Customer Reviews: How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2000 Film)
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on January 6, 2001
SO then," I thought, "let it be me." I bought this album looking for the James Horner score and dreading the unwelcome intrusion of songs not even in the movie. I was also uncomfortable about the format of dialogue interspersed with those foreign songs taking up space on the disc. Busta Rhymes, Faith Hill, 'N Sync also weren't looking good. HOWEVER, by the second listen through, I was extremely pleased with my decision to purchase. This is pretty well tied for the quirkiest Christmas CD I own (actually---they're the only two I own!). The more I listen to this, the more I appreciate the fun spirit. The Busta Rhymes track is a lot of fun, Faith Hill is doing James Horner's beautiful song, so even she is worth hearing out! The Eels and Barenaked Ladies are much more fun than I imagined after hearing them briefly in the movie and credits. Jim Carrey's "You're A Mean One" does grow on you. I don't understand purists who can't handle a remake. No one is abolishing the original TV version or its soundtrack... they're still out there and they're still very good. New interpretations can be good things too once in a while! I must admit though that I still find Sixpence None The Richer's "You're A Mean One" to be vastly superior a reinterpretation than Mr. Carrey's. I wish it had been tracked down and included here so that it could get a wider audience. It is quite marvelous. The only other omission, and it is one more noticable than this private peeve of mine, is of any extended version of "Welcome Christmas." The only version on the disc is from its brief appearance in the movie with the Grinch butchering it playfully. It could have gotten more attention somewhere on this full CD. Maybe 'N Sync could have been axed to make some room for a potential holiday classic oddly not heard enough---even on a Grinch soundtrack such as this. Oh well, I guess that's what the original soundtrack is for (I hope). I have yet to check that one out. I also love the movie dialogue for it captures 5 of my absolute favorite scenes from one of my new absolute favorite Christmas movie. The 4 dialogue bits intermixed with the songs in the first half of the disc nicely set the tones for the songs that follow them and link them even closer thematically to the movie. That is one thing about these songs that seems so overlooked by the other reviewers on here... these songs, in their own quirky and fun ways, retell the story of the Grinch in a valuable way. Mixed in with Jim Carrey's brilliant performances, they are delightful. The one waste of time, however, is the 'N Sync song. What an idiotic departure from the theme of the movie! The whole "you don't have to be alone on Chrismas" theme with such a specific meaning in the movie gets reduced to a putrid run of the boyband love song. However, unlike other reviewers disappointed with an entire CD over a poor track or two, I will note that this CD is almost 77 minutes long... no one is getting ripped off by having to live with a bad track or two! That's the best part of this CD, after all the movie clips and zaniness, comes close to 40 minutes of TERRIFIC score by James Horner (the reason I bought the disc) which is itself worth the price of the disc and makes this almost like 2 CDs in one, a value I'm grateful for. Finally, the best treat of this soundtrack is the track, "Stealing Christmas" in which a most beautiful and poignant scene in the movie is reproduced in narration, dialogue and music to my delight. The effect of the music and the words becomes emphasized here, separated from the pictures. Alone, it is reason enough to pick up this CD. It gives itself to a very storybook effect that makes one wonder indeed what a storybook on disc extrapolation from the movie could've sound like. I imagine it could've been done quite well. Finally, I must admit that Taylor Momsen's touching version of "Christmas, Why Can't I Find You?" from the film, does sound a bit weak on the disc. But it still is moving, nonetheless, and the CD would have suffered greatly without this adorable little girl embodying so sweetly our grown up emotions. How small a heart must one have not to be moved by her?! So, in sum and in pun, don't listen to the grinches, this disc is a steal.
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on November 10, 2000
When I got this CD, I was excited because it had the song, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch". All I have to say is that Jim Carrey did a terrible job doing the song. They really should had the orginal version. If they would have done that I would've given it 5 stars. The rest of the CD is good like Green Christmas by Barenaked Ladies, You don't have to be alone by *N Sync, and my favorite song on the entire album, "Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill. Faith did a great job on the song.
Also the CD had some voice clips from the movie, which was cool. This CD will gets you in the Christmas mood.
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on January 25, 2001
I got this album because it has "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", which is one of my favorite Christmas songs out there. I originally fast-forwarded the tape to that spot and kept it there, listening only to Jim Carrey's hilarious version of the classic song. But eventually I started to listen to the other songs, and after awhile I put it in on a family car trip. My mother and younger brother were initially not too fond of it----but after a few times of listening to it, they started to like it. Two months later, it's Mom who always asks me to put in the tape! It's a family favorite. We love the "Grinch 2000" rap in the beginning and I enjoy "Green Christmas" a lot, if only because I can relate to that feeling of being outside of the celebration. Mom likes "Christmas of Love", which is the only reason I don't fast-forward past it (very annoying song ^_^ ). "Lonely Christmas Eve" is delightful----quite an original song that is based off of the original Grinch poem. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra will sweep you off your feet and into the music. "Christmas is Going to the Dogs" has some hilarious lyrics if you listen for them. My brother does a very good impersonation of Jim Carrey for the "Grinch" song, and the two mellow tunes nicely round out the selection. We enjoy the instrumentals not quite as much because we can't sing along *g*, but James Horner, as always, as produced quite a score. And the snipits of movie dialogue are hilarious. The family favorite, hands-down, is "Better Do It Right" by Smash Mouth. This song is AWESOME!!!!!! Original, well-written, with a melody you won't be able to get out of your head. As always, Smash Mouth weaves in an interesting message, and the song shines accordingly. Great piece. Heck, buy it for that song alone----it's that good. We keep listening to this album even after Christmas is over. Great fun for all! :)
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on August 31, 2002
I enjoyed the movie dialogue on this CD almost more than some of the songs. The movie was awesome. There is certainly a variety of tunes here...from Smash Mouth to Faith Hill to N'Sync. (My favorite being Hill's "Where are you Christmas").
It is certainly original, and fun, but if you want traditional tunes, this is not for you. Obviously if you are interested in buying this CD because of the movie, than you can't miss; making this CD worthy of 4 stars.
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on November 12, 2000
This album is a very nice one, filled with famous artists and funny dialogue. There are 10 songs on the cd, 4 movie dialogues, and the score from the movie. The dialogues, especially grinch schedule are funny and add to the anticipation of the movie. There are some very good and entertaining christmas songs. Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill, the first single off the album, is a great, emotional song. Other good tracks were done by the Barenaked Ladies, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and the team of Busta Rhymes and Jim Carrey. Some disappointing ones were done by Nsync and Smashmouth, although they do wear on you and can be enjoyable. The score is excellent and makes me even more excited about going to see this movie. The reason i gave this album only 4 stars is one song, the remake of one of the most catchy songs ever, You're a Mean One, which is done now by Jim Carrey. In trying to make to make this sound a bit more humorous than the orignal, he actually loses the humor and makes the song uninteresting. They didn't even let him sing the entire song. I know it would be hard to beat the original, but they definitely could have done better. Aside from that, if you are looking for some great new christmas songs and can look past this horrible remake, the entire family can enjoy this cd. It will put you in the mood for not only the movie, but for Christmas as well.
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on March 11, 2016
How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2000 Film) After all these years of seeing the movie in theaters, on home video, and on network TV (specifically ABC Family), I have the soundtrack. This time, it is all about the music from, and written and composed for, the movie. Unlike some soundtrack albums that come in multiples--in other words, songs on one CD and the instrumental score on the other--this album holds the Jim Horner score AND the songs by popular artists.

