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Color: White/Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE: March 17, 2014 - Dyson has issued a recall on the entire production run of the AM05. Details can be found on the dysonrecall dot com website.


I have been intrigued with the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater for a few years. I remember checking one out at a big box housewares store and was just thinking how interesting the design was but equally amazed at how high the price was. The design was certainly clever and modern but it was not clear to me whether the performance could equal the expecatation and cost.

I finally have a Dyson Hot + Cool thanks to the Amazon Vine program and I've been putting it through some serious testing and usage. My video review will cover most of my thoughts but I"ll highlight some of my thoughts here. After using it for nearly a year in both cold and hot conditions I am able to say it is NOT very effective as a fan and marginally more effective as a heater.

Let me be clear about one thing, the device name is totally misleading. It is called "Hot + Cool Fan Heater". It is NOT a cooler. It does not cool air whatsoever. An air conditioner cools air. This is not an air conditioner... it is a fan and it is not very effective as a fan because the air flow is simply too weak to be effective. Additionally it is very loud during operation.

I do like the look of this heater/fan. It's very modern and futuristic. Its slim design will enable it to be put in some otherwise tight spaces and will also look quite modern and elicit many comments, I'm sure.

The actual performance is poor. As a heater, it works pretty well, but only in a smaller square foot area. Since the head can oscillate back and forth, it will distribute a warm flow of air fairly effectively in smaller rooms. Normally the thermostat in my house is set to 62 degrees during the overnight. I set the Dyson Hot + Cool downstairs in the living room. The entire downstairs area is approx. 900 sq feet but but has a relatively open floor plan so about 3/4 of that square footage could essentially be considered one room. The Dyson managed to keep the temperature right around 68 degrees all night long. The Dyson temperature had been set to 70 and as far as I know, it never attained 70 degrees. I'm pretty sure it ran continuously all night long. I thought that being able to maintain a 68 degree temperature in that size space was pretty good though since it's still winter where I live and if the heater had not been on, it would have dropped to 62 degrees inside. If a smaller room were being used, it would heat the room to a higher temperature. When I moved the Dyson to my bedroom, it was able to maintain 70 degrees but each time it reaches the set temperature, it turns off. When it cycles back on, it wakes me up because it is what I consider to be quite loud. So it's not ideal in a bedroom. My Peolonis ceramic heater is just as effective yet very quiet.

As a "cooling" fan, I was not impressed. It bothers me that they call it a "cooling fan" in the first place. It does not cool air, it is simply a fan. It moves air, it doesn't cool air. There is simply not enough velocity or volume of air to be very effective as a fan. Not only that, but the Dyson is loud especially when the fan is operating at its highest setting. At the low setting it's not that loud, but then it's much less effective too. So to get a significant fan effect, you have to turn the speed up to a level much higher than "low."

I do like that the fan oscillates and also tilts. Howver, in my use of the fan, there was a significant amount of wobble in the head of the unit when it was tilted and oscillating. In fact at one point the unit almost vibrated or wobbled itself off the edge of the counter it was sitting on while I was out of the room. I could not believe my eyes. When the head is straight up with no forward or backward inclination, it's fine.

The remote is useful and magnetically attaches itself to the top of the head when not in use. But in my video you will notice at one point the remote slides off the top when I tilt the unit so the magnet is not as strong as it should be to hold the remote securely.

If you are a design forward kind of person or just admire the "genius" of Dyson, this fan will probably appeal to you. It's more flash than function in my opinion. If you're thinking that for the price it's got to be one incredibly effective fan and heater, you'd be mistaken. For the price, it's one awesome looking piece of equipment, but performance is not so hot (no pun intended.)

For my money, I"d rather buy a seperate floor standing fan, or box fan, that can really push some air and at significantly less cost. The Dyson can't even compare.

As a heater, it's pretty cool (sorry again, no pun intended) but again, expensive. I have a small, square, ceramic heater that is very quiet and effective. I think it cost around $40-50.

One worry I have and that I can't address until I've used this for a much longer time, is how much dust will collect in the air intake holes on the lower section of the unit. I've had other devices with similar looking holes and over time you get this very fine and hard to remove collection of dust buildup that would also reduce air flow. Internally dust might build up somewhere too. I have no idea how that would affect the already mediocre performance... or how to clean it. And the air output venturi would also collect dust over time and have to be cleaned.

I guess the Dyson and me aren't a good fit. It's cool looking as heck but I just don't think it lives up to my expectations of performance for something that costs this much. I can see this fitting in to certain decors really well though. And its slim design does enable it to fit in what would otherwise be tight spaces for other more conventional fans/heaters.

