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VINE VOICEon March 19, 2008
What an excellent movie about how difficult it is to go home. Birdie Pruitt was what every girl dreams of being in high school - the cheerleader, beauty queen, and married to her sweetheart. When her husband leaves her for none other than her best friend, Birdie comes home to start her life again. For some, it is nice to have her home, but for others, they love throwing her failures in her face.
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on April 14, 2003
This has to be one of my very favorite movies and the soundtrack is THE BEST COUNTRY music I have ever heard, and I don't even listen to Country Music LOL in fact I liked the music (and the movie) so much I have purchased both for friends at least twice!!! On to my review.....
Gena Rowlands is Fantastic as the Momma, Harry Connick Jr. is simply charming as the "wanna be" Beau, the actor that played "Travis" was adorable and heartwarming, Bernice (the daughter of Sandra Bullock in the movie) was casted very well she was perfect as a stubborn, hurt and confused little girl trying to deal with the divorce of her Beloved Daddy and her (now seen as the enemy) Momma. Of course I can not leave out Sandra Bullock I was impressed with her ability to portray the hurt and the recovery of a women who has sunk to depression after her husband has found another, a mother that is struggling to keep it together for her child and a daughter that comes home to a town and a Mother that remembers her in a certain light.
Forrest Whitaker did a tremendous job In my Honest Opinion with selecting this cast, creating scenes that make you feel all of what the characters are going through. From the Gena Rowlands character all the way to the children. I can not recommend this movie enough for anyone. Caution.... It's not light, there are some funny moments and there are some very sad moments. It deals with death, infidelity and parents neglecting their children.
I watched this with my 12 year old, she loved it!!! The soundtrack maybe hard to find but do yourself a favor FIND IT!! it is definately worth it. I had to finally find mine on auction sites and it can come pretty pricy brand new/sealed but still if I ever heard something worth the ticket price the soundtrack for this movie is one of them.
Also if you like this type of movie (with pretty much the same subject matter) check out "Something to Talk About" which stars Gena Rowland as the Momma as well.
Respectfully Reviewed
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on September 9, 1999
The first time I saw this movie, was one night at my best friends house. We were expecting a sizzling romance with a lot of love scenes. Instead we got a straight forward movie about life, love and hard choices. We both fell in love with the characters. It's so real because as soon as Birdee comes back, she doesn't immediately fall for Justin, she's still hurt, and she still has feelings for Bill. Gradually she lets him inside her world of hurt feelings and broken hearts and realizes she does love him, but she wants things to work out with Bill, so she leaves him in the dust. After the funeral, she realizes that Justin's not going to give up on her, no matter what. It's so realistic, her pain is so real. The feelings between her and Bernice are so real because not every mother and daughter are as close as they could be. Tissues are a must, I've seen this movie so many times, I know all the lines, but I still cry. For those that have never been through this sort of pain, this movie can be incredibly long and boring, just wait until a bad breakup to watch it. You'll change your mind.
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on May 3, 2000
I have, to date, bought seven copies of this video. I am giving them to various friends and family members in need of some comfort and "hope". This film deals with dilemmas which we each have or will, at some time, face in our lives. The situations will not necessarily be the same but have loss and betrayal in common with the occurrences in the film. Sandra Bullocks's portrayal of Birdee was impeccable. I especially liked the fact that she surrounded herself with "things" that she associated with the people that she had lost. She kept Bill's shirt that she had found before leaving the house. It, evidently, still had his scent on it. She slept in it at her mother's. She wore her father's jacket the day that she walked through the rain to the school. She carried his lunch pail as a purse. After her mother's death, she wroe the mother's dress for the funeral. These are things that I have found myself doing after a loss. It gave a "realness" to that character that she would not have had otherwise. I had seen Harry Connick Jr. in other things, but he was outstanding in this movie. I have, since, gone back to have a second look at his other performances. He is, very quickly, becoming one of my very favorite singers and actors! Both of the children in the film were darling. I enjoyed Mae Whitman's efforts at driving "Justin" away from her mother! The skunk story is classic. Gena Rowlands was outstanding as the mother. She was always there for her family/daughter altho' she did not always "say" or "do" the right thing. She tried to "do well" by them. Most of Texas is not like Smithville. I live in Texas, and most towns are somewhat more sophisticated than that. There is still, happily, a lot of the "Western" mystique about the place tho'. I think that this is a great movie!
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on September 15, 2005
Title: Hope Floats

Producer: Lynda Obst

Released: 1998

Length: 114 min.

