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on May 14, 2011
Like most "dudes", vacuuming is way low on stuff I like to do but wallowing in my own entropic filth is even lower on the list so this puppy seems to fit the bill quite well.

The goods:

1. Good suction power. Some stuff like threads that tend to get entangled in the rug fibers don't get sucked in by the brush (which is not surprising) but easy enough to pick up with the hose attachment.

2. Automatic cord rewinder. Seriously - all vacuums should have this - totally wicked awesome.

3. No bags. Frankly it's much easier and less messier than the bags used in my old vacuum.

4. Filters can be easily accessed and rinsed out - nice.

5. Easy to clean other parts. After all the years of vacuuming, my old one was nasty. You had to play Joey Mechanic and unscrew stuff - big PITA especially since it's not something you can drive on the road.

6. Pretty light. Had a 6+ year old Hoover that was a beast since it had power assist - which broke - and became like pushing a rock all over the place - not fun. Most people probably should have no problem with the weight.

7. Magic-rubber-treatment-pet-hair-stuff-thing. I guess the rubber on the attachments has some type of super magic treatment that helps pick up pet hairs better. It does seem to work well on furniture so I guess it's working.

8. Quieter than the my old Hoover monster. Not quiet like a mouse, but definitely not like a lawnmower - very tolerable.

9. Handle folds down to make it half the height. I could care less about this but I'm tying to make this a "Top 10 list".

10. Price. Was looking at the Dyson - OUCH - expensive. For the savings over the Dyson I can buy 2 bottles of Hedonism scotch or many many beers. Enough said.

The bads:

1. There are a lot of plastic parts but that's a major reason why it's relatively light. I suppose it could be a problem down the road, but for $130ish - if it last a few years, I'm cool with that.

2. There's only one extension pipe which makes it kind of short. Really needs another extension but I scavenged the extensions from Ol'Beastie and they're the same fit so it's not a problem.

That's about it - happy vacuuming!


so it's about 1 year later and Snuffleupagus (I name my appliances) is still rocking out nicely. I usually vacuum about once every 10 days. The best thing is my new girlfriend likes it and doesn't mind vacuuming - SCORE!!!

PS - thanks for the nice comments - actually working on a couple of websites so that's going to happen... :)

UPDATE 2: 02/24/13. Well - unfortunately old Snuffleupagus has stopped working - BOOOOOO!. It still sounds like it's sucking but the belt that makes the spinney brush thing spin broke. Apparently this should be an easy fix based on the product description so I guess I can actually test this feature out.

Update 3: 09/26/15. 4 years later. Girlfriend is now wife. 2 cats. Spent many $ on hardwood flooring. Sunnfleupagus is still working great but let's just say..."weekends don't mean so much when you're unemployed". Wife still does the vacuuming - so that's cool.

Lessons learned since 2011:

1. If you have carpets - you need a vacuum. If you have pets you need a vacuum. If you have both, you will probably also need something like Oxy-Clean because between hardwood floors and comfy carpet, where would you want to "do your business?"

2. I have probably gained about 10 pounds since 2011. The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum DID NOT HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT!. BOOOOOOO!

3. In the consumer world we live in, you have to decide how much will (x-dollars get me for y-product divided by time). For the amount of money we spend on all sorts of entertainment, food, domestic consumables, and communication - it's an easy calculation. Especially considering the alternative.
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on October 8, 2010
We purchased this vacuum about 8 months ago. I waited to write my review to give it enough time to break in and turn crappy. To my surprise it's still such an amazing vacuum! We cost compared, quality compare and feature compared when we were shopping for vacuums. We knew we needed something that would do well for long cat hair and long dog hair, but would also be good for keeping allergies at bay. We compared the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Bissell Healthy Home, Dyson Animal, and this Hoover Pet Rewind. My hubby and I were so unimpressed with the Bissell's cause they were dang heavy! I know when we go to buy a house I certainly would not want to lug those Bissell's all over creation. They also didn't have nearly the features the hoover did. The Dyson animal was out because how can something that's made out of the same plastics as the hoover and the Bissell cost nearly $500 unless it's going to vacuum for me, I don't need it. We were skeptical to purchase the Hoover cause I don't know anybody that owns one. I loved the features of it though, the cord retractor is my absolute favorite! Works every time never gotten stuck and it's fast! I also love the enormous amount of suction on this vacuum I dump out so much nasty hair and dirt every single time I vacuum it's awesome to see it do it's job. It's got a bazillion features that are awesome, all the attachments for getting pet hair off furniture are great, the hose is good length and the handle folds down for easy storage. The BEST part about this vacuum is it came with a reusable HEPA filter. WHen it's dirty you can wash it with dish soap let dry and you have a brand new filter. The bissel pet hair eraser did not even come with a HEPA filter and the the other vaccuums we looked at had HEPA filters but they were not reusable. I priced them and the replacements were about $35. I highly recommend this vacuum it has yet to disappoint! I hope it keeps chugging along for quite some time!
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on July 12, 2012
We had a Dirt Devil that we paid too much for. It was about as useless as a prophylactic dispenser at the Vatican. In a fit of rage trying to clean my wife's hair out of the rotating brush, I destroyed it maliciously and ended up shopping for a new vacuum. I thought I wanted a Dyson- but I figured that if I was going to drop $500 on a vacuum it had better sing and dance and make Martinis while it vacuumed for me. Alas, I did some research and this Hoover kept showing up as a good buy. I figured we'd give it a go seeings as how Amazon will let you return anything and pay to have it shipped back.

