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on December 2, 2015
bought this after having a really bad bed bug problem and didn't want to throw away my brand new mattress. after fogging the house, we were rid of bed bugs...... until a few weeks ago i woke up with some bites and 2 days ago while i was washing our sheets, my boyfriend saw a bunch of black specks near the flap that covers the zipper on the mattress protector. when he lifted the flap, there were a ton of bugs hiding under there (photo attatched)
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on October 22, 2011
Our home got hit with bed bugs (god knows how), and we called
in an exterminator. He told us that after he sprayed the house, we
would need to purchase mattress encasements to prevent them from
coming back out of the mattress, in case any were still in there. It
was either that or we would have to throw away our mattress and buy a
new one, so we opted to buy this off Amazon, the one he was offering
was about $70 bucks. Anyway, this encasement was priced well, and they
delivered it super fast. I don't really notice anything different, but
I guess that's a good thing. The material seems pretty soft, and we
put it underneath our memory foam mattress pad, so it really hasn't
affected our sleep at all. Haven't washed it or anything, but the
exterminator told us we would need to keep it on the mattress
undisturbed for at least 6 months (better to do a year) to kill any
remaining bed bugs inside the mattress. Definitely one of the cheaper
options on Amazon, and the quality seems to be pretty great!
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on August 11, 2015
Bought over 60 of these for a hotel over the course of 2 years. Most of them are now falling apart and our beds get used far less than your bed in house.

Just not worth it.
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on October 25, 2011
I am a pharmacist, and have been prescribing medicines for
asthma and allergic symptoms for many years. I am an asthma sufferer
myself (since childhood), and the advent of these allergy/bed bug
covers have significantly helped the patient populations that have
dust mites as their trigger. I have been using similar type covers for
about 5 years now, and they have dramatically reduced the need to use
my rescue inhaler and I have been able to reduce the dose of my
prescription inhaled medicine.

I always recommend to my patients that they also address address
lifestyle/environmental factors in managing their asthma and allergy
symptoms. In many cases, they may eliminate the need for or reduce the
dosage of prescription meds they must take to manage their
asthma/alllergy symptoms. I just moved back to Chicago, and bought a
new mattress, and I immediately purchased a mattress cover. I have
been using the cover for over a week now, and am extremely happy with
the results. The cover I had used before worked well at helping my
asthma symptoms, but it was very rough fabric that was noisy to sleep
on, and was very hot to sleep on. The material was more vinyl like,
and basically trapped heat the way a leather couch does in the summer.
These newer covers have a much nicer material that is breathable and
does not make the "crinkling" sound as you move around in bed.

An interesting feature about this cover is the extra piece of fabric
that covers the zipper from the inside. My older cover did not have
this, which means that any dust mite allergens were free to pass out
of the cover through the zipper. I'm not sure if this has made a
difference, but it certainly makes sense.

The product is very sturdily constructed, and the seams are double
reinforced. I can't speak to the bed bug function, but those of us in
health care have for years known the benefit of these covers to those
suffering from asthma and allergies. I received my cover two days
after I placed the order with standard shipping
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on March 29, 2012
Unfortunately we got bed bugs. Living paycheck to paycheck i was unable to at first buy a mattress cover. We threw away our box spring and used heavy plastic and duct tape on our mattress. It worked at keeping the bugs in/out, but we quickly realized that it was horrible to sleep on. We would wake up sweaty from the heat the plastic was causing. not only that, but every movement made loud crinkle noises. After looking at many different brands of bed bug mattress covers online and in stores, i found the Sleep Defense System. It was not as expensive as some but because i saw it was designed by a physician and a hotel owner and it said that it was lab tested i felt it would be good quality. i read the other reviews from customers and decided this was the cover i would purchase. I only bought it to get rid of bed bugs but it is also waterproof which was a bonus. It was extremely easy to put on the mattress with 2 people. It also did not feel at all like plastic. after sleeping on it a few times i felt like i got my bed back. we weren't waking up sweaty and no horrible crinkle sounds. it felt like my mattress used to feel before the bed bug problem. As far as i am concerned it does prevent the bugs from getting in/out. now i am sleeping so much better and am much more comfortable. I recommend to anyone with bed bugs to get this cover it works. Too bad they don't make couch covers. LOL. now with persistant cleaning of the carpet and steaming the furniture we haven't seen any bed bugs and only have been bitten a few times in the last month. This mattress cover makes a huge difference!!! very happy with this product and when i do get another box spring i will have the Sleep Defense System boxspring encasement waiting to be put on it. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT MATTRESS COVER!!!!!
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on November 11, 2014
THIS IS A TERRIBLE PRODUCT!! IT does not work at all!!! If you are buying this to kill bed bugs in the bed and keep them from coming out DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! The Bed bugs crawl right out of the seal that's supposed to keep them inside. I only had a minor infestation. Paid to have my rooms treated by a professional bought these as to not buy new mattresses. However due to the bedbugs crawling right out of the seal on these, now I need to mattresses and have to have my bedrooms retreated AGAIN!! I do not recommend this to no one unless you are using it for a mattress protector only. You can buy a mattress protector much cheaper than this and it will work just as good. NOT WORTH THE PRICE AT ALL!!!! I would have given this a ZERO if I could have. Also these do not fit well. ALOT OF EXTRA SPACE and they hang.
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on February 13, 2014
Purchased this product to cover my brand new, very expensive pillow top mattress. Well, just one small persons peepee and the mattress was ruined and my warranty on it voided. Not only did the Sleep Defense System Waterproof not bounce the pee off it it did not even puddle it. It absorbed the urine while we were taking off the covers to get to the pad. To get this product off, you have to remove the mattress and unzip the encasement,. Not possible to do this in 1 minute. When I contacted the manufacturer I was sent an e-mail telling me they do not say it is waterproof. Excuse me, the cover right there in big black letters states WATERPROOF. I returned a reply via email and it was never answered. SO, I have a wet pillow top that took over 10 days to dry and a voided warranty on a new bed, and two Hospitology products that are not as advertised. I would not recommend this product at all. Total waste of money if you are using it for waterproofing. Have no idea about the other defenses the product says it defends against. It sure did not defend from wetness!
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on February 16, 2016
I FINALLY got rid of the bed bugs thanks to these mattress encasements (I bought 2; one for the mattress and the other for the box spring)

