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Hot Wheels Terrordactyl Track Set
by Hot Wheels
2.3 out of 5 stars (26)
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Thanks for sharing. I was about to buy this toy for my boys, but I've had bad experiences with these track toys before. You're right that it takes way too long for an adult to assemble, and then it falls apart when the kids play with it. It's a shame they make these elaborate designs on the box, advertise the product like crazy, and then it falls apart when you get it.
Nov 24, 2006 by Nicky Vanvalkenburgh
I bought the retro Hot Wheels Super O racetrack at my local Target (I got the last one). From what I read on the reviews from men that had this set as a kid you can supossedly add tracks from your friends set to make a super long track. This set uses "Sizzlers" cars - you use a "juice machine" to charge the cars. I saw this set on Amazon as well as the Target website.
Dec 18, 2006 by Rebecca
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