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on August 31, 2000
I just finished reading this treatise on the coming New World Order. When I ordered this book, I was reading Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs. Side by side, Hope of the Wicked is much the superior of the two. "Secrecy" gradually fades after the mid-point and loses credibility with extraterrestrials, etc. and is devoid of a theological or metaphysical orientation, while "Hope" builds to a coherent but sobering conclusion about the near future and leaves us only with the theological virtue of Hope. One of my interests is Freemasonry, Knights Templar and conspiratorial topics. My reading has been part of my many years long research into the "strategic implications" of these organizations. I have read Malachi Martin, Dr. John Coleman and many others who describe the diabolical plot to overthrow western civilization, Christianity and the Catholic Church. Lucifer is definitely their leader because, as mentioned in this book, the plan and execution is supra-human. I live in San Diego. I live within earshot of a submarine base (I hear taps every night) and I gaze from my front living room upon the white rows of tombstones at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery on a hill in the distance. It hurts my spirit (I am also a Vietnam era veteran), to know that the sacrifices of my grandfather (WW1), father (WW2), friends and many, many brave men were the manipulations of craven politicians using the patriotism card to further along a centuries old conspiracy against humanity. I have also spent hours at Civil War battlefields and at Arlington, totally taken by the bravery of men fighting for the American Ideal. It is hard to believe it was all for naught. However, perhaps it was always this way. The Spartans at Thermapolae, the Poles at Vienna, the French at Austerlitz, etc, all died in a cause that did not last but a few years after their victories. Our real focus should be the Kingdom of God. Governments and other earthly institutions are temporal by nature and we sometimes put too much faith in them. But, with all that said, it is hard not to feel profound sorrow at the quick passing of a Noble Experiment. Upon finishing this excellent book, I had a premonition of what St. Augustine must have felt when the Roman Empire was crumbling around him and the Vandals were at the gate of Hippo, as he lay dying. The dark hell he must have foreseen for civilization and Christianity, must have been very similar to our own visions of the near future with the godless New World Order. The NWO may turn out to be a modern Tower of Babel (its demise is in the design and foundation) and may cause much destruction in its time. The current rot of civilization (like late antiquity) must be cleansed before a new structure can be established. The Lord of History works in strange ways and uses his chosen instruments, whether good or bad. But it will pave the way for a future that we (like Augustine) cannot envision in the present.
My advice is to buy several copies of this book and give to friends and family. They will not be able to put it down once they begin reading. It will profoundly change the way you think!
Also, I recommend Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco. It is a novel but he encodes the Truth about real history and secret society conspiracy in a very arcane and intellectual manner.
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on September 20, 2003
This book will shock the average person. It will even shock those who have some experience in studying Biblical prophecy and who will be familiar with the future rise of the Antichrist and the creation of the "Mark of the Beast". A mark in a person's right hand or forehead which seals allegiance to a future leader and without which no-one will be able to buy or sell. (Revelation ch.13;v16).
It will shock because it reveals that most people still live in ignorance of how close we are to such a situation. Although not a "religious" book, some references to Scripture are made which make the relevance of what is being discussed here even more relevant to our times.
At the outset the book describes itself as not being "a walk in the park on a sunny day". It certainly is not. The contents will cause you to question all the news that you view on television, listen to on the radio or read in the newspapers. The book confirms that you will henceforth question the news & relative information in a new and more penetrating manner.
The book reveals how most people indeed form their opinions and their attitudes, together with their opinions on World events from the information that they obtain through the news media. Few understanding that almost every news organisation is controlled by a "global elite" that has actually been conditioning you without you even knowing it. The news being selectively controlled and reported with a view towards that goal.
The book demonstrates the speed and efficiency in which we are being pushed towards a New World Order, a One World Religion, where conformity will be mandatory, together with a loss of national identity/sovereignty and even a World Army. Each issue is studied with many references and sources being quoted.