As a matter of fact, the whole time the music is playing I can't help but picture and imitate scenes from the film; or at least the scenes where the song or score comes in. Although the dialogue "Christmas Means More" comes before the score, "Change of heart," I still picture them both coming together like in the film. This does not mean it isn't good to hear the score by itself with no characters speaking. Because it is. If I have to name some favorites, then I will say I got this album because of "Green Christmas" by Barenaked Ladies and "Lonely Christmas Eve" by Ben Folds. "Grinch 2000" was an unexpected pleasure, really. Some say Jim Carrey didn't do so well with the Grinch parts, but I say he did his best and that's all that matters. "Christmas is Going to the Dogs" by Eels just makes me think of Max "having a holly jolly Christmas," while the Grinch is away. And who can forget "Christmas, Why Can't I Find You?" If I had a kid sister, she would love it so much that she would want to sing along...especially on Christmas Eve or earlier. All in all, it's a decent yuletide album, and it works perfectly with no dragging or anything.
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on January 7, 2015
We really liked the movie and wanted to get the cd for our Christmas collection. Most of it was really good, but I guess we must be getting old because some of the other music was not our taste. Sorry...
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on November 21, 2000
The Grinch Soundtrack is definitly one to buy if you like fun Christmas music. Overall, it's a great album with a wide variety of songs for whatever mood your in. My favorite is "You don't have to be alone" by NSYNC. It's a beautiful ballad to listen to. Also, Faith Hill's song, "Where are you Christmas" was great, too. I was a little upset to see that someone said NSYNC's song was disappointing, because it's definitly not. If you don't like them, you won't like this song, but if you do like great ballads, it's a great song. Overall, the whole CD is fun to listen to and I recommend it to anyone who loves Christmas music.
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on November 26, 2000
I got the soundtrack because I adore the movie, and I was not disappointed. My favorite song is "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", and I am slowly wearing a hole through the album by repeating that one song over and over (and also, most likely, wearing a whole through my family's patience :) ). Jim Carrey, who has a surprisingly wonderful singing voice, did an outrageously good job with this song. Instead of trying to make his version sound exactly like the classic version from the cartoon, he just let himself go and do it his way, and the result is wonderful. Really good; he does enjoyable voices (I have to wonder if he ever considered voice-acting), and the song will stick in your head all day. The rest of the songs were enjoyable, a mix-match of everything, from Faith Hill to N'Sync to the Trans-Syberian Orchestra. The instrumentals by James Horner (Jurassic Park) were, as always, delightful. And I enjoyed Jim Carrey's dialogues, done with feeling and delight. I love when he rolls the "r"s . . . a talent I'm working on. *g* I enjoyed this CD and would recommend it. Get in the Christmas spirit. And see the movie---it was delightful! :)
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on July 12, 2006
Frankly I have always been a fan of the movie. I own the movie as well as the soundtrack; they have been the best additions to my collection. Some advide on purchasing, if you have never watched the Grinch or have watched the movie but did not listen to the music while the movie was playing then it is most likely you will not like this soundtrack. You have to watch the movie and love it to love the soundtrack.

I can honestly say that I am fan of all sorts of music and I can appreciate pretty much anything when it is good quality. The Soundtrack has songs sung by artists like Smashmouth, the Eels, Faith Hill, etc. What was most amazing to me was not only the fact that I wanted most of those songs, but the fact that all the songs and music I heard on the movie were actually on the soundtrack, a total of 23-24 items. The CD is separated into two parts, the music I described above and then the music sung by the Who's, which is pretty much the musical score. In between all of the great songs in the CD there are pieces of the movie where the Grinch recites lines from the movie.

This movie soundtrack was very well worth what I paid for it. Please make sure you did enjoy at least the movie if you are thinking of buying the soundtrack, as the soundtrack is not for everyone's ears. Now, if you are into Christmas music and you liked the Home Alone 2 Soundtrack then I think you would like this. Good luck with your purchase!
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