My advice if you are dealing with bed bugs: use at least 2 methods CONSISTENTLY for about 2 months to get rid of them. I thought just using 2 different brands of sprays/foggers would certainly did not. They came back after every week.
My suggestion is to buy both the spray (the ones that worked for me were either the RAID bed bug or the ORTHO bed bug, they both contain similar ingredients) and also buy the encasements.

If you can, get the mattress/box spring outdoors in the sun, spray all over with one of the sprays (might need 2 cans) make sure you follow the instructions on the bottles. Leave in the sun (bed bugs can't stand HEAT) or if you can't do that, get the mattress/box spring off the bed frame and spray them. Spray the frame, headboard, floor board, any furniture in the infected room. Leave to air out for hours or if you can for the day. Wash all bedding and probably your clothes/closet and make sure the setting is at HIGH heat for both washing/drying.
At the end of the day/hours, bring in the mattress/box spring and cover with the encasements, make sure its SEALED well. Put on fresh linen/bedding and enjoy a peaceful/less stressful nights sleep

Repeat for every week or every other week for about 2 months, if you can. No need to take the mattress out of the encasement or take them outside. But do try and spray bed frame and furniture and let the room air out every week or so. You will sleep so much better without the anxiety of a bed bug bite, I wouldn't wish them even on my worst enemy.

The reason why sprays only work temporarily is because bed bugs lay eggs (that we don't see because they hide them so well) that hatch every 2 weeks. So the sprays DO actually kill them (the adults) but the eggs stay hidden. That is why no matter how much you spray or how many cans you use, they tend to come back.
And that is why the encasements work so well. They trap the eggs in/around the mattress/box spring. When they hatch and want to come out for a feeding, they can't because they can't leave the encasement. It is the only way I got rid of mine after weeks of spraying and yet waking up to bed bug bites.
I have had my encasements for over a month and not a single bite since then. I plan on making it a habit whenever I have a new bed/move to buy encasements.
Also, when you put them on, it may seem like they might be NOISY but they really are not.

If you are experiencing the hell that is a bed bug infestation, I URGE you to invest in these, they are so WORTH it. I would happily pay more for a peaceful nights sleep but since these have worked, I don't need to.


(this review nor the products/brands I mentioned are in any way/shape/form sponsored. I suffered dealing with bed bugs and want to help/advice/share my story so you can get rid of them quicker/more effectively than I did.
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on March 16, 2015
We bought this for two reasons: 1-we live in NYC and the public schools have had incidents of bed bugs. 2-our son has been known to wet the bed at times. I washed this ONCE as directed, before use. The first time my son had an accident, the urine went RIGHT THROUGH and onto/into the mattress. If this item is porous enough to let urine go through when it's supposed to be waterproof, I can only assume it does not actually keep bed bugs out either. I will not repurchase. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING A DIFFERENT PRODUCT. Don't bother with this one.
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on September 7, 2014
I had spilled on this and the spill went straight through to the mattress, which completely defeated the purpose of it. I'm so disappointed.
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