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45 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2012
Like the first book this was another fun read. The suspense kept me turning page after page. And again, this is a series has dialog that had me laughing quite often. I love the brothers and their constant teasing. A lot of what they say can be considered utterly cheesy or ridiculous but I find that adds to the charm.

Seeing his brother Aron so happy in love with Libby has made Jacob want what they have. What a coincidence that baby brother Nathan dashes into the house yelling about a mermaid in the stock tank. When Jacob goes to investigate, he finds a woman, naked, in the barn and he's instantly in lust. Before anything else can happen, she disappears.

Jessie has been on the run from the couple for whom she agreed to be a surrogate. The husband had been acting strangely towards her, almost possessive. When they get the news that the sperm bank had made a mistake and she wasn't expecting their child, things changed dramatically and she decided it was time to run for her own safety. She has been scoping out the Tebow ranch in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Jacob whenever she can. She's sure he's the father of her unborn baby. At least that's what the letter from the sperm bank has told her. As she tries to summon the courage to tell him who she is and that he'll be a father soon, she gets caught in the barn on his property. Chickening out seems like the best course of action so she takes off before she can explain her presence. They're finally thrown together when she saves Nathan from drowning. He takes her back to the ranch where they can finally have that talk. While Nathan and Libby make her feel welcome, Noah is more than skeptical about her motivations and the timing of her arrival. The more time Jacob spends with her, the hotter their attraction becomes until they give in to it. Jacob wants her in his bed and perhaps more permanently in his life. Their happy bubble bursts when Noah receives some incriminating photos of Jessie along with some accusations against her. Without letting her explain herself, he throws her off the ranch. She doesn't get far before her stalker snatches her. When the McCoys learn the full truth about Jessie it's a race against time to save her life and Jacob's sanity.

The sex scenes were super hot and just what I expected from Jacob. Jessie may have had her problems and worries, but she wasn't annoying. She refused to be looked upon as a charity case, and she wanted Jacob to love her for her and not because she was pregnant. I think she managed to wrap him around her finger and make him see that that was the only way to go if he wanted his HEA.

Next up is daredevil Joseph :)
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49 of 54 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2013
"I hate that you're going to have to have surgery, but I'm kinda thrilled that you'll stay tight for my pleasure. My cock is fast getting addicted to that snug little pussy of yours." - Jacob to Jessie after she told him that her doctor said she might have to get a cesarean section.

SERIOUSLY?! I mean, REALLY?!?!? LMAO This whole series is too much. I cannot deal with this crap. People are actually giving this trash five stars. Smh There is nothing sweet, hot, or sexy about these books. They're comical is what they are, tbh. I'm reading them for the shock and amusement factor. Plus, I'm a masochist.

Every single brother, with the exception of Nathan, is a creep. Now, I love Alpha males, and I realize that they can be somewhat misogynistic, and I'm usually okay with that, but these brothers... They're too much. They're not nice men. They're not sexy. They're horrible. Noah was totally horrible to Jessie when he found out she was dyslexic and couldn't read, which I couldn't wrap my head around because his youngest brother is also dyslexic. Joseph said that he feels uncomfortable around unattractive women...SERIOUSLY? The way Isaac spoke to Avery Rose was completely ridiculous. He went too far when he had the nerve to tell her that no man would ever find her attractive. Pushing her away by telling her that he doesn't want her is fine, but to go as far as saying that was too low. There was just so much horrible stuff in this book. I could only laugh and shake my head.

Oh, and how was Jessie reading romance novels? HOW? TELL ME? If she was listening to them on audiobook, SAY THAT. Don't say that she READ them. Ugh.
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33 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on February 23, 2012
Jacob was the sensitive, caring brother from Cowboy Heat who was the generous guy who would help anybody anytime. In this book he meets Jessie and the two of them together will melt your heart. I loved this book equally as much as i loved the first in the series, Cowboy Heat. The McCoys will make you laugh and they will make you cry. I seriously cried just like the first book. There is something in the way Sable Hunter told their stories that just got to me. The men are hot, the women are innocent yet totally into their men's desires and the pages heat up at every turn. The McCoy men will set you on fire too. Can't wait to see each of them in their own stories as Sable progresses through this series. Thanks for a great read, and i'm onto Josephs story...
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 3, 2011
This second story to the "Hell Yeah" series was pretty much packed with everything I love in a book....a great story line with twists and turns, hot erotica, wonderful love, bad villians, brothers with good intentions (but not always good results) and the continuation of a great series. I love the way Sable writes her characters and brings them to life and I look forward to reading about all of the McCoy brothers.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2012
Hot On Her Trail by Sable Hunter

Jacob and Jessie #2

Number two in the Hell Yeah series was hotter than the first!! Funny but yet very very serious!! Lots going on here, but most importantly, the heart wrenching story of a woman who's never felt love or been treated kindly. Throw in the McKoy family and some Liberty Bell and the story just explodes!!!

Jacob (to me) is the rock of the McKoy family... he's the second oldest and we all know Aron took over taking care of his family, but Jacob was the one who kept them all together... he's the keeper... he's the backbone... but he was missing a woman's touch... a family... Enter our lovely Jessie... even though she carries a ton of baggage, she's perfect for Jacob. I would say he was literally hit by a truck when he saw her, but.. well... that actually does happen, just not to him!!! Hee!!! So many characters to keep up with, but I'm super glad they all remain in the story... and I especially like how Ms. Hunter has the side stories going on to lead you into the next installment of the series!!! It helps when you start the next one!!! Glad to see Joseph is getting the next book... he's already breaking my heart and I haven't even read a book about him yet!!!! Oh, almost forgot, the bad boy.. Isaac... can't wait for that book... it's gonna be uber hot!!!!

