Customer Reviews: Tales from the Crypt / The Vault of Horror (Midnight Movies Double Feature)
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on September 13, 2007
As everyone is finding out, fans (as well as those who've never seen them) of the British horror anthologies of the 70's have been dealt a blow with Fox's release of "Tales from the Crypt" and "Vault of Horror". As everyone is also finding out, "Tales" looks good and is intact, while "Vault" is badly edited. Well, that's because "Tales" was originally rated PG and "Vault" was rated R. And what really burns me up is that it's advertised by Fox (and on Amazon) as still retaining it's R rating. Leading one to believe, of course, it's in it's original theatrical release form. Not so. To me, this is false advertising. I have never seen "Vault of Horror", I've only known of it. I was really looking forward to finally seeing it---in it's original release form. But now, with this disc, I can't enjoy it with THIS chop job. As one reviewer said, "What's the point?". What a ripoff. And illegal too.
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on September 12, 2007
...of releasing Vault in a badly cut form? I've already received my discs and, for the price, the set is worth it for Tales (which is uncut and in great shape), so I won't be returning it. So, I do recommend buying the set for this film. However, it is inexcusable that Fox would release Vault it a censored version. Really, what is the point? The cuts are "brutal", in that they are really ragged looking freeze frames and the actual violence is mild compared to the normal fare seen on the screens these days.

This really speaks more for sloppiness than anything else. The uncut version is available; Fox just didn't take the time to use it. This has happened in the past with the Midnight Movie collection (Deranged comes to mind) but, again, the method of cutting is so bad - and the "gruesome" scenes the payoff for each story - that the film loses much of its enjoyment factor.
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on July 21, 2007
Congrads to Fox Video for finally coming out with DVD versions of these 2 classic 70's horror/thrillers. I can't wait to buy them.
I do hope they are the "original" uncut versions, not the old VHS versions, which had numerous cuts, especially to "Vault of Horror" Does anyone know for sure?
Of the 2, "Crypt" is probably the better one, with 5 awesome tales, with twisted finales...the best of those is with legendary Peter Cushing who won a British Film Award for his portrayal of "Grimsdyke"..that tale "Poetic Justice" has a great story, and a finale for the ages. Also great is the final tale "Blind Alley's" with Nigel Patrick as a irresponsible commander of a blind person's home..his final justice is delicious indeed. The other 3 tales are excellent, too..especially to Joan Collins X-mas classic, but the 2 I mentioned especially stand out.
"Vault" released in 1973..and sometimes re-titled "Tales 2" was a really good follow up with 5 quickly told stories...personally, this is the one I actually enjoy more. I have the old VHS version of this flick from "Nostalgia Merchant" and that was totally edited and took away some of the fun, twisted and more grisly I hope this DVD restores all that, as the Vipco British version DVD did a few years back.
Here, 5 men are trapped in a basement lounge and tell tales that may foretell their futures. These tales seem to lack some of the shock and suspense that "Tales" had and yet they are more campy and fun. Best here is the final tale.."Drawn and Quartered" with Tom Baker as a voodoo obsessed artist seeking revenge on his enemies. It's the longest tale, and a lot of fun, if somewhat gruesome at times. The first tale with brother and sister Daniel and Anna Massey, also is a lot of fun, and if shown uncut without any edits, has a truely grim finale that brings some shocks and laughs at the same time. The other 3 tales are good, but somewhat lacking in appeal. The Curt Jurgens 3rd tale in particular, dealing with indian mysticism is rather weak...In Tale 4, watch Michael Criag..(father of 007 Daniel?)feign his own death for profit, and pay a richly deserved price. And Terry-Thomas has a lot of fun in Tale 2, as a fussbudget husband who drives Glynis Johns to murder..
All in all, this will be a great DVD set, and a great addition to anyone's library who enjoyed those Amicus anthologies of the late 1960's and mid 70's.
I love both of these films and can't wait for September 11th for the release.
I hope this review helps others to want to purchase these titles, and see what a lot of fun they were. Less bloody by far than today's thrillers, but a lot more fun and inventive, and sometimes even quite scary.