When it arrived 12 hours later (thank you, Amazon One-Day Shipping) I opened it up and quickly threw the directions away... 22 seconds later I had it assembled and was vacuuming with even more pizzaz than my pregnant wife. I ran it through our bedroom where our other vacuum had been mysteriously destroyed the day before in the middle of the job. It took every ounce of strength to keep from vomiting seeing how much junk our other vacuum had been missing for the last 3 years. I was so impressed, I took a picture and sent it to my wife. Needless to say, this thing is a beast and it has just about as much sucking power (that is a scientific measurement, by the way) as my 6HP ShopVac as I used the hose to suck my face skin a bit and make some pretty legit faces in the bathroom mirror (also sent pictures to my wife).

Besides being a 100% legitimate cleaning utensil, the vacuum is extremely quiet compared to our old vacuum. When you turned on our Dirt Devil, it sounded like a a Harrier Jet was about to land. Women and children would begin crying and screaming and the lights would flicker as the walls shook. This Hoover is significantly quieter and that is a good thing because I often task my pregnant wife with some light housework after she puts our 18-month old to bed and finishes making me a sandwich. The old vacuum would wake our kid up. This new Hoover did not wake him until I inadvertently ran the thing into his closed bedroom door.

I am also impressed with how easy it is to get this thing disassembled. One of my least favorite chores in the whole world is having to dismantle the vacuum about once a month and clean 32 pounds of my wife's hair off the rotating brush. However, with this new vacuum, at least I will be able to get the brush off in under an hour and without a tool that I had to contact NASA to purchase to get the screws out of the bottom of the vacuum.

Also, we have a border collie and she sheds like its a spiritual gift. Trying to get her hair out of the carpet is nearly impossible as it systematically leaves her body and proceeds to form some sort of super-human chemical bond with the carpet fibers in our house. There have been several occasions where I have been reduced to using a lint roller on our carpet before my mother-in-law's arrival, as if I live in some sort of third world country, to get the dog hair out. This vacuum has a nifty little attachment that is driven by the suction of the vacuum (Warning: Do NOT stick your finger it it) that picked up just about every last strand of dog hair off our couch, comforter and every corner I could find.

A few things though that earned it 4 stars (I almost peed my pants) rather than 5 stars (I'm so impressed I peed):

1. The hose on this thing is so short I feel like it must be a joke. The Hoover people (no, not the FBI) say it's 8 feet long. What they fail to mention is that 3 feet of it are permanently intertwined with the vacuum body, leaving you with a whopping 5 feet of hose. There is an extender arm, but that is also too short. To that end, if you are wanting to get into the nooks and crannies really well, you're going to be doing it on your hands and knees.

2. The vacuum comes with a few attachments. They have rubber blades on them that blast through pet hair like Jet Li in some B-rate, made-for-tv Kung Foo flick. However, there is no attachment with the basic bristles that you typically see. So, this thing is no good if you own an antique shoppe or have a large Star Wars figurine collection, as there is no way to vacuum something delicate.

3. The cord retractor on this thing will kill you if you try to use it whilst standing with the cord anywhere near your feet or legs. However, I'd give this particular feature 5 stars as it certainly works. The first time I hit the lever and the cord started reeling in at about Mach 3.5, our boarder collie was laying near it and she about did a backflip. Our old vacuum had an auto-retractor feature and when you hit the button it reminded me of when I was a kid and a bottle rocket would fly 3 feet out of a beer bottle, land on the ground, sputter and die.

All in all, this is a fine machine and I am very pleased with our purchase. I'm pretty sure that if Chuck Norris was shopping for a vacuum, this one would be on his short list.

