumer reports steered my husband and I to the Hoover - we vacillated between bagged or bagless - and settled on the bagless (I hate running out of bags in the middle of cleaning). I emptied the canister 6 times in a 1400 sf house, I had just vacuumed a couple of days ago, but this machine picked up so much dust that was embedded in my carpet that my last machine just couldn't suck up (Dirt Devil - cheapy). My carpet is only 8 months old too.

Cleaning the canister took a couple of times to come up with a workable system of emptying in the garbage can, and using the shop vac to clean the filters each time - about a minute to do. I wouldn't do this in dress clothes but it works for me.
Seeing all the hair and dirt come up was very gratifying - I never filled a bag in my old machine that quickly - about once a month to change it.

I love the dirt finder feature - really helped. I also got down on my hands and knees for an up close visible inspection and there were no hairs left when I was done. My house - according to my husband doesn't smell doggy anymore - thank goodness!!!

I haven't ever heard of a quite vacuum that works - my last one could be heard in every room of my house - this one is much quieter - my husband didn't know I was vacuuming in the bedrooms when he was in the kitchen (1400sf house). He is not hard of hearing either.

For the price (a disposable when compared to the Dyson price and some others) I am very please with the performance.

Cons - the hose does fall out while vacuuming - slightly annoying. A small piece of duct tape in the bottom should keep it in there until I am ready to use it - I don't mind having to make a minor improvement. This is why the 4 stars
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on July 19, 2005
I'am impressed with the cleaning ability and looks. It is way to heavy though with makes it a workout to do stairs and just pushing it. The suction powered brush is a little weak and hokey. Also the hardfloor level doesn't turn off the brush and neither does using the attachments. To top it off emptying the dirt container is messy. It's a deal for how it performs.
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on July 24, 2006
This vacuum replaced a dyson and for the price, I am pleased with it's performance. I have 2 dogs & 2 cats and the attachment works well getting hair off of furniture. I empty the filters outside / gently bang it on a tree - you would make a mess inside.
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on January 3, 2006
Ok so I was mostly happy with my Hoover. I bought it based on Consumer Reports recommendation which rates it quite highly. However after reading some of the reviews here I have to agree that while mine fundamentally works it shares some of the same issues. 1) It is a bit heavy but I'm a 160 lb 30ish male so that's not a problem. 2) It does loose suction after about 15-20 minutes but that's about one go round my house so again not a problem for me. 3) I do have to clean the screen and filter out of doors but again only once per use so not too bad. 4) The first time I used it smelled bad (like something burning) but that hasn't happened since. 5) The default attachment hose gets stuck and is hard to remove to switch to the longer extension hose - this is getting worse not better.

On the positive side it seems to do a good job on pet hair and mine came with an extra filter and an extra long extendable hose for the attachments (very necessary although there is no place to store it on the machine).

There appear to be a lot of different models of Hoover Windtunnel Bagless and they are all very similar with only different model numbers or attachments. Consumer Reports comments on the same. Look around for a really low priced model because they seem to differ in price significantly but appear to be the same machine at the core. I've seen them as high as $200 and as low as $90 on sale. For what I paid (the bottom of that scale) I'm happy but then again I haven't tried to find replacement filters yet. When I do maybe the Hoover will end up in the dumpster with my ink jet printer.
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