The manipulation and abuse of technology is examined. An example is given on page 230 which refers to a recent film entitled "Enemy Of The State" which painted a nightmare picture of the potential for the abuse of the increasingly advanced digital information structure which enables our movements, purchases, communications and location to be monitored. Personal identity cards and personal micro-chips being implanted in the right hand or forehead are examined, together with the information that could be contained. A filed patent for the latter is even illustrated in this book. The application of personal global positioning systems are also mentioned. The implications are enormous.
The book declares that George Orwell's classic & prophetic novel "1984" and "Big Brother" is nearly upon us, with the prospect of the abolition of all forms of privacy.
Many might accuse this book of scare-mongering. Each individual must form his/her own opinion. What the book does provide are many references for the reader to do just this and at the very least provide the reader with an awareness of what may be going on behind the scenes in the EU, UN and the many World systems to which the average person has little access.
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on October 9, 2000
The end is nearer than you may have thought. Mr. Flynn has laid out the history of the past and present "One Worlders" in concise detail. The history is interesting but the chapters behind the pictures section is really earth shaking. He details how all the paperwork is all in place to change America from a citizen participatory republic into a Dictatorship almost over night and with the entire force of the federal government behind it. The paperwork is all in place to do so, even tho you will not find out about it until too late. Congress does not even have oversight over FEMA which will be the overseere of our doom. When congress has asked questions or demanded information they have been put off by "Nationl Security clains". Most of the financing for FEME is under the black part of the CIA budget. This will be accomplished by Martial Law Declaration and then FEMA will take over and just do their job. will all be done by those we have allowed to be put in place by Presidential Appointments not elected officials. Some of them do not even know the result of what they will be required to do as so many in the past have said, "I was just following my orders." It was not a good defense after WW2 and will not be one when the Genie is out of the bottle. I cannot see that there will even be a chance for them to be questioned. I highly recommend this book to all patriotic americans who wish the present to continue because we have a lot of One Worlders among us and they have some very different plans for Americas future. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Believe me tha end is nearer than you think!!!
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on November 10, 2000
I recommend people read this, though contrary to the author's advice, I recommend reading chapter 5 and then skipping to 9. I appreciate the horrific nightmare perpetrated on the American public, if not the masses of the world, and the guilt-ridden secret organizations that pass as "the establishment." I protest against mixing this subject matter with accusations of Satanism, but by Chapter 9, the facts begin to pour, and the serious material crystalizes. This is one of those books which educate and is not a silly conspiratorial book. The material should be of grave importance to every American. No head of a church big or small should fail to read this and pass the knowledge on to their congregation.
For anyone who would truly like to delve deeper and feel a little more confident in their source, the massive book written (and surpressed for a while) by Dr. Caroll Quigley, TRAGEDY AND HOPE, is more serious reading and is heavily quoted in the above book.
For those who don't understand, on a personal, individual basis, what this book means to the average American, you MUST read another book, BOYS ON THE TRACK, which will bring the lawless, irreverent, power-greedy end result of the New World Order home to the family and the outrageous nightmare of Linda Ives.
Jim Adams, M.D.
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on July 17, 2003
_Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World_ by Ted Flynn, which he describes as NOT being a "walk in the park on a spring day," asks the question: is there or is there not a conspiracy to take over the world? The answer is an unhesitating YES, and it is rooted in the idealogy of Freemasonry, ratioalism, communism, secular humanism, the occult, and the New Age. The groups that have been involved in this conspiracy over the centuries include the Masons, Illuminati, Theosophists, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderburgers, Round Table Groups, and Skull and Bones. Much of Flynn's information is based on Carol Quigley's _Tragedy and Hope_, along with a host of other eclectic material to support his thesis. The notorious _Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion_ with its description of a Jewish conspiracy is absent. His viewpoints are loosely Catholic, but most of _Hope of the Wicked_ is free from theology and instead concentrates on the machinations of groups consolidating their hold on society. Secret societies have an occult, Satanic agenda to impose a New World Order over the entire planet in opposition to Christianity, traditional religion in general and nationalism. There have been conspiracies to start wars to manipulate favorable political change; centralized banking to control the flow of currency, taxes and funds, embodied in the creation of the Federal Reserve at a summit on Jekyl Island; the globalization of the world's corperations and industries; the monopolies on entertainment and news media; loss of privacy through increased government and corperate surveillance; "data mining" of personal information; the Executive Orders which allow the President dictatorial powers in event of a national "emergency"; the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which would implement the executive orders; the creaton of a UN global army, etc. The most interesting chapter in _Hope of the Wicked_ is "Angels and Weather Modification," which discusses HAARP and its potential for weather and mind control, along with the wild technology of Nikola Tesla. The book ends with an epilogue warning of God's vengeance against a humanity that has forsaken Him and followed its own rebellious path. Some of the problems that I found while reading _Hope of the Wicked_ was its length and redundancy. It also misinterprets the use of birth control, which can be either socially helpful or harmful depending on how it is employed.