Update - January 12, 2016:

Well, it's been 3 1/2 years and this bad boy is the Gold Box Deal of the Day, so I figured it was time for an update...

First off, thanks to all of you good folks out there who have left comments over the last few years; 99.5% of you have acted like mature adults in utilizing the comment box. To the other 0.5% of you who have left sophomoric, callow or otherwise puerile mind drippings behind, congrats to you on being the coolest kids under the slide, and yes, I would like fries with that.

Anyhow, our dear border collie has moved on to greener pastures and the wife and I have switched from a man-on-man to zone defense with three kiddos wrecking the house twice as fast as we can keep it clean these days. With three kids under the age of four squatting in my house, I can't believe I ever had the audacity to complain about a dog making a mess.

This vacuum continues to perform top notch. Admittedly, without the need to be cleaning up dog hair 57 times a week anymore, it would be nice to have a brush attachment rather than the pet hair attachment. However, the pet hair attachment does do a great job loosening dirt in high traffic areas (like the stairs), so it still gets whipped out when I get assigned that miserable task.

One thing that continues to impress me about this thing is that I can disassemble the whole thing in about 39 seconds. Alas, performing the task of cleaning the rotating brush without having to go to confession afterwards is just lovely. Anytime you can accomplish something like this without emotionally scarring your children as they watch you incoherently curse at an inanimate object is a win in my book.

Additionally, since day one, I have literally treated this thing no differently than I would treat an old shovel. It has been abused in ways that even my son hasn't figured out to abuse his Tonka Trucks, and the thing just keeps on sucking. No broken parts, no weird noises, no loss of general sucking power, and the cord retractor still reels in fast enough that it can be used to snare small animals/children under fifty pounds without issue.

In terms of general maintenance, about once a quarter I fully dismantle the whole vacuum and give it a thorough cleaning with warm water and dish soap. The filters get the same treatment and continue to perform just fine. There's really nothing more that needs to be done, and because you can get all the various pieces apart so easily, you can really get into all the small spaces of this thing to get them really clean. Great news for my fellow OCD-suffers out there.

All in all, this remains a solid purchase. Of course, it will probably suffer some career-ending catastrophe next week now that I'm finally getting around to posting an update 3 1/2 years later, but at this point I'd still be a happy man. For what we paid versus what we've gotten out of it, I'd happily hop online and buy another one without hesitation.
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on June 19, 2013
I got this vacuum a few weeks ago, I had an old Bissel that went out on me after about 5 years or so. I recently got an Alaskan Klee Kai. He is the cutest dog ever, but dear lord the hair is ridiculous. The Bissel would take 10 minutes to clean this 6 foot rug caked in his hair. I decided to get something that specializes in pet hair, I just couldn't deal with it all over the place anymore. I took it out of the box the first time and thought how nice it looked and went right to the rug. I was astonished. Less than a minute and it was spotless (hairless). I ran it over the rest of my carpet and was pretty grossed out by all of the dust, dirt and hair that it picked up that my Bissel had been leaving behind all these years. I took off the canister with a press of a button, held it over the trash can and with a push of a lever everything fell out, I didn't get anything on my hands. The Bissel would get dust everywhere, I would feel like I needed a shower after emptying it. Also...the auto roll up just works amazingly. There is an attachment that has rubber at the end of a small wand and when I have hair on my clothes and I am going somewhere nice, I can just run it over what I am wearing and whoosh, hair is gone. No more of those stupid sticky papers or box tape. I really hope this thing holds up for awhile, it's the best vacuum for me and I would recommend it to anyone with pets that get frustrated with hair. I will update this review if things start going downhill but right now I love my vacuum which is a weird thing to say (type).

Edit 1/10/16:
I am still loving this vacuum. I can't believe the loads of hair this thing has inhaled and kept on chugging. It sucks up anything I throw at it.

Cord rewinder still works. Works just fine on hardwood floors. Cleaned the filter out several times (extremely easy).

When this vac finally dies, I'm buying another one - no doubt about it. Hoover fan for life now. Just buy the vacuum already... :)
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on March 16, 2012
I received my Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind yesterday and have used it exactly twice, including a whole-house cleaning on hardwood and low-pile carpet today. So obviously this brief review is a first impression. My impression is that this is very good, powerful, feature-rich machine --- especially considering the low-cost.

And it seems quite sturdy, though of course only time will tell on that score.