Rating: pg 13

"Sandra Bullock gives her most critically acclaimed performance in this touching and heart warming story about following your heart and finding yourself. Birdee Pruitt {Bullock} has a life most people would envy. But when her cheating husband infidelity to her on a national television show, then her perfect life comes crashing down. Devastated Birdee, and her young daughter head home to the small town she left behind. As mother, and daughter struggle to adjust to their new lives, Birdee slowly gains strength to open up her heart, and find hope again.

"Hope Floats" is just like my life. My dad cheats on my mom, we move in with our grandma and grandpa, and then we struggle to fit into our new environment.

For instance, I think it is a good movie because it is sad, and it is just like my life. Like when my Barents split, my mom went on a date and I didn't like the guy she was with, and I didn't want her to talk to him. In the movie the little girl felt the same way I did when my parents broke up.

Next, I thought it was very sad, because of what the little girl had to go through, and how she always felt.

Finally, I can tell you that I thought it was funny. If you're the type that likes a mixture of things, like humor, sad, witty, etc... Than this is your kind of movie.

It is such a realistic movie. Everything that happens in real life happens in the movie. I highly recommend this movie for the ages 11-99 should see this movie.

I'm not telling you what happens in the end of the movie. So if you want to know what happens, than go rent it.

By: Shelby Selig
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on March 5, 2002
OK, this will be short and sweet. I realize that this movie isn't an Oscar winner but it's not a bad little flick either.
If for no other reason, you should see it because of Harry Connick Jr. Whoever says he can't act obviously doesn't understand the art. He plays the role of a gentle, confident (and dead sexy) cowboy with perfect charm and grace. He makes you want to swoon just by walking in the room.
A cowboy was the LAST thing I ever thought I could go for, but if I could find one like "Justin Matisse," I wouldn't hesitate!!
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on March 29, 2006
I rarely watch a film more than once - unless it is so uplifting that no assistance from 'the human sector" would help those deeply felt blues. This film is a work of art - and there is nothing left out including: spectacular performances by Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick, Jr. & most especially one of the greatest actors of our time (or any time)- Gena Rowlands. This is not just "a story" of hard times for a young wife (with a young daughter) who finds herself rejected by the husband she believed loved her or the best female friend who deceived her. This is about illusions we hold close sometimes for decades that have the potential to literally take us down unless we have the encouragement and true love from those rare individuals in life who would sacrifice anything to help us up-and-out. It's tough right now, and frankly I haven't a clue. But instead of ingesting food or drink to drown one's cares, take in this masterpiece of a film. Oh - and the Soundtrack? Unless you have lots of money, it's virtually unobtainable. So you can have the complete package - the Soundtrack and this magnficient movie. Thank goodness, films like this are still being made and are available online at
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on July 22, 2000
I went to see this movie in the theater, because I am a big fan of Harry Connick Jr. I was not disappointed by either him, or the movie. All of the characters seem wonderfully real. Others complain that the character of Bernice is whiny and mean, but I felt that the depiction was rather accurate. How are little girls supposed to act, when their father is gone, and their whole world has been suddenly changed? The evolution of Justin and Birdee's relationship is also touching. She doesn't automatically fall into his arms, it takes time, and alot of work on his part. He is a man who is willing to wait for her, and he understands that she still has alot of feelings for her husband, that she must explore. My favorite characters are that of the mother, and Travis (the little boy). This is an all around touching movie, that will not disappoint you. Most of all, it is a sweet, simple movie about love..........and hope.
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on October 9, 2002
HOPE FLOATS is an excellent movie about finding yourself and learning to move on and have hope to live again. Sandra Bullock plays Birdie, a woman who's husband was cheating on her with her best friend, exposed on a national talk show. Although the premise of the story is a bit cliche, it was a good way to open the movie. She moves back home with her daughter, and they live with her mother (played by Gena Rowlands excellently). Birdie gets over the devestation by realizing that her husband did not define her, and finds the courage to live again for her family. Harry Conick Jr. plays Justin, a past love of Birdie's, who also helps her out. The movie is deeply affirmed in the fact that hope will float again. A lot of people were disapointed with this movie but I really enjoy it, it has a strong sense of family and a very strong meaning behind the plot. Go see it!
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on March 22, 2005
I was impressed! I had avoided seeing this movie for years because I thought it looked like it was going to be a really bad, cheesy, cliche, chic flick. Then one night it was on tv and I was like, what the hell,I was bored so I figured why not?! Well, by the end of the movie I was in tears because I was so moved. I can't explain exactly what it is I liked about it. It was a simple movie...and yet so touching. It had alittle bit of romance, alittle bit of comedy, and it felt so real. I was also very impressed w/ the movie's soundtrack, so much so that I now intend to buy the cd! I would highly recommend this movie! Even my husband ended up watching it with me and enjoying it.
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