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on November 1, 2010
I ordered two of these plates and did not overheat them in the microwave. I also hand washed to try and avoid the problems others had before me. Unfortunately, one of my plates lost it's seal and water got inside. I called and actually talked with Juan (the inventor) about the problem. He was very nice and quite willing to do whatever to make sure I was happy. I do not want to return the plates though as they truly do a better job of keeping food hot than anything I've ever tried. Juan told me I could try and reseal the seam with heat resistant silicon. This works and appears(so far) to solve the problem. I also realize, as my wife told me, that nobody wants to have to work on something you just paid good money for. Part of me is a natural handyman so I had to try and fix it first! Also, I was quite impressed with both Juan and his story of his startup company, so I wanted to try some possible solutions. After all, I want to keep and use the plates, and I also would love to be able to help Juan to make his venture a success. He told me he was partially disabled and this was both his dream and his only source of income. (Kind of a make it or break it situation for his family.) So in that light, if anybody would like the steps I've taken to try and fix this problem, email me at gregorysugg at gmail dot com and I'll be happy to send you an email with the info I've found out on what helps. Thanks, Greg.
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on September 4, 2009
The plate is wonderful, it does the job just as advertised. The plate comes with instructions on recommended microwave time for the wattage of the microwave. My microwave is 1100 watts so I heated the plate for 1 minute, it was able to keep the food warm for over 45 minutes. A family member is a very slow eater (due to medical problems each meal takes a little over an hour not including dessert) and this plate was able to keep the food warm the entire time. Initially, I was looking for a metal platter/wood tray combo that restaurants use to serve fajitas or steaks to help keep food warm. I saw this and thought I would try it out; I am very glad I did. I think it is much better than the "sizzler" plates since:
1) it keeps food warm for a longer period of time.
2) it can be washed in dishwasher (some metal plates have to be hand-washed).
3) takes up less room in cabinet, do not have the hassle of metal plate and protective outer wood/plastic plate.
4) safer than metal plate since rim of this plate is safe to touch if you follow the instructions.
Plus, it is very pretty and neutral in design so fits with any decor. The only potential down side is that the plate is a little heavy, however, it is still lighter than the metal platter/protective tray combo. I am very impressed with this product and recommend it to everyone who likes their food hot. As I said, buy it and you won't be disappointed.

A big THANK YOU to the inventor for coming up with this product :)
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on January 1, 2010
Hubby and I finally got to using our InstaHot plates tonight. First off, THANK YOU for creating this product. We love them. Really. As recent WLS patients (both hubby and myself), we have to eat our meals over about 20 minutes. I take a bit longer than he does. One of my biggest pet peeves since having surgery is all my hot food is cold after about 10 minutes. I like my food to be hot while I eat it.

So in come InstaHot plates. We were so thrilled to find them. I have to say, at $15 a piece, I was a bit trepidatious about the purchase. You're talking to someone who has an entire set of plates from IKEA for less than the two plates we ordered and we use those cheap plates every day. I can say, now that I've used the InstaHot plates, the $15 was a small price to pay to keep my food hot through my dinner. And that they did.

The plates, as advertised, stayed cool on the rim, and the base and plate area was hot. After 20+ minutes of eating, my fish stayed hot, but was not overcooked, dry or overheated. I figured we'd try the plates with fish first, as it's very easy to overcook trout, but the plates did exactly as advertised and kept the food steadily hot throughout the meal without any further cooking or, as said, drying out.

The plates are a bit heavy, and (unless I missed it) the instructions are a bit sketchy on care and cleaning. We hand washed our plates after letting them cool for a little over an hour. If you're not used to grabbing your plates by the rim, you'll have to get used to that. I had to keep telling myself to not put my hand under the plate itself. I should note, however, that the hot plates did not damage my table or where the plates were set after heating and through dinner.

The quality of the plates is high and the plates are neutral.

Overall, a great product. The customer service from the inventor/vendor has been excellent. I look forward to this product line expanding.
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on September 5, 2012
I put my HotSmart plate in the microwave today, and it came out with an enormous crack as long as 3/4 of the plate.

I bought mine several months ago and I've noticed that as time has gone by, I've had to heat it longer and longer in the microwave to get it to stay warm.

The other commenters who pointed out how ugly the bottom of the HotSmart plate is are right - the creator responded that the back of a refrigerator is ugly too, and that doesn't matter. Um... but you *see* the bottom of these plates, you don't see the back of a fridge. Before the plate cracked it worked fine, but yes, it's ugly. I would have no problem with this, but all of the literature on Amazon, the product's website, and that comes with the HotSmart plate SCREAMS AT YOU IN ALL CAPS about how this is elegant china that can be used for formal dining. Um... no, it can't. If it could, the creator wouldn't have compared it to the back of a fridge. At its best it is useful and hospital-looking.