See for yourself and enjoy.

UPDATE 2: I agree with the anger by many of the purchasers of this 2 Disc set. While both prints look awesome, and "Crypt" does have an additional "quick gore" shot, it is tragic that the people at Fox Video gave us a "chopped" up version of Vault. What is going thru their minds?
I plan to contact Fox Video directly, to their marketing department, and find out a reason for this travesty. Were they too cheap to get an uncut version, or what? Did they not try and contact Vipco in the UK, who, several years ago, released a remastered, full uncut version of the film. And what is with the B/W trailer for this film. I strongly doubt the trailer was actually released in B/W, especially for a film shot in Eastmancolor!
Still I love these films, even the chopped up Vault. It's basically the same as the previous Nostalgia Merchant video I've had for more than 20 years. But with the high end DVD technology, and with horror thrillers today, even of PG rating standards, far gorier than anything in "Vault" it seems insame to me that Fox would do this to the consuming public. If they continue to treat fans of all films like this, they'll see their DVD market share start to suffer, and quite soon.

Update #3. Firstly, I think it is awesome that so many people have come here, and voiced their "disapproval" with Fox Video, and their sneaky, underhanded, and perhaps even "illegal" distribution of the chopped up "Vault". I love both these films, and have the best time with "Vault" and have even learned to enjoy, this edited version. But where is the original one, and what happenned with Fox? Here's a few quick notes.
A) As for our member who asked about the "alternate" ending..I have the original uncut..(what a pleasure) Vipco UK version, and that finale you mention is "not" included. I have seen photos of the final conclusion, with all the 5 men, in make-up as skeletal remains, but I believe it was filmed but never used. It's simply promotional material only now. As far as my knowledge goes, I think the "uncut" version by Vipco is the actual way the film actually was.

B) Our enemies at Fox Video. These people should be ashamed for selling us..(under false pretenses) this copy of the edited version of "Vault". As another member suggested, isn't this illegal? When AMAZON originally advertised this film, it showed an "R" rating, which led everyone to believe it was going to be presented and sold in it's original uncut format. However, we've learned that isn't the case. Well, here's a shocker, maybe not. 2 weeks ago, I contacted Fox Video, and tried to speak with someone about this disgrace, but I was told you could not speak to anyone directly, but if you e-mailed.."" someone would "absolutely" get back in touch with you and respond. So I did so, I sent them a long note explaining my displeasure with the situation, requesting an explanation, and also requesting a re-issue of the original film, totally uncut and un-edited.
Well, this is not surprise to anyone. As of today, no one at Fox Video has even responded to my e-mail AT ALL! Not even a courtesy note to say they recieved and are investigating. I guess this shows how much they care about us, (the suckers) who buy their product. Since they sold us a product under false pretenses, without prior knowledge, and this, I believe constitutes up to fraud, I wonder if they'd respond to a subpoena! Personally I intend to stay on their backs until I get a response, and I suggest (as another member did) we all send e-mail to the address listed above, and find out what's going on.
Until I hear from them, Fox Video will be on the "do not" buy list with me, since they can't be trusted to be honorable, ethical, or even reponsible enough to respond to an e-mail.

Finally, to our member who complains, that we should not be so upset and concerned about a few missing "gore" moments, this I have to say to you. We are "not" the problem. We simply want to know that when we buy DVD's and spend hard earned cash for them, that they be the original un-edited editions, we don't ask for much more. These few "gore" moments, as you call them, are important to the film, as they are the final element to each tale as told. Without them, quality is lost, as is the artistic integrity of those who created them. Censorship in any form is an "outrage" and you should know this by now. For those of us, who spend money collecting DVD's we do it for enjoyment, and to see product in original form, not "edited" or "adjusted" in any way, by those not originally involved in the creative process.

Fox Video is the main culprit here, and I do hope all people who are responding to these message boards, will take some time, and contact them, for answers to our questions.
Perhaps if enough of us gang up on them, they'll be forced into admitting their outrageous censorship, and perhaps release an "un-edited" cope of this fine film for all of us to enjoy.
Enough said, for now.

