How can I find out if it will work with the Archos 8o g9?
asked by lisa on November 14, 2012
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Lisa the case comes with a regular size USB plug like for a desk top.What the tablet I have has is a mini USB plug.You can get a adapter on Ebay for less that a dollar from china.Takes a while to get it but it worked fine on the Super Nova DLX.Also I think there is a case on here for a few dollars more that says it has the adapter included.
Hope this helps.
Wink answered on November 14, 2012
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you can ask the people who are selling it...they sent me 2 adapters FREE as soon as I told them I needed one. They said just ask when you order..I sure hope it works out for you..I love mine!
fritts answered on November 14, 2012
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Hi Lisa,I have just orderd one myself, as I recently bought a Coby 8" tablet,so I am hoping it will work for me as well.If not,get advice from Archos, they are very helpfull.Or from the seller of this cover.Waiting on mine to the tablet from Ideal World?( not so ideal???) I read some good reviews,re. this cover/k/board being used on various tablets,one was a coby like mine, no one had major problems,all were very happy,you do get the odd sad PENUT, who expected GOLD when he paid for SILVER. I am no savy to Pc`s & tablet`s, I am still a learner,but love to explore with electronics. I already found how to use my memory sticks & my card reader on the tablet! I have a 80Gb Multi media Archos,a fab player, it came with a host cable.The "Host"cable accepts the memory stick & my card reader, one advantage,the USB plug that fits in to the tablet is at a 45 degree angle, works just great!!! I saved some dosh there, SORRY Amazon.(I am a trial & error man?)love experimentig & improvising.I was a engineer in my younger days,I am 68yrs. old now, & a PERFECTIONIST (star sign--Virgo)Gd.luck Lisa, I will let Amazon know,when I set up mine!! due on the 19/20th. Best regards, Sonny Naidoo.
Sonny answered on November 15, 2012
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