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on April 22, 2005
If you have been working any program, and you know who you are, order this book immediately!

I've been in recovery from alcohol abuse for 15 years, sober for

all that time, sponsored others..the whole bit. I have done so much work on myself, therapy, read everything, and things have gotten better and better. But there's always been something missing, something information or wisdom I couldn't seem to find in anything I read or heard. That is, until I bought HOW DID I GET HERE? All I can say is Oh my God! Barbara De Angelis understands the journey we all take so completely, and offers the most refreshing and honest approach to the process of growing and healing that I've ever come across.

I know for a fact that she herself has never had any kind of addiction (a friend's sister knows her well and says she's a natural foods/never drank or smoke kind of gal and into meditation from what I heard), but she addresses all of the deepest issues I've battled with like no one has, and halfway through her book, I realized I was feeling lighter than I had in years.

Towards the end of the book she says: "DO not define yourself or allow others to define you by what has happened to you or what you've been through . Do not define yourself by your pain or even your triumphs. You are more than that."

Wow..That hit me on the head. For all my work, I was still defining myself by my pain and my past, and not by what I've become.

I cannot believe how liberated How did I Get Here? made me feel.

Please please read it if you can relate to anything I am saying. It will free you and uplift you in surprising ways.
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on July 24, 2005
I just finished reading "How Did I Get Here?", and I am literally blown away by both the concepts presented, and the profound examples it includes.

This book is ultimately about why we, as humans, tend to feel "stuck in a rut", and what we need to do to bring passion back into our lives - to awaken ourselves fully.

The author has done an amazing job of making ALL of her concepts easy to understand by using wonderful, personal examples of each and every idea she teaches. I found myself nodding as I read many of her examples, as I am either going through that right now, or have gone through it at some point in my life - I just never understood my experiences for what they truly were/are - lessons, and a chance to gain wisdom.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels "stuck" or "depressed" - even if you're not sure why you feel that way. I also recommend it to those who are on a "spiritual journey", as it will likely add to your understanding of human nature and the Divine.

There is one thing that is NECESSARY for you to bring to the reading of this book, and that is an open mind. If approached with a level of openess, this book has much to give!
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on April 22, 2005
In a world full of mediocre, sloppily written books about life and love, How Did I Get Here? by Barbara De Angelis stands out like a diamond! This is by far the most beautifully written, compelling and honest book I have ever read by a self-help author or teacher.

De Angelis doesn't preach--she skillfully reveals information in such a way that we really get what she is saying. She doesn't just throw out platitudes--she goes deep into a topic, like how we get stuck in our own suffering, why marriages really lose passion, why we can be unhappy and happy at the same time, and that we aren't crazy if we feel that way. Her explanations for these things are profound and simple at the same time. I kept finding myself thinking, "This makes complete sense, " as if somehow I already knew everything she was saying deep inside..except if I did, I'd forgotten it!

Don't hesitate about buying this for yourself or anyone you know who is searching for more meaning and answers. How Did I Get Here? is everything a a good book is supposed to be, but not enough are--entertaining, enjoyable, inspiring, thought-provoking, meaningful, and life-changing.
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on April 21, 2005
If you have been looking for an inspirational book that is not purely Christian, get Barbara's new book. This is the kind of book I have been waiting for --one that would give me spiritual insights but not preach to me or make me feel guilty for not being a strict Christian.

HOW DID I GET HERE? is a truly spiritual and enlightening book, but it is for anyone of any faith, or even no faith. It is enlightening without being judgmental in any way. In fact, it is one of the most compassionate books I have read, and and an easy read at that.

I tried reading Purpose Driven Life, but found it a little too "bible-based", and simplistic.How did I get here? is real, honest, powerfully written, and deeply moving in many places. I actually cried a bunch of times which I don't normally do.I'm usually cynical about books that talk about spiritual rebirth, but I have to admit this is an accurate description when it comes to this book, and for the past few days, I do feel different in ways I didn't expect to.

I'm betting this book will be the new Purpose Driven Life, but without the requirement to be familiar with the bible.I just leant it to a friend who loved Purpose Driven Life and is pretty seriously Christian, and he said he is loving How did I get here? , so I guess Barbara's book, while it doesn't turn off non-serious Christians, is still a powerful read for Christians. Now that's a feat...
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on October 3, 2005
I am listening to this book at this very moment with tears rolling down my cheeks. This book hits home, dead center. If you are struggling in your life, if you have hit a roadblock then this is the voice you should listen to. Buy it.
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on May 4, 2005
Barbara de Angelis has said this is her lifes work, and the best book she has written - i completely agree!

With heartfelt honesty about her journey she guides and supports the reader to reach deeply within ourselves... and gets results.

Regardless of HOW MUCH personal development, or how many books you have read.. you must read this one!

This book is Highly recommended to everyone.
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on April 24, 2005
Okay, I know Barbara De Angelis has a huge female following-- my wife has at least five of her books and I never touched them, as I mostly read mystery or business books. But my wife asked me to give this one a chance and I am glad she insisted. How did I Get Here lays out an illuminating point of view about life, stress, success and the things I have gone through as a man who owns my own company that gave me tremendous insight into myself and how, as BD says, I've been sabotaging my own happiness.

Barbara D. hits the nail on the head, and explains things I've never read before in a way that made sense even to me, a guy who wouldn't be caught dead watching Oprah. I like practical books, and this one, although admittedly very "feel good" does give you ways to look at things that make a difference instantly. I feel less stuck, less stressed and gulp..I must admit...closer to my wife. I will never hear the end of it. Ladies, get this book for your reluctant husband. Even if he growls at you at first, he'll thank you.
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on May 2, 2005
I haven't even finished the book yet - but I like it so much I've already ordered two other copies! One for a friend who will really like the book, the other for a family member who NEEDS this book right now, as he is going thru exactly the situation the book describes.

Ms. DeAngelis is showing me that it is okay to just ask questions about life, and not be too impatient waiting for the answers to come. Sometimes it just takes a while.
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on July 1, 2005
This is a magnificent book for anyone interested in learning more about yourself and about how to be truly happy in life. As a psychologist in practice for twenty years, I find that most of the popular self-help books skim the surface of the challenges we all face and rehash what has already been said, but not HOW DID I GET HERE?!!! Barbara De Angelis has written a truly profound book that explores the process of change, challenge and transformation like no other book I have read. It is clear, easy to understand, but profound in its depth of understanding. I have already highly recommended this book to all of my patients, fellow therapists and friends.
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on April 22, 2005
I am constantly finding myself in unexpected situations, and the thought bubble goes off over my head, ???? How did I get here? or sometimes, "How the #**(@$!! did I get here?"

Life is what happens while you are making other plans. I think this is what happens when you step out from the line that the herd is in, you duck under the rope of the preprogrammed ride and follow your individual path.

Barbara speaks right from the heart about embracing the unexpected, the spirituality of it, what this is like in her life and in the lives of the people she talks to, and she talks to a lot of people of all kinds. I find her voice immensely useful to listen to and work with.
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