Update #4: As another member wrote...I also contacted Fox Video and I got the "exact" "verbatim" response from them. It is total BS and laziness and it's finest, and it's not the end either.
I intend to re-contact Fox Video with some further comments and ideas.
Firstly, they sold this "edited" product to us, without any prior notice or warning..originally suggesting it was the "R" rated version. This appears to be clearly fraud! I believe there are laws against that, and I'll be sure to set up an investigation and find out. If this is the case, as it turns out, Fox may have wished it had spent more time doing the "research" they claimed about being unable to find an un-edited copy that they, themselves owned. They easily could have contacted Vipco in the UK, set up a marketing deal, and gotten rights to their un-edited original version and released that. But no, laziness abounds by the upper echelon at Fox, it seems.
Second, they did not bother to respond to my e-mail, dated 2 weeks prior, until my last post here at Amazon, where I scorned them for it. Suddenly, the next day, I have this.."company policy" response. When I contacted them, I asked not to be sent a standard form letter. As our other member has shown, this is exactly what they did.
They are really the epitomy of the lowest common company denominator aren't they? Money, money, money for them, too bad for the consumers.
Fox Video, be forwarned, it is quite possible you have broken the law by selling us items under false and misleading pretenses, and be assured, I intend to find out what the legal rights are, and what we as consumers can to to correct this issue, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

It's now becoming more than just the edited version of "Vault" that has angered me, and many others here, it's the ultimate sneaky, underhanded pack of lies, and activities that has me up in arms.
It doesn't end here between Fox Video and myself. It will go further, until something is done to "fully" correct this situation, either in a total buy-back of all copies of this film..(by those wanting to) or better yet, a full re-release, remastered original uncut copy of "Vault".
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on October 8, 2007
I sent an email to FOX after discovering the edited version of Vault of Horror. This was their response...


Vault of Horror (1973) was originally released as an R-Rated film but was later re-cut to get a PG rating. This re-cut version is the only version owned by 20th Century Fox. When developing the DVD, we did research information about an uncut print which was released theatrically but after several attempts, we were unsuccessful in securing a copy of that print. To satisfy the consumer demand for the title on DVD, we decided to move forward with the widescreen PG version we had in the vaults and included it with Tales from the Crypt (1972) as part of the Midnite Movies Double Feature series.
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on September 4, 2007
Now that the first reviews of the product are coming in it is clear that Vault of Horror is severely cut. It seems it is the tv version that has been released which uses freeze frames at crucial moments - whether this was an intentional move by Fox or a blunder is not known. Censorship of this nature ruins the entire purpose of the movie.

I'd advise people to cancel orders if it's not too late.

Sadly, my disc has already been mailed!

UPDATE: Having now received the film and checked Vault of Horror out I can confirm that it is a terrible viewer-unfriendly version. The cuts are worse than anticipated. The final sequence in the opening story not only uses a still shot but crucial detail involving a tap has been blacked out! A large ink blot has been painted over the tap inserted in the victim's neck! Where did Fox get this print from?

Vault of Horror desperately requires a re release with the footage reinstated.

On the plus side Tales from the Crypt is uncut and includes a brief gore scene that I have never seen in all previous viewings of the film.
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on December 4, 2014
Like many others who have posted here, I purchased the DVD set that was released in 2007 and was sorely disappointed that the only version of Vault of Horror it contained was the "cut" or censored version. This Blu-ray release not only contains the uncensored widescreen version of VoH, but the widescreen theatrical and open-matte versions as well. In addition, in terms of the picture quality, the transfer for both movies is superb. A definite upgrade over the DVD release. Tales from the Crypt in particular looks vibrant and sharp. VoH a little less so, with some graininess evident here and there.