Again, I read this book in one day... if you don't count my break for Christmas Eve and Day... it's 264 pages (kindle version) and I have to say, getting to the point is what this book is about... no fillers, just pure bliss!! Kept my Kindle attached to my hip until it was over... One thing I should say is that when I read the little bit in here about Isaac and Avery... I'm pretty sure that his book is going to be my all time favorite of this series... can't stay away from those bad boys!!!! Noah too, that little turd... I know whoever he falls for is going to have they're work cut out for them... what he did and said to Jessie in this book broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces and just when I thought they were on the mend, they broke again at Jessie's protectiveness towards HIM... the one who betrayed her!!!

I'd have to say there isn't really a lull or high point to really speak of only because the entire book is an emotional roller coaster... never a dull moment, but the climax was beautiful and DID mend my broken heart back together!!! Thank God!!! I'm looking forward to the next installment which I believe is Her Magic Touch starring Joseph and Cali... CAN'T WAIT...

5 STARS!!!
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20 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2012
Really loved reading this book. Was as good as the first one. Jacob and Jessie are amazing together. This book had me laughing and in tears. Loved the ending. Oh and also it is a really HOT and EroTic...oOOOH La La!!!!
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18 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2011
I have to admit, when I read the description, I had a hard time believing the heroine was a virgin AND pregnant - what a story! This was soooooo sweet and spicy (love scenes) at the same time! I didn't want to put it down. Plus, it gave a little more information on the love interests of the 3 other brothers for future books. I love that you were able to see what the hero and heroine were thinking. Sable Hunter is my new favorite author. I've read Cowboy Heat, T-R-O-U-B-L-E and this one. I'm reading Scarlet Fever right now and so far, it is wonderful. She has a way of writing that makes the reader care about the characters. I love that the women have been sweet, loving, giving and guileless -- they are not perfect physically either (nor have they had perfect lives) - it makes them more real to me. The men certainly do not disappoint either - hunky, rugged, sensitive and do not desire a bone thin model body. In Hot on Her Trail, Jessie thought she was so unattractive and overweight, but to Jacob, she was beautiful. These McCoy brothers are possessive and protective - I love the lines, "you're mine", "my baby". The trust placed by Jessie in Jacob, to take care of her and the baby, well, it is incredible - he doesn't disappoint her either. I am working on reading all of Ms. Hunter's books.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on November 29, 2012
Love the whole Hell Yeah series (seems I have a weakness for the strong Cowboy type, hehehehe) The Story of Jacob and Jessie was my most favorite , I laughed, cried and sure did a lot of fanning myself during this book.I really felt Jessie sorrow in this book and wanted to just reach in and wrap her in my arms for a big ole hug, she had such low self esteem that you will want to protect her yourself, and then in the next breathe you want to throw her out of Jacob's bed so you can have him all to yourself, the Sex was HOT!! Jacob has a huge heart. The part of the book where he thought he has lost Jessie for good and he breaks down and cries was a great touch for me,made him seem human rather than an Alpha male all the time..Great book worth the read, The whole series is and I am trying to patiently wait for book 5..LOL
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20 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2013
I am going to try to be as kind as possible and still be honest about this book. I absolutely could not stand this book or the characters in it. I am from the south, and I can tell you that if a fella called me baby, puddin', treasure, angel, etc. as many times as Jacob did to Jessie, I would absolutely puke no matter how hot he was. Everything about this book was generic and flat. When I hit 77%, I was very very close to just stopping and not finishing. I forced myself to wade through and get to the end. Two of the key things that I think were so wrong with this book are:

1. Where's the erotica?!? It beyond annoys me that this book was recommended to me from a book website because it was "erotica." There was a lot of sex to be found, but not a bit of it was even remotely erotic. Every scene just went through the motions. Tying someone to the bedpost does not constitute the book being erotica. And I have such an issue with the whole hay ride scenario. As I read it, all I could think was, "Ummm the point of a quicky in a dress is to NOT pull your dress down and to just lift the skirt and go." Completely ridiculous and it all fell so flat.

2. What was with all of the side stories? If you are going to do a book with all of these side stories, than do a very large novel and include everyone in one book. There was WAY too much description with the side stories. Literally the one scene in the bar, near the beginning, was all we needed to introduce us to Isaac and Joseph's story. The rest of the side story details should have been saved for each individual character's book. There was even a time or two where the book wasn't edited properly and the wrong characters name was used. Now tell me that didn't throw me for a loop! I had to flip back and forth a couple of times just trying figure out why I was completely confused by the story.

I really am sorry that I didn't like this book. The concept of the book had so much potential going in, and I have such a love for sexy cowboy books, that when it didn't meet my reading expectations I was very very frustrated.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 4, 2012
This book is the second about McCoy's brothers.
It is a fantastic reading and there is nothing missing: romance, action, suspance, treachery, unconditional love and hot scenes.
I really recommend this book. Once I started I wasn't able to put it down.
The plot will charm you..When you reach the last chapters, you'll regret not to be able to read faster:)
The psychology of the characters and their depth will take you to experience the story as if you were in the book itself.

Good job Sable Hunter. I can't wait to start the next book.
A McCoy a day takes the trobles away..
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