Contrary to some other reviews, I find the dirt container very easy to empty and big enough. My 2000-square foot house was very dirty, and there was lots of pet hair. I emptied the container twice during the whole-house cleaning today, but that was out of an abundance of caution due to all the pet hair. (I noticed no loss of suction, and could easily have gotten by without emptying it until I was done, and maybe not even then.)

The fold-down handle, automatic cord rewind, brushroll shutoff pedal, floor light, and pet hair turbo brush are all fine features.

I agree with others who have criticized the short wand length. Another reviewer suggested using wands from an old vacuum. I tried using wands and attachments from my old Kenmore and they work perfectly with the Hoover! So now I can reach almost 10 feet, with tolerable loss of suction.

This size and weight of machine is not ideal for stairs, but I knew that before I bought it. And with some effort, I can make it work on the stairs. (The User Manual points out that the vacuum has a stair cleaning handle just below the HEPA filter. Silly me, I would never have known this otherwise. Also, the turbo brush works fine on my low-pile carpeted stairs.)

Overall, I am quite pleased so far. I will try to update this review as time goes on.


UPDATE AFTER ONE MONTH: I've now used this vacuum numerous times. Unfortunately, I must change my opinion to decidely negative (one star) because of a recurring problem. When the floor brushroll is shut off, the rubber drive belt often falls off the drive shaft. When this happens, in order to use the floor brushroll, I must turn the machine over, open the brushroll housing, and slip the belt over the drive shaft. Obviously, this is unacceptable. I called Hoover customer service and was told that they did not have any reports of this problem from others. If that is accurate, then my machine was a lemon; probably the brushroll shutoff pedal needed adjustment. However, when I called Hoover's local service outlet, I was told it might take more than a month to get a new part to fix the problem. Furthermore, the serviceman said this machine was built cheaply and would likely fail again within a year or two. I returned the machine to Amazon today.

I replaced the Hoover with a Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner - Model NV356E. Though slightly more expensive than the Hoover, the Shark works flawlessly. The Shark lacks cord auto-rewind and a few other non-essential features, but it is *very* elegantly designed for the main tasks. It's really day-versus-night compared to the Hoover.
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on April 22, 2010
I purchased this vacuum one month ago and I would like to address some of the complaints that other reviewers have made. I feel like people are giving this vacuum a bad name because of their own inability to to treat appliances with care.

Cord Rewind System Broke - "When the little peg snaps off" Take one look at the rewind system. It functions with a plastic peg. What kind of pressure were you putting on a plastic peg to make it snap off? It's plastic! Take it easy!

Pet Tools Ineffective / What's with the rubber blades - Try using the tools as they are intended. They are not made to suction hair without any work. If you really have pets, you know that pet hair does not just sit lightly on top of furniture waiting to be vacuumed up. Over a day or two the pet hair seems to work itself in to the surface of the fabric. The rubber tool is AMAZING at dislodging the pet hair from fabric! Just a tiny bit of back and forth with this tool and the pet hair is dislodged, rolled up and sucked into the vacuum.

Mini roller - The mini roller, or what I refer to as the stair tool, also needs to be used in a back and forth motion in order to function properly and when it is used properly it is awesome on carpet or upholstered surfaces, especially stairs.

Hard surface capability - When the brush roller is off and the setting is on "bare floors" I haven't had a single problem with it picking up hair off of my maple and tile. It can be a little tricky if there are particles of pet food or litter on the floor but I usually sweep up larger particles before using the vacuum on the hard surfaces.

Brush roller disengage - If this function doesn't work properly on your machine, that is a defect and you need to return the vacuum. How can you rate a product poorly if you haven't even used one that is 100% functional? Mistakes happen, products get shipped out with defects. Return it and get a new one before leaving your negative review!

I do have some cons, the reviewers are right that this vacuum has a little more suction than it can handle. The relatively short hose seizes up when the vacuum is on making it almost impossible to reach a distance away from the vacuum. I can reach my eight foot ceiling corners with no problem but I can see how some people might be upset that they can't reach their higher ceilings.