Overall, this is precisely the release that fans of these two movies had hoped they were getting seven years ago but did not. I rarely double-dip, but I made an exception in this case and would strongly recommend that any fan of these two films do the same. You assuredly won't be disappointed this time around.
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on July 18, 2015
I found this "Midnite Movies" DVD to be good, however, "Vault of Horror" is an edited version and not the original uncut. In one scene in particular, in the first story where a man seeks out his sister, he inadvertently goes to a Restaurant that caters to Vampires only. He doesn't realize this until it is too late and one of the vampires is his sister. The scene in which he is hanging upside down is literally blacked out around where the blood is coming out of his neck. It looks really awkward and it appears it is a still scene at that with no one moving. There are some other edits in the movie as the stories are told.
By far, the "Tales From the Crypt" movie starring Peter Cushing and Joan Collins is the best of the two in this set and appears to be the original.
Menu is done nicely though with background music and easy selections.
Both are Widescreen, Color, 1973.
It's dated but I found the stories quite good and the characters good as well. I'm looking forward to the Blu-ray version so hopefully "Vault" will be the original uncut version, not edited. I would have given this 5 stars if not for the edited version.

I am VERY pleased to say this is the unedited version of VAULT on this!! You not only get this in the widescreen version, but you also get the widescreen theatrical and Full Screen "Open Matte Uncut Version". Nice package with good menus and reversible graphics.
WELL DONE Scream Factory!
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on December 12, 2014
Finally the uncut version of Vault of Horror makes its way to home video. The 2 disc blu ray of this and Tales from the Crypt is a must have for fans. The first disc has Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror (the Uncut widescreen versions of both films). Bonus is a alternate opening for "Vault" titled Tales from the Crypt part 2. There is no difference except the opening title. Trailer included for Vault, but not for Tales?

Both films look very good on Blu Ray, but I am a little baffled on the Vault presentation as I did a side by side comparison with the full screen matte version included on the second disc and I do not see any more screen information. I looks as though it has been enhanced to fill the screen. Nothing looks distorted (widened bodies etc), but the top and bottom of the screen show less information than the full screen cut.

I'm not sure if this film was ever available in true widescreen. The second disc includes 2 more versions of Vault of Horror. The theatrical version in widescreen( this is the ugly edited version) and an uncut Matte version (full screen) All the versions look very good, but once again I'm not sure why there is a true widescreen version of Vault (theatrical that is cut and no true widescreen version that isn't cut. I was under the impression that Vault's theatrical release was uncut to show the few scenes edited out of the original DVD double feature release.

It was re-released and cut to receive a PG rating at one time, but why a true widescreen R version wouldn't exist is a bit perplexing.
Regardless these films look excellent on Blu Ray and despite my concerns I'm very pleased to finally have both films looking this good and in their uncut form.

****Blu Ray Update*****

It was brought to my attention that film wasn't filmed in widescreen, but was cropped for theaters for a widescreen presentation. This answers the mystery and only make this an even better edition for the moves as it includes both the theatrical widescreen and fullscreen uncut version of the film.

*****End of Update*****
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on January 24, 2015
We finally get to see the unedited version of VAULT OF HORROR after years of seeing the edited version on home video, especially the disappointing double feature from MGM's Midnite Movies. That alone makes this Blu-Ray a must-own for fans of anthology films and even TALES FROM THE CRYPT contains footage not seen in previous versions. If you want to see how anthology series were done right in the 70's (and how most of them stink on ice today), you should buy this double-feature Blu-Ray. You will not be disappointed. VAULT contains the original theatrical cut and an Unrated cut not ever seen in the U.S. before.
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on January 21, 2015
Beautiful Blu Ray transfers of both films, and in response to complaints about 'Vault of Horror' being an edited version in the DVD set, the Blu Ray not only gives you the movie uncut in widescreen, there's an extra disc with two alternate versions, just so you get whichever one you prefer - now that's customer service. These movies are pure nostalgia for me, I was an EC/Warren comics fanboy who never missed an issue of Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella or Famous Monsters of Filmland and I begged the local theater out of their one-sheet for 'Tales from the Crypt' and it hung on my bedroom wall until I graduated High School. Though Crypt has turned up on cable a few times over the years, I hadn't seen Vault since I walked into the theater as a 13 year old. Sweet. Now somebody get 'Asylum' and 'House That Dripped Blood' out on Blu Ray, I haven't got all century.
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