UPDATE: 6/3/2013 - Having used this over the winter and now during some really hot weather, I'm reducing my rating to 2-stars. For the price, this just doesn't provide a commensurate level of performance. I would not recommend unless you just want to make a fashion statement but don't really care so much about effective cooling or rock-solid mechanical performance.
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on November 2, 2014
My purchase is relatively recent, and I'm currently teetering between a three and a four. What I have discovered which seems like a huge complaint for other customers, is that the heating aspect doesn't seem as fast as other space heaters. For instance, I have an infrared space heater that seemingly heats up my living room much quicker. However, the infrared space heater provides a direct stream of (warm) heat. While the temperature may go up in my room according to the thermostat, if I move from one location of the living room to another (typically the loveseat which is located right below the thermostat and the direction I face the heater), I'm cold. When I first plugged in the Dyson, I was disappointed to find that it does not provide the streamline of warmth I was used to. Feeling discouraged, I started to consider a return. Then I decided to leave it on in the living room over night (turning the temperature down to 66) while I slept in my bedroom. What I found when I got up in the morning was that the Dyson does indeed provide whole-room heating, whereas my other space heaters do not. Now, it definitely would benefit from being quieter, but overall, I'm becoming more and more pleased with this purchase. The Dyson acts like more of a furnace than an actual space heater which makes it totally justifiable for the price. Although, I purchased this particular heater for a much cheaper price at Costco. I am also curious to see how this affects my electric bill, and may be updating this post when winter hits and it is used more frequently.
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on April 2, 2013
There are so many reasons why I love the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater:
1. I am saving $300 per month on heating because the coldest member of the household is now warm enough and not using the whole house forced air heater to cook everyone.
2. It warms up a 15' x 15' bedroom fast - about 90 seconds fast.
3. The cats and dogs and children never get near any moving parts that might injure them - there are no moving parts.
4. There is no risk to anyone touching the heater - it does not get hot to the touch.
5. It is quiet - on low it is silent - on high it is barely audible.
6. It is working all day and all night everyday for 8 months and has not crapped out.
7. It looks terrific. I redecorated and the style and beauty of the device adds to the modern design.
8. The remote control works perfectly.
9. It is enduring some rough handling amongst family members and guests and pets without busting.
10. It will get the room as warm as anyone wants to get the room. If someone doesn't feel well and wants it at 90F then it will deliver.
11. The animals are not afraid of it.
This is the best three hundred bucks I spent in the past six months. I am overjoyed that I took a chance and purchased this awesome heater despite the negative reviews. We are enjoying this heater, benefiting from this heater and I still love to marvel at its elegant engineering innovative design. So happy. Seriously pleased.

12. It's July and I have to add - this fan cools. I don't understand how it blows cool air on a hot day but it does. There is no cooling component but the air from the Dyson is at least 10 degrees (F) than the rest of the room. Very refreshing.

8 months of daily use and we LOVE the dyson. And it looks great. I give it a wipe every so often because the air inputs attract dust. That's it for maintenance. I would love more well engineered products. It saved our household a lot of money during the winter. I will take a look at the heating bills one day and share how much. I really don't like many products, and I don't review most what I purchase. I haven't found a flaw yet.
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on July 13, 2014
Everybody's main complaint seems to be the price of this fan. For me it has been money well spent so far. In addition to its good looks, it has a small footprint and is airy enough in design not to overpower my small space.

The air flow is powerful and smooth. The fact that it can be tilted a bit helps direct the heat to the floor where it belongs. Output seems excellent. I run the fan speed on about 3, and it's plenty strong. Heat output seems quite excellent. It's working in about 200 square feet, so the area is small. But the winter cold will be a challenge for the same reason.

The only thing I haven't been able to test yet is durability. It's been a workhorse as a fan, but the heater could only be tested for a short run. Have to wait for cold weather to see if it holds up.

The tiny remote is well organized, and the fan is very responsive to it. That and the sturdiness of the fan and the design give a lot of justification to the price.

I see that I'm not shown as having bought this at Amazon. That's because the product page for the white one that I bought is no longer shown, so I did this review on the same AM05 heater-fan, but a different color.
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on November 24, 2013
After reading every review on this that Amazon had at the time of my ordering it, I will have to say that it has worked as a great heater for both my TV room and computer room. My computer room is just off of the TV room so I set it near the door and set it to oscillate. The computer room has northern and western exterior walls and the TV room has northern and eastern exterior walls. Most of the colder winds come from the north and these rooms are the farthest from the central furnace in an older home so they always seem a little colder than the rest of the house.

I was a tad skeptical of spending the money but will have to say that, for me, it was well worth it. I have pets and they checked it out when I first used it. After their curiosity was satisfied, they totally ignore it so I am not worried about them knocking it over or getting too close.
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on March 4, 2013
Color: White/Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'll give it to Dyson... They've taken a very boring household appliance and made it sexy and cool. The design of the AM05 is super slick, elegant and very futuristic. But at $400, a cool design is not enough; to justify the price point it needs to drastically outperform standard fans and space heat by orders of magnitude. Sadly, it doesn't even come close. The packaging is quite minimal and the only assembly required is to pop the fan in the base which takes a few seconds.

On the design... For such a sexy form factor, I do not know why on earth they would have a black electrical cord for the white/silver fan... I would be willing to bet that everyone that chooses the white/silver fan would prefer a white or grey electrical cord.