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on January 30, 2001
Another great uncovering of the people and plans behind the eventual deconstruction of the United States and its morphing into some new age utopia under the despotic rule of the United Nations. Those who need convinced should read this. It is more fact filled than any other source on this subject. Those who are aware but who need the footnotes and the sources to support them when they try to discuss this issue with skeptical friends will find this an invaluable reference. The real mystery still remains. With so much evidence now available to even the casual observer, why doesn't anyone care?
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on August 7, 2000
One of the most incredible books I have ever read. Information is astounding and very well documented, with over 1,000 footnotes. Hope of the Wicked explores the convergence on a global basis of multi-national corporations, foundations, and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world government to bring a New World Order. The book is packed with hundreds and hundreds of quotes from world leaders themselves showing where they want to bring the world. I found out about: the role of the United Nations, Executive Orders, the Trilateral Commission, the role of the Federal Reserve and who owns it, the Bilderbergers, etc., etc. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to really know what is going on in the world today.
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on June 30, 2006
This book is a dousing of ice that will wake-up many a sleep at the wheel. One only needs to glean a wee-bit-of truth from its well written pages. Overall it's crisp, clear, and hard-hitting. I had a hard time putting "Hope of the Wicked" down. I found myself drawn at all hours of the night reading it's pages, in spite the revelations. Have you wondered how the plans of the global elite will affect you and your family? See what the role of endless war and chaos will play in ushering a New World Order. What is the power behind the CFR, TC and FEMA? Find out how the Constitution and national sovereignty are regularly being subverted. (Do a search for Executive Orders) What is the Federal Reserve and who owns it? Is our education system playing a wicked role to destroy our Nation? Find out this and more. Is there really a conspiracy to rule the world? Unfortunately, the pieces of the puzzle fall neatly into place as you read the plethora of history and the well-documented, often horrifying quotes. Although published in 2000, you will see the impact of the Internationalists, up to that point in time. Those paying attention realize that much has happened since September 11th and the hour is approaching a New World Order run by the global elite. Is the time of liberty and prosperity coming to a close? For those who want to further your education, may I suggest you seek Aaron Russo's, America:Freedom to Fascism on the web and in theaters soon. I think the information in this book is relevant whether you're an American, Canadian, European or where ever you call home. Your life is really about to change, if the global elite continue to get their way.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderberger meeting."

It will take people of great courage and valor to see the world in all its tainted glory and to STAND against the tide that threatens to wipe away life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am confident, when the time comes you will do your part and STAND.

Dust off your Bible, and give it a good read.
Pray like your life depends on it, and may the TRUTH set us FREE.
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on January 13, 2001
Extremely detailed account of The Beginning and Participants in getting the Federal Reserve Act Passed! Up to date descriptions of Executive orders and bills passed. Getting you intrested in what The United States is facing in the near future, what we need to be aware of Such as A National ID No Guns and A TATOO on our wrists that will work with the scanners at any store. This book explains how the cashless society is coming into place and explains in detail how we have practically no PRIVACY LEFT. We have quasilegal telephone monitoring and internet monitoring by government as well as marketing firms!
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on June 30, 2001
An up to date disclosure of the methods and organizations which can deprive us of privacy, freedom, and murge us into one world socialest government; especially FEMA ( The Federal Emergency Management Agency).
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