I'm sick of people expecting products to do everything for them. This is a fabulous vacuum and Hoover has done an excellent job creating tools for pet owners. I have three cats and a dog and my new baby doesn't get any pet hair in her mouth since I switched to this vacuum.
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on January 17, 2015
If I could rate this vaccume a no star I would. I did a ton of research before I bought this product because it needed to work well and last a long time. I have long hair cats so I figured I needed to buy a pet one in order to keep my place nice. This thing CLOGS ALL THE TIME. every time I need to use my vaccume now I have to take the WHOLE THING APART. What good is this if I have to make an even bigger mess? Oh and now when I use it I get to use it for... Oh 6 minutes before it over heats and turns off. I'm so upset and it says I can't return it and there's no warranty information. I buy things all the time on amazon for years now and this is the most disappointed I've ever been in a product. I really hope someone reads this and helps me out because I'll rerate the product if it actually worked properly. The hose has also hardly sucked up anything since I got it.
review image review image review image review image
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on August 20, 2010
I just bought this vacuum after tons of research. The suction power is excellent, picks up dirt and hair easily. I like the rewind function which makes it less stressful to manage a long power cord. One thing I find it kinda difficult to maneuver because of the wide vacuum head. It also does not go into narrow corners and it's too large to go under the bed.
The biggest con of this vacuum is the short power hose! It is extremely short even after you attach the extension wand, it can only extend to the length of your arm. I practically cannot clean anything with that hose unless I buy a longer extension. If you're looking for a heavy duty vacuum cleaner which cleans well, this is it! However if you are looking for a vacuum which you can maneuver easily for cleaning corners, you might want to reconsider.
Overall, it is excellent in its cleaning power but lacking in a cleaning-friendly design.
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on January 31, 2012
I have both a dyson and this hoover T-Series that I just purchased. Without a doubt the dyson does a much better job than the Hoover. However the Dyson was $400 more than the Hoover. The Hoover is a much lighter vacuum and if you go over the same area once or twice it picks up as much as the Dyson. I like the retractable cord alot. On the Dyson you have to wrap it around and getting the cord off ususally ends up in a tangle. The hoover was purchased for the upstairs of our house as it is much easier to have one upstairs and one down so you need not carry one up and down the stairs. We have a long haired dog (border collie/retriever mix) that sheds alot. Both vacuums picked up the hair wonderfully the dyson doing it just a little faster. The cannister on the hoover is slightly smaller than the dyson and needs to be emptied more but that is okay since it is doing its job picking up the dog hair. Emptying the dyson cannister is also easier being able to do it one handed. All of that being said I would rate the dyson a 5 and the hoover a 4.5 and would certainly purchase another one.
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on March 12, 2012
I had high hopes for this vacuum because my last Hoover lasted YEARS and they've always been good to me. Secondly, this was reviewed highly here on Amazon and on other similar sites. It was rated as a Consumer Report Best Buy. Well let me save you the drama and tell you to skip on this purchase.

Here's the only three things I really appreciate:
1) Retractable Cord--this is the best invention since ice cream. 2) Folding handle--easy to store, convenient. 3) Quiet--when it works (see below)

Here's everything I hate in order of MOST annoying to least annoying.
1) Most annoying: the bag / dirt chamber is disgusting! You literally have to remove the dirt by hand most of the time because it gets stuck in the chamber and no amount of hitting it up against the garbage can helps--despite the fact you can either pull it completely apart or it has a "quick release" feature. It's messy, it's disgusting, and I can't believe that someone thought this would be a good design! Worse, when you go to empty it, it gets dirt all over the floor, etc. It's awful.

2) Suction.
The suction was awesome... for about three weeks. We have a cat and there is no reason that after three weeks a brand new vacuum should be doing this. I am tempted to contact customer service because I'm that angry about it. We literally took apart all the removeable parts and went over the vacuum piece by piece. Still can't figure out what's wrong. I've noticed that it tends to blow debris out the back rather than sucking it up. Lowering the setting to have it closer to the floor doesn't seem to change much. It still leaves stuff on the surface of the floor.

3)The handle.
Okay remember how I said the handle folded and it's easy and convenient? That's great except that the handle is HUGE and clumsy in your hand (did they make this for a Giant?) and is very unsecure. You can feel the cheapness in the construction when you're trying to zoom around the house with your vacuum and you feel the handle moving with every step. It sometimes feel as though the handle is going to break right off.

4) Cleaning.
Cleaning the vacuum really sucks. Remember how I said it gets dust and dirt everywhere? After just a few weeks, my vacuum looks like it's three years old instead of brand new. I take care of my stuff and this design makes it darn near impossible to keep my machine looking and running well.

5) The Hose ... What hose?
The hose is the shortest hose I've ever seen. I'm sorry, but who designed this? It's not even long enough to reach the floor without bending at a strange angle that will eventually strain your back. Attachments obviously add a little bit of length, but you're still bending over toward the floor.

This is the first negative review I've ever given a product here on Amazon and I've spent thousands here. If any of the above are issues for you, I highly suggest you pass on thie vacuum. Or, if you're really set on getting it, go try it out at another store and see for yourself what I'm talking about.

I can't believe I bought this and am hoping you don't make the same mistake I did.
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