Like I said the HotSmart plate does stay warm, but it's too fragile for regular use. Mine chipped a little right off the bat so I've always been extremely gentle with it, but if it cracks from regular microwave use, it's not well-made.

Also it seems like an intentional typo that it's labeled HotSmart Plates (plural). You only get one - it should be HotSmart Plate (singular).
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on December 11, 2012
Here's the deal. I like my food piping hot and I eat slowly. I agree with everything this seller says about the benefits of eating slowly. I really do. And this product does get hot in the microwave, just as they say. It does. And it seems pretty well made overall. It's a great concept.

But this plate does not keep your food all that warm. It really doesn't. It's okay for eggs in the morning or a pancake. But for dinner, there is just not enough surface contact and temperature differential to keep the food piping hot. So it works just okay sorta. Kinda. I like the product, and I plan to own one, but just one. If it kept the grub really hot, I'd have a full set of them.

Lastly, this product claims to work on the Stefan-Boltzmann law. Being an engineer, I don't see it. This law governs heat transfer due to radiation. This plate keeps your food warm using conduction, not radiation. There is literally nearly zero radiant heat happening here. The plate is hot, and the food touches the plate. Heat is transferred to the food. That's all conduction, no radiation. So the whole Stefan Boltzmann law marketing lingo is just hoopla.

If you want a plate that kind of works to keep your food kind of warm, I recommend this. It has a very small heated area, so you better not have much food.
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on January 23, 2012
It's really nice to eat a meal where everything stays hot. It seems like forever that most meals got cold before I finished. No more. It's easy to heat the plates up, only one minute in the microwave, and that can be done while preparing other things. The design is such that most of the plate gets quite warm while the rim stays cool enough to pick up without gloves. The plate stays warm for about 30 minutes and is quite effective at keeping the food hot. Too bad it's not dishwasher safe, but I understand that that is coming.
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on May 19, 2010
The plate kept the heat for almost an hour.but when the the plate was washed it retained water between the base of the plate and the actual plate.Within a month the base disconnected from the plate.You could see were the water had rusted to the heating element inside the base of the plate.I am not happy.Plate was returned immediatly.
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on October 31, 2014
The money I spent looking for a hot plate for my husband was a total loss in my pocket. I used the plate 3 times and did exactly like the directions said. Put in microwave 1 minute. The 4th time I put it in the microwave, put my husbands food on his plate, picked up the plate and the whole heating section crashed to the floor. I had read other reviews and it sounded like the plate I was looking for. My husband has Parkinson's and eats very slow, so this plate sounded like the perfect plate. NOT!! I would not recommend this product. Made in China. Look for something made in the good old USA. Wished I had taken a picture of the shattered plate, but I had to clean it up as I have a dog and did not want him to cut his paws on the shattered mess. I am now looking for another hot plate that will work. Very poor product to sell Amazon. I am the one that lost on this purchase.
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on January 13, 2010
I received my first plate as a Christmas gift. I couldn't believe how warm it kept my food all the way to the last bite. I talked about it so much my husband asked me if I would order one for him. I decided to order two so I would have a spare. I read the one complaint about water getting in the plate and I can tell you that I don't have that problem because as soon as we are done eating I wash the plates by hand and I don't immerse them in water. I think they are worth that little extra care.

Wanda Marumoto
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on March 9, 2015
I bought this plate as a surprise for my wife, who had weight loss surgery. She has to eat slowly, so her food gets cold before she's done. I was so happy that I'd found the answer to the problem! But this item turned out to be a real dud. I have a 900 watt microwave oven. Heated plate for one minute, and it didn't stay hot for anywhere near 30 minutes. Furthermore, only the center of the plate became particularly hot. Other areas of the plate cooled down so quickly that it made the claim that the plate keeps food warm for 30 minutes ridiculous. I looked at the instructions again, and saw that I might need to heat the plate for 1 minute and 10 seconds. I tried that, and still had the same problem. This morning I put fried eggs in the center of the plate, and it COOKED them so that they became dry.Again, areas outside the center became cool long before 30 minutes. I followed instructions to wait 5 to 8 minutes to allow plate to heat completely. I did everything the instructions said to do, but the plate does not measure up---not by a long shot. I saw in one review that the reviewer was able to contact the seller. I tried to find a phone number but found
nothing. By the way, I purchased the plate THREE days ago, at 49.99, and now the seller has raised the price to 52.99! For a price such as that, the plate ought to work as described! I think maybe the reason the seller is able to get his price for the plate IS because there is nothing else like it available. I wish there was, and that it worked! I DO give the seller a lot of credit for not only thinking of something he might invent, but then actually making the thing he had in mind, and THEN actually getting it on the market. That's NOT easy! So kudos on that. BUT the plate needs significant improvement with regard to keeping food warm.
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