On the performance... The "cool mode" simply blows air and doesn't actually cool. The product description and product packaging are incredibly vague (I suspect intentionally) about what the cooling function actually is. After using it for a while, I didn't notice it actually cooling the air at all, so I decided to run a test. I measured the temperature in my room with a precise thermometer. I then put the Dyson in "cool mode" blowing air directly onto the thermometer from around 2 feet away. The temperature did not change- not even by a fraction of a degree.

The fan has 10 wind speed settings- 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. When set to 10, I find the fan quite loud actually. That is, loud compared to my $45 Lasko Pedestal Fan (that also oscillates and came with a remote!). Also, compared to my Lasko the Dyson wind power is significantly less. The Dyson at 10 is comparable to Lasko at medium. The Dyson also has a much smaller "wind target region" compared to the Lasko which is less effective. The oscillation function works well and the fan can be tilted up or down. Note, the magnetic remote usually falls off when tilting in either direction- a slight annoyance and a detail you would expect to be covered given the price of the fan. If you like cool yourself in bed, you'll likely need to place it on a small table as it is too short to reach a bed, even when tilted.

In "heat mode," I did notice a slight burning smell on first use, but it quickly went away and did not return on subsequent uses. The heating works quite well and in a test, it brought the temperate of my bedroom from 62 degrees to 72 degrees in around 20 minutes when set to 10 and with oscillation turned on. In my living room, the "heat mode" consistently blew my fuse when used while watching the television (it didn't in cool mode though).

Overall, this Dyson is less performant than both fans and heaters that can cost less than $50. Unless money isn't an issue and you care more about the visual appeal of the fan than how well it works, this just isn't a good buy.
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on February 26, 2015
I really wanted to give this 5 stars but I just cant. I bought this to heat my bedroom so that I don't need to run my furnace to heat my hole house at night. This is how i thought it worked: the fan would run all the time and the heating element would kick on when ever the temp dropped below the set temp. I like to sleep with the sound of a fan running and if it had worked that way I wouldn't have needed the bed room table fan. Unfortunately the fan only runs continuously if its set the cool (lower temps). When set to heating mode the fan kicks on an off with the heater.
Second while not loud it does produce more noise than my Honeywell Turboforce table fan. The actual air noise is about the same but the sound of the heater turning on and off with the air turning on and of is quite distinct. It took some getting used to before it stopped disturbing my sleep.
With its cost I expected it to work they way I wanted above.
I did buy it partially because it looks cool and fit the theme in my room. It is like another piece of functional decor.
Heating ability: it will heat a approx 156sqr ft space to 70 degrees in about 20 min on its lowest setting. I would say it cycles on and off every 20 to 30 min in that space after that.
The unit has controls both on the base and on the remote. So if you loose the remote you still have full control over the Dyson.
If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.
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on January 1, 2014
bought this for my living room for winter.. it blows slightly warm air, such a ripoff for the price. Buy a cheaper heater, they throw off more heat and use same amount of energy. Dyson claims this is more power efficient, but thats only if it manages to actually heat the the desired temp. which this doesn't, so it just runs non stop hence using the same 1500 watts a $30 heater does. Don't buy.
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on January 17, 2015
I loved the style and the design of this fan and the fact that it was also heater was a plus. Somehow, in my mind, I justified the very high cost of purchasing this device.
I purchased the AM05 over 1 year ago. I went through the recall and like all the other reviewers, the repair took several months. Approximately 2 months into the recall, I called CS about the unexpectedly long delay. The CS agent I spoke with expressed absolute surprise and concern that the fan had not been returned to me. Based on my conversation with Dyson CS, I thought I was the only person who had experienced the long recall delay. About 4 weeks later I received my upgraded AM05.
In the summertime, in order to get any noticeable air movement, the Dyson fan must be turned up to 5-10 . At that setting, the Dyson sounds like a Boeing 747 idling on an airport runway.
This winter, I have been using the Dyson as my home office room heater rather than using our expensive central heating system.
Generally, I am the only person in our home during the day.
At night, I set the thermostat on the AM05 to 67 degrees. When the fan/heater turns on in the early morning, it is so noisy that even on it's lowest fan setting (1), I can hear the AM05 fan operating from my bedroom, some 10 feet away - in a different room. On some occasion it wakes me - I have now adjusted the thermostat to 65 degrees so as to not disturb my sleep.
As far as a heater, I totally agree with the other posters. This device does not heat my smallish home office efficiently. The heater must operate continuously for 4-6 hours to raise my office to 72 degrees. Additionally, as others have noted, you MUST have the heater within 3 feet of you or the heater will blow cold/cool air onto you. Moving the fan closer to you only makes the noise level even more apparent and annoying. Often, I have to turn the AM05 off during some telephone conversation - it's that loud. I am in S California and it never gets extremely cold here.
In my experience with this device, I can tell you that this device is a total and complete failure both as a fan and as a heater. It does neither well.
I have ordered another highly rated conventional space heater and it will arrive tomorrow. The Dyson will go to our local Goodwill store. I am done with this thing!
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on December 15, 2013
This thing is awesome! I have a large room that was added is never really well heated OR cooled. This product succeeds in supplementing the heating system and even cooling the room down when it's hot. Love how the remote sticks to the device (although the 4-year old sometimes gets hold of it). Plus it just works.
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