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Game play:
You can play the story mode or the random mode. There are multiple chapters to the game but only the first one is unlocked. The graphics are very good. You can press the right hand side of the screen to jump and the left hand side to change color to protect yourself from red laser weapons. Polarity means to match your suit color to the color of the weapons and to the color of the slides which is critical to surviving or being able to jump far enough.

The game controls are precise and accurate. The storyline is interesting and the sound is loud but good.

Main Screen:
* Story Mode
* Other Modes
* Options - control sound, music, swap controls and delete save data

What I like:
The graphics and sound are very good and the concept is designed nicely. When you are killed you start again at the point you were killed and you do not have to start over.

What I don't like:
Having to use both hands to control the actions of the runner and figure out the game play leads to a lot of deaths. Apparently if you die less you get to get new missions but so far I have been destined to die a lot! My major negative is that this is one of those games that challenges come at you so fast that you cannot react fast enough to win. This for me already occurred on level two but you may be much better at these types of games. This game for me is extremely difficult.

There are instructions but not enough as the areas you run through change and you have to learn how to handle new challenges by dying a few times before you catch onto what the runner is supposed to do. You have to be very alert and fast on the controls or you will be killed. Timing is everything in this game.

I don't like that it reads your Kindle ID. It is probably to register the game to your device but it is still gathering the ID.

Overall this is a fun game but game play is very difficult for me. I wish there was a little more training to get used to the controls and challenges. I like the game but in level two it is already quite difficult for me and if I progress I will have been killed a lot.

I rate this game as a 4 star game for the quality of graphics and the action of the game. I will continue to play the game to see if I can get better at it because I like it. I will delete it if my skill does not get good enough to play deep into the game as it uses a lot of memory space.

If you are OK with the permissions then I suggest you try the game. You will probably be better at the game that I am. This is one of those games that I struggle at and my grandson is a master. I need the slow motion version. Have fun!

Size: The compressed size is 46.6 MB and uncompressed it is 58.16 MB.

* Storage - modify/delete storage contents
* Phone calls - read Kindle state and identity
* Network communication - view network state
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on November 29, 2012
You know the games where your character runs and you tap one side of your device to do one thing and another side to do another?

Yeah, this is another one of those.

Now, let me say that Polara does that style of game VERY Well. It's got tight controls (especially considering there's only 2 commands), very crisp graphics, and good sound effects and music. In fact I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's one of the best examples of a runner game that I've played. It's certainly nice to see these crisp graphics as opposed to overused cartoons for a change.

So why only 4 stars and not 5?

It's tough. Be warned, this isn't a game for older folks like me who don't have the quickest reactions in the world. I started to find it quite tough by level two. Is this a bad thing? No, by all means, when I was younger and had quicker reaction times, I loved tough games like this. But it is a bit tougher and that's why I gave it four stars. It's worth a DL, esp as the FAOTD, and probably even worth a buck or two if you like runner games.
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on November 29, 2012
This is a spawn off of a Nintendo game called Ikaruga. Both games you have to make sure you have the correct polarity or you die. The only difference between this and Ikaruga is this is a side scroll instead of a top down game. This is fun and vaguely challenging ( 10 min of play and I was already on level 6) but could have been a lot more difficult. If you don't believe me, play Ikaruga, it'll melt your eyes its so difficult.

Four stars because it takes a lot to make an application. This game has good graphics, controls are spot on and don't seem to lag. There should have been more creativity to further separate this game from Ikaruga.

All in all, worth downloading and playing.
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on November 29, 2012
This is Thursday of Cyber Monday Deals Week at Amazon. Once again I got this app being reviewed here as the free app of the day today.

I am happy to say that today Amazon is back on the right track with their choice of Polara as the free app of the day today.

Let me start out with the positives:

1. You don't have to restart an entire level when you die.

2. The red/blue idea actually works well even though at first I thought it sounded kind of silly from my initial perceptions of what this game is about.

3. Sound effects and music have an appropriate future feel to them.

There are a few negatives, but they are rather minor.

1. It would have been nice to have "power-ups" that you can acquire while you are running or vehicles that you could ride in at times. Maybe these exist in later levels, possibly??

2. The story text appears a little cut off at the bottom.

3. Make the story a little more interactive. What I am talking about here is make the story unique based on the outcome of certain levels such as you could choose to follow or not follow what the person tells you to do.

Overall this is the best game or non-game app so far this week as free app of the day and should have been free app of the day like on Cyber Monday instead of Kayak Pro. Sorry, I am just being honest here. So I am giving Polara 4 out of 5 stars since I can't give it 4.5 stars like I would have if that option were available.

Hopefully Amazon, who is now about 3 out of 4 this week, will finish out this Cyber Deals week by giving away a free game or non-game app from a major publisher like an EA or a Disney.
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on November 28, 2012
I played the first two levels and its pretty good. i like "i must run" and "canabalt" but this adds a more challenging and interactive aspect to it. switching colors at the right time takes some getting used to and they could do with a mechanics tutorial (mainly for the colored tracks that either slow you down or speed you up depending on color), but overall I like it.
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on November 29, 2012
Awesome! So far I have survived this challenging game. The color of your suit decides if you live or die so you must be quick. I love that the character is female and I can pretend to be Alice escaping the Umbrella foundation. I hope I get the chance to exact my revenge on what they did. Story mode to me is easier and obviously encouraging. The game takes practice and you may want to swap controls if your right handed.
Have fun! I don't think younger than ten could handle this unless they are really good at games.
Florida Mom
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on November 29, 2012
There's nothing too new about this runner game but overall it's solid. My main reason for reviewing is to share that I think this storyline is awesome! Most don't have much of a storyline. Also, I think the color change is a nice new feature compared to the many others. Overall, they couldn't of done much more to improve on this specific game.
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on November 29, 2012
I am thrilled to own and play this game. The color changes remind me of Ikaruga, a favorite shooter from a few years back - and it is implemented very well with fun, challenging, and often surprising implementations! It is a runner (platformer where you can't stop moving, but are constantly avoiding obstacles and pitfalls.) It was great to buy a game and actually own it - not be riddled with in-app purchase requirements to advance or play a full game. The game is solid and polished, and the addition of a story mode is fantastic and gives you something to work towards, instead of just a random course every time (a la Jetpack Joyride or Canabalt.)

Highly recommended - I paid $1 for this in the Play store and would gladly have paid $3 or $5 after having played it.
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on December 2, 2012
I've played several different running games and this is the only one that has kept me coming back for more.

The story is the first element that sets Polara apart from the typical running game. It's not spectacular, but it does provide enough interest to give you that extra incentive you need to push past that difficult area.

The next element is the fact that story mode is level based, with plenty of continue nodes within each level so when you die you don't have to restart the entire level. That reduces the frustration factor immensely.

Next element is the simplicity of the controls combined with the wicked combinations the dev came up with. This game is like a tongue twister for your reflexes – just when you get into a pattern or rhythm, he changes it on you. That makes it challenging and potentially frustrating, but see above about frustration mitigation. :-)

Finally, once you finish the game, there are plenty of other puzzles to occupy your time: replaying all the levels of story mode with an alternate, more challenging goal, unlocks additional modes, including a random free running mode for those who prefer random running to the level-based setup.

Put all of that together with snazzy graphics and buttery smooth performance and you've got an awesome time waster! I was able to get this gem as the FAOTD, but this one is well worth the price of admission with its considerable replay value.

Looking forward to more from this dev!
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on November 29, 2012
gameplay isnt anything new, the character runs forward and with timing you have the character jump or change colors to avoid lasers, but the graphics are good and somewhat entertaining if you like timing-based games. I have terrible reflexes so i suck at the game, but still was